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Art, Poem and English Language Questions.


Question 1140 Being a Supervisor

Write a one- to two-page summary that revisits some of your worst fears and best opportunities about being an effective supervisor now that you have completed this course.

If you’re a supervisor, how do you respond to the responsibilities of supervision? Is it a total move into the “them” camp? What have you learned about the next step toward understanding and applying principles of communication and collaborative relationships? Good luck on achieving your goals!

Question 1141 Summary of “Battle Royal”

5 page summary essay on the 10 page story “Battle Royal” by Ralph Ellison . double spaced, 12 font, MLA style Anybody familiar with this story? due tomorrow 12/05/17 by 3pm pacific time -Read through the story once, for pleasure.

Then re-read and mark the items that tell you something about the characters, their needs and their conflicts. Mark where the key events begin. Be sure that you include details of the setting, protagonist, antagonist, major conflict. Pick out and tell meaning of some important symbols. if you do research, be sure to cite your sources.

Question 1142 poem

You will include the image which inspired the poem. I would prefer if you included it as an embedded image within your posting and that it be sized no more than 2″ by 2″ and I’d like you to make one big posting which contains both images and both poems so as to make my grading easier.

Remember, if you’re struggling in finding an appropriate image, I suggest using this painting by Edward Hopper (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., as it’s quite evocative, and it’s also fun to watch the different directions in which students take this painting.

You are required to post two appreciative responses to your peers as well. Praise and appreciation only, please. Have fun with this assignment.

Question 1143 English Language

https://1drv.ms/b/s!AkeCj1-drfw_nRjeo9EjyHM0QpS5 Click on this link for Chapter 4 above!!! MY TOPIC IS MANAGEMENT TRAINING TIMESROMAN 12FONT, DOUBLE SPACED I NEED 3 POWERPOINT SLIDES

1.Introduce your topic and summarize the meaning (Topic is Management Training)

2.Explain and provide examples of how the topic relates to everyday life

3.Explain and summarize how application of the topic could be beneficial to being highly effective PLEASE READ CHAPTER THAT’S PROVIDED IN ORDER TO DO MY 3 SLIDES ON MY TOPIC !!!!

Question 1144 Richard Cory

This is a combination assignment. It will encompass 75 points for the exploratory essay and 25 points for a list of reputable sources you are planning on using. With respect to the exploratory essay, answer this simple question in no more than 1 paragraph.

What are you planning on doing? Next, copy and paste any drafts or additional materials you’ve created thus far. Next, with respect to sources: You will submit a minimum of 9 sources, properly presented in MLA bibliographic fashion (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..

These sources are not the primary texts (poems and stories) but deal with literary criticism (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or provide insights into the historical context of the time. These sources should be reliable and appropriate (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for a college-level assignment.

A few pointers: Do not cite another’s student’s essay as a source. Use keyword searches in creative and precise manners Use expert advice from librarians, either within class interactions or through a visit to the library “Own” the expert sources you’re using and don’t let them overpower you. Subordinate them appropriately to your aims in the essay and use them meaningfully and purposefully

Question 1145 English Language

I want to help me to correct my grammar for the answer thees question and writing academic word and put more sentence to complete for just 200 words. FOR QUESTION 5 I NEED YOU TO ANSWER IT IN YOUR OWN WORD. all these have to be your won word no work cited.

1-Which part of the writing process was easiest for you? the easiest part was when i was able to choose the topic. that make me essay to know what i m going to write and what the strength point i will to choose.

2. Which part of the writing process was the most difficult for you? the most difficult part was to develop clear ideas and arguments when it does not fit into my chosen topic.

3. What did you learn from your writing experience during this class? i learning how i can write and organize the thesis. that is the most important part in essay to shoe the reader what i am going to take about it.

4. In what ways have you learned to write more critically? i learned when writing essay i have to be clear display of my own and to recognize limitations in my own evidence.

5. How does this knowledge assist you with your education or in your workplace?


research paper writing service
Research paper writing service

Question 1146 The Best of “Love”

In an essay between 2-3 pages, i want you to write about which three works of literature ( Sleuth, Sure Thing, and Tell-Tale Heart) that you thought were the best example of “love” literature ( again, i mean love in all its endless possibilities).

As part of the introduction, you will want to define the type(s) of love you will talk about. You can find three works that you believe best exemplify romantic love or heartbreak , or you can define three different kinds of love and discuss the best example for each.

No matter what you pick, you want need to give strong an insightful reasons for your selection. You need to show me a deep understanding of each work. A bad reason for romance in Sure thing it should be to say something as Betty and Bill getting together at the end of the play .

You need to avoid comments that are self-evident. * this can be written in first person but it needs to be limited the word “I” only can be used around 6 times throughout the paper.* * citations are also required*. Sleuth (http://putlockers.fm/watch/Nx47Vovz-sleuth.html

Question 1147 English Language

Chronic Diseases Module Assignment In this assignment, you will discuss the ethical issues associated with cancer treatment among children. Although children (under age 18) are the ones with the illness and therefore the recipients of the treatment, the legal responsibility lies with the parent.

For this module assignment, read the six articles found below. Billy BestPreview the documentView in a new window Abraham CherixPreview the documentView in a new window Abraham Cherix 2Preview the documentView in a new window Daniel HauserPreview the documentView in a new window Daniel Hauser 2Preview the documentView in a new window Daniel Hauser EthicsPreview the documentView in a new window Of the three individuals profiled, select one person and write the following:

Paragraph 1: Identify the individual you have chosen to write your assignment about and write a short summary of the situation, based on the articles provided. Your summary should be approximately 4-5 sentences.

Paragraph 2: Explain your stance on whether or not you think the “right’ decision was made in the case of that individual (i.e., who gets to make the decision on whether or not a minor (under 18) receives treatment for cancer– the minor, parent, or court).

Paragraph 3: To conclude your assignment, clearly state what you feel the Policy should be regarding cancer treatment for minors (be specific as specific as possible).

Following your policy, describe why you feel this should be the policy, identifying and describing at least one ethical principle to explain and support your policy (Beneficence, Autonomy, Nonmaleficence, Justice, Fidelity & Veracity). Be sure that you clearly address each point above and elaborate on your answers. Your write-up should be at least 1 full page, but no more than 3 pages, using the formatting guidelines as follows:

1″margins, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font. Please be sure to complete this assignment in paragraph form and use proper spelling and grammar.

Be sure your assignment is submitted as a Word document (.doc or .docx) or other compatible format (.rtf). Assignments submitted in other formats will be given a grade of zero. **Any information from the articles must be properly cited in the text and referenced at the end of your paper.

APA formatted in-text citations and references for each article are found HEREPreview the documentView in a new window. You must use these citations and references. To not cite and reference the articles is a violation of the academic integrity policy and will result in a grade of zero for the assignment and possible disciplinary action. This assignment is due: Wednesday, Dec 6, 2017 at 5:00pm Assignments must be submitted through Canvas, prior to the due date and time. Emailed submissions will not be read or graded.

Grading guide:

Paragraph 1: Individual chosen; summary of issue included. Maximum mark: 7

Paragraph 2: Stance explained (support or oppose the decision identified in the article(s); stance includes identification of a specific party (minor, parent, court) who should be responsible for the decision to receive cancer treatment. Maximum mark: 9

Paragraph 3: Policy clearly stated and described; reason for policy explained, ethical principle described/used. Maximum mark: 10 Formatting: Document is at least 1 page, but no more than 3 pages, with 1” margins, Times New Roman 12 pt font, double spaced, uploaded correctly (.doc, docx, or .rtf), on time and free of spelling/grammatical errors. Maximum mark: 4

Question 1148 Protection vs. Privacy

My topic is on whether ” surveillance cameras are protection or an invasion of privacy? ” My point view is that they are a way to protect our citizens/public from harm; however, it becomes an invasion or privacy when are used for something other than that. Such as putting the nearby residential homes, etc.

Question 1149 Application

Imagine you have written an article on the influence of religion on both the individual and society as a whole. You want this article to be published in the `Comment’ section of a well-known website ( https://www.theguardian.com/theguardian/mainsection/commentanddebate) and you therefore decide to write a letter of application to the editor in an attempt to get your text published. Your letter should be approximately 400 words long. Useful points

• Before you start you should read the advertisement closely so that you can adapt your application to the requirements of the job.

• You need to convince the editor to publish your article. What insights and thoughts in your article makes it stand out from the rest? Reason and argue for your standpoint.

• You should also do some research on the employer as this will show that you really are interested in them

• Keep the letter brief. You don’t need to give a lot of detail – focus on explaining clearly and concisely why you are suitable for the job.

Job applications are almost always written in formal English. So you should avoid inappropriate language such as slang or colloquialisms (e.g. use going to instead of gonna, and want to instead of wanna), as well as contractions of course (e.g. use I am instead of I’m, and it is instead of it’s).

• As with any formal letter, there are certain useful expressions that are always good to include in a job application, such as I am writing to apply for the post of … or I look forward to hearing from you.

• Begin your letter or e-mail Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms [Surname] if you know the person’s name – note that Ms is used for an unmarried woman. If you don’t know their name, start with Dear Sir or Madam. If you know the person’s name but are unsure if it is a man or a woman, it is also acceptable to write their name in full, for example Dear Chris Taylor (alternatively, you could call the employer and check).

• Keep your paragraphs short and informative, and structure your letter as follows:

1. Begin with the job title (which could also be put in the heading, as in the model answer here) and information on where you found the advert.

2. In the next paragraph you should explain your current situation: your place of work/study and how your current skills and responsibilities correspond to those requested in the advertisement. It can also be a good idea to say something about the employer/workplace that you are applying to, to show that you have done your research on them.

3. Continue by giving your reasons for wanting the job, making sure that these reasons are also of use to the employer.

4. In the final paragraph you should state when you are ready to start work.

5. Finish off your letter with an appropriate closing phrase such as Yours sincerely (if you know the person’s name) or Yours faithfully (if you don’t know their name), followed by your signature. If you are sending a letter rather than an e-mail, make sure you type your name underneath your signature.

6. When you have completed your letter, check your spelling, grammar and punctuation carefully. Some employers routinely discard job applications that contain these sorts of mistakes.

Question 1150 Respond to the posts

respond to the posts of two classmates. Response posts must be at least 100 words. You must have at least 2 substantive posts. To help develop your post you can ask a question, add an example, or develop what your classmate has said in some way with pertinent follow-up thoughts or questions about the topic. 1- The easiest part of the writing process was reading other students discussions and replying to them.

It got really interested offering my view on their posts on whether I agree or not. The positive criticism that I received from other students as well as the instructor helped shaped my writing from one week to another.

However it was not all fan and easy as there are areas when the writing became difficult. Writing the essays was quite challenging for me as information proved to be scarce on some of those topics. It also took a lot of time which I felt could have been of better use in tackling more discussions questions. My experience in this class has taught me a number of lessons.

I believe I am a better writer now than I was before. I am able to think critically about issues this is due to the fact that writing has taught me to think far and wide as well as brainstorming of ideas to find solutions. I have learnt to discuss and give opinions. I am able to explain my work more to give the reader a clear picture of what I am writing about. I believe the knowledge gained will be of great use in my education.

I will understand questions better and hence be able to solve them correctly. 2- Writing skill is considered very important these days whether academically or professionally. Thus, I got admission in Composition 1 course and tried my best to follow the instructions of my instructor to get better results in my future. The part of writing which was easiest for me, it was either short discussions or personal narratives. I found easy writing them and personally I loved short tasks and also feel pleasure in telling about myself.

The tasks which took too much time always put me in trouble and that was the case with the essays. Essay writing is a good activity by difficult to handle technically. There are so many things to handle carefully. During this course, I learned so many things. It improved vocabulary and grammatical structure. In essay writing, I learned how to jot down different facts in an arranged manner and how to connect one idea with another.

If I see the writing of my initial days and now at this level, when the course is about to end, there is a huge difference. Now, at this level, I can remove my errors and can recheck my writings critically. I hope in future, the knowledge I gained during this course would be a plus point and will make things easy for me in both sectors of life whether education or my job. AND THIS QUESTION JUST THREE SENTENCE How do you differentiate between facts and opinions in writing?

Question 1151 vocabulary journal

i need 50 appropriate unique words To do a vocabulary journal, include the following: Word: part of speech; definition; translation (optional); citation of where you encountered it; sentence where you encountered it; new sentence written by you using the word correctly

Question 1152 The House of Bernarda Alba

1)The House of Bernarda Alba 2) The Zoo zoo story What makes these plays especially interesting, beautiful, powerful, unique, memorable, and so on?

how do the play represent, summarize, symbolize, point to?

how do they compare and contrast?

YOU HAVE TO READ THIS Mike Gonzalez, “Federico Garcia Lorca” in the National Theater of Scotland’s The House of Bernarda Alba Resource Pack, pp. 12-15: https://www.nationaltheatrescotland.com/content/mediaassets/pdf/ The_House_of_Bernarda_Alba_resource_pack.pdf

https://glenallsopxeidosnapoli.com/the-house-of-bernarda-alba-script.html Federico Garcia Lorca, The House of Bernarda Alba, Act III:

http://www.poetryintranslation.com/PITBR/Spanish/AlbaActIII.htm Karen Glass, “SHU, ‘The House of Bernarda Alba’” page of the Scenic Design Blog of Karen A. Glass: http://bernardashouse.blogspot.com Purdue Online Writing Lab, “Literary Terms”: pp. 25-35 of Words on Plays: Edward Albee’s At Home at the Zoo: http://www.act-sf.org/content/dam/act/education_department/words_on_plays/Edward %20Albee’s%20At%20Home%20at%20the%20Zoo%20Words%20on%20Plays%20(2009).pdf Edward Albee, The Zoo Story: https://scholarblogs.emory.edu/thea100fullerton/files/2014/04/The-Zoo-Story-SCRIPT.pdf “Post-Structuralism and Deconstruction” and “Postmodernism” in Introduction to Modern

Question 1153 English Language

I’d like you to pick any piece–as short as a poem or as long as a play–from the syllabus that you haven’t already written about and apply three types of literary theory to it.

Then, I’d like you to indicate which of the three, or which parts of the three, you “really” agree with–or, put another way, represent what you’ve decided you actually think about this text. Alice Walker, “I Said to Poetry”: http://www.blueridgejournal.com/poems/aw-isaid.htm

Question 1154 To His Coy Mistress

Read Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress” on page 977 and respond to the following questions in your journal: Can you identify the argument being presented within each stanza? What is the attitude of the speaker?Many critics think that no woman could possibly be charmed by the speaker.


Can you think of any scenarios where a woman might be charmed?

If not, why?

Do you like the speaker?

Why, or why not?

Do you think he’s a “nice guy?”

If so, what makes you think that he’s nice?

If not, what makes you think so?

Who is “in charge” in the poem, the speaker or the mistress?

You can imagine scenarios for both sides of the argument. We suggest that Marvell left his characters anonymous to make them timeless, to allow us to fill them in however we choose.

Can you think of any other reasons Marvell might have left out the names and personal details?

Read John Donne’s “The Flea,” pg. 937 and respond to the following questions in your journal: Can you identify the argument being presented within each stanza?

What is the attitude of the speaker?

The woman?

Does Donne’s argument about the  of his seduction pass muster?

What are the steps in this argument and where, if ever, does it break down?

If the flea could respond to the speaker, what would it say?

Would it be on the speaker’s side?

Would it brag about its conquest?

Would it defend the lady’s honor?

As an exercise, try writing “The Flea’s Side of the Story.”What does the woman have to gain, or lose, if she gives in to the speaker?

What do you think their previous relationship has been like?

The poem ends before the woman can give a final response. How do you think she’d respond to the speaker’s final argument?

How do you feel about the flea by the end of the poem?

Does Donne succeed in humanizing it?

Would you still kill the next flea that lands on you?

What is the boldest pickup approach you have ever heard?

Did it work?

Read Charles Baudelaire’s “The Carcass,” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.and respond to the following questions in your journal: How does the poem represent anti-Petrarchan notions?

Question 1155 Persepolis – Analysis

Use p70 – 72 of the book Persepolis to indicate how Satrapi shows us the impact of all the events up to this point in the book.

In particular how does it reflect a turning point in her life? Use PEEL 500-600 words Think about: Her views on religion/politics The execution of her hero The start of the Iran-Iraq war.

Question 1156 Creative Project: Publishing a New Tale

Required Minimum Length: 1,000 words Required Formatting and Documentation Style: MLA Required Number of Sources: N/A Value: 15%, scored out of 150 points Final Draft Due: 12/10 by 11:59pm, submitted via Blackboard For your final writing project, I want you to apply your knowledge of fairy tales to write your own version of the tale you have spent the semester studying. You are very familiar with these tales specifically, as well as what is required of and distinctive about fairy tales more generally.

Apply what you know to draft a 1,000-1,500 word tale. Your tale must include the following: Appropriate, Creative Title Some dialogue Must be properly formatted (408-413 NFGW) Characters (Dramatis Personae) appropriate to the tale Setting appropriate to the tale (though you are free to update for a contemporary audience) Level of detail/description appropriate to the genre (so, you know, not much) Aside from this, there are no instructions.

Entertain me! You will work on this for two weeks of the class. You should not wait until the last minute to begin. This is the one project for which we do not have a scheduled peer review session; you are still free to share your work with other students, family, friends, and writing tutors.

I cannot review drafts. As stated in the syllabus, the rapid pace of this course does not allow for revision of major writing projects once they have been submitted. You need to give me your best work. Late work is subject to a penalty defined in the syllabus; incomplete work will not be graded and will receive a score of zero.

Question 1157 English Language

Your final exam is to create a substantial MLA works cited page. Look online for reliable sources of information for the following topics: President Trump’s Childhood — How Chewing Gum Is Made — The Origins of Levi’s Jeans — Early Computers — Who Invented the Barbie Doll Identify three (3) good sources of information for each of the topics listed above.

Then, create properly formatted MLA works-cited entries for all three sources. There are 5 topics + 3 works-cited entries for each = 15 total works-cited entries. Next, alphabetize all 15 entries and place them on a properly formatted MLA works cited page. (Not 5 different works cited pages–put them all on a single document, which may be longer than one page long.)

research papers

Question 1158  Sincerely Yours

A Thank You Letter to my mom 3 paragraphs (1&a half-2 pages); a letter to effortlessly write to someone that you’re thankful for

1st Paragraph (Facting): Present the facts that are irrefutable; say it without stating clearly; no style, no tone; leave out adjectives and adverbs

2nd Paragraph ( Interpreting): Share how each one of these things affected you mentally, physically, emotionally; for ex: it made me…. etc; avoid using “you”; “When this happened, it caused…”; whatever you say here has to connect to the facts in 1st paragraph

3rd Paragraph (Delivery): no restrictions; say anything; moments to express freely; now it matters what you say; you’re actually got that person attention; say whatever.

Question 1159  Resume help update a make look great

need help updating and formulating my resume to make it current ; the last time i revised it was in 2016. since then I’ve had two new jobs that i need help adding and basically just making it look professional and ready to send out to future employers.

Im not so great at using word or other programs to make the resume look good! some information to add: I had been working with A company called Aegis Living as a Life Enrichment Assistant at Aegis of Madison in Seattle, WA from September 2016-May 2017.

I mainly worked a full 40 hour weeks on The Lifes Neighborhood Floor where I developed programs for the later stages of Dementia Care residents that included hour long chorus groups where I would sing and play guitar with the residents to old time favorite songs that they knew.

I would create exercise programs to worked on physical domains, I would do One on one therapy sessions with the residents, I would do an array of activities that included wheel chair bowling, arts and crafts, bingo, trivia and other word games, documentaries, run church sing alongs on sunday, help organize ou

tside entertainment that would come in that included preschool children coming into to play with the residents, religious groups coming to provide services, as well as musical acts that would come into the community. i would help with bus trips where i would accompany residents on the trips, I would create programs that accompanied all the holidays that would happen as well as organize birthday celebrations and anything needed for that.

Proud to have no deaths while being clocked in for 9 months while working with a population! basically just need help formulating all this in a resume format that is concise and looks good.

Currently I have been working as an independent contractor for this company called Wag! where I do Pet Boarding, Sitting, and Walking from June 2017- Current. I have an overall rating of 10/10 stars from over 100 reviews from continuing clients! I basically take care of peoples dogs and sometimes cats when they are away or just needing some assistance.

I additionally have been employed with the company Rover as well but am just setting that up. I am looking to apply for possibly a director position in recreational therapy or life enrichment or something similar to that! thanks so much for the help. Curtis Knopf was my Life Enrichment Director for the life enrichment positon that you can use for the reference and his number is please leave space for email; can’t seem to find it at the moment.

Question 1160 International English Language Testing System

1) IELTS online exam to test students what level they are on. In order to determine what level they are on and how much help they need? 2) a test to test students what level of English are on and to ensure that students are placed with other students of similar English ability.

Question 1162 English Language

Choose one Super Bowl 2017 commercial to analyze. Describe and explain its effectiveness or ineffectiveness. Consider the following questions: Who is the advertiser? What is the commercial’s purpose?

How was the commercial designed? What was the commercial focusing on *(ethos, pathos, and/or logos)? Do you think the advertiser fulfilled its objective? Do you think people would buy the item being promoted?

In other words, was the commercial “successful”? Please write at least 200 words. *Ethos: ethical appeal *Pathos: emotional appeal *Logos: logical appeal

Question 1163 genetically modified

reading response #1 discussion 3 3 unread replies. 4 4 replies. “…Coffee is an elegantly-written, even witty book, so wide in scope, so rich in detail, so thought-provoking in the subtle way it develops its central thesis, that it is a challenge to do justice to it…” –Scottish Sunday Herald Summarize, briefly, Antony Wild’s preface, prologue, and first two chapters.

Then consider the quote (above) which refers to “the subtle way [the book] develops its central thesis.” Can you tell by chapter one, page one, what Wild’s central thesis is? What do you think it is? Then, choose one sentence or short passage from Wild’s book so far which tells you something about the research process.

Discuss how that passage shows you the way research has contributed to Wild’s writing. How do you think research works for him? Finally, consider the years that have passed since Wild’s book was published. Choose one of the following issues (below) mentioned in chapter one and see if you can find an update for that particular issue.

First explain what has changed (or not) in the last 15 years, and then cite the source of your update.  in the coffee industry since 2002 global revenues for coffee sales since 2002 status of the coffee futures market since 2002 status of “fair trade,” “eco-friendly,” or “genetically modified” coffee practices (at Starbucks perhaps) since 2002

Question 1164 Source SUmmary

you will brainstorm 5 research questions which can lead to a potential thesis, and summarize credible sources. * This week’s Topic Selection & Source Summary assignment based on a source from the Course Theme Reading List has 4 sections.

Each section should be at least one full paragraph in length:

1. Topic Selection & 5 Research questions: The selected issues and multiple sides of the debate are described in a well-organized paragraph. Five specific research questions are developed that explore key themes of the topic.

2. Research Summary: Two academic sources are summarized. Summaries include key arguments, subtopics, and major examples to help develop understanding of the topic.

3. Purpose and Audience: There is a clear purpose that outlines the objectives of the project. The audience, shared values, and anticipated gaps in understanding are considered and underscored to focus the overall approach to the project topic.

4. Focus and Preliminary Thesis: A preliminary thesis that includes a clear point of view and suggest a trajectory for the project is presented for review. When you decide on a topic and source from the Course Reading Theme List, read the source carefully, noting the thesis, topic sentences, headings, supporting details, and the conclusion. Make sure to cite your sources.

*Reading: The week 2 reading includes chapters 22 and 26 of Writing Today (2nd Ed.), as well as the source chosen from the Course Theme Reading List. Useful FILES handouts:

• Course Theme Reading ListPreview the documentView in a new window

• Week 2 Topic Selection and Academic Source SummaryPreview the documentView in a new window – ‘Supplemental Materials’

• Week 2 Grading Rubric Week 2 Topic Selection & Source SummaryPreview the documentView in a new window – under ‘Rubrics

Question 1165 On the Pulse of Morning

ead Maya Angelou’s “On the Pulse of Morning” located under “Modules” as well as watch the YouTube video of her reciting the poem at Bill Clinton’s inauguration speech.

The link of her poem is called “Inaugural Poem” because she spoke the poem at Bill Clinton’s inauguration. Here is the link to the poem: https://poetry.eserver.org/angelou (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Maya Angelou’s Poem “On the Pulse of Morning” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Maya Angelou’s Poem “On the Pulse of Morning” Then, read the PDF on how to analyze a poem: https://www.vaniercollege.qc.ca/tlc/tipsheets/reading-and-analyzing/how-to-analyze-a-poem.pdf (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Write your own interpretation of the poem with at least 250 words by identifying one approach from the Critical Approaches to Literature handout to help with your analysis found under this week’s reading module: Week 2: Tuesday, January 9th – Saturday, January 13th Readings and Instructions. Please include analysis from the text of the poem as well as the performance of the poem being spoken by Maya Angelou. You are more than welcome to focus on a specific stanza in the poem or a certain section. You do not need to analyze the entire poem.

Question 1166 Reaction Paper

I need a one page reaction paper on how it felt to stand up in front of my classmates and talk about something you believe in and being attacked/criticised by other people /debaters. (This is something we did in class) .

I have class tomorrow at 8 am its 11pm now. Just one paper very simple, please good writing skills articulate to give some imagery of how it felt.

Question 1167 Summary + Analysis

PLEASE READ ALL DIRECTIONS !!!! PROMPT: Compose a 2-4 page Summary+Analysis in which you summarize and discuss the major and important concepts and details of Mary Pipher’s “Introduction” in her text Writing to Change the World.

Include a scratch outline of the chapter (bullet points OR use the formal roman numerals technique, no more than 2 pages) and a works cited page. WHAT IS A SUMMARY+ANALYSIS? A Summary-Analysis essay extends the essay after the summary portion to include the writer’s thoughts about the text that the writer is representing.

An analysis is breaking a large topic into smaller pieces to better understand the subject. In a summary-analysis, after you tell the reader about the main viewpoints of the author/original text, you then examine the structure and the details of the writing to form an analysis of the “how” and “what” of the text. Your job is to break the text into smaller parts in order to understand it better. In a summary analysis, you are still not expressing your opinion about the subject discussed in the original text; instead, you are examining the text

as a reader, looking at how the writer put the text together, what the parts of the text are made up of, and how these parts come together to share a larger idea. You can only give your opinion on how well the author did in using the tools of a writer to convince the reader of the validity of the writer’s original idea.

The first paragraph or two should be the introductory paragraph and it should include the title of the original text, author’s name, and publication details. You should then offer a summary of the original text and can also the reader some background information on the subject being discussed in the writing and then give the thesis statement of the paper. In your analysis paragraphs, you should address what is the main argument that the author is making and how well do they support the argument.

The other factor to address is how reliable are the sources the author is using, and the authority that the author cites to make their argument strong. Additionally, an analysis paper can also include the strengths and weaknesses of the paper and how they affect the argument being made by the author. You should also examine the tools like statistics, examples or citing of an authority to analyze the author’s reasoning for writing the paper, and even style. The other points one could address in their analysis paper are does the author address the opposition’s view point and does he/she attempts to refute it.

Many instructors do not want you to express your opinion about the subject discussed in the paper. You can only give your opinion on how well the author did to convince the reader. [1] PARAMETERS: Summaries should be 1-2 paragraphs, approximately 1-2 pages (or about 500-750 words) and then move into an analysis portion (NOT a separate essay but part of the whole essay) that examines at least 2 or 3 criteria (use of research sources, strength of argument, etc.) with examples cited from the original text (about 1-2 pages more for a total of about 5-10 paragraphs or 2-4 pages for this essay).

The Works Cited is an Additional page Include a Works Cited page that lists the introduction citation in correct MLA format as “Chapter from a book” (See MLA Tab in Writer’s Reference Handbook) and also include a formal outline of the text being summary-analyzed.

Essays should be free of major grammatical errors and imprecisions in language usage and sentence fluidity.Essays should be in MLA Paper format (Typed, 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, with pagination and proper header and heading – See MLA Tab in Writer’s Reference). Summary portions should demonstrate your understanding of the text selection and key ideas of the text. They should be a condensed version of the original (about ½ the size of the original) and should present the material in a neutral fashion, without opinion. Analysis should demonstrate your ability to closely read and examine the parts of a text in order to determine the success of a text.

Summary-analyses should include quoted material from the text in the analysis portion as supporting evidence for your analysis findings. INSTRUCTION FOR WRITING ANALYSIS ESSAYS: Review the A tab in Writer’s Reference, specifically “Reading Actively” “Outlining a text to identify main ideas” “Summarizing to deepen your understanding” “Analyzing to demonstrate your critical thinking” and “Writing Guide: Analysis Essay” Consider the following: Writing a textual analysis is not writing how you feel about a text’s topic, and it’s not writing whether you agree with the argument presented in the text.

In fact, you can write a textual analysis about a text that deals with a topic you know little about or disagree with entirely. When you write a textual analysis, you are writing to tell readers whether or not a text’s author effectively presents an argument. You will decide how effectively an author presents his or her argument by examining the techniques the author uses, explaining which ones work (or not) and why. To do this, you must first think about how these techniques affect the author’s intended audience and how they help to achieve the author’s intended purpose.

Your analysis will be an explanation of how the author reaches that audience and achieves that purpose (or not). In short, analysis involves thinking critically about how a text works (or doesn’t) and why, and then communicating that clearly. Key Features[2] Based on Richard Bullock, The Norton Field Guide (NY: Norton, 2006), p.50 Summary of the text: Depending on how well known the text you are analyzing is, you will most likely need to provide a brief summary of it. Attention to Context: Texts often exist as part of an ongoing conversation or as a response to particular events.

Keep this in mind when analyzing a text; think about how those conversations or events influenced the author’s decisions about the text or how they influence the way the intended audience will feel about its message. Clear Interpretation or Judgment: This can be achieved through a clear thesis statement placed near the beginning of your paper that includes your interpretation of what you think the text means or what its intended purpose was, how well this message is communicated, and how the author does (or doesn’t) communicate it. Support for Your Conclusions:

Because there is rarely just one way to interpret a text, examples of techniques and patterns from the text are good ways to support your claims. Useful Questions to Ask Yourself When Putting Together Your Analysis: Is everything in this text clear to me (including words, expressions, references)? What is the author’s purpose/audience for this text?

How do I know that? What techniques does the author use to get his/her point across? For example, does the author quote or refer to credible sources, appeal to the audience’s emotions, organize the argument in a particular way, include graphics? Do I have a clearly stated thesis? Do I provide sufficient evidence for my claims? Are my readers likely to be familiar with the text I’m analyzing? What do I know or how do I feel about this topic/author? How will that influence my analysis?

Question 1168 Hamlet creative project

Rewrite Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” speech, and put in a different verb. For instance “to diet or not to diet,” “to study or not to study,” “to marry,” “to buy,” etc. and alter he details of the soliloquy to fit your new first line. Your speech should be at least one full double-spaced, typed page (font size = 12)

Question 1169 Curriculum Approach in Language Teaching: Forward, Central, and Backward Design

This is a reflection paper about an article I will attach….Reflection Papers (2-3 pages each, double spaced, APA format) delve into, expand on, relate to, reflect on or otherwise offer insight into or question a point or issue that catches your attention.

You can write an interpretation, a critique, an expansion, or any other method of discussion. The only requirements are that you refer to the relevant passage(s), focus on one topic or theme, write coherently and proofread your paper.

Question 1170 Parent Questionaire

Parent Questionnaire Please respond to the following questions. Be funny; be serious; be honest; be proud. The more we know, the better able we will be to help guide your son or daughter through the college application process. Keep in mind that we have teacher reports, advisor letters and grades on file. We hope you will share your responses with your child.

However, if there is information that you wish to remain confidential, please so note. If you wish to use more space than provided, please feel free to add separate sheets of paper. We encourage you to keep a copy of your responses for future reference.

Thank you. * = required question Please save your answers periodically if you need longer than one hour to complete this form. Your session will expire after one hour if you have not changed the page.

*1. What words or phrases first come to mind to describe your child? Is there an anecdote you can share that may illustrate these words or phrases most?

*2. What do you consider to be your child’s most outstanding accomplishment(s) during the past three years?

*3. Have there been any turning points in your child’s development or education? Explain why you view them as such.

*4. What have been the best and worst aspects of your child’s experiences at North Shore?

*5. What kind of a young adult do you want your child to be?

*6. At present what do you see as your child’s greatest strengths? (Both Academic and Personal)

*7. Weaknesses that could be worked on? (Academic and Personal)

*8. Who are your child’s closest friends? What do they gain from each of these relationships?

*9. Which teachers since ninth grade has your child been closest to? For what reasons?

*10. What do you think your child will major in?

*11. Career(s) you think your child might eventually pursue:

*12. What are your hopes and expectations for your child after North Shore? Include college hopes/expectations as well as other experiences which might be possible between graduation from North Shore and college or during college years.

*13. Names and ages (and college, if applicable) of all children:

14. Please describe the nature of your child’s relationship with their father:

15. Please describe the nature of your child’s relationship with their mother

Question 1171 Where are you going where are you been

his story is filled with symbols that suggest different ways to interpret Arnold, Connie, and their encounter. Choose one symbol from the story and discuss what it might represent. Remember that there are no wrong ideas as long as you can support them with evidence from the story. Your post should be about one paragraph long.

Question 1172  Art of Seeing Photo

Possible reflection/discussion points: 1. Why does this image celebrate rarely photographed or noticed elements of life? 2. How did this exercise elevate your appreciation for everyday life encounters? 3. What did you take into consideration when taking this phtograph? answer each one of the 3 question as paragraph 5-6 sentence

Question 1173 Elevator pitch

Assignment Fayetteville State University holds career fairs each semester. Imagine that you will be attending the career fair with hundreds of other job seekers.

You will meet representatives of many companies. At his networking event, you will meet representatives of many companies and will have only a couple minutes give your elevator pitch.

Write an elevator pitch that highlights your accomplishments, conveys your enthusiasm about the opportunity, and makes a request, such as how to contact the hiring manager, find out about future job openings, or schedule an information interview.

Your elevator pitch should be around 200 words. Background Reading How to Craft a Killer Elevator Pitch and Handout 60 Second Commercial Worksheet Elevator Pitch Infographic

Question 1174 The Style Analysis

For this paper, you will imitate the writing conventions of your chosen publication. Before you can do this, you obviously have to fully understand those conventions: the style of writing being employed, the rhetorical choices being made, and the topics being covered.

These stylistic and rhetorical conventions will vary from the academic journal to the professional magazine. In order to make an informed decision about which type of publication you will write the article for, you will formally compare the two in a Style Analysis Paper.

To begin, you will review the common writing styles and conventions evident in both publications. Then, you will make a claim regarding the similarities and the differences in their styles; this claim will be the thesis for your Style Analysis Paper. You will support your claim with a thorough analysis of each publication’s style with examples and evidence drawn from multiple articles from both the academic journal and the professional magazine.

The Minimum Requirements for the Style Analysis Paper · You are required to write at least 5 full pages (though it will more than likely be a bit longer than that). You may not write over 7 full pages for this assignment. · You are required to select both one academic journal AND one professional magazine from your discipline to analyze.

TOPIC CRIMINAL JUSTICE/LAW ENFORCEMENT · You are required to read at least 3 articles from each of the 2 publications you’ve selected (for a total of 6 articles) and use specific examples from these articles to support your analysis of the publications’ writing styles and conventions.

These 6 articles will count as the 6 required sources for this paper; if you want to use additional sources, however, you are free to do so. Check the course calendar at the end of the syllabus for details about workshops and due dates! Required Outline

I. Introduction a. Be sure to introduce both publications in your introduction. Name the publication and briefly summarize the purpose of the publication – you may have to research this and cite your sources.

Do not name all of the articles you will be using to back up your claims as to style. b. Conclude this section with your claim about their typical writing styles. II. The Academic Journal section

a. Write your body paragraphs wherein you analyze specific stylistic features (at least 3- 4 specific features should be analyzed, each in its own well-developed paragraph)

b. Be sure to explain how those stylistic features are appropriate for the publication’s intended audience (discourse community). What effects do you think these stylistic features have on readers and why? How do these style choices support the purpose of this publication?

III. The Professional Magazine section a. Write your body paragraphs wherein you analyze specific stylistic features (at least 3- 4 specific features should be analyzed, each in its own well-developed paragraph) b. Be sure to explain how those stylistic features are appropriate for the publication’s intended audience (discourse community).

What effects do you think these stylistic features have on readers and why? How do these style choices support the purpose of this publication?

IV. Conclusion a. This may include final reflections on the two publications’ styles, their similarities and their differences b. Be sure to also make some conclusions about which type of style you’d prefer practicing/imitating further as you write the WID paper later in the semester.

Do you think it would be more beneficial for you to practice writing as a professional in your field for an academic journal or for a professional magazine?

Question 1175 Job/Internship Application Cover Letter

Imagine that you are applying for an internship or entry-level job in your chosen career field. Write a cover letter to accompany your application for the position. Use your real job career aspirations and actual qualifications as the basis for your letter.

Highlight employment, volunteer and extracurricular experiences, as well as key achievements matched to the position.

Question 1176 English naysayer assignment

Guidelines: For this individual writing assignment, you will draw on work that you have already posted in the Week 3 Discussion forum. Please use the headers Part 1 and Part 2 in the response you submit here.

Part 1: Expand on the passage you composed in response to Exercise #1 on page 90 (Ch 6 in G&B) for Prompt # 2 on the Week 3 Discussion forum. First, develop the response you posted on the Week 3 Discussion Forum for Exercise #1 on p 90 (Ch 6 in G&B text) more fully by

1) citing a source that backs up the naysayer response you added to the Schlosser passage (this will likely entail some quick online research on your part) and,

2) incorporating a source introduction and/or in-text citation into the naysayer response for the source you cited in the naysayer response you added to Schlosser’s passage (if the source doesn’t have page numbers, you’ll have to skip the in-text citation, but you should still briefly introduce the source — e.g., title of article, website, etc.).

In this Copy #2 of the Schlosser passage (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., I have incorporated some language to show how you can do some quick research and add a source to your naysayer response.

(It’s okay to borrow my ideas, but if you do so, be sure to put them in your own words and acknowledge your source!) Then, copy/paste your revised version of the Schlosser passage (with your addition of a naysaver response) into this assignment link. [25 possible points] Part 2: In a short paragraph (3-5 sentences), reflect on how you might apply the Naysayer concept to your Diversity in the News Essay

Question 1177 peer reviews

Step 1: Compose a formal, academic essay about the topic of diversity in the news in which you do the following: Refer carefully and often to the Diversity in the News Essay handout (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that Susanne Bohmer has prepared for Sociology &101.

These guidelines form the basis for the combined Soc&101/Engl&101 assignment. Apply what you have learned in English &101 during the first few weeks of the quarter about foregrounding “They Say,” then moving to “I Say,” with careful attention to voice and signal phrases.

All these strategies should prepare you for effective completion of this essay assignment (and your essay will be assessed on their usage). Sample papers from former Soc&101 classes may be found on this google page (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. NOTE: The previous Soc&101 assignment did not incorporate Engl&101 elements, so these sample essays are shorter and do not contain all the elements that yours will.

Step 2: Submit a full draft of your essay here to engage in the process of peer reviews. *Click on Submit Assignment tab *Browse your computer for the file containing your draft *Click on Submit Assignment.

*You will get a Turned In! message on the right with a green check mark. Step 3: Participate in thoughtful, careful, helpful, respectful peer reviews after reading two of your classmates’ essays by the end of the day on Tuesday, Jan 23.) The peer review process, when completed earnestly and openly, almost always results in rich rethinking, re-seeing — and thus, significant revisions.

I remind you this to encourage you to get over possible shyness about offering respectful, constructive advice, and also to encourage you to be grateful vs defensive when reading your classmates’ comments at the end of the process. Remember the golden rule: do unto others what you would have them do unto you.

Help each other out respectfully and strongly! Check the menu on the right side of the screen to find the essays you have been assigned to review. After reading your classmates’ essays from start to finish, in the comments box post responses to the three prompts. Please include the Prompt #s with your responses. If you can do so, you are welcome to make additional notes right in your classmate’s paper.

DO NOT USE THE RUBRIC. Prompt #1: Comment on the effectiveness of the summary section by referring to each of these matters (you may compose your thoughts in paragraph or bullet-list format): Is the writer’s voice objective at all times? If not, where not? Are there sufficient signal phrases that remind the reader that the writer is summarizing? If not, where could these be added? Does the writer’s summary convey the news item’s main points fully enough that you, the reader, understand its significance? If not, explain the gaps you are experiencing as a reader.

Prompt #2: Comment on the effectiveness of the response section by referring to each of these matters: Is the transition from summary to response clear and effective? If not, what is missing or what could be added? Is it clear that the response section applies Soc&101 concepts or research findings to analysis of the news story? If that is not clear, be sure to mention it.

Perhaps you are not clear about which concept is being applied, or you are not clear about how it is applied. You will be helping your classmate tremendously by providing this feedback.

Prompt #3: Comment on effectiveness of sentence mechanics and/or MLA formatting. If you notice anything awry, mention it. You do not need to fix errors, but it is often helpful to explain what you think needs further attention. If the paper-editing option on Canvas is available to you (it’s temperamental), you are welcome to enter your notes right in your classmates’ essays.

You may choose from any of the Canvas tools that are available for adding comments and notes. If you are the second reviewer for an essay, please use a different color for your comments than the first reviewer used.

Assessment When I score this draft of your essay for English& 101, these are the elements I will be assessing: Effective use of rhetorical organization strategies: Fleshing out “They Say” and “I Say” sections carefully and clearly. Effective use of rhetorical reader/audience awareness strategies: Making moves that connect the writer to their reader/audience.

Full adherence to process: Posting your full draft on time; participating constructively and wholeheartedly in the peer review process; evidence that you are open to re-envisioning and/or revising your own essay based on the feedback you give and the feedback you receive from your classmates and/or instructors. Careful attention to sentence structure/grammar and application of MLA guidelines:

Formatting your paper, incorporation of in-text citations, and composing a Works Cited list. How to view your grade and read comments on your essay After your essay has been reviewed and scored, you will get a notice under Recent Feedback (on the right) with the title of the assignment next to a green check mark and your score underneath it.

To see our feedback, go to Grades and click on the assignment title (i.e. “Peer Reviews for Diversity in the News Essay”). To get to our comments in the margin of your paper, click on “View Feedback” (to the right of the link for your paper).

Comments will be displayed to the right of the graded paper, and you might well find comments right in your paper as well. Submission Turned In! Jan 19 at 11:59pm Submission Details Download United States Travel Ban (Immigration) –DONE.docx Assigned Peer Reviews Anonymous User Anonymous User Comments: Sujita, I just read your paper, focusing on the sociological analysis part. Here are some suggestions:

1. I would shorten the introduction so it is proportionate to the overall length of your essay. Some of what you state is specific enough that it would fit in the summary section of your essay.

2. To make the summary clearer state right away that the article is about a report from an examination of the first travel ban. I would rewrite some of the summary to increase its clarity.

3. I don’t understand how the material from Barkan on education promoting inequality is related to your article. Also, you are asked for a quote rather than a paraphrase. Maybe this course material is not your best choice.

4. I doubt that Barkan says that reducing immigrants means the crime rate would be reduced. He might say that some people think this. A direct quote from the text is needed.

5. I think you might be better off using different course materials. Something on conflict theory or on “issues” vs. “troubles” could work. I hope this feedback helps. Let me know what questions remain after the peer review and before you submit the final essay. I’m looking forward to reading the final version. Susanne SUSANNE BOHMER, Jan 20 at 4:29pm

Question 1178 Extended Outline

The extended outline will present the topic you have selected for your Course Project. The purpose of the outline is to develop ideas for your argument and create a preliminary structure that will help you build your draft in the coming weeks.

The format of the assignment is a sentence outline. Use APA style to document any  sources referenced in your outline.

Question 1179 English Language

Imagine that you were stuck in an elevator with two of the authors that we have read in this course. Who would they be, and what would you say or not say to them? Make sure to clearly state the names of the two authors. Be creative in your answer.

Use first-person, but no second-person (you, your). Avoid contractions. You may describe the current circumstance that got you three in this predicament, but remember to focus more on your interaction with the authors and what they would say to you but more so of what you would say to them.

This is a creative, open-ended essay, so do not worry too much about logistics. I am looking for depth, substance, and analysis. Write at the bare minimum five paragraphs. A paragraph is at least four sentences, but I am expecting you to write at least 500 words to receive an adequate score.

Question 1180 General critiquing criteria

  1. Generally, at least (try for more) one full handwritten page of comments.2. The comments should be specific, not general. In other words, do not just say “good description” or “need to describe more.” Say exactly where and what was described well or specifically what could be described more.
  2. Point out specific passages, sentences, words, etc.3. Clearly written comments. Speak in complete sentences and explain your opinions clearly, so the reader won’t look at it and think, “What did she/he mean?”4. The writer of the critique should show they obviously care and are trying their best to help the person who wrote the paper.
  3. Also, they shouldn’t just say great paper, no changes needed, nor should they thrash the paper. The paper should be respected, and time should be taken to word comments carefully with sensitivity.5. The person should participate actively in the group critiquing. The written critiques are homework and shouldn’t be done during the group discussion.


Generally, at least (try for more) one full handwritten page of comments.2. The comments should be specific, not general. In other words, do not just say “good description” or “need to describe more.” Say exactly where and what was described well or specifically what could be described more.

Point out specific passages, sentences, words, etc.3. Clearly written comments. Speak in complete sentences and explain your opinions clearly, so the reader won’t look at it and think, “What did she/he mean?”4. The writer of the critique should show they obviously care and are trying their best to help the person who wrote the paper.

Also, they shouldn’t just say great paper, no changes needed, nor should they thrash the paper. The paper should be respected, and time should be taken to word comments carefully with sensitivity.


APPLYING CURRENT APPROACHES TO THE TEACHING OF READING” Organizing my Reaction Paper: A reaction/response paper has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

• The introduction should contain all the basic information in one or two paragraphs. Sentence 1: This sentence should give the title, author, and publication you read. Sentence 2, 3, and (4) These sentences give a brief summary of what you read Sentence 5: This sentence is your thesis statement. You agree, disagree, identify, or evaluate.

• Your introduction should include a concise, one sentence, focused thesis. This is the focused statement of your reaction/response. More information on thesis statements is available.

• The body should contain paragraphs that provide support for your thesis. Each paragraph should contain one idea. Topic sentences should support the thesis, and the final sentence of each paragraph should lead into the next paragraph. Topic Sentence detail — example –quotation –detail — example — quotation — detail — example — quotation — detail — example –quotation Summary Sentence


• You can structure your paragraphs in two ways: 1. Explain author’s point– your comment supported with details/examples/quotations 2. Explain author’s point– contrast with your point of view support with details/etc.

• The conclusion can be a restatement of what you said in your paper, or it could be a comment which focuses your overall reaction. Finally, it can be a prediction of the effects of what you’re reacting to. Note: your conclusion should include no new information. To sum up the information, this handout has covered prewriting and organizing strategies for reaction/response papers.

• Prewriting o Read the article and jot down ideas. o How do you feel about what was said? o Do you agree or disagree with the author? o Have you had any applicable experience? o Have you read or heard anything that applies to this what the writer said in the article or book? o Does the evidence in the article support the statements the writer made?

• Organizing o Write the thesis statement first. o Decide on the key points that will focus your ideas. These will be your topic sentences. o Develop your ideas by adding examples, quotations, and details to your paragraphs. o Make sure the last sentence of each paragraph leads into the next paragraph. o Check your thesis and make sure the topic sentence of each paragraph supports it.

Grading a Response/Reaction Paper LEO FOCUS – The clarity with which you maintain your main idea or point of view on the topic. _____/25 points ORGANIZATION – The clarity with which you structure your response following the LEO format. _____/25 points SUPPORT – How you elaborate on your ideas and how you present supporting details. _____/25 points STYLE OF WRITING – Sentence structure, usage, mechanics, etc… _____/25 points TOTAL: ________

Question 1183 American History

answer the following questions in at least 600 words:

1. What can be said of Washington’s criticism of African-American ministers?

2. Beginning in the 1960s, Washington was widely criticized as an accommodationist, as a leader favoring humility and individual responsibility and achievement at the expense of racial pride. Based on the excerpts, do you think that Washington’s prose leads to such a view of him?

3. How would you describe the overall strategy of The Souls of Black Folk, the discernment, in the lines of supposedly simple African American spirituals, of complex ideas of selfhood and self-fulfillment? Is this a writerly tour de force, a display of wit, mental agility, and (perhaps) late Victorian sentimentality by one author working in a mainstream tradition? Or does Du Bois make this venture into cultural anthropology ring true and convince us of the deep wisdom within the ordinary and the plain?

4. Does Norris “mean it” when he argues that literary naturalism is not a variant of realism but really a newer kind of romanticism? What is the reasoning behind this declaration—and what do you think of that reasoning? If Howells is writing for a broad audience of magazine readers, or for his constituency of women from the new middle class, people with aspirations to culture and taste as well as moral improvement, whom do Frank Norris and and Theodore Dreiser seem to be writing to and for?

5. If naturalism, as Norris describes it, is virtually coerced into romantic configurations because of certain doctrines about human nature and human possibility, at what point can fiction of this sort become aesthetic— in other words, an exercise in color or sensation or spectacle for their own sake rather than for conveying some sort of moral engagement with the human condition?

If a question like this provokes a confused silence, ask your group to ponder what overtly naturalistic films that they have seen—Scorsese’s The Departed or Taxi Driver, for example, or Reservoir Dogs or other films by Quentin Tarantino—are really “about,” if they are about anything at all. If we are supposed to care about Carrie Meeber in Sister Carrie or Maggie in Maggie: A Girl of the Streets, are there novels and films of a similar style that induce a moral numbness or a sense that no exploration of human nature is taking place?

6. If the second question provokes a lively debate about the various intentions and effects of literary naturalism, you might close in tighter on differences among the avowed realists, especially James and Howells.

Howells takes chances in his description of the focus and subject matter for realistic fiction (you might want to point out that in his prose he often doesn’t play by his own rules!). James is more evasive in talking about issues such as social class and what he means by “truth to life.” Why does he do that, and where do we see a similar abstractness or evasiveness operating in his short fiction?

Question 1184 Communication and Perception

Objective: Chapter 2 focuses on communication and perception. How the perception process works, how we perceive others, and perceiving and presenting yourself. In this journal entry you are going to watch the TED Talk attached and you are going to read chapter 2, then you are going to write a 500 word journal entry.


You are going to write a 500 word response to these questions: How does the chapter help you better understand the communication process and include a personal example from your life experiences. Include at least 1 major theory and cite the page number. (ex. Theory Blank (pg 112) )

How does the TED talk help you understand the communication process and how does it relate to your life. https://www.ted.com/talks/daniel_tammet_different_ways_of_knowing#t-604834

Question 1185Course project first and second grafts

The purpose of the draft is to begin communicatinghttps://www.homeworknest.com/sign-in.php your topic and to establish its relevance to a reader. The draft will present an introduction (two to three paragraphs) and one section (two to three paragraphs) of the body of the paper and then conclusion.

Cite each new reference carefully both in the text and on the reference page. The length of the first draft is three to four pages of text and the send is four to five pages of text, not including the title and References pages. Follow the grading rubric carefully to earn all possible points.

Question 1186   Radiolab “Words” Discussion Forum

Instructions After reading the CCCCs statement you only need to read one paragraph: the paragraph on page one from a group of English composition professors in 1972. It begins with “We affirm…” http://www.ncte.org/library/NCTEFiles/Groups/CCCC/NewSRTOL.pdf (Links to an external site.) and listening to the first 11:30 of Radiolab’s “Words,” (Links to an external site.)http://www.radiolab.org/story/91725-words/ Links to an external site. .

Part 1 due Tuesday, 2/6, end of day: Write a response to these two questions. Each response should be at least one paragraph in length. Be sure to fully explain why you think/feel the way you do.

Tell us about a time you realized that language has power. Or, explain why you think language is or is not a powerful tool. What was the most interesting part of the first 11.5 minutes of this podcast? How do you think it relates to the CCCCs statement?

Question 1187 Virtual Reality

Annotated Bibliography assignment Sheet Details: I need for the assignment use 9 source (no more; no less) 3 pages also, make sure the for the source. (5 academic Journal articles) the other 4 sources can consist of academic journal articles, longer newspaper articles from major newspapers, good quality. I need that is MLA citation.

I have example of my professors work so I need the same style of the work. My title of my assignment is Virtual Reality I did some work on my assignment about Virtual Reality and I add some ideas to make the writer easier.

Question 1188  Reflection of the perspective

One-page reflection on Chapter 4. You should include an analysis of what you learned, along with any points you found interesting. Reflections should be one-page, double-spaced, Times New Roman, size 12 font.

Make sure your name and date are at the top of the page

Question 1189  Discuss how the two passages are similar.

Look at the passage in “Desiree’s Baby” where Desiree’s “realization” occurs. The passage begins with the last paragraph on page 178 and ends with the fourth paragraph on page 179. Compare this passage to the passage in “The Story of an Hour” where Mrs. Mallard experiences her ”realization”.

The passage begins with the fourth paragraph on page 181 and ends with “…and relaxed every inch of her body.” On page 182. Look at the imagery Chopin uses in these two passages.Discuss how the two passages are similar. Write at least 5 paragraphs on this topic.

Question 1190  Observing Bio-reactions

Bio-reactions (fight, flight, freeze, or appease) include quick responses to stimuli that are dangerous and fearful experiences. Bio-reactions help the brain reinforce certain pathways. Some pathways associate that past reaction with other similar events.

This is one way to learn. The fear response may be associated with other non fearful events. Because the brain is so good at making these associations, we aren’t even aware of the miscue. Bio-reactions are

. In most cases they are not under your control, such as when you automatically close your eyes when something flies at your face. In other cases, you can have more control over your reaction.

To be in control of these responses, the first step is to become aware of when you are experiencing a bio-reaction. To be aware of your bio-reactions, it may be helpful to ask yourself the following questions: • What caused the bio-reaction? • What was happening in the environment around you? • What emotions did you feel? •

How did your body react? • What, if anything, did you do differently when you noticed you were having a bio-reaction? • Why is it important for you to be aware of your bio-reactions? Requirements: Your submission must be your original work. No more than a combined total of 30% of the submission and no more than a 10% match to any one individual source can be directly quoted or closely paraphrased from sources, even if cited correctly.

Use the Turnitin Originality Report available in  as a guide for this measure of originality. You must use the rubric to direct the creation of your submission because it provides detailed criteria that will be used to evaluate your work. Each requirement below may be evaluated by more than one rubric aspect. The rubric aspect titles may contain hyperlinks to relevant portions of the course. Note: Complete the Learning Brains and bio-reaction material found in module 1 in your course of study before completing this task.

Describe three situations where you have experienced a bio-reaction. 1. Identify which bio-reaction (fight, flight, freeze, or appease) you were experiencing in each situation from part A. 2. Describe what was happening in the environment around you during each of the identified bio-reactions. 3. Describe how your body reacted and what emotions you felt during each of the identified bio-reactions. 4. Explain why it is important to be aware of your bio-reactions.

Question 1191 Literary Analysis

The goal of this essay is to present a thesis that clearly states an interpretation(one that is not obvious) of some aspect of your short story and to support that interpretation by pointing to examples from the story, explaining the significance of those examples in relation to your interpretation. Double spaced, 1,000 words, MLA format Identify the significant parts.

What stands out/seems most significant (what do you notice)? What is strange or weird? What is interesting? What is surprising? Use The Method What words are repeated exactly? What ideas are repeated through similar words? What opposites/binaries are included? What anomalies do you notice? Ask yourself whether you should read the significant parts literally or symbolically.

Literature is often symbolic, so strongly consider this option. If symbolic—Make a list of everything that the significant parts could symbolize. Ask yourself the question, “it seems to be about _____ but also could be about ______.” Use the details of the text to determine which of your symbolic options is most probable and focus on that option. Ask yourself what the text is saying about the significant part that you focused on in number 2. Consider using the following questions or questions of your own:

How is it described? What is interesting or strange about how it is described? Is it portrayed negatively or positively? Focus on the details to help you answer this. Is this description different than or the same as the usual presentation of this subject? Why is it shown differently or the same? Construct a thesis that identifies the significant part that you will focus on and that sets up what you will be arguing that the poem says about that part.

Do not summarize or state the obvious but look for the undercurrents that will be most interesting. Build supporting paragraphs that support all of the parts of your thesis. Begin the paragraphs with a focus on a main idea, then focus on the specific details from the text to build your support for that main idea, being sure to explain why/how the details support what you say they support. Below is the short story I chose.

The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe The thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge. You, who so well know the nature of my soul, will not suppose, however, that I gave utterance to a threat. At length I would be avenged; this was a point definitely settled—but the very definitiveness with which it was resolved, precluded the idea of risk.

I must not only punish, but punish with impunity. A wrong is unredressed when retribution overtakes its redresser. It is equally unredressed when the avenger fails to make himself felt as such to him who has done the wrong. It must be understood that neither by word nor deed had I given Fortunato cause to doubt my good will. I continued, as was my wont, to smile in his face, and he did not perceive that my smile now was at the thought of his immolation.

He had a weak point—this Fortunato—although in other regards he was a man to be respected and even feared. He prided himself on his connoisseurship in wine. Few Italians have the true virtuoso spirit. For the most part their enthusiasm is adopted to suit the time and —to practise imposture upon the British and Austrian millionaires.

In painting and gemmary, Fortunato, like his countrymen, was a quack—but in the matter of old wines he was sincere. In this respect I did not differ from him materially: I was skillful in the Italian vintages myself, and bought largely whenever I could. It was about dusk, one evening during the supreme madness of the carnival season, that I encountered my friend.

He accosted me with excessive warmth, for he had been drinking much. The man wore motley. He had on a tight-fitting parti-striped dress, and his head was surmounted by the conical cap and bells. I was so pleased to see him, that I thought I should never have done wringing his hand. I said to him—”My dear Fortunato, you are luckily met.

How remarkably well you are looking to-day! But I have received a pipe of what passes for Amontillado, and I have my doubts.” “How?” said he. “Amontillado? A pipe? Impossible! And in the middle of the carnival!” “I have my doubts,” I replied; “and I was silly enough to pay the full Amontillado price without consulting you in the matter.

You were not to be found, and I was fearful of losing a bargain.” “Amontillado!” “I have my doubts.” “Amontillado!” “And I must satisfy them.” “Amontillado!” “As you are engaged, I am on my way to Luchesi. If any one has a critical turn, it is he. He will tell me—” “Luchesi cannot tell Amontillado from Sherry.” “And yet some fools will have it that his taste is a match for your own.” “Come, let us go.” “Whither?” “To your vaults.” “My friend, no; I will not impose upon your good nature.

I perceive you have an engagement. Luchesi—” “I have no engagement;—come.” “My friend, no. It is not the engagement, but the severe cold with which I perceive you are afflicted. The vaults are insufferably damp. They are encrusted with nitre.” “Let us go, nevertheless.

The cold is merely nothing. Amontillado! You have been imposed upon. And as for Luchesi, he cannot distinguishhttps://www.homeworknest.com/sign-in.php Sherry from Amontillado.” Thus speaking, Fortunato possessed himself of my arm. Putting on a mask of black silk, and drawing a roquelaire closely about my person, I suffered him to hurry me to my palazzo. There were no attendants at home; they had absconded to make merry in honour of the time.

I had told them that I should not return until the morning, and had given them explicit orders not to stir from the house. These orders were sufficient, I well knew, to insure their immediate disappearance, one and all, as soon as my back was turned. I took from their sconces two flambeaux, and giving one to Fortunato, bowed him through several suites of rooms to the archway that led into the vaults. I passed down a long and winding staircase, requesting him to be cautious as he followed. We came at length to the foot of the descent, and stood together on the damp ground of the catacombs of the Montresors.

The gait of my friend was unsteady, and the bells upon his cap jingled as he strode. “The pipe,” said he. “It is farther on,” said I; “but observe the white web-work which gleams from these cavern walls.” He turned towards me, and looked into my eyes with two filmy orbs that distilled the rheum of intoxication. “Nitre?” he asked, at length. “Nitre,” I replied. “How long have you had that cough?” “Ugh! ugh! ugh!—ugh! ugh! ugh!—ugh! ugh! ugh!—ugh! ugh! ugh!—ugh! ugh! ugh!” My poor friend found it impossible to reply for many minutes. “It is nothing,” he said, at last. “Come,” I said, with decision, “we will go back; your health is precious.

You are rich, respected, admired, beloved; you are happy, as once I was. You are a man to be missed. For me it is no matter. We will go back; you will be ill, and I cannot be responsible. Besides, there is Luchesi—” “Enough,” he said; “the cough is a mere nothing; it will not kill me. I shall not die of a cough.” “True—true,” I replied; “and, indeed, I had no intention of alarming you unnecessarily—but you should use all proper caution.

A draught of this Medoc will defend us from the damps.” Here I knocked off the neck of a bottle which I drew from a long row of its fellows that lay upon the mould. “Drink,” I said, presenting him the wine. He raised it to his lips with a leer. He paused and nodded to me familiarly, while his bells jingled. “I drink,” he said, “to the buried that repose around us.” “And I to your long life.” He again took my arm, and we proceeded. “These vaults,” he said, “are extensive.” “The Montresors,” I replied, “were a great and numerous family.” “I forget your arms.” “A huge human foot d’or, in a field azure; the foot crushes a serpent rampant whose fangs are imbedded in the heel.” “And the motto?” “Nemo me impune lacessit.” “Good!” he said. The wine sparkled in his eyes and the bells jingled. My own fancy grew warm with the Medoc.

We had passed through walls of piled bones, with casks and puncheons intermingling, into the inmost recesses of catacombs. I paused again, and this time I made bold to seize Fortunato by an arm above the elbow. “The nitre!” I said; “see, it increases. It hangs like moss upon the vaults. We are below the river’s bed.

The drops of moisture trickle among the bones. Come, we will go back ere it is too late. Your cough—” “It is nothing,” he said; “let us go on. But first, another draught of the Medoc.” I broke and reached him a flagon of De Grave. He emptied it at a breath. His eyes flashed with a fierce light. He laughed and threw the bottle upwards with a gesticulation I did not understand.

I looked at him in surprise. He repeated the movement—a grotesque one. “You do not comprehend?” he said. “Not I,” I replied. “Then you are not of the brotherhood.” “How?” “You are not of the masons.” “Yes, yes,” I said; “yes, yes.” “You? Impossible! A mason?” “A mason,” I replied. “A sign,” he said, “a sign.” “It is this,” I answered, producing a trowel from beneath the folds of my roquelaire. “You jest,” he exclaimed, recoiling a few paces. “But let us proceed to the Amontillado.” “Be it so,” I said, replacing the tool beneath the cloak and again offering him my arm. He leaned upon it heavily.

We continued our route in search of the Amontillado. We passed through a range of low arches, descended, passed on, and descending again, arrived at a deep crypt, in which the foulness of the air caused our flambeaux rather to glow than flame. At the most remote end of the crypt there appeared another less spacious. Its walls had been lined with human remains, piled to the vault overhead, in the fashion of the great catacombs of Paris.

Three sides of this interior crypt were still ornamented in this manner. From the fourth side the bones had been thrown down, and lay promiscuously upon the earth, forming at one point a mound of some size. Within the wall thus exposed by the displacing of the bones, we perceived a still interior recess, in depth about four feet in width three, in height six or seven.

It seemed to have been constructed for no especial use within itself, but formed merely the interval between two of the colossal supports of the roof of the catacombs, and was backed by one of their circumscribing walls of solid granite. It was in vain that Fortunato, uplifting his dull torch, endeavoured to pry into the depth of the recess. Its termination the feeble light did not enable us to see. “Proceed,” I said; “herein is the Amontillado.

As for Luchesi—” “He is an ignoramus,” interrupted my friend, as he stepped unsteadily forward, while I followed immediately at his heels. In an instant he had reached the extremity of the niche, and finding his progress arrested by the rock, stood stupidly bewildered. A moment more and I had fettered him to the granite. In its surface were two iron staples, distant from each other about two feet, horizontally. From one of these depended a short chain, from the other a padlock.

Throwing the links about his waist, it was but the work of a few seconds to secure it. He was too much astounded to resist. Withdrawing the key I stepped back from the recess. “Pass your hand,” I said, “over the wall; you cannot help feeling the nitre. Indeed, it is very damp. Once more let me implore you to return.

No? Then I must positively leave you. But I must first render you all the little attentions in my power.” “The Amontillado!” ejaculated my friend, not yet recovered from his astonishment. “True,” I replied; “the Amontillado.” As I said these words I busied myself among the pile of bones of which I have before spoken.

Throwing them aside, I soon uncovered a quantity of building stone and mortar. With these materials and with the aid of my trowel, I began vigorously to wall up the entrance of the niche. I had scarcely laid the first tier of the masonry when I discovered that the intoxication of Fortunato had in a great measure worn off. The earliest indication I had of this was a low moaning cry from the depth of the recess.

It was not the cry of a drunken man. There was then a long and obstinate silence. I laid the second tier, and the third, and the fourth; and then I heard the furious vibrations of the chain. The noise lasted for several minutes, during which, that I might hearken to it with the more satisfaction, I ceased my labours and sat down upon the bones.

When at last the clanking subsided, I resumed the trowel, and finished without interruption the fifth, the sixth, and the seventh tier. The wall was now nearly upon a level with my breast.

I again paused, and holding the flambeaux over the mason-work, threw a few feeble rays upon the figure within. A succession of loud and shrill screams, bursting suddenly from the throat of the chained form, seemed to thrust me violently back. For a brief moment I hesitated—I trembled. Unsheathing my rapier, I began to grope with it about the recess; but the thought of an instant reassured me.

I placed my hand upon the solid fabric of the catacombs, and felt satisfied. I reapproached the wall; I replied to the yells of him who clamoured. I re-echoed—I aided—I surpassed them in volume and in strength. I did this, and the clamourer grew still. It was now midnight, and my task was drawing to a close. I had completed the eighth, the ninth, and the tenth tier. I had finished a portion of the last and the eleventh; there remained but a single stone to be fitted and plastered in.

I struggled with its weight; I placed it partially in its destined position. But now there came from out the niche a low laugh that erected the hairs upon my head. It was succeeded by a sad voice, which I had difficulty in recognizing as that of the noble Fortunato. The voice said— “Ha! ha! ha!—he! he! he!—a very good joke indeed—an excellent jest. We shall have many a rich laugh about it at the palazzo—he! he! he!—over our wine—he! he! he!” “The Amontillado!” I said. “He! he! he!—he! he! he!—yes, the Amontillado.

But is it not getting late? Will not they be awaiting us at the palazzo, the Lady Fortunato and the rest? Let us be gone.” “Yes,” I said, “let us be gone.” “For the love of God, Montresor!” “Yes,” I said, “for the love of God!” But to these words I hearkened in vain for a reply. I grew impatient. I called aloud— “Fortunato!” No answer.

I called again— “Fortunato—” No answer still. I thrust a torch through the remaining aperture and let it fall within. There came forth in reply only a jingling of the bells. My heart grew sick on account of the dampness of the catacombs. I hastened to make an end of my labour. I forced the last stone into its position; I plastered it up. Against the new masonry I re-erected the old rampart of bones. For the half of a century no mortal has disturbed them. In pace requiescat!

Question 1192 Detroit ‘67 by Dominique Morriseau

I was assigned to go see the play & write about it. You can find the play on YouTube or get a free download online. If you can’t I will provide you with the play. The imagine attached is what the professor wants you to write about and the questions to focus on while you write.

Question 1193  Written Critiques

read the paragraph, and answer those questions for each paragraph. remember use your own words. 1a. In your own words, what is the main point of the body paragraph? 1b.

How could the point be made more complex or more clear? How could it better relate to the characters’ growth? 1c. Where might the paragraph drift away from the focused point? What could it do to tighten the focus? 2a. Does the quote/evidence fit the main point? Explain why or why not? 2b. How could the quote’s interpretation be stronger 3a.

How does the paragraph support the point with evidence from the film or personal story? How could it be more specific? 3b. Does the analysis after the evidence from the film/personal story strongly explain how the evidence fits the point? Explain why or why not. 3c. How could the paragraph support and analyze the two stories in a more parallel and balanced manner?

Question 1194 Written Critiques

answer these questions for each paragraph, and use your own words. please separate it by two documents. 1a. In your own words, what is the main point of the body paragraph? 1b. How could the point be made more complex or more clear? How could it better relate to the characters’ growth? 1c.

Where might the paragraph drift away from the focused point? What could it do to tighten the focus? 2a. Does the quote/evidence fit the main point? Explain why or why not? 2b. How could the quote’s interpretation be stronger 3a. How does the paragraph support the point with evidence from the film or personal story? How could it be more specific? 3b.

Does the analysis after the evidence from the film/personal story strongly explain how the evidence fits the point? Explain why or why not. 3c. How could the paragraph support and analyze the two stories in a more parallel and balanced manner?

Question 1195 Informal Report

Assignment Informal Report on a Site Visit/Inspection Visit the Writing Center or Career Services. You may go in person or choose to examine the office’s website instead. Afterwards, write a two-page (double-spaced) report about the user/customer experience and the office’s services and resources for students.

Be sure to include the date of your visit/inspection. To visit virtually, use these links. Career Services: https://www.uncfsu.edu/life-fsu/student-services-and-organizations/career-services (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Writing Center: That site is still under construction on the new FSU web site.

Question 1196 Discussion: Module

The discussions in this course are designed to connect you to your classroom community–your instructor and peers. They are also arranged to give you extra practice in concepts contained in the module’s learning material. For these two reasons, discussions will play an important role in our learning journey. Each module, you will be asked to participate in a discussion area by posting both an initial post and two response posts.

Each module has a unique prompt, so be sure to review each of the prompts carefully. IMPORTANT NOTE: Participation in the discussion area below is defined as follows:

Your initial post must be submitted by the due date assigned. A one-day period is defined as that period of 24 hours from 12:00 a.m. Mountain (11:00pm Pacific/1:00am Central/2:00am Eastern) to 11:59 p.m. Mountain (10:59pm Pacific/12:59am Central/1:59am Eastern) the same day. Both response posts must be posted by the end of the module.

Tasks In the Discussion Area, address the following: Choose one of the sources found on the 1.03 Topics and Sources page. You are encouraged to use one of the sources you selected in 1.04 Activity 1.

Write 8-10 sentences (total) that: briefly introduce the source’s topic briefly discuss the source’s main argument about the topic briefly discuss the support used in the source to back up the main argument briefly discuss what is interesting or unique about the source’s perspective on the topic Peer Response Posts For your response posts, choose two of your peers who are working on the same topic as you and in response to each of their initial posts, write 3-5 sentences for each that address the following:

How is this source’s approach to the topic similar to and/or different from the approach taken in the source you chose? Use specific details. Submission Details By the due date assigned, post response to the Discussion Area. Through the last day of this module, review and respond to posts submitted by at least two of your classmates as specified above.

Question 1197 Select a Topic and Sources

Activity 1: Select a Topic and Sources (GRADED) On the Topics and Sources page, you reviewed a list of approved topics and under each degree field, you saw a set of approved, credible, and reliable sources. You will not conduct outside research in this course. Only the ` include on the Topics and Sources page should be used in your work in this course.

The Activity below will help guide you through the source selection process. As you work through the questions below, be sure to give yourself a good chunk of time to sit down and review each of the sources. IMPORTANT NOTE: Your source selections may change as you work through this course, and that’s okay. This is all part of the writing and critical thinking process.

That said, this Activity helps you start committing to a topic and a set of sources on that topic. Although you may decide in later activities or writing assignments to choose one or two sources that are different from what you select here, you may also decide to stick with the four sources you choose here for the duration of the course.

In the textboxes below, address each of the questions. When you are finished, click “Submit.” You must answer all of the questions on this page in order to receive credit for this Activity. Clicking “Submit” will commit your answer. Clicking “Submit” will also save anything you’ve written in the textbox to your Notebook for later retrieval.

To view your Notebook, go to Tools in the upper right corner of this learning resource and select it from the drop-down menu1. Choose your sources. Skim the source options provided on the Topics and Sources page. Narrow your choices down to four sources.

List them in the textbox below using the following format: “The first source was written by [insert author’s name] and is titled [insert title]. It is a(n) [insert source type: Journal article, magazine article, book, website, etc.] and was published in [insert date].”

Use this same format for the other three sources you’ve selected. Your responseGenerate an APA-formatted reference citations for one of the four sources you’ve chosen. Of the four sources you chose for question #1, choose one of those sources.

Then, using the APA citation wizard at the bottom of this page (be sure to watch the wizard tutorial video on how to use the wizard), create a reference citation for the first source you’ve selected. Once the wizard generates the citations, copy and paste the first source’s reference citation in the textbox below. If formatting, such as italics, did not transfer when you copied and pasted, use the toolbar above (e.g., the “I” button) to create formatting changes.

Simply copy the text that needs formatting and click on the appropriate formatting button.Generate an APA-formatted reference citation for the second source you’ve chosen. From the document generated by the APA citation wizard, copy and paste the second source’s reference citation in the textbox below.

If formatting, such as italics, did not transfer when you copied and pasted, use the toolbar above (e.g., the “I” button) to create formatting changes. Simply copy the text that needs formatting and click on the appropriate formatting button.

Question 1197 Narrative Essay

Due by sunday at 9pm Pacific time (12 hours)***Please do not accept assignment if you cannot make the deadline*** Needs to be high quality writing. An example essay will be provided as well as other documents to assist you.

No quotes from outside sources/documents are required. Write a 4 page essay narrating from your perspective a visit to a doctor, or a teacher, counselor, or someone else youve gone to for help.

Put the events of the visit in chronological order, and use transitions as needed to lead your reader through the story. Pay particular attention to the first sentence; see if you can make it introduce your main point.

Question 1198 Narrative paper

*NEED SOMEONE FROM THE US TO WRITE** ***Due by tonight at 10:30 pm Pacific time (8 hours)***PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT ASSIGNMENT IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE DEADLINE*** Needs to be as high quality writing as possible. An example essay will be provided as well as other documents to assist you.

**No quotes from outside sources/documents are required.** Write a 4 page essay narrating from your perspective a visit to a doctor, or a teacher, counselor, or someone else youve gone to for help.

Put the events of the visit in chronological order, and use transitions as needed to lead your reader through the story. Pay particular attention to the first sentence; see if you can make it introduce your main point. Write the assignment as if youre telling the story.

Question 1199 1st person Narrative

*Due by tonight at 10:30 pm Pacific time (8 hours)***PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT ASSIGNMENT IF YOU CANNOT MAKE THE DEADLINE*** Needs to be as high quality writing as possible. An example essay will be provided as well as other documents to assist you. **No quotes from outside sources/documents are required.**

Write a 4 page essay narrating from your perspective a visit to a doctor, or a teacher, counselor, or someone else you’ve gone to for help. Put the events of the visit in chronological order, and use transitions as needed to lead your reader through the story. Pay particular attention to the first sentence; see if you can make it introduce your main point. Write the assignment as if youre telling the story.

Question 1200 Resume with cover letter

the instructions in the files that i attached , the resume she be 1 page and the cover letter should be 2 paragraph and the job that i’m applying for is https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/fairfaxcounty/jobs/1991804/engineering-technician-i you should made up some work


Tips on how to write an Essay on Family

Question 181 A Blue Glass Face Inlay of King Akhenaten

This is a reading response assignment that requires 2 pages in the Chicago Manual Style. The paper should include a summary and critique. I am not trying to get an A on this assignment. I would like it to look like I wrote it so I’ll need someone to give it about 80% instead of 100%. Another person took the job and left me high and dry after informing them I needed the assignment (8 hours after purchase) ..

Question 182 Document Response

To what extent were Arthur Woodley’s and John Kerry’s experiences in Vietnam consistent with the goals of American policy as described by Kennedy and McNamara? Would Kennedy and McNamara have considered Woodley and Kerry model soldiers? Would Heinl have considered them model soldiers? Explain your answers. (Chapter 29, Reading the American Past)

Question 183 Explain the major aims and identify some of the most important programs associated with the New Deal.

Part I: Short Answer: Answer the following questions in two paragraphs per question. 1. Explain the major aims and identify some of the most important programs associated with the New Deal. 2. Why was the United States so reluctant to get involved in World War II? 3. What was the impact of World War II on American society? 4. Explain the motives and aims of the U.S. policy of “containment.” 5. Describe the “six-pronged” defensive strategy developed during the Truman era. 6. How did U.S. involvement in Guatemala, Cuba, and Iran (in the 1950’s) reflect Eisenhower’s “New Look” in American foreign policy? 7. What key factors contributed to the period of prosperity in the 1950’s? 8. Describe and explain the increase in religious participation in America in the 1950’s. 9. Describe and analyze the aims and key programs in Johnson’s “Great Society.” 10. Briefly explain why it was so difficult for three American presidents–Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon–to withdraw from Vietnam, even though they all claimed to want to get out. 11. Explain America’s “move to the right” at the end of the 20th century. 12. Explain the Watergate scandal. What events led to it? Why did it lead to Nixon’s resignation? 13. What were the costs and benefits of globalization to the United States in the 1990’s and early 2000’s? 14. What impact did the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 have on U.S. foreign and domestic policies? 15. What was Obama’s reform agenda, and what obstacles stood in the way of that agenda? Part II: Essay Answer each in an essay of 4-6 paragraphs. A. Write an essay in which you describe, analyze, and evaluate the struggle for civil rights since World War II. You should have a thesis that reflects your evaluation of the situation during this era, and should support that thesis with numerous details and examples from assigned readings. B. Write an essay in which you explain and analyze the significance of the Vietnam War in American life and history. In doing so, you should have a clear thesis and support that thesis with specific examples from the assigned readings. C. Write an essay in which you describe, how and why has America changed since 1865 in terms of equal rights, economic problems/issues, foreign policy, and/or culture?

Question 184 Civil Rights Matrix

Complete the Civil Rights Matrix by summarizing and stating the significance of each of the “snapshots” in the pursuit of Civil Rights in America. Be sure to use sources contained in the topic/course materials and/or from your instructor to complete the assignment. This assignment uses a scoring guide. Please review the scoring guide prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. While GCU style format is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and in-text citations and references should be presented using GCU documentation guidelines, which can be found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite.

Question 185 The Journey of Man by Dr. Spencer Wells

The Journey of Man by Dr. Spencer Wells This is a YouTube video that provides updated explanations of human development. This primary source documentary includes interactive timelines of the migration of early people that is well detailed and presents a great deal of information on human DNA. Students are to view this documentary in its entirety and answer the following question in Forum discussion. Discuss how does this documentary enhance your understanding of the debate between the ideas of creation and evolution. Provide examples from the documentary to help support your answer.

Question 186 Multicultural Curriculum Design

I need this assignment by 8 am May 1st Items need 2 page report Plus powerpoint including everything I should say in the video I already have selected a a topic and I have an outline! Look at the lesson plan to help you type the 2 page paper Its 2 page report plus I would need you to do a Powerpoint because I have to make a video explaining everything like how I made changes to the originally lesson plan! The powerpoint should tell me everything I need to say on the video. Like, how I demonstrated how I used the revised curriculum. and how I plan to teach the new curriculum to my class. Look below for teach instructions Curriculum Design You will take an existing curriculum unit or a professional development activity and create a new and improved unit or activity that embeds multicultural perspectives. The curriculum activity you choose should be already established and documented (online or via hard copy) because the original will be submitted along with the revised multicultural document. You should clearly identify within the report a minimum of 8-10 examples of Bank’s levels of multicultural curriculum reform. You will be asked to submit on video tape a portion of this unit that you have presented to a class (8-10 minutes) to demonstrate how you used the revised curriculum. All reports need to include an APPENDIX section that includes the following items: 1. Lesson plans 2. Resources 3. Visuals 4. Activities that you would use. Its 2 page report plus I would need you to do a Powerpoint because I have to make a video and the powerpoint just needs to tell me what to say and how I demonstrated how you used the revised curriculum…

Question 187 Consider the various needs of the students in your respective classrooms

Instructions Complete a differentiation chart for your classroom. Consider the various needs of the students in your respective classrooms. Using the course material and readings, show how you can apply the following strategies to your classroom to address the various learning needs within that classroom. (You will probably not have specifics on student interests or styles but you can generically incorporate activities that students can connect their interest and a variety of learning styles to the curricular content. Plan for students who are more visual learners, auditory learners, tactile, kinesthetic and those who require multimodal approaches.) The first column should have the type of differentiation. Then in column 2, state the subject you will use the specific strategy in. The third column, describe how you will use this strategy. In the last column, consider how you will group students for each strategy. Some strategies may be large group, small group, or even one-on-one. Compacting Tiered Assignments Independent Study Contracts Learning Centers Choice boards Adjusting questions (be sure and write comprehension questions according to Bloom’s taxonomy) Flexible Grouping Pre-teaching Re-teaching Response to Intervention Make sure to add a title page, reference page, and in-text citations.

Question 188 Early Childhood Education

Reflecting on the need to communicate the numerous critical and time sensitive issues in Early Childhood Education, what do you: Propose is the most timely and important Suggest is the best method(s) for informing and maintaining informational access to the public and policy makers (identify your audience) on the issue(s) Identify as your strengths to now engage in such work Perceive to still be weakness(es) that may hinder you work. How will you navigate and succeed regardless of said limitation(s). Respond in a professionally written 2-3 page paper

Question 189 What to you were the most surprising myths about the “poor

What changes or trends have you observed or reviewed in your readings that might confirm the growing diversity of young children who attend early childhood programs? How have individuals in you community responded to these changes? Identify the best methods for educating ELL students to high achievement levels. What to you were the most surprising myths about the “poor”?

Question 190 Describe the affects of poverty on brain development

Describe the affects of poverty on brain development? What are the basic tenets in the promotion of resiliency? Why are the early years particularly important for all children in the areas of longterm learning and developmental outcomes?

Question 191 community engagement

The book review you write should be academic (likely with references to a few other sources – 3 is fine) and it should include some description of the book, an analysis of the content and an overall evaluation of how and why the book contributes to the field or participatory learning, research, theory, facilitation, and community engagement. You might also consider doing some of the required course reading in advance and then use some of that reading to compare the text with other topics that are related. For example, I suggest reading the first two chapters in Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Friere as they apply to all of the books considered as texts. Finally, what do you consider strengths and weaknesses in the book, key learnings, and what does the book say or not say about participation, popular education, dialogue or other key concepts in participatory realms of thinking and doing (or ideas linked to community engagement and adult learning). More generally, the book review is a critique of why you would or would not recommend this book based on the content, writing, theory and ideas presented. Reviews should explain and critique why the book is or is not significant in the given topic. The review will be evaluated based on the above criteria, clarity of writing style, proper formatting, grammar, use of APA style, and your critical analysis of the content. Proofread carefully. The review should be 1000-1250 words max. (12 pt font in times new roman with 1 inch margins). Use APA style (6th Ed). All instructions I received from my prof. Plz check carefully and I attached book too for your review. If your review will be good, I will offer you my others assignments too

Question 192 How does the current research and thinking about race labels impact how you think about and define race, skin color differences, and racism

How does the current research and thinking about race labels impact how you think about and define race, skin color differences, and racism? Identify examples of institutional racism. Discuss the implications of instructional racism on children’s development on family functioning and on society in general.

Question 193 Education

  1. Specifically, discuss the emotional impact on the parent(s) when children develop proficiency that they themselves do not have. 2. Specifically, how will you minimize the barrier of parent’s limited English proficiency? (Remember not every ELL parent speaks Spanish. Therefore, a Spanish interpreter is not a solve all solution and is difficult to find interpreters in all languages) 3. Specifically, how will you minimize the barrier of a parent’s limited educational background? 4. Specifically, how will you minimize the mismatch between school culture and home culture? 5. Specifically, how will you work to minimize the logistical issue barriers (work hours, transportation, etc) to maximize parent involvement?

Question 194 High Quality Preschool experiences have the potential of closing the achievement gap for at risk children when they include what components

  1. High Quality Preschool experiences have the potential of closing the achievement gap for at risk children when they include what components? 2. Describe the messages that media (television, movies, magazines, newspapers, Internet) convey about people living with limited incomes or within the poverty threshold. Identify at least five specific examples examples which demonstrate those messages. 3. What is the importance of resiliency? Give an example of how you have been resilient?

Question 195 Lesson Plan Analysis

【Actually this EDUCATION assignment is due July.4. It is a bit urgent. Take this order if you are confident to complete it on time in a satisfactory quality.】 ————————————————————————– This assignment has Part I and Part II. Part I is a 2-page lesson plan, using the provided template. Part II is an analytic paper that should be 1,000 words (+/-10%) not including references. 【Detailed Instructions for this assignment are in the attachment files, which I will provide you in our message box for convenience. 】 Read them carefully

Question 196 create a Newletter

Parent Newsletter: Based on the classroom you observed, develop a newsletter for that parent population. The newsletter should cover the current learning objectives and/or activities taking place in the class or camp, inform parents about how to help with the class or camp, reminders about what their child needs to do or bring, and upcoming events such as field trips or splash days. The newsletter must include information about how to contact the teacher with questions or in an emergency (phone, email, or text), increase family awareness of the daily routines and activities of the class, and how to request a parent-teacher conference, or if there is already a schedule for conferences established. Be creative and welcoming, design your newsletter in the way you think parents would be interested in reading it and that gives them suggestions for increasing their involvement/engagement with the class. Use the material from the readings about communicating with families as you develop the newsletter to make it relevant. The Parent Newsletter should be developed with correct spelling and format, using pictures or graphics to make it appealing, and most importantly,provide timely and relevant information for families who are the intended audience. After you have edited and spell checked your newsletter, save it as a PDF and submit to the Dropbox for this assignment.

Question 197 Family Involvement Plan

Family Involvement Plan: This portion of the project focuses on the generation of two reports. The first report will establish ways to assist the family in developing or maintaining a high and comfortable level of involvement in their current early childhood care/education setting. The second report will create a school/childcare plan that promotes additional involvement opportunities for all families involved in the setting. You will use your Family Interview report to assist you in developing these two plans. Each plan is to be three -five pages and provide detailed and descriptive information that specifies what the family should do and what the child care/education setting should do for all families. The purpose of both reports is to use the strategies learned in your course readings and from the interview to create an applied project that assists families and child care settings alike.

Question 199 What is Inclusive Teaching

  1. What is Inclusive Teaching? 2. How do Personal Identity and Otherness work together? How do Personal Identify and Otherness work in isolation? 3. How do educator’s experiences affect inclusion? How will your personal biases affect your role as a teacher?

Question 200 Talking With Parents Talking with parents about the struggles their child is having in class can be a difficult task for teachers and childcare professionals

Talking With Parents Talking with parents about the struggles their child is having in class can be a difficult task for teachers and childcare professionals. According to Powell and Driver (2013), “teachers and school staff can talk with parents about the possibility of their child needing to undergo an evaluation for ADHD, but the official diagnosis must come from a medical professional or clinician (i.e., medical doctor, psychiatrist, or psychologist)” (Section 5.5). Reflect on what this statement means to you. How can you talk with parents about this subject without sounding as if you are diagnosing? What advice can you provide to parents who come to you with concerns about their child without implying that a disability is present? I need this assignment done by tomorrow

Question 201 Problems Students Face

Topic: Problems that students face Type: Documented persuasive essay Purpose: To convince the reader to believe as the author does using documented evidence Sources: 7 Quoted 5 non internet 3 different magazine or journal sources Length: 3 pages 1 Bibliography page

Question 202 What new understandings have you considered in terms of knowledge about learning differences

Course Reflection Write a one- to two-page reflection that addresses the following: a.How has your own image of children with learning disabilities been affected during this class? b.What new understandings have you considered in terms of knowledge about learning differences? c.How do you see this class affecting how you will plan and implement curricula for young children? d.What is one topic you might like to research and gain new information on based on your learning in class?

Question 203 children must develop strong self-regulation skills

Regardless of a child’s unique qualities, one thing remains the same; to improve learning and behavior, children must develop strong self-regulation skills. Read the article from the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), “Developing Young Children’s Self-Regulation Through Everyday Experiences (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” The marshmallow experiment is a famous test conducted by Walter Mischel at Stanford University and discussed by Daniel Goleman in his popular work. In the 1960s, a group of four-year-olds were given a marshmallow and promised another only if they could wait 20 minutes before eating the first one. Some children could wait and others could not. The researchers then followed the progress of each child into adolescence, and demonstrated that those with the ability to wait were better adjusted and more dependable (determined via surveys of their parents and teachers), and scored an average of 210 points higher on the Scholastic Aptitude Test. Read the American Psychological Association (APA) article, “Delaying Gratification (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” Reflect on the information in the NAEYC article, the article, and your text and explain how toddlers with better self-regulation skills are less likely to demonstrate behavior problems in preschool. Explain why these self-regulation skills are so important and how you will promote the learning of self-regulation. How will you deliberately teach self-regulation as part of everyday experience? Share an example of your own self-regulation skills that you can model for others.

Question 204 Biopoem

Part1: http://www.readwritethink.org/files/resources/lesson_images/lesson398/biopoem.pdf you have a informed perspective on Jefferson’s beliefs about education. Using information from the textbook and/or your own additional research, complete this assignment. Part 2:

Question 205 Leadership Styles

* It’s not letting me change the date, but I would need this today. You will watch two video clips this week; (1) The leadership style of General Patton from the 1970 Academy Award winning film Patton and (2) The leadership style of Colonel Lawrence Chamberlain in Gettysburg as he begins his leadership for the Union Army just prior to the Battle of Gettysburg. Patton video: Please analyze some of the transactional leadership skills of this heroic World War II leader to our quest of enhancing student learning in today’s schools. Consider Patton’s leadership strengths that could prove helpful in causing positive change in classrooms today, as well as aspects of Patton’s leadership that would not be effective or recommended in leading students today. Chamberlain video: One of Chamberlain’s first roles as a leader is to transform 120 mutineers into a fighting army. In this segment from the famed film titled Gettysburg, you will observe a revered transformational leader in action who helped change the course of American history. In a 3-4-page paper, identify the leadership style depicted in each of the video clips you viewed this week and compare/contrast the efforts made by the video leaders to develop a shared vision, establish a working relationship, and enlist others in the effort before them. Make relevant applications of these strengths to your leadership today in the classroom. In addition, please describe your thoughts about the benefits and/or disadvantages of adopting a transformational leadership style versus a transactional one. Cite information you have gleaned from your text readings. Include an APA appropriate reference page (view your APA handbook or online resources for assistance). Paper must follow APA 6th edition writing style.

Question 206 expanding

use the details from my Circle of Viewpoints document to write a post from the perspective of Thomas Jefferson, as if I was an actor portraying him in the discussion board.

Question 207 Reading Assignment

Based on Attached file- 1. Provide an Abstract of the reading between 90-100 Words; 2. Two (2) issues for discussion of your choosing based on the reading; 3. Two (2) concepts that you did not know what they meant (or that were unclear to you) with your best definition/explanation of them. 4. The reading assignment should be two and half pages

Question 208 Analyze ‘Man on the Street’ Interview Responses

take you away from the computer and into the streets (not literally). Find six people in your circle of acquaintances, colleagues, or friends, and then ask them the following questions: What kind of change have you experienced in an organization? In what way did the leaders in your organization prepare you for the change? (please be as specific as possible) How was the change communicated to the organization (i.e., suddenly, carefully planned communication)? Was there buy-in from the organization’s employees? Explain how you felt during the change. Describe your feelings after the change. What one thing would you do differently if you were leading the change? Once you have gathered the responses, analyze the answers, and then summarize your findings in a table structured in a comprehensible way that will help you convey your findings to readers. Next, create a PowerPoint, 12 powerpoint slides. Five scholarly resources, APA format. Example format inculded

Question 209 BBC Documentary Questions Assignment

Please change wording of answers for questions 6 and beyond. Respond to questions that have not been answers using same format. To answer these questions, expert must watch this documentary: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x40jndd Lastly, write a 3-paragraph with a reflection of the documentary. NOTE: ANSWERS MUST BE DESCRIPTIVE AND WRITTEN IN FULL SENTENCES. ALL ANSWERS AND REFLECTION MUST BE AT THE UNIVERSITY LEVEL, EXPRESS CLEARLY, AND HAVE CORRECT GRAMMAR.

Question 210 Resume and Cover Letter

Using the recommendations and models presented on the websites www.susanireland.com and www.best-interview-strategies.com, develop (or update) your resume so that it is ready for your school counseling position search process. In addition to your resume, prepare a form cover letter that will serve as the template for your job search. Keep in mind that this letter will need to be modified depending on the school districts and schools to which you are applying. This document should be 4 pages in length. Job post for a cover letter: https://www.glassdoor.com/job-listing/counselor-teacherjobs-JV_IC1131270_KO0,9_KE10,21.htm?jl=2212370944

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Most researched Finance questions




Hanson Construction has an operating cycle of 9 months. On December 31, 2019, Hanson has the…

Hanson Construction has an operating cycle of 9 months. On December 31, 2019, Hanson has the following assets and liabilities:

  1. A note receivable in the amount of $1,200 to be collected in 6 months
  2. Cash totaling $500
  3. Accounts payable totaling $1,500, all of which will be paid within 2 months
  4. Accounts receivable totaling $12,000, including an account for $8,000 that will be paid in 2 months and an account for $4,000 that will be paid in 18 months
  5. Construction supplies costing $8,800, all of which will be used in construction within the next 12 months
  6. Construction equipment costing $60,000, on which depreciation of $22,400 has accumulated
  7. A note payable to the bank in the amount of $7,600 is to be paid within the next year

Bbernasol_Fundamental and Technical Analysis_042022.pptx 

I submitted this PowerPoint presentation and my instructor’s feedback:Thanks for the submission.

Your presentation thoroughly explained the similarities and differences between fundamental and technical analyses using three or more relevant examples. However, there were no examples of equations used for company analysis. Next time, include equations such as return on equity calculations or return it asset calculations and discuss them for full credit.

Score: three.

The presentation was organized and balanced, professionally presented with minimal errors, used audience-specific language and tone, and was fun to read. This was evident with the submission of a well-prepared PowerPoint presentation.

Score: four.

The notes area on each slide was used to expand on fundamental and technical analyses with substantial explanations and examples. Also, the submission included a reference page. This was evident with the request for the PowerPoint presentation with the completed notes section on the reference page.

Score: four.

Overall score: three.

**PLEASE REMEMBER… you are allowed three submissions!!


I can still re-submit for a chance of getting a higher score. Pls, Help. Thanks

Have found that Kaiser’s accounts receivable (A/R) = $111.1 million….

Have found that Kaiser’s accounts  receivable (A/R) = $111.1 million.
If Kaiser could reduce its DSO from 40.55 days to 30.4 days while holding other things constant, how much cash would it generate?
If this cash were used to buy back common stock (at book value), thus reducing common equity, how would this affect
(1) the ROE,
(2) the ROA, and
(3) the total debt/total assets ratio?

Under what circumstances is an investment that is taxed each period at capital gains rates…

Under what circumstances is an investment that is taxed each period at capital gains rates preferred to an SPDA contract taxed at ordinary rates on investment income but only at the point of liquidation? When is Savings Vehicle IV (income deferred and taxed at capital gains rates at the point of liquidation) preferred to an SPDA?

Which one of the following is a type of private equity strategy? Select one:

Which one of the following is a type of private equity strategy? Select one: A.Underwriting B.Stock shorting C.Controlled buyouts D.Moving average analysis

Kelsey Drums, Inc., is a well-established supplier of fine percussion instruments to orchestras…

Kelsey Drums, Inc., is a well-established supplier of fine percussion instruments to orchestras all over the United States. The company’s class A common stock has paid a dividend of $15.00 per share per year for the last 12 years. Management expects to continue to pay at that rate for the foreseeable future. Sally Talbot purchased 200 shares of Kelsey class A common 8 years ago at a time when the required rate of return for the stock was 14%. She wants to sell her shares today. The current required rate of return for the stock is 7%.
How much capital gain or loss will she have on her shares?

The default rate of Demurrage Associates’ new customers has been running at 10%.

The average sale for each new customer amount to $800, generating a present value of profit of $100 and a 40% chance of a second-order next year. The default rate on a second order is 2%. If the interest rate is 9%, what is the expected profit from each new customer? (Examine only the first 2 periods of potential orders.

Robert Blanding’s employer offers its workers an optional two-month unpaid vacation after 7 years…

Robert Blanding’s employer offers its workers an optional two-month unpaid vacation after 7 years of service to the firm. Robert, who just started working for the firm, plans to spend his vacation touring Europe at an estimated cost of RM 24,000. To finance his trip, Robert plans to make an annual deposit of RM 2,500 into a savings account at the end of each of the next seven years (the first deposit will occur one year from today). The account pays 8% annual interest.

a. Will Robert’s account balance in seven years be enough to pay for his trip?

b. Suppose Robert increases his annual deposit to RM 2,700. How large will his account balance be in 7 years?

Securities D, E and F have the following characteristics with respect to expected return,…1 answer below »

Securities D, E and F have the following characteristics with respect to expected return, standard deviation and correlation coefficients.


Security Expected Return Standard Deviation Correlation Coefficient D – E D – F E – F

D 0.08 0.02 0.4 0.6

E 0.15 0.16 0.4 0.8

F 0.12 0.08 0.6 0.8



Compute the expected rate of return and standard deviation of a portfolio comprised of equal investment in each security.

Does following the residual theory of dividends lead to a stable dividend? Is this…1 answer below »

Does following the residual theory of dividends lead to a stable dividend? Is this approach consistent with dividend relevance? How do you explain the issues of clientele effect on dividend policy? Justify the theories of dividends with the values of the firm. Contrast the basic arguments about dividend policy advanced by MM and by Gordon. How do you relate this to the real world? Explain in detail and support yourself with practical evidence

Grand Banks Mining Inc. plans a project to strip mine a wilderness area. Setting up operations…

Grand Banks Mining Inc. plans a project to strip mine a wilderness area. Setting up operations and initial digging will cost $5 million. The first year’s operations are expected to be slow and net a positive cash flow of only $500,000. Then there will be four years of $2 million cash flows after which the ore will run out. Closing the mine and restoring the environment in the sixth year will cost $1 million. Calculate the project’s NPV at a cost of capital of 12% and the IRR to the nearest whole percent.

Suppose Leonard, Nixon, & Shull Corporation s projected free cash flow for next year is…

Suppose Leonard, Nixon, & Shull Corporation s projected free cash flow for next year is $100,000, and FCF is expected to grow at a constant rate of 6%. If the company s weighted average cost of capital is 11%, what is the value of its operations?








Identify four examples of what would be considered fraudulent behavior in regard to the company…

  1. Identify four examples of what would be considered fraudulent behavior in regard to company finances.
  2. Identify the requirements for audited accounts and the purpose of an audit report.
  3. Describe the principle of cash accounting as well as one advantage and one disadvantage of cash accounting.
  4. Describe the principle of accrual accounting and one advantage and one disadvantage of accrual accounting.
  5. Explain the four main taxation and superannuation obligations for a business. Briefly discuss each obligation.
  6. Identify the Act that details requirements for financial reporting and auditing and, explain the requirements for companies for preparing and lodging financial reports under this Act.
  7. Explain the requirements for registered foreign companies regarding preparing and lodging financial reports.
  8. Identify the current company tax rate for both smaller and larger businesses.
  9. Explain the process by which a business reports GST to the Australian Tax Office.
  10. Identify the penalty rate to be applied if a supplier does not provide an ABN?
  11. A non-profit organization needs to register for GST after it has a turnover of more than how much?
  12. Explain the difference in  Pay As You Go withholding obligations for employees and contractors.

prepare a Marketing Report based on a real-world marketing problem: Paramount +…

prepare a Marketing Report based on a real-world marketing problem: Paramount + has recently entered the streaming services market, thereby taking market share away from Netflix. What should Netflix do about this? You should undertake your own external and internal research on the company. You will then need to develop a SWOT/TOWS for the company. Based on your SWOT/TOWS, you will present a one-pager with 3-5 key recommendations the client can use to solve their issue. Note who your audience is – they already understand the company and have a high level of understanding of business concepts.

A. From the financial statements above compute two ratios from each category of ratios…1 answer below »

  1. From the financial statements above compute two ratios from each category of ratios for the two years
  1. Liquidity
  2. Solvency or debt
  3. Profitability
  4. Efficiency or asset management
  5. Investment

B.  Make at least two recommendations as to how the company can improve its performance.

Michael has the opportunity to buy a real estate for $150 000 which he expects to be able to sell…

Michael has the opportunity to buy a real estate for $150 000 which he expects to be able to sell at $200 000 next period. Let’s assume for simplicity that he lives for only two periods: young and old. His income when young is $200 000 and $100 000 when old. Michael can borrow and lend at a 7% interest rate per period. a) What is the NPV of this investment opportunity? Plot Michael’s budget constraint with and without investment b) If Michael buys the property what is the effect on his present consumption if he keeps all future consumption unchanged c) What financial transactions are necessary to achieve this d) What is the maximum price Michael is willing to pay for the real estate? e) Should Michael buy the land?

Assorted Undergraduate Revision Questions.

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Question 1051  Law

Instructions: Before you conduct the interview, submit a short proposal to your instructor in the template provided in this assignment. Your proposal will tell your instructor who you plan on interviewing, the questions you will ask (at least 10), and a summary of the research conducted for the interview. Your proposal is due by the end of Unit 6.

Download the proposal template and submit your completed template by the end of Unit 6. Tips for Conducting Personal Interviews Prior to conducting your interview, review the KU Writing Center resource, Tips for Conducting Personal Interviews.

Source: Tips for Conducting Personal Interviews: KU Writing Center. Retrieved from https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/WritingCenter/WritingReferenceLibrary/TheWritingProcess/TipsforConductingPersonalInterviews.aspx Interview Schedule your interview early so you have enough time to complete the Final Project by Unit 8. During your interview, take notes on the answers the professional gives to your questions. You will use your notes to write your summary, and you will attach your notes as an Appendix to your final project.

Required Criteria: In addition to fulfilling the specifics of the Assignment, a successful paper must also meet the following criteria: Length should be 1-2 pages, excluding cover page and references page.

Double-spaced and in a 12-point font Viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.). Writing should be well ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful.

Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics. Appropriate citation style should be followed. Grading Please review the Assignment grading rubric in Course Documents for more information on how your assignment will be graded.

Question 1052 Political/Government Event Report

Political/Government Event Report For the Unit 6 Assignment you will compose a 500 word essay based upon your observations of a political or governmental meeting, speech, gathering, or similar activity that concerns either civil rights or civil liberties.

You will need to first identify an activity that you will be able to attend. Examples of relevant activities include political speeches, town/city council meetings, school board meetings, political rallies or protests, public forums, or any similar activity that include topics pertinent to either civil liberties or civil rights. If you have any questions regarding the viability of the activity that you have in mind, contact the instructor.

Though it is not preferable, you may choose to view a recorded version of the activity (speeches, Congressional proceedings, political rallies, and similar events are often available online) if your schedule precludes you from attending a “live” event. Within a 500 Word essay please include: An introduction. Describe the observed political event in detail, including the environment and people involved.

Describe how the event is directly related to the study of civil liberties or civil rights and how one may better understand these topics by attending a similar event. Make note of any aspects of the event that seemed confusing to you and/or any questions that came to mind during the observation. Support your answer(s) with information obtained from the text and at least one academic source.

A conclusion. Correct grammar and syntax APA format The Assignment should be at least 500 words, and must use and cite the text and primary documents as sources. Cite the work internally and in full reference at the end, following APA style guidelines. Citation is important to build the definitions, demonstrate your research, and to make it clear which ideas are yours and which are from the source.

Check with the KU Writing Center for APA style tips and assistance. https://kucampus.kaplan.edu/MyStudies/AcademicSupportCenter/ WritingCenter/WritingReferenceLibrary/ResearchCitationAndPlagiarism/Index.aspx Turnitin Analysis A special feature is available to help you with reviewing your Unit 6 Assignment for plagiarism. When you submit your Assignment to the Unit 6 Dropbox, your Assignment will automatically be analyzed by the plagiarism detection tool, Turnitin.

Soon after you submit your Assignment, you will be able to view the Turnitin Originality Report. Originality Reports provide a summary of matching or highly similar text found in a submitted paper. When an Originality Report is available for viewing, an icon will appear in the report column of the Assignment Inbox.

Originality Reports are only available in the InBox. For this reason, you will need to download the report prior to the grading of the Unit 6 Assignment. To do this, click on the print icon at the bottom of the Originality Report. This will prepare a readable, PDF version of the Originality Report that you can save to your computer.

Submitting Your Assignment When you are ready to submit it, go to the Unit 6 Dropbox and complete the steps below: Click the link that says Submit an Assignment. In the Submit to Basket menu, select Unit 6: Dropbox. In the Comments field, make sure to add at least the title of your paper. Click the Add Attachments button. Follow the steps listed to attach your Word document.

Question 1053 Seductions of Crime

Watch the short news clip and read about the Colorado movie theater shooting on the ABC News website: “Colorado Movie Theatre Shooting: Suspect Bought 4 Guns, 6,000 Rounds of Ammunition in Past 60 Days.” How can criminological theory help shed light on this incident?

In a 1 – 2 page double-spaced Word document, summarize the “Seductions of Crime” theory, then explain how it applies in the Colorado movie theatre shooting incident.

You may use your textbook and/or the resources below: “Why Bad Looks Good” (Wendy Patrick, Psychology Today) “Katz, Jack: Seductions of Crime” (Encyclopedia of Criminological Theory) If you use the exact words from online sources or your textbook, put those words in quotes (“like this”) and give information about your source in parentheses right afterward. Include a list of all the sources you used at the end of your paper



Question 1054 R. v. Davis, [1970] 3 C.C.C. 260

Research the assigned case give a synopsis of the case including the four w’s describe the photographs in question and their relevance to the charge what were the grounds for the defense’s objection to the photos being admitted as evidence? what was the final outcome determined by the court? what can be learn from this case with respect to entering photos into court?

Question 1055 Pleas read instructions carefully

Political Ideology For the Unit 8 Assignment you will compose a 500 word essay based on your political ideology. By now, you have gained some insight regarding political ideologies and how they are applied to American government. Now, you will turn your attention to yourself by determining your own political philosophy. Many Americans claim that they belong to a certain party, or follow a certain ideology, without ever taking the time to figure out if that assessment is really accurate.

For this Assignment, you will want to explain the origins of the political ideology with which you are aligned. You will then consider how this ideology impacts you, and discuss its prospects for future political success. When you consider the origins of the ideology you chose, you will want to explain when, how, and why you identify with this particular ideology. Within a 500 Word essay please include:

An introduction.Were you surprised by the political ideology to which you belong? Why or why not? What are the origins of that political ideology? What are your ideology’s prospects for future political success? Do you anticipate that the percentage of adults/ registered voters aligned with the same political ideology as you are likely to increase or decrease in the near future? How might this ideological group impact political parties and elections?

Support your answer(s) with information obtained from the text and at least two academic sources. A conclusion. Correct grammar and syntax APA format The Assignment should be at least 500 words, and must use and cite the text and primary documents as sources.

Cite the work internally and in full reference at the end, following APA style guidelines. Citation is important to build the definitions, demonstrate your research, and to make it clear which ideas are yours and which are from the source.

Question 1056 Interview of a Legal Professional

Final Project: Interview of a Legal Professional Course Outcomes: LS100-3: Differentiate the various responsibilities and career requirements for roles within the legal system. LS100-4:

Describe the professional and ethical qualities needed to be employed in a law-related field. GEL-1.2: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English. PC-3.1:

Conduct oneself to reflect the professional characteristics and culture of a given work setting. Instructions: Your Final Project, Interview a Legal Professional consists of the following components, which should be completed as you progress through the course: Select an individual working in the legal field to interview and contact such individual to schedule a day and time for the interview, which should be conducted in person or by phone. Draft at least ten substantive questions to ask your interviewee (see required criteria below). Conduct the interview.

Take substantive notes of your interviewee’s responses to each of the questions you ask to create transcripts of the interview. Write a 2-page reflective summary of the interview, describing the key information you learned from the interview regarding your interviewee’s career, educational requirements for the position, the types of tasks or duties that are part of your interviewee’s position, and ethical issues your interviewee has encountered and how he or she has resolved such issues.

In addition, describe whether this interview has confirmed your interest in pursuing this particular position or area of law and sum up what you have gained from conducting this interview.

Required Criteria: In addition to fulfilling the specifics of this assignment set forth in the above instructions, a successful final project must also meet the following criteria: Length of your Final Project should be 3 – 4 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font), excluding cover page and references page. You should have 1 – 2 pages of transcripts (notes from the interview), listing the 10 questions asked and summaries of your interviewee’s responses to each question and a 2 page reflective summary.

Your 10 interview questions must be substantive and designed to engage your interviewee and encourage him or her to provide plenty of information. Your questions must address the following topics at a minimum: Educational requirements for the position A typical day on the job – daily tasks and duties Ethical problems encountered and how your interviewee resolved such problems Best aspects of the job and worst aspects (if any) Be creative and design your questions in a way that will encourage your interviewee to speak from the heart and provide you with plenty of useful information.

Viewpoint and purpose should be clearly established and sustained Assignment should follow the conventions of Standard American English (correct grammar, punctuation, etc.) Writing should be well-ordered, logical and unified, as well as original and insightful Your work should display superior content, organization, style, and mechanics, and Appropriate citation style should be followed.

Suggestions: Do not wait until last minute to schedule the interview. Schedule it as soon as possible and make sure to build in time for possible rescheduling. Interview someone who has a career that interests you so you can use this opportunity to learn more details about this particular position or area of law.

Contact your professor for additional ideas in choosing an individual to interview. Really think about the questions you are going to ask and use the interview as an opportunity to learn more about the legal field.

* If you are a student in the Environmental Policy and Management degree program, please note that for purposes of this project, you may opt to interview a professional in the environmental policy and management field, such as an Environmental Protection Specialist, Environmental Compliance Officer, an employee of the Environmental Protection Agency, etc. Grading Please review the Assignment grading rubric in Course Documents for more information on how your assignment will be graded.

Question 1057   Corporate Fraud

Research any corporate crime worldwide outline what happened who were the victim(s) and if there was any criminal penalties. resources must be listed and can include newspapers, internet or information obtained from library. when you find the case please tell me who you’ve decided to write about.

Question 1058 Hypothetical Scenario

Jane is a 12th grade student at Random Public School District. Jane is 17 years old and 8 months pregnant. She is also the class valedictorian.  For as long as anyone can remember, the class valedictorian has been given the opportunity to address their class and the audience at the graduation ceremony.

Graduation is next week. Rumours are going around school that Jane plans to say some controversial things at graduation. The high school principal was told by others that Jane has a copy of the speech in her locker. Without asking Jane, the high school principal opens Jane’s unlocked locker, digs through some papers and finds the speech.

He reads through it and it goes into great detail how she was raped by a male student 8 months ago and then cites several Bible verses and states that abortion is a sin. The principal has asked you what to do. Identify and discuss the potential legal issues for the school and provide an opinion as to whether Random Public School District has any potential legal liability.

Also provide an opinion as to what the principal should do, assuming you cannot contact an attorney. In your discussion, please be sure to list cases, statutes, and/or areas of the Constitution that may apply.

Question 1059 Police body camera

Discussion Topic #2 Follow the link to an article on Police Body Cameras: What do you see? The New York Times.

This article discusses the use of body worn cameras by police and the viewpoint and bias by which we view the footage of police/citizen encounters. Read the article and answer the surveys as you do.

Discuss your results, your perceptions prior to viewing the videos and taking the surveys and if you agree or disagree with the research. https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/04/01/us/police-bodycam-video.html Instructions for this assignment: One page in length, Double spaced,12-point, Times New Roman font. In addition, you must provide a response to 2 of your fellow students’ posts. Please be polite, constructive and follow the “Netiquitte Rules” in your responses. 12 12

Question 1060  Police Body Cameras

Follow the link to an article on Police Body Cameras: What do you see? The New York Times. This article discusses the use of body worn cameras by police and the viewpoint and bias by which we view the footage of police/citizen encounters. Read the article and answer the surveys as you do.

Discuss your results, your perceptions prior to viewing the videos and taking the surveys and if you agree or disagree with the research.

LINK TO VIDEO BELOW https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2016/04/01/us/police-bodycam-video.html Instructions for this assignment: One page in length, Double spaced,12-point, Times New Roman font. In addition, you must provide a response to 2 of your fellow students’ posts. Please be polite, constructive and follow the “Netiquitte Rules” in your responses.

Question 1061 Narrated PowerPoint

Creating Sunburst: Legal and Organisational Considerations Ravi, who has a degree from State University in mechanical engineering, was previously employed by a start-up firm in New York City.

He worked long hours for little pay, but when the business sold, his stock options paid off. As a result, he now has some time and $100,000 to invest in Sunburst. More importantly, Ravi has the knowledge and know-how to setup and manage production. Tanya, a friend you met through your alumni association, has a degree in marketing and has a few years of experience working in marketing roles.

The three of you agree to form the start-up team for Sunburst. The team estimates that it will take approximately two years to develop Sunburst into a marketable product, but that once the product is on the market, there is excellent growth potential.

You know that you will need additional investors and expertise to get the business off the ground. You need to develop a plan for a business form that will be attractive to potential investorshttps://www.homeworknest.com/index.php and partners, and will address their concerns. Finance and politics are not your strong suits, and you aren’t very interested in the day-to-day business operations of Sunburst—you’d rather spend most of your time inventing new products.

The start-up team believes that the business will need someone with finance skills. You also need a visionary CEO. Ideally, this person should have connections and experience in the solar industry. You have asked Elon Helios, a forward-thinking figure in the solar energy field, who is known for being a rainmaker. Helios has expressed some interest, but it will take significant incentives to get him on board.

Although Tanya has little money to invest, she has excellent networking skills, and she has found a potential investor, Carmen Santiago, who thinks that the product may have potential. Santiago does not want to be involved in running the business. Ravi has identified a good candidate with finance experience.

This individual does not want to invest in the company, but he would expect a good salary and benefits. The team has created a tentative business plan, which has two target stages: The first stage involves local (geographical region) manufacturing with a focus on local solar energy providers; the second stage will begin five years from start-up, at which point the business will expand nationally (or possibly internationally) targeting the market of all potential solar energy customers.

The potential investors and participants want to know what legal form the business will take before they agree to participate. Your task is to prepare a presentation for the potential investors.

Question 1062 Write 2 case briefs

ASSIGNMENT: You will need to submit 2 different case briefs. Locate a copy of the Supreme Court Reports.

This government document may be found in the DSC LRC, or, your county’s law library, or, your local public library, or, go to a lawyer you know who has a copy, or, go to the internet. The following are excellent internet sites:

Hieros Gamos – http://www.hg.org/ First Gov – http://www.firstgov.gov/ US Supreme Court – http://www.supremecourtus.gov/ Cornell Law School – http://www.lawschool.cornell.edu/ Choose two cases from volumes 350 through the latest volume.

DO NOT CHOOSE CASES PRIOR TO VOLUME 350. THEY WILL BE RETURNED UNGRADED. After you have selected the two cases, READ THEM. Then write a brief of each. Hint: Cases dealing with issues involving the Bill of Rights are usually clearer and shorter.

Freedom of speech, press, assembly, right to counsel, protections against illegal searches and seizures are usually the easiest cases to do. Cases involving the commerce clause, or bankruptcy or some other issues may be long and involved with no clear-cut issues. However, each student should feel free to choose any two cases that seem desirable. I’ve also attached a file on “How to brief a case”.

Question 1063  PROTOCOL

Every community that faces a tragedy responds by forming a blue ribbon committee to study the circumstances of the situation and propose solutions to prevent a similar occurrence.

However, few blue ribbon committees are successful in completing their assignment. If they were successful, society would experience a decrease in these incidents or the severity when these are unavoidable. Case in point: How many hurricanes will the United States have to face before we truly learn from previous experiences?

How many spring thaw floods does the United States have to experience in order to learn how to protect the public? The answer: Tenacity to keep examining and identifying systemic failures, and constructing proactive responses from every relevant discipline.

Identification of all the audiences that need to be questioned and informed. Communication of these findings and proactive responses beyond the borders of the victimized community. Promulgation of policy, protocol, and legislation to force proactive response.

Effective oversight. In this assignment, complete the following: Synthesize and describe a communication strategy that effectively communicates with all the audiences, gathers and compiles relevant information, and initiates collaboration.

Identify all the different stakeholders that must be included in the discussions. Explain how policy, protocol and legislative changes will be promoted. Recommend an effective oversight structure.

Question 1064 Rodney King Case

Give your views on ….1. How this case impacted policing from a CONFLICT standpoint 2. Could it have been handled better ? 3. Were the police officers WRONGLY/CORRECTLY convicted ? 4. What is the most important “TAKEAWAY” from this case ?. NB: video can be found on youtube or can be provided

Question 1065 Executive Summary

Complete a one- to two-page executive summary to include in your final portfolio. The executive summary should provide an overview of your final portfolio, introduce each of its elements, and provide a brief outline of your final proposal.

Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. Additionally, you will be posting your executive summary to your CLC Discussion Forum for peer review during Module 4.

Question 1066 Legal Environment of Health and Safety

CRITICALLY DISCUSS THE PRINCIPLES OF LAW THE PURPOSE AND INFLUENCE OF THE UNITED NATIONS AND THE ILO THE PROCESS FOR THE DEVELOPMENT AND IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS, Please, I don’t want academic writing, write based on your understanding, write the way you speak, make it clear and simple. for information use” ilo.org” website. references must be Harvard style

Question 1067 Legal, Social, & Ethical Aspects of Business

This question comes from the chapter 4 end of chapter Business Scenarios. Please discuss in great detail, making sure that you incorporate the appropriate concepts from chapter 4.

Please remember to use correct grammar and proper sentence structure. Here is the scenario: A Georgia state law requires the use of contoured rear-fender mudguards on trucks and trailers operating within Georgia state lines.

The statute further makes it illegal for trucks and trailers to use straight mudguards. In approximately thirty-five other states, straight mudguards are legal. Moreover, in Florida, straight mudguards are explicitly required by law.

There is some evidence (not much) suggesting that contoured mudguards might be a little safer than straight mudguards. Discuss whether this Georgia statute violates any constitutional provisions. Be specific. Explain fully.

Question 1068 Case Intepretation

The cases this week bring together the majority of the doctrinal points and interpretive methodologies we have covered this semester. Discuss each case in terms of the following.

What interpretive strategies are used by the majority and dissent, and are they used appropriately or do they come to overly broad conclusions? What facts are important to reaching each decision? Do you think that the court came to the right decision in each case?

Spend the bulk of your paper with the first two questions, using the third simply to conclude each micro-analysis. Your paper should be 4-5 double spaced pages, in a standard 12-point font. Cases that need to be interpreted, • PGA Tour v. Martin 532 US 661 (2001) • Bragdon v. Abbott 524 US 624 (1998) • Abbott v. Bragdon 163 F. 3d. 87 (C.A. 1, 1998

Question 1069 Oman Labour Law on Health and Safety

write based on understanding keep it clear and simple I don’t want academic writing. write the way you speak. Instructions:

CRITICALLY DISCUSS OMANI HEALTH AND SAFETY LEGISLATION AND IT’S CONNECTION TO ILO INTERNATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY STANDARDS: Introduction: Body paraghraph -LABOUR LAW 2012 -MINISTERIAL DECISION 286/2008 OMAN CIVIL DEFENCE LEGISLATION Conclusion references must be in Harvard style needs 1200 words *Kindly find the attachment below to get the information..

Question 1070 Contract for the sale goods

the Assignment type is Contract drafting Assignment. No sources Contract drafting exercise Draft a binding contract between the affected parties that reflects the transaction in this scenario.

The document you prepare must be capable of being signed by the relevant parties and if signed would be enforceable as a contract between the parties. This assignment is worth a total of 20 marks.

Spelling and grammar will be considered in determining your final mark. DEADLINE – March 5th, 2018 at 6 pm SUBMIT THE ASSIGNMENT BY E-MAIL TO tjarmyn@upei.ca Assignment is to be submitted in MS Word (preferable) or PDF. The first line of the assignment should have your name, reply e-mail address and student number.

The subject line of the e-mail sending your assignment should include ‘BUS 301’ and your name. SCENARIO John Smith owns a factory (XYZ Ltd of Toronto Ontario) manufacturing high quality pipe that is treated to withstand temperatures up to 2000 degrees Celsius. The pipe costs $500 per foot to manufacture.

The minimum length of any pipe is 5 feet and the maximum length of the pipe is 10 feet. If any length is cut the integrity of the treatment will be destroyed and the length will be useless as it will not be able to resist the heat.

XYZ Ltd also manufactures corner joints at the cost of $2000 per corner joint. XYZ Ltd’s price must all for a profit of 50% on all orders. The factory is located in Toronto. The shipping time to Charlottetown is one week. John requires that any purchaser pay 25% of the purchase price of any order before he will start manufacturing Payment of a further 40% of the purchase price of any order is required prior to delivery and the remaining 35% must be paid within 30 days of delivery. XYZ limited charges interest at the rate of 15% per annum on any overdue account.

John will not ship product and requires that all purchasers take possession of their order at the factory door. XYZ can manufacture up to 6 corner joints in a week XYZ takes one week to manufacture 50 feet of pipe (in other words if 10 x five foot lengths were ordered it would take one week to manufacture those ten lengths).

Corner joints and pipe can be manufactured at the same time as different machines are used to manufacture each item Fred Johnson owns High Quality Rails Inc (HQR Inc of Charlottetown PEI). HQR has developed a process that takes melted steel (melting point of 1510 degrees) and pours it into rail molds.

However, to do this he has to pipe the liquid steel down two levels and around three corners. Fred has heard John’s pitch regarding the high quality of his treatment process and visited the XYZ Ltd Factory. Based upon the representation regarding the temperature limits of the pipe Fred has concluded that this is the pipe for him. Fred has no issues with the prices that John wants to charge.

HQR Inc will purchase two lots of pipe. It needs the first lot of pipe on site by September 1, 2017 and the second lot of pipe on site by September 21, 2017. Lot 1 will consist of 3 five foot lengths and 4 ten foot lengths plus 6 corner joints Lot 2 will consist of 5 eight foot lengths and 4 corner joints If the first lot of pipe is not delivered by September 1, 2017 then HQR Inc will have lost the contract that forms the basis for the order and Lot 2 will not be necessary. HQR cannot afford to bear any costs if it loses the contract In plain English, draft a contract that reflects this transaction including the protections that are embedded in the statements above.

Question 1071 Anti Discrimination Laws of Employment

Anti-Discrimination Laws Related to Employment Your supervisor has placed you in charge of hiring a new, full-time administrative assistant for your department. Prepare an advertisement for that position that complies with federal law. This advertisement must be detailed.

The minimum length of your job description must be 300 words (approximately three-fourths of a page). You can make up the job details but must include the following: A job description A description of the job duties A description of the minimum qualifications Prepare 10 illegal questions that must not be asked. For each question, be sure to justify your reasoning.

Prepare 10 legal questions that may be asked during the interview. For each question, be sure to justify each question. Submit your two-four-page paper (not including the title and reference pages). Your paper must be formatted to APA style

Question 1072 UNITED STATES foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria

This is a complete project has to be a 3 page essay. UNITED STATES foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria. One page proposal that talks about UNITED STATES foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria and 3 page policy paper on topic on UNITED STATES foreign policy regarding the spread of disease in Nigeria.. listed above. Please see attachments for further instructions

Question 1075 Corrections Case Study

The history of correctional institutions is well-documented. Correctional institutions (jails and prisons) house individuals who are awaiting trial, serving both short and long term sentences. Correctional officers are responsible for the monitoring, treatment and supervision of individuals who have been found guilty by a court of law.

For this assignment, we will take you inside a look at the “2016 Most Violent Prison”. Please review this video now if you haven’t already done so, before beginning Assignment 3.

After reviewing the video, download the Assignment 3 template. Answer the following questions within the template, then upload the completed template to the assignment submission link in Week 10: Describe the main methods Sergeant Baldwin and his staff use to maintain order and safety in the prison.

Take a position on the effectiveness, risks, pros and cons, and ethics of these methods. Choose one (1) of the inmates profiled in this video – Terry Dibble, Simkayta Winfield, Jerico Jones, or Gregory Crowder – and discuss their situation. Explain how they ended up at Statefield, the main issues they described facing, and the methods they use to cope with their time in prison.

Discuss the effect you feel the presence of the active armed guards has on the violence level and overall safety within this prison. Describe the issue of isolation in Statesville presented in this video and the effects connections and contact with outside visitors can have on the prisoners’ mental status. Identify at least two (2) issues that gay inmates here uniquely face.

Identify at least one (1) method of protecting gay inmates against each of these identified issues. Take a position on how you believe conditions at Statefield could be improved. Include at least two (2) specific actions that could be taken to improve conditions (i.e. security and safety, abuse and use of force, isolation, poor food quality, etc.).

Provide a rationale for your position. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Outline the major characteristics and purposes of prisons, including prisoners’ rights and prison society. Summarize the current ethical issues faced by criminal justice professionals and the future of the criminal justice system.

Use technology and information resources to research issues in criminal justice. Grading for this assignment will be based on answer quality, logic / organization of the question responses on the template and language and writing skills, using this rubric.

Question 1076 Case review of Stanislave Galic

topic of international criminal law. quality paper. times new romanl font 11. have these parts: brief FACTS,ISSUES, DECISIONs,FINDINGS, principle laid down (if any) , your COMMENTS ,CONCLUSION ( all based on trial and appleals chamber ,president).new roman times size 11

Question 1077 Stewart v. Dutra

This week you will write a formal legal brief in the case of Stewart v. Dutra, 543 U.S. 481 (2005). Your brief must be structured as follows: CASE NAME AND CITATION: As a header on the first page of your brief, you should state the name of the case, identify each party’s role in the case, and give the full Bluebook style citation to the case.

FACTS: Who did what to whom? Include all facts the court considered significant. Summarize in your own words. DO NOT cut and paste from the opinion. PROCEDURAL HISTORY: Who is asking the court to do what? How did the case procedurally get before this court? ISSUE(S): What question or questions did the court have to answer in order to make their decision? Your issue(s) should be stated in the form of a question.

Make sure you address ALL the issues in the case. HOLDING: Which way did the court answer the questions posed in the issues? What did they decide? REASONING: Why did the court decide the case the way it did? What

did they use or establish? What prior cases did the Court rely upon and why? DECISION: This section gives the Judgment rendered by the court. Describe the final disposition of the case.

Did the court affirm the lower court’s decision, reverse it, and/or remand it for additional proceedings? COMMENTS: Is there anything else that should be mentioned about this case? Is it a “landmark” case? Was the court “divided”? Were there any weaknesses/discrepancies in the court’s opinions? Legal case names should be done in standard “Blue Book” format.

Example: York v. Smith, 65 U.S. 294 (1995). For further info see http://www.law.cornell.edu/citation and look under the “How to Cite” section. There is also a model case brief in the case of Delahanty v. Hinckley that you should review.

The research requirement does NOT apply to this assignment. Just use the case that I have provided. I want the brief to be in your own words, so do NOT include long quotes from the opinion itself. Your brief should be no more than 2 pages in length.

Question 1078 Descriptive Research Worksheet

Complete the Descriptive Research Worksheet. Use the provided Microsoft Excel file resource Data Sheet: Juvenile Probation Data to complete your assignment. Be sure to review the Codebook for the Data Sheet tab to identify the codes on the data sheet for gender, race, county, offense, and substance abuser.

Question 1079  Peer Review and Credibility Assessment

Please read the student essay and answer peer review questions at the end of the essay. Please complete the credibility assessment on a separate sheet only for 4 of the sources the student used. You can pick which 4 to use. instructions are attached, thank you.

Question 1080 Law Assessment

please read all the instructions carefully and it contains A-E parts and each part should have the same words which is mentioned in the file Submission must be in MSWord format (either .docx or .doc).

No other format (even .zip) will be acceptable. Turnitin will be used to assist markers in identifying copying. Improper copying will be penalised whether it is identified by Turnitin or not.

Undergraduate Business Essay Questions.

Undergrad Business Organization EssaysQuestion 1031 Organizational Behaviour

1.2-Participate in a discussion regarding employment relationships. Discuss how these have changed throughout history and what effect this has on an individual’s work/life balance.

Share with your classmates your personal experiences regarding how you minimize conflict between your work and non-work demands. Also discuss your thoughts regarding virtual work, which is another emerging employment relationship trend in the workplace that is often referred to as telecommuting or teleworking, and discuss whether you see this trend as a motivator that may increase employee productivity in the workplace

2.1- Participate in a discussion regarding social identity and stereotyping. Discuss how social identity theory relates to a person’s self-concept. Discuss how categorization, homogenization, and differentiation influence our social perception and include an example of stereotyping that you’ve participated in or have experienced.

2.2- Participate in a discussion regarding the attribution process and attribution errors. Discuss a time when you observed a workplace situation and applied the attribution process. Were you correct in your initial assumption or did the fundamental attribution error play a part in your assumption? Knowing what you now know about this theory or process, would you have taken the time to examine the situation more closely?

3.1- Participate in a discussion regarding Organizational Commitment. Discuss the consequences of Affective and Continuance Commitment, and analyze the strategies for building Organizational Commitment. Discuss and share your experiences with employers who utilized the organizational commitment strategies, such as the Employee Involvement technique, to retain and motivate their employees. Finally, discuss whether the techniques utilized by your employers were successful in your shared experiences.

3.2- Participate in a discussion regarding Employee Motivation. Describe and explain the four types of consequences of the Organizational Behavior Modification, otherwise referred to as the OB Mod, which offers useful ways to understand how workplace events can influence employee learning and motivation. Discuss how this theory illustrates what you may expect from your behavior, i.e., consequences, and how the expectancies affect your learning and motivation in the workplace.

4.1- Participate in a discussion by explaining why we diverge from the Rational Choice Paradigm when identifying problems and opportunities. Share with your classmates a decision-making workplace experience which required you to identify problems and opportunities, and evaluate alternatives and outcomes when making an effective decision.

4.2- Review the Characteristics of Creative People found in exhibit 6.5 in your textbook and relate each one to yourself. Discuss with your classmates the various workplace conditions which support creativity. Have you worked for an organization that encouraged employee creativity? Share examples of activities that you participated in with your present or former employers which encouraged creativity.

5.1- Team decision making can be very effective, however, there are four constraints that can hinder this process. Identify these constraints and provide an example of a time when you were part of a team decision making process. Discuss with your classmates the constraints your team encountered, and whether your team utilized the team structures techniques when making decisions.

5.2- Explain the importance of communication in business organizations. Discuss with your classmates the various communication channels utilized in your organization. Also discuss how the organization overcomes communication barriers, and identify the strategies implemented to improve communication. 6.1- Identify organizational conditions and personal characteristics that support organizational politics and discuss ways in which it can be minimized. Share with your classmates examples of organizational politics you’ve been a part of or have witnessed. Also discuss what effect it had on job satisfaction, performance, and organizational commitment.

6.2- Participate in a discussion regarding conflict in organizations. Discuss the differences between constructive and relationship forms of conflict in organizations, and describe the three strategies to minimize relationship conflict during constructive conflict episodes. Share with your classmates a workplace-conflict experience where you applied strategies or conditions to minimize the relationship conflict.

7.1- Compare and contrast the key features of task-oriented leaders and people-oriented leaders. Discuss with your classmates an example of each type of leader you’ve worked for, and discuss their effects on the workplace. Did their styles motivate the employees? What leader style would you rather work for, and please explain why?

7.2- Discuss the Path-Goal Leadership Theory, including the four leadership styles and the four contingencies included in this theory. Based on your workplace experiences, choose and discuss the most appropriate leadership styles and contingencies which you believe produces the greatest leader effectiveness. Also discuss the outcomes the styles and contingencies you selected have on employee motivation and satisfaction.

8.1- Identify the two approaches for changing and strengthening organizational culture. Discuss with your classmates these strategies and experiences you’ve had throughout your employment history. If you do not have any experiences or personal examples associated with these strategies, complete an internet search to find examples of how organizations have successfully changed or strengthened their culture.

8.2- Examine the elements of Lewin’s Force Field Analysis Model, and discuss the six strategies for minimizing resistance to organizational change. Include relevant examples of organizational change you’ve experienced in your workplace, what strategies were used to minimize resistance, and what was the final outcome of the organizational change. Also share with your classmates your assessment regarding the effectiveness of the organizational change, and what the company may have done differently to minimize the employees’ resistance to the change.

Question 1032 Organization Behavior

LP1 Assignment: Organizational Behavior This assignment will assess Competency 1. Apply basic organizational behavior terms and concepts. Directions: Define organizational behavior and discuss the organizational opportunities and challenges of globalization, workforce diversity, and emerging employment relationships.

Using APA 6th edition format, write a 2-page paper and cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper. For help with APA Citation, review the Library’s APA Formatting & Style page, which contains a tutorial and handouts to help with APA style formatting.

Question 1033 Perceiving Ourselves and Others in Organizations

This assignment will assess Competency 2. Apply personality characteristics, perception, and ethical values across cultures to organizational behavior. Directions: Describe and examine the five Types of Individual Behavior categories, and discuss how these categories interact and affect the four MARS elements, including voluntary workplace behaviors and performance. Using APA 6th edition format, write a 2-page paper and cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper.

For help with APA Citation, review the Library’s APA Formatting & Style page, which contains a tutorial and handouts to help with APA style formatting.

Question 1034 Job Design Practices

This assignment will assess Competency 3. Analyze the importance of attitudes and motivation in relation to job satisfaction and performance.

Directions: Compare and contrast job design approaches and their relevance to an employee’s job performance. Identify and discuss the five core job characteristics in the Job Characteristics Model, and describe the three strategies for improving employee motivation through job design.

Describe and share a workplace experience when you participated in job design practices, which focuses on increasing work efficiency and employee motivation.

What were the advantages and disadvantages to this process? What were the outcomes? Using APA 6th edition format, write a 2-page paper and cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper. For help with APA Citation, review the Library’s APA Formatting & Style page, which contains a tutorial and handouts to help with APA style formatting.

Question 1035 Death Penalty

Write a 1-2 page brief answering the following: Does your state allow the death penalty? If so, under what criminal offenses is the death penalty authorized? What form of death penalty is allowed by statute?

What efforts have been made to implement, reinforce or remove capital punishment in your state?

If your state does not have a death penalty law, review a neighboring state’s law that allows for such capital punishment.

What types of complications or applications have occurred when implementing the death penalty in your (or a neighboring) state, and what constitutional issues have arisen? Your brief should be 1-2 pages in length and follow these guidelines: Double-spaced 12 point Times font One inch margins Bluebook or Cornell site citation method (Title page, Citations, Reference page, and quotes over three lines do not count towards the minimum page limit)

Question 1036 Employee Involvement

Directions: Describe the benefits of employee involvement and identify the four contingencies that affect the optimal level of employee involvement. Describe and share a workplace experience when you participated in the employee involvement process, which provided you a degree of influence regarding how your work was organized and carried out.

What were the contingencies which affected the optimal level of involvement? What were the outcomes of the employee involvement? Using APA 6th edition format, write a 2-page paper and cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper.

For help with APA Citation, review the Library’s APA Formatting & Style page, which contains a tutorial and handouts to help with APA style formatting.

Question 1037 Funeral Policy for Officers who have Committed Suicide

Funeral Policy for Officers who have Committed Suicide

• Acting as the head of your organization, write a one-page funeral policy for officers who commit suicide.

• Include a 500 word cover memorandum explaining your reasoning for your policy decision. This assignment is single-spaced.

• This assignment is two parts; one page policy and 500 word cover memorandum

Employee InvolvementQuestion 1038 Employee Involvement

This assignment will assess Competency 4. Apply concepts that relate to effective decision making and employee creativity. Directions: Describe the benefits of employee involvement and identify the four contingencies that affect the optimal level of employee involvement.

Describe and share a workplace experience when you participated in the employee involvement process, which provided you a degree of influence regarding how your work was organized and carried out.

What were the contingencies which affected the optimal level of involvement? What were the outcomes of the employee involvement? Using APA 6th edition format, write a 2-page paper and cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper.

For help with APA Citation, review the Library’s APA Formatting & Style page, which contains a tutorial and handouts to help with APA style formatting

Question 1039 Team Dynamics

This assignment will assess Competency 5. Examine various aspects of team dynamics and communication that impact organizational effectiveness. Directions: Provide a summary of the components of the Team Effectiveness Model, including the elements within each component.

Describe and share a workplace or school experience when you participated in a team, include the team development processes or challenges, task characteristics or roles, and the team’s effectiveness to accomplish its tasks.

Using APA 6th edition format, write a 2-page paper and cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper. For help with APA Citation, review the Library’s APA Formatting & Style page, which contains a tutorial and handouts to help with APA style formatting.

Question 1040 Sources of Power

This assignment will assess Competency 6. Analyze issues that relate to power, influence, conflict, and negotiation in organizations. Directions: Examine and describe the five sources of power and the four contingencies that can determine the potential of those power sources.

Choose a present or former workplace organizational member who holds a source of power, and describe what sources of power they maintain, and how they utilize their source of power.

Then discuss how the different contingencies of power could affect their influence positively or negatively within the workplace. Using APA 6th edition format, write a 2-page paper and cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper. For help with APA Citation, review the Library’s APA Formatting & Style page, which contains a tutorial and handouts to help with APA style formatting.

Question 1041 Transformational Leadership

This assignment will assess Competency 7. Apply concepts relating to effective leadership in organizations. Directions: Examine and describe the four elements of transformational leadership and distinguish this theory from transactional and charismatic leadership.

Identify and explain the elements of transformational leadership. Choose a present or former workplace leader who portrays transformational leadership descriptions, and describe how they implement the four elements of transformational leadership within the workplace.

Using APA 6th edition format, write a 2-page paper and cite your sources of information (at least three) at the end of your paper. For help with APA Citation, review the Library’s APA Formatting & Style page, which contains a tutorial and handouts to help with APA style formatting.

Question 1042 United States v. Leon

Fully brief the case United States v. Leon, 468 U.S. 897 (1984), which you read earlier in the learning plan. Include the essential elements of a case brief. For information on the essential elements of a case brief, review the Case Brief Tutorial.

Your brief should be no fewer than 650 words in length and follow these guidelines: Double-spaced 12 point Times font One inch margins Bluebook or Cornell site citation method (Title page, Citations, Reference page, and quotes over three lines do not count towards the minimum page limit) Correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation

Question 1043 Special Prison Populations Policy

As a warden of a state prison, write a 3-4 page double-spaced policy manual for handling prisoners with special needs. Address the following:

1. Procedures for handling elderly inmates.

2. Procedures for handling mentally impaired individuals.

3. Procedures for handling juveniles in an adult prison.

4. Procedures on handling the challenges of each of the above groups and procedures to manage these challenges.

Question 1044 Professionalism

Directions: For this assignment write a two to three page, double-spaced paper on professionalism in corrections. Address the following:

1. Define professionalism and the need for it.

2. Describe the advancement of professionalism in corrections in recent years and how continuing this movement can positively affect the correctional system. 3. Describe the present challenges for advancement in professionalism.

4. Define the major challenges correctional professionals encounter today and in the future.

Question 1045 case analysis

I need this done by 12pm eastern standard time on 8/29/17 This unit is a case analysis.. The information for the assignment is below. It is for my business law class. original and plagiarism free please BBA 3210-15O-6 Unit I Assignment Case Analysis In light of your understanding of the civil and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process, consider the following scenario: Pete was seriously injured when the four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle (ATV) he was driving through the trails behind his house rolled over.

As a result of his injuries, Pete is unable to work and has incurred $75,000 in medical bills. Pete has filed a lawsuit against the ATV manufacturer to receive compensation for the financial harm resulting from his injuries. Pete claims that the manufacturer defectively designed the ATV, causing it to have a tendency to roll over on rough terrain.

The ATV manufacturer claims that the ATV is not defectively designed and that the rollover was caused by Pete driving at an excessive rate of speed around a corner. Consider the steps in civil litigation and ADR, and assess the factors that Pete and the ATV manufacturer will consider when deciding whether they should settle this lawsuit.

If you were Pete’s lawyer, what resolution would you advise? Be sure to consider the primary forms of ADR and all ADR factors described in the lesson and textbook. Finally, research and select at least one case from an outside source to support your resolution to the ATV case. Your answer should be a minimum of 500 words. Cite any direct quotes or paraphrased material from these sources. Use APA format to properly reference your information.

Question 1046 Comprehensive case brief

Select one of the below landmark cases and complete a comprehensive case brief. Briefs should include a short summary (one and one-half to two pages in length- single spaced) of the case (original court of jurisdiction, defendants name), issue of law argued, and the final decision made. Mapp v Ohio -Furman v Georgia McCleskey v Kemp -Chimel v California -Schmerber v California Terry V Ohio -Gideon v Wainwright -Katz v U.S. -Powell v Alabama -Weeks v U.S

Question 1047 Timothy mcveigh

Introduction: · Introduce the case: · Describe the defendant and his history and who he/she was/is. · Describe the victim(s) and their relationship with the defendant. · Go into detail as to the facts of the case. ·

Identify the witnesses and the evidence involved in this case. · Identify the jurisdiction of the court. · Explain if there was a motion for change of “venue” and explain what that means and if it was granted or not

. Explain why a defendant would want such a change of “venue” generally and specifically in this case.

Identify the Specific Charges against the Defendant: · Address the legal charges by finding the exact charge.

· Identify if there were federal or state charges and cite the statute.

· Identify the exact statutes involved and list the elements that the prosecutor must prove for a conviction;

· Identify the “lessor included” offenses that the jury could convict the defendant upon.

· Identify if the charges are a felony or misdemeanor and the fines/penalties involved.

· State if the criminal charge a choate or inchoate crime? Explain both of these terms in your paper.

· Was the crime charged a crime against a person or property? Explain the difference in your paper generally.

· What is the standard of proof the prosecutors must carry to win the case? · What is the actus reus?

What is the mens real? Is there concurrence between the two? (define these terms) · Was the crime committed a “criminal offense” or a “terrorist act”—explain the difference in your paper. Defenses

· Identify the specific defenses used by the defendant. · What evidence is needed to prove this defense? Explain all of their elements

· Explain the difference between “justification” defenses and “excuse” defenses. What category does the defendant’s defense in this case fall into? · Explore other possible defenses as follows (just briefly explain them even if they don’t apply to your case):

· o Ex Post Facto Laws ·

o Bills of Attainder ·

o Statute of Limitations (and explain what is the statute of limitations for the charges against the defendant in your case) ·

o Void for Vagueness Jury Verdict

· What was the jury’s verdict?

· Assume that the defendant was found not guilty, can the case be re-tried? Why/why not? Explain the concept of “double jeopardy” in your response.

· Do you agree with the verdict? Explain why/why not

· Was the ultimate sentencing against the defendant “cruel & unusual” punishment? If so, why? If not, why?

· What are the mitigating circumstances? Where there any present in your case? · What are the aggravating circumstances? Where there any present in your case? · What were the victim impacts? Explain Civil Liability

· Does the defendant face any civil liability?

· If so, who would be the plaintiffs and what type of tort?

· What is the standard of proof that applies to that case that the plaintiff must carry to win? Appeals:

· Criminal Appeals can be based on “mistakes of law” and not “mistakes of fact”. Explain what these mean

· Are there any grounds for an appeal for the losing side? If so, explain them. · What does the term “Habeas Corpus” mean and how would it apply to this case for grounds for appeal? Conclusion:

· Summarize your findings

· What are the parties (defendant and victim or victim’s families) doing now—where are they and how have they moved on in life

· Where there any co-conspirators charged? What happened to them ultimately?

· Formatting of Response 10

· Rules of grammar, usage, punctuation and followed.

· Paper is in APA Format (Headings, Line Spacing, Title Page, Abstract, Pagination, in- Text Referencing)

· Paper Provided Proper References and Reference Page

· Student has followed the Minimum word count for each project

· Sentence Structure was Proper

· Student’s writing tone is proper for the project and audience receiving the written document

Question 1048 Discussion 5

Topic: Procedural Skulduggery Where there is procedure, there is a way to manipulate that procedure in order to achieve a favourable outcome. Read the following articles that illustrate some ways that parties have attempted to bend the rules of civil procedure:

Do some research to find another case where one of the parties attempted to use (or even bend) the rules of civil procedure to win a case.

Did it work? Explain the case and how the court reacted to the attempt. Do you agree with the court’s response? If you were the client, would you feel good about how the lawyer handled the case? Be sure to support your discussion points with examples and authoritative sources. I can suggest a case or you can choose one from the directions above.

Criminal investigation.Question 1049 Criminal investigation

Chapter 1,2,3, and 4. answer the last question at the en oh each chapter, its around 15 questions more or less. 3 sentences in every answer BOOK criminal Investigation 4 EDITION by Ronald F. Becker and Aric W. Dutelle questions and answers are in every chapter


Question 1050. Criminal Procedure law and practice

Read Chapters Four, Five, and Six. Refer to the announcements for the grading rubric and criteria for this assignment. Answer the following short answer / multiple choice questions: Chapter Four:

1. Give three arguments in favour of the exclusionary rule as it currently stands, and three arguments against it. Then explain your position on the issue, supporting it with logical examples

2. The exclusionary rule was fashioned to deter police misconduct. The Supreme Court has refused to apply it to cases where the misconduct was not by the police. Should the exclusionary rule be extended to other public officers besides the police? Why or why not? If so, to what other public officers should the rule apply?​

3.What was the effect of Mapp v. Ohio upon the criminal justice system?​ Chapter Five:

4. The Court has held that probable cause is necessary for a stationhouse detention accompanied by interrogation as opposed to use fingerprinting even if no expressed arrest is made. Do you agree with this holding Support your position.

5. Stops based on race alone are not valid but there is disagreement whether race can be taken as one factor in determining reasonable suspicion for a stop. Under what circumstances should race be allowed as one factor in determining reasonable suspicion for a stoppotive an example to support your conclusion.

6. Using the guidelines in sequence that were set in Terry v. Ohio create a police department procedure for stopping and frisking an individual. Be specific. Chapter Six:

7. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, the Constitution requires that the police must announce their purpose before breaking into a dwelling. Name and discuss two of the exceptions to this rule.

8. The Supreme Court has issued opinions in cases dealing with a wide range of intrusiveness in searches and seizures. Why are roadblocks to control the flow of illegal aliens less intrusive than station house detention?​

9. Define, compare, and contrast actual and constructive seizures. Give an example of each.​ 10. Discuss the different factors governing use of deadly force and use of non-deadly force. Provide examples of

100+ Research Paper Questions and Topics for History Class

Compare and contrast the reasons why the Western Roman Empire ended in ​476 and the Eastern Roman Empire

Use twelve point type and double space. Have a cover page with the title of your review, the course number and section, your name, date submitted, your tutor’s name and the word count. Use Chicago style footnotes. Write an essay in formal academic English (800-1000 words) on ONE of these topics:

How did the environments of six Physiographic regions of Canada

Assignment Format: All assignment are to be in 12 point font with a cover page with an assignment title, your name, course code Hist 112 DE, assignment number, word count and tutor’s name (Prof. Howard Hisdal) on the bottom. Use Chicago style footnoting and include a bibliography even if the only book you used was the textbook. Send in assignments as Microsoft Word attachments.

Development of racial thinking from Europe to the Americans

Directions: 1. Listen to podcast/radio show on “The Invention of Race” at https://www.wnyc.org/story/invention-race/ A summary of the show is “Compiled by Award-winning producer John Biewen from the “Seeing White” series. The Invention of Race traces the development of racial and racist ideas from the ancient world – when there was no notion of race – up to the founding of the United States as, fundamentally, a nation of and for white people.” 2. Create a timeline of the development of racial thinking from Europe to the Americas (up to the founding of the United States). Your timeline should include the date, and a few words on each event/law/action/etc. you chose that played a role in constructing race. Your timeline should reflect the evolution of understanding or thinking about race over time.

Lois Banner’s Steel Engraving Lady

Questions: 1. How did society view women in the Romantic period? 2. What were beauty ideals of the Romantic era? How did the steel engraving lady play into the concept of Romantic beauty ideals? 3. How did the popular clothing and silhouette of this period support society’s views on attaining ideal Romantic era beauty? 4. What were some of the ways women in this period tried to achieve ideal Romantic beauty? 5. Pick a picture from current fashion magazine today, attach it to your assignment book. Can you find any similarities to Romantic beauty ideals as discussed in the reading “Steel Engraving Lady” in the current fashion image that you chose?

Historical letter writing paper

two pages of letter style paper. Analyze the primary source documents by Samuel Seabury and Thomas Paine. Imagine that somehow the two had read each other’s works and had the chance to write to each other about independence and government. You will write two letters: one from Seabury to Paine and another from Paine to Seabury. What would have been their perspectives on government? What would they have said to each other?

Digital Source Analysis

write a short (400-500 word) dialogue between Adam Smith and Karl Marx in which they analyze the opening scenes of the movie. In the dialogue that you write, you should have each theorist draw upon their own writings to answer the following questions: 1. How would each analyze the conditions in the factory and the labor that the Little Tramp performs? 2. How would each explain the interactions between the Little Tramp and his co-workers? 3. How would each explain the “feeding machine” scene? 4. Why does the main character (the Little Tramp) have a nervous breakdown? 5. What is the remedy? (or, What would bring about a better future for the Little Tramp?) Please note that the dialogue should be written as a dialogue (like in a play). For example Karl Marx: Statement Adam Smith: Response to statement

History of civilization II

  1. To what extent did the age of European expansion impact the Chinese? Who benefited more from this seaborne interaction? Explain, with examples. 2. Compare and contrast the governmental systems of British and Spanish colonies in the Americas. Why were the British colonists of North America more inclined toward independence than their Spanish American counterparts? Explain, with examples.

Primary Source 2 assignment WWI

Read Article and do three paragraphs on it based on this link https://worldwar1letters.wordpress.com/2009/06/ no longer than 450 words, but no shorter than 300. P1- Should provide the title of the source, a very brief summary of the text and say what students hope to critique-argue in P2. Students need to provide an argument-thesis driven statement. A summary alone is neither desirable nor enough to thoroughly complete the assignment. P2- Should be an analytical paragraph that provides (at least) one example from the text to support the author’s claim…ie. The slave’s story provides insight into the cruelty of the system, “insert quotation from text here.” Using direct quotations provides clarity and helps to support the author’s claims. P3- Should summarize briefly what was covered in P1 and P2 and also say something about the significance of this document for the study of world history and how it shows global interconnectivity. (How is the world connected?) Do not throw this paragraph away, put as much effort into it as P1 and P2.

Iron Jawed Angels

What to do: In this discussion, I would like you to write a post that touches on some of the following topics relating to Iron Jawed Angels (below). Make sure to incorporate specific details from the film AND specific details from lecture and readings to help back up your ideas. Anacronism: Can you think of a few examples in the film where the filmmaker took license with history? For example, where did they put in modern details, attitudes, or sensibilities to make the film resonate with a 21st century audience? (Anacronism = something, a word, object or an event, that is mistakenly paced in a time where is does not belong). We are not looking for obscure inaccuracies, just major ones that might be important when critiquing the overall value of the film. The whole story? Do you think that someone watching this movie will get an accurate depiction of how the 19th Amendment was won? Explain to reason for your answer with specific details from readings and lecture to show your knowledge . How does “Iron Jawed Angels” compare to our textbook and lecture accounts of the road to suffrage (1848-1920)? The merit of the film? What do you think is the greatest merit of the film? Are the anachronisms and limited chosen narrative outweighed by the film’s overall value? Provide specific examples to explain your answer.

Film as history. Whether we historians like it or not, many Americans get most of their ‘history’ from Hollywood films (and TV shows). These films may be inaccurate, biased toward modern sensibilities, or politically motivated. Are there dangers or advantages of using popular films to learn history? Provide specific examples to explain your answer. Discussion Directions: NOTE: This post needs to be your own work. This means: Resist the temptation to google “Iron Jawed Angels + Anachronism.” If you write some obscure details about the inaccuracy of number of stars on the American flag or incorrect door handles being used or how the wrist watches were from the wrong time period, I will be pretty sure that you looked up that information online (or else you will need to prove to me how you came to be so knowledgeable in the subject of historic door handles…). Please only use our readings and lectures this week as the basis for your discussion. Do not go online looking for additional information. One of your goals is to demonstrate that you have completed this week’s assigned materials. Also you will have to watch this lecture and give evidences from it. This is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBsAeAz0yBQ&feature=youtu.be

Be Unrealistic and the Best of Will Smith MOTIVATION

Watch the entire “BE UNREALISTIC” (Ft. Will Smith) video: Be Unrealistic and the Best of Will Smith MOTIVATION – #MentorMeWill (Links to an external site.) Links to an external site. Be Unrealistic and the Best of Will Smith MOTIVATION – #MentorMeWill TWO PARAGRAPHS (more 350 words per paragraph) respond to the following questions (after watching the entire video). First, notice that Will Smith tells stories about his life, and what lesson he learned from that experience. Second, write a SUMMARY of some of the key points that Will Smith makes in the video. Then, select ONE STATEMENT he makes that is the most significant one. Why was it picked and explain. NO HEADER OR FOOTER, NO RESEARCH, IT IS JUST AN OPINION PAPER, A SINGLE SHEET.

How did industrialization and economic growth affect the social and the natural environments of the Western Hemisphere countries

What major political challenges faced the new nations of the Western Hemisphere in the nineteenth century, and how well did they deal with those problems?* How did industrialization and economic growth affect the social and the natural environments of the Western Hemisphere countries?*

How was Rome influenced politically, economically and culturally by this contact

500 word discussion I will provide links for the topic Discussion topic: Rome was a city. Roman History is the story of a city that encompassed the known world. A new world order came into being that lasted for a thousand years. Its main components were: Roman law, Roman ethics, Roman practicality, Roman finance, Roman rule, Roman military strength, Roman science. Seeing it in perspective, Rome as a city conquered other great city-cultures. Choose ONE of the following and respond to it in 500 words after opening a new thread in DiscussionRome came into contact, early in her History, with neighboring cultures such as the Etruscans and the Greeks of southern Italy. How was Rome influenced politically, economically and culturally by this contact? Roman writers believed that Rome became a world power out of necessity. Since early in her expansion, Rome came to be in a state of perpetual war. Are there modern parallels to be drawn from contemporary powers that dwell in a state of perpetual war? Who gained the most from Rome’s war based economy and war inspired politics? Who gains in today’s states from their war based economy and war inspired politics?

 Two Letters from Slaves to Their Former Masters

ONE paragraph (350 words minimum) based on the information read. MUST start by giving the author, title of document, and when the document was written in order to clearly cite the source of information. Who is the author (race, nationality, position)? What is the document about (summary)? What does this show about the event and time period? What was learned from reading of this story/document? MSUT use ONE DIRECT QUOTE from the document. Post TITLE of document.

Reaction paper history 2

watch these movies and write a reaction paper. First paragraph – Identifications. Second Paragraph – Analysis. Third Paragraph – Reaction. For movie analysis, analyze the historical accuracy of the film. What did they get right? What did they get wrong? How historically accurate is the film? please see the attached files

Analytical Writing Assignment

REQUIREMENTS: 12 Font, 350 words, single page, correctly identified the author, title and date of document, and information about the author, summary the document accurately, describing the main points that the author is making about the issue at hand, a direct quote from the document that will be provide is a MUST. Accurate details MUST describe the importance of the document relevant to the major issues of the time period..Again, will provide document to complete assignment.

Winston Churchill, “The Iron Curtain

Read EWC Document 29.7, Winston Churchill, “The Iron Curtain,” and write a paragraph responding to the prompt at the end. (follow the link in the Canvas Module for Week 12 to access the document) Your response to the prompt should be about a paragraph in length but no longer than a page. It should begin with an introductory sentence that responds directly and completely to the prompt. This sentence establishes your main point (that is, your argument or thesis). In about four to six additional sentences, you should present evidence to support your thesis. Present at least two pieces of concrete evidence drawn from Document 29.7. You must cite any material paraphrased from the source document with a simple parenthetical citation. You must enclose any material taken word-for-word from the source document in quotation marks and cite it with a simple parenthetical citation. See the following examples: In this famous speech, British Prime Minister Winston Church warned that the Soviet Union controlled eastern European countries liberated from Nazi Germany after the end of World War II.

(EWC 29.7, Winston Churchill, “The Iron Curtain”) In this speech, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill famously warned that “an iron curtain has descended across” Europe, and that the Soviet Union exercised an “increasing measure of control” on the countries behind it. (EWC 29.7, Winston Churchill, “The Iron Curtain”) Be sure to analyze the evidence you present by explaining why it means what you think it means. Conclude your paragraph by restating your main point (that is, your argument/thesis/direct response to the prompt) and perhaps reflecting on the broader significance of the document you’ve read. Type your response in MS Word or any similar word processing software. Proofread your essay carefully to eliminate errors in grammar, punctuation, and usage. Save the file and then upload it to Canvas. Your work will be compared with the turnitin.com database to detect plagiarism by searching for similarities with internet sources and/or the work of other students around the world.

Analytical Assignment

12 Font, 350 words, single page, writing pertains to the document that will be provided, which will require author’s name, title of document, and when the document was written in order to clearly cite the source of information. Who is the author (race, nationality, position)? What was the document about (summary)? What does this show about the event and time period? What was learned from the document? MUST use a direct quote from the document. DRAFT needed 2 days prior to due date. No research or citations needed.

Reaction paper / HIS / movies

watch these movies and write a reaction paper. First paragraph – Identifications. Second Paragraph – Analysis. Third Paragraph – Reaction. For movie analysis, analyze the historical accuracy of the film. What did they get right? What did they get wrong? How historically accurate is the film? please see the attached files

Reaction paper

watch these movies and write a reaction paper. First paragraph – Identifications. Second Paragraph – Analysis. Third Paragraph – Reaction. For movie analysis, analyze the historical accuracy of the film. What did they get right? What did they get wrong? How historically accurate is the film? please see the attached files

James Davidson, Courtesans and Fishcakes.

Intro: Ø Introduce the author Ø Introduce the book (Title, What is it about?) .Ø State author’s thesis and summarize content/arguments. III. Body: Ø Each paragraph should address different parts of the book or different arguments presented in the book. Ø This may also be in the form of arguments made about different time periods or stages within a time period. Ø Use key parts of the book (quotations/paraphrasing) to demonstrate how the author supports his or her thesis. Ø You may add your assessment (analysis/view on the author’s arguments) within each paragraph or in separate paragraphs Ø Make sure to evaluate the author’s arguments in terms of whether or not they are convincing, well researched, and logical. If the author’s work could contribute to the public’s understanding of the topic you may comment on that as well.

Ø If you choose to disagree with the author you should do so strictly on academic grounds–i.e. use a reason-based argument to counter her or his argument. IV. Conclusion Ø Evaluation of the author’s success or failure to substantiate his or her thesis with evidence and argumentation Ø Evaluation of the book’s contribution to history, the public’s knowledge of the subject, “readability” and style. Format: *Review should be 4-5 pages double-spaced; stapled at the top left hand corner at a 45-degree angle *Font 12, Times New Roman *One-inch margins on both sides *You may use Chicago, APA, or MLA style for footnotes or endnotes (Ask in the library if you don’t know what to do) *Do not enclose your paper in any type of folder *Make sure to save copies of your paper in multiple locations.

Portfolio Reflection

In this module, we’ve learned a great deal about the value of history, how learning from the past may help provide definition to our present world perspective and how studying and learning from our ancient ancestors can potentially contribute in shaping our own future. Throughout this course, we have examined various civilizations and in each one we’ve learned about a myriad of aspects that helped influence our ancestors’ capacity to act responsibly and determine their roles or abilities to contribute to society. For this reflection, you will answer the question: “What can I, as an historian of the ancient world, learn and apply from the history of my ancient ancestors to my own role in contributing to and acting responsibly for the betterment of society?” In order to answer this question effectively for your reflection you must: Pick one common theme/criteria topic (from the list below) that you think significantly influenced an individual from the ancient world to act responsibly and contribute towards society. o Technology o Politics/Bureaucracy o Law/Ethics o Arts/Sciences o Economy/Business o Education o Military/Police o Religion/Morals & Traditions Explain how at least one specific example (one individual) from at least three different civilizations covered throughout this course supports your selected theme/criteria.

(So, your essay will talk about 3 different people – each from a different civilization that we discussed.) Support each of your examples with evidence from the articles in the M13 learning module about why we study history. In total, you must reference at least three of the articles in the learning activities, Support each of your examples with evidence from the module where we discussed their civilization (So, you will reference at least 3 learning modules in your paper.) Connect how understanding the history of your ancient ancestors in the context of your selected theme/ criteria has influenced your sense of responsibility and contributing role towards the betterment of society. In other words, what have you learned from their experiences that can help you act more responsibly today? Lastly, make sure you provide proper internal citations and a properly formatted bibliography This is going into your portfolio so be sure to make sure that you have fixed all grammatical and formatting issues before submission. For your bibliography, it does NOT have to be annotated. The only sources you’ll be using will be from your readings, so you MUST include internal citations and a full, properly MLA formatted bibliography with your paper, but you don’t need to annotated the sources in your bib. Your paper must be 2-3 pages in length (NOT including your bibliography) and follow MLA guidelines (double-spaced, 12pt. Times New Roman font, one-inch margins).

Applicant Cover Letter

To Apply: Applicants will need to submit a one-page cover letter (single-spaced) describing their motives and intent for applying for this position and interning at Pitt Community College (parent company for the newspaper). This letter should: 1) Indicate the applicant’s views concerning the value of studying history and the past. Does this internship (this course) have any value beyond fulfilling an educational requirement? Cover letters should also highlight any personal attributes, interests, and personal experiences that qualify the applicant for this position. 2) Demonstrate the applicant’s understanding of primary and secondary historical sources, the differences between these sources, and their ability to apply these sources critically to the past in order to create analytic interpretations of the past. 3) To show a final understanding of primary and secondary sources and your ability to perform as a historical journalist, conclude your cover letter by explaining the type of sources (primary/secondary) you will be creating for your readers when authoring news stories for AHL.

Is American History Learner a primary or secondary source? We will be looking specifically at the thoughtfulness to your answer of this question when evaluating applications. Be sure to review the syllabus and Internet Course Tutorial before forming your position on this question. You’ll need to have a good handle on what the course is trying to achieve to best answer this question. Submitting Application Applications should be uploaded through the Applicant Cover Letter link in the Summer Internship Module. Please make sure to submit applications by the due date indicated in Applicant Cover Letter link. Upon submission, intern applicants will be required to participate in a survey related to AHL as a source. (MANDATORY) Ensuring Success: Applicants’ cover letters will be assessed on three criteria. First, cover letters need to comprehensively fulfill cover letter requirements outlined above in the “To Apply” section. Second, submissions will be assessed based on the effective use of provided materials in preparing your application. The meat of your analysis should be based on the “What is History and How Do We Practice It?” lesson. (We’ll be looking to see who shows a strong understanding of the materials provided.) Third, cover letters must be composed and submitted in a standardized and professional cover letter format stipulated in the examples provided in the “Applicant Resources” section of the module.

Thomas Nast Obituary

Obituary Format and Objectives: Formatting: Obituaries need to be a minimum of one page, double-spaced and written in size 12 Times New Roman font. American History Learner is committed to journalistic integrity and accuracy. Journalists will need to note any sources that were used in completing this assignment. Objectives: Brief description of the individual’s age, location, and cause of death. Basic description of the individual’s major professional/personal achievements. What should this person be most remembered (legacy) for historically? Obituary needs to place this discussion of the individual in a historic context by describing some of the premier social, political, economic, or cultural events defining the period the individual lived. Integration of primary and secondary sources in your historical analysis. At American History Learner our focus is on historical and journalistic integrity. Obituaries need not glamorize or patronize individuals. Your obituary needs to be professional, unbiased, and note both accomplishments and offer valid criticisms when necessary. Provide an appropriate and creative title for this piece. Our research department has compiled some basic resources you may be interested in consulting when writing your first assignment.

See Module 2 Resources. Notes on Success: Management will be looking closely at your first piece for American History Learner. We will assess the effectiveness of your obituary based on some of the following criteria: historical accuracy, meeting of obituary goals, demonstration of understanding of historical significance and context of the individual, style and grammar, commitment/genuineness/inventiveness, and originality and journalistic integrity. While you have a series of provided readings on Nast that will serve as the research basis of your assignment, it is a good idea to first read the general historical concepts in your textbook that this assignment is built upon. The following portions of your textbook are all historically relevant to this study: Here’s a list of the readings that would be a helpful backdrop when considering the historical context of Thomas Nast. Reconstruction: Chapter 16 Introduction and parts 16.1, 16.3 Industrialization and Urbanization: Chapter 18 Introduction and 18.3 Chapter 19 Introduction and parts 19.1, 19.3, and 19.4 Needless to say, American History Learner is committed to academic and journalistic integrity. Any violation of our parent company, Pitt CC’s academic integrity and plagiarism policy, will result in automatic termination. See your employee handbook and Internet Course Tutorial for a more specific elaboration of AHL’s standards. Please provide an appropriate, creative title with your submission.

Critical Race Theory

Critical responses must identify the main objectives/points of the articles/videos. What do the authors commonly agree upon and/or state as their central focus? How are these articles and videos “speaking” to one another or, are divergent ideas presented? Additionally, students must analyze central points made by authors to develop their own thesis and construct their own claims.

 How vital was slavery to the Atlantic economy in the eighteenth century

  1. How vital was slavery to the Atlantic economy in the eighteenth century? Provide specific evidence from the textbook to support your response. The author podcast is also a good resource. http://www.wwnorton.com/college/history/give-me-liberty3-brief/ch/04/podcast.aspx (due 6/6/19) 5.Discuss the ways in which both supporters and opponents of independence used the concepts of ‘freedom’ and ‘slavery’ during the American Revolution. Be sure to consider the perspectives of both free and enslaved peoples. Chapter 5 Podcast http://www.wwnorton.com/college/history/give-me-liberty3-brief/ch/05/podcast.aspx (due 6/7/19) 6.Read the documents located on pages 248 and 249. In one essay address the questions at the end of page 249. Chapter 6 author podcast http://www.wwnorton.com/college/history/give-me-liberty3-brief/ch/06/podcast.aspx (due 6/10/19)

Explain Hume, Kant, Blyden and Crummell’s negative views of African/Black people

Do not use the internet or web resources to respond to this discussion board question(s). Use Yefru’s work and the readings on eLearn to participate in this discussion. Be sure that you review the discussion board requirements on your syllabus for full credit. Be original in your thinking as well. So, as you are composing your posts, be sure to write your post in your own words, your own voice, while placing quotations around a sentence or two that you may lift from the text to support your opinion. But remember that your opinion is taken from your clear and concise understanding of the critical ideas from the readings. #1. Explain Hume, Kant, Blyden and Crummell’s negative views of African/Black people. How are their ideas similar or different to one another? Be sure to know that Kant and Hume were white philosophers and Blyden and Crummell were African Americans who lived during the 1800s; evidence the sources from eLearn. However, all responses must be written in your OWN words. #2. Why is Dr. Yefru having this conversation about Hume, Kant. Blyden and Crummell in his introductory chapter? Sit with this question a bit. This is an introductory course to the discipline of Africana studies where we promote African-centered critical thinking (which we will discuss next week.) Why is this discussion important for Yefru? What does Yefru think about the ideas of Hume, Kant, Blyden and Crummell?

Miss education of the negro

NOTE: YOU HAVE TO USE THE Mis-education of the Negro AND THREE OUTSIDE READINGS OF YOUR CHOICE FROM THOSE ASSIGNED IN CLASS TO COMPOSE YOUR PRECISE. KEYS TO COMPOSING A HIGH QUALITY PRECIS (1) Please identify a common theme covered in the book and the articles (race, gender or class etc). (2) Upon identifying this theme which is present in the works, organize your information to address the questions associated with the assignment in paragraph form (see the syllabus). Your discussion will first start with the book and through the common theme incorporate the outside readings. (3) Proofread your essay and make sure it follows the formatting guidelines and cites the relevant materials in the proper way. PLEASE FIND THE CHICAGO STYLE GUIDE ATTACHED TO THIS MESSAGE WHICH SPECIFICALLY APPLIES TO YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY AND FOOTNOTES. ***Also, an example paper is attached.***

What were the goals of the major parties in Reconstruction

Part I: Short Answer Answer EACH in a paragraph (or two) per question. 1. What were the goals of the major parties in Reconstruction? What problems made reconstruction so difficult? 2. What were the main forms of white resistance to the efforts of reconstructionists? What were the black codes? What effect did they have? 3. What were the various meanings of freedom that emerged after emancipation among freed blacks? How was this resisted by white southerners? 4. What was involved in the “redeeming” of the South? How and why did this occur? Why did white supremacy become the foundation of southern politics in the 1870’s? 5. What were the main ways Indians resisted attempts to annihilate them (and their culture)? 6. Explain “Social Darwinism” and “laissez-faire” economics (particularly as they related to the “Gilded Age”). 7. Identify the following and explain how each acquired his fortune (both in terms of industry and tactics): Jay Gould, Andrew Carnegie, and John D. Rockefeller. 8. What role did the federal government play in the growth and profitability of the railroads (including in response to strikes)? 9. What were the various positions people took on the currency (or “free silver”) debate(s) in the Gilded Age and why did they take these various positions? 10. Explain “bossism.” What were it’s advantages and disadvantages?

11. Explain the spoils system. How did it eventually end and why did its demise lead to the increase in the influence of business in politics? 12. Why was there an increase in lynchings at the end of the 19th century? 13. Explain the role of women in politics in the last decades of the nineteenth century. What causes did they endorse, what obstacles did they face, and what role did the “cult of domesticity” play in their tactics/power? 14. Compare the roles played in policy and public life by the Republican and Democratic parties during Reconstruction and during the Gilded Age. What causes did they support and what kinds of voters and support did each attract during each of these periods? 15. Explain the nature of migration and immigration during the last half of the 19th-century. 16. Explain the goals and programs of both the Farmers Alliance and the People’s Party (Populist Party). 17. What were the main issues motivating the labor unions during the Gilded Age, how did they try to achieve them, and why were they unsuccessful? 18. Identify each of the following and explain why they were important: Homestead lockout, Cripple Creek miners’ strike, Pullman boycott, and Coxey’s army. 19. Identify and explain each of the following: Monroe Doctrine, Open Door policy, and yellow journalism. 20. How did the U.S. come to control Cuba, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, and Guam?

21. Why, and in what ways, did the situation of Black Americans actually worsen during the Progressive Era? Explain the case of Plessy v. Ferguson. 22. Explain the contrasting views of Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Dubois. 23. Explain the ideology of the Progressives, both in terms of the “social gospel” and in terms of their understanding of Darwinism. (Illustrate with examples of actions they undertook.) 24. Compare the following: anarchists, socialists, and progressives. 25. Explain Roosevelt’s “square deal” and describe his actions as both reformer and conservationist. 26. How did Wilsons’ progressivism differ from Roosevelt’s? How did Wilson’s progressive agenda change during his presidency? 27. Explain Wilson’s notion of “national determination” and explain why it was problematic. 28. Explain how and why dissent was suppressed during World War I and comment on its possible effects. 29. In what sense, and why, had American culture drastically changed after World War I? 30. Describe and explain the “Great Migrations” of Black Americans and Mexicans during the early 20th century.

31. What were the causes of the economic crisis (1928-1932) that led to the Great Depression? Part II: Essay Answer these in seperate essays of 4-6 paragraphs. A. Develop an essay in which you explain the nature of the struggle between labor and management/ownership in U.S. history from the Civil War to 1932. In arguing for your interpretation choose three important examples from the history of this period to support your claims. B. Develop an essay in which you explain the nature of the struggle for women’s rights during this period (1865-1932). In arguing for your interpretation choose three important examples from the history of this period to support your claims. C. In what sense might we consider the United States an imperialist country during the post-Civil War era up to the end of Word War I? In arguing for your interpretation choose three important examples from the history of this period to support your claims.

The limits of power

This is a book review on The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism. Here is the instructions by my teacher: II. Intro: Ø Introduce the author Ø Introduce the book (Title, What is it about?). Ø State author’s thesis and summarize content/arguments. III. Body: Ø Each paragraph should address different parts of the book or different arguments presented in the book. Ø This may also be in the form of arguments made about different time periods or stages within a time period. Ø Use key parts of the book (quotations/paraphrasing) to demonstrate how the author supports his or her thesis. Ø You may add your assessment (analysis/view on the author’s arguments) within each paragraph or in separate paragraphs Ø Make sure to evaluate the author’s arguments in terms of whether or not they are convincing, well researched, and logical. If the author’s work could contribute to the public’s understanding of the topic you may comment on that as well. Ø If you choose to disagree with the author you should do so strictly on academic grounds–i.e. use a reason-based argument to counter her or his argument. IV. Conclusion Ø Evaluation of the author’s success or failure to substantiate his or her thesis with evidence and argumentation Ø Evaluation of book’s contribution to history, the public’s knowledge of the subject, “readability” and style. Format: *Review should be 5 pages double-spaced; stapled at the top left hand corner at a 45-degree angle *Font 12, Times New Roman *One-inch margins on both sides *You may use Chicago, APA, or MLA style for footnotes or endnotes (Ask in the library if you don’t know what to do) *Do not enclose your paper in any type of folder *Make sure to save copies of your paper in multiple locations Biographical Sketch: Andrew J. Bacevich, Sr. (born 1947 in Normal, Illinois) is a professor of international relations at Boston University and a retired career officer in the United States Army.

He is a former director of Boston University’s Center for International Relations (from 1998 to 2005), and author of several books, including American Empire: The Realities and Consequences of US Diplomacy (2002), The New American Militarism: How Americans are Seduced by War (2005) and The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism (2008). He has been “a persistent, vocal critic of the US occupation of Iraq, calling the conflict a catastrophic failure.”[1] In March 2007, he described George W. Bush’s endorsement of such “preventive wars” as “immoral, illicit, and imprudent.”[1][2] His son, also an Army officer, died fighting in the Iraq War in May 2007.[1]

The Impact of Globalization on Conflict

Think about the previous examination of China. For this project, your job is to write the content for a new page of this course titled India and Globalization. After reading your page, other students should be able to do the following: Identify positive effects of globalization on India Identify negative effects of globalization on India Compare modern U.S. relations with India to relations with China Your pages should include commentary with your thoughts on the following question: Why does the U.S. have a better chance of maintaining long-term strong relations with India than it does with China? Include a picture with a caption to go on your page. You may find images using the Google image search function with key words such as: India, Globalization, industry, economy, and trade Include a list of four more websites or articles that you read to support the information on your page. (You should not include the websites below.) Use the The CIA Country Factbook to review data about India’s people and its economy, and then use the rest of the links to examine globalization’s effects on India. BBC News: Is globalisation a force for good in India? Economy Watch: Globalization in India Effects of Globalization on Indian Industry Use a search engine to find more information about globalization’s effect on India by searching with the following key words: “globalization, India, trade, economy, media, effect”

Recent Tech essay Questions to Learn From.

Question 960 Functionality technology

Read the article “Use of Web 2.0 Technologies in K12 and Higher Education” (in the week 4 readings).

Write a paper (4-5 pages) that discusses the functionality, technology and examples (pick a minimum of 2 and is NOT limited to the examples in the table) in Table 1.

How have these been used to shape the way we teach online?

How do you use these in your classroom?

What have you done? How can this be done differently?

This paper should help broaden your understanding. Please feel free to cite additional sources and research other examples. EXPLORE.

Question 961 Digital Innovation’s blog

This blog must have

1. Include the presentation you prepared for the “Gartner hype cycle technology” . 2. Discuss the difference you identified between the Gartner 2016 & 2017 strategic technology trends.

3. Discuss the difference you identified between the Deloitte 2016 & 2017 technology trends.

4. Describe in some depth how one of the trends could potentially have an impact in your chosen industry. resource for reading: Gartner 2016:http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3143521 Gartner 2017: http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/3482617 Deloitte 2016: https://www2.deloitte.com/au/en/pages/technology/articles/tech-trends-2016.html Deloitte 2017: https://www2.deloitte.com/global/en/pages/technology/articles/tech-trends.html each parts need 200 words.

Question 962 How to share data using Ad-Hoc Network

In this task, I am looking for more technical report about sharing data between Autonomous Vehicle (self-driving car) and roadside unit (RSU).

I need for this task at 4 late citation (2013 or newer) from IEEE or ACM .

Question 963 Term Project

Tiffany, Good effort, Here are a few comments about your draft- item 2- knowledge management architecture and its components, missing details about the components, try to name them, explain the function of each component.

item 3 – the value to the organization inwards? value outwards ? value to workers, management and customers.

item 4 – incomplete, review these processes and describe the relevant tasks corresponding to each process.

item 5 – collaborative tools, good, instant messenger? social networking services? item 6 – a type of data? source is inwards, outwards or both?

item 7 – approach? top down, bottom up?

item 8 – comparative/competitive analysis, incomplete. Please state if the proposed KMS tools are customized versus off the shelf software services?

item 9 – strategies for knowledge transfer, good

item 10 – cost-benefit analysis, incomplete. Outline the benefit next to the cost in a spread sheet. Review my posts in the discussion. Can you please edit my project according to my professors feedback comments

Question 964 Technological writing

As you study your technical document, you should pay particular attention to the audience it is addressing, basing your analysis on the questions we discussed online.

Once you have determined characteristics of the audience the document is addressing, write your technical document analysis based on the requirements below: Your analysis should be in essay form, with at least three paragraphs. Your paper should have introduction and conclusion paragraphs. The analysis should focus on audience.

The discussion should elaborate on certain points about the audience (for example, organization, use of graphics, etc.).

Your essay should be two typed pages long (double-spaced with 12-pt. font). Since you are referring to another piece of writing, you should cite the article you have used, using a method acceptable in your field (or MLA style).

A handbook from one of your previous English classes should include information on documenting sources. If you are having difficulty, please let me know, or visit http://www.mla.org for further information.

When revising, consider the abstraction ladder, style, organization, and format (use of white space, page numbers [if your paper is more than one page], indentions, etc.). Before turning in your paper, make sure it is edited.

Question 965 Entity-Relationship Diagrams

The article, “Issues and Guidelines in Modelling Decomposition of Minimum Participation in Entity-Relationship Diagrams,” found in the Reading & Study folder of Module/Week 1, presents arguments for the construction of tables involving entity relationships with minimum cardinalities of zero in such a way that the table designs minimizes the occurrences of nulls in the data.

That is, in a 1-to-1 relationship, it is generally understood that it does not matter which table receives the foreign key.

In the article, however, when a minimum cardinality of zero exists, improper placement of the foreign key can result in excessive nulls. It can be said that Christianity follows a

1-to-many (1-M) relationship in that one man (Jesus Christ) died for all humankind and that all are offered eternal life through this one man’s death upon the cross. Likewise, this relationship can be expressed with minimum cardinalities

(1:1; 0:M) such that Christ is the only way to heaven (1:1), but that not all who are offered the chance of eternal life will accept the gracious and divine gift of salvation through Christ

(0:M). Relate this article to a biblical scenario. Specifically, discuss 1 example of a biblical relationship, principle, or event in which a 1-to-many or many-to-many relationship exists with at least 1 cardinality of zero. Elaborate on the implications of this relationship.

For example, in the above illustration, the minimum cardinality of zero from Christ to mankind means that not all who are offered the gift of salvation accept it. The minimum cardinality of 1 from mankind to Christ means that Jesus is the one and only way to eternal salvation.

Question 966 UML Diagram

Part 1. Find at least two journal articles that have a similar problem they are attempting to solve in your systems analysis and design project.

Use a minimum of two scholarly journal articles from top information systems, informatics, or information technology journals.

In one paragraph each, describe the research methods and processes the authors of the articles justified to attempt to solve the underlying problem(s). Part 2. Include at least two unique systems analysis diagrams from your systems analysis project for peer review.

Question 967 International Marketing Through Internet and Social Media

ONLY for Digital Marketing experts Hi Please contact me if you are digital marketing expert. It is final MBA project with Harvard referencing rule. Company name:

Fashion brand River Island Project name: International Marketing Through Internet and Social Media I have prepared my project. The project need to be revised as per the recommendation of my tutor.

Please, I would like to know are you able to offer your services on fixed fee basis. My tutor may ask to revise the project in future depending on the quality of project. I would like to request offers from International Digital marketing writers.

The snapshot of the project is as follows: For this project I should be looking at issues around international marketing, market selection and entry, marketing strategy changes in each country entered.

Also, we should look at digital marketing strategies, and how each country uses the internet and social media. If River Island were going into China, for example, they would need to investigate which social media are allowed, and which ones the Chinese people use the most, likewise for any other country under consideration.

I should also look at Digital Marketing 6th edition by Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, which is highly recommended. A really useful website is internetretailing.net which will give lots of insight into what is happening, and what other companies might have to do to succeed. Further details will be passed on in due course. The project prepared by me is of 24000 although tutor only require 15000 words. I will share the project once I hear from the quality writer.

Question 968 Final Project Milestone Three

Using the scenario provided in the Milestone Three Guidelines and Rubric document, provide a web consult, summarize at least 10 of the key functionalities of a potential website, provide and justify practical suggestions to improve the quality of the website, and identify a current website that models the two suggestions.

Include supporting screenshots that highlight the functionality. Additionally, provide several recommendations for information security practices for the distribution company.

Provide a real-world example of an information security assurance failure to illustrate the importance of these practices. Submit both summaries in one Word document with supporting screenshots embedded in the document. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=59kMmdUBEQ0&feature=youtu.be

Question 969 A Proposal to Establish a Centre for Design, Innovation and Technology

A 750 word proposal to establish a “Centre for Design, Innovation and Technology in a reputed academic University The proposal should contain the following: 1) A Brief Description/Justification- About 300 Words 2) Objectives-200 Words 3) Thrust Area—300 Words.

Guidelines / Tips

:1) You can review similar established centers for inspiration. Resources/Models to consider before writing and my expectations are in attachment

2) Objectives and Thrust areas can be similar to other similar center’s but not the worded similarly.

3) The proposals should not be plagiarized and should but similar themes and issues can be addressed. Resources and Notes-Upon Request

Question 970 data Leakage and Insider Threat

Post your primary response. Read any postings already provided by your instructor or fellow students.

Read and respond to the conclusions drawn by at least two of your classmates. Remember to read the feedback to your own major postings and reply to it throughout the module.

Question 971 Unified Communications

I require a discussion paper on Unified Communications with an outcome for the Audience to adopt a policy to implement a solution. Otherwise the risk of doing nothing will leave a poor experience for students and staff with a mixture disparate systems isolation.

Question 972 Topial paper

Write a 4-5 page, paper on the following Is it unethical to go to a store to examine a product, and then order it on the Internet for a lower price?

Give arguments for a yes answer and for a no answer. Then take a position and explain why you think it is a correct one. Also, have at least 4 sucroses as references.

Question 973 Software for Small Business

You established a small shop that manufactures a single product that you sell by mail.

You purchase raw materials from several vendors and employ five full-time employees. Describe the business functions that your shop would use software to perform? How does each software application benefit your shop? Does the software improve the efficiency of business functions? Or, does the software help your shop gain a competitive advantage, or is there another value proposition the software fulfills for your business?

The initial post by day 5 should be 75 to 150 words, but may go longer depending on the topic. If you use any source outside of your own thoughts, you should reference that source. Include solid grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and spelling.

Question 974 EDI Reference Guide

EDI Reference Guide Due Apr 30, 11:59 PM

Not Submitted

POINTS 20 Paper no new messages

Objectives: 5.1 5.3

Instructions Assignment Files Grading Imagine you are the office manager at a small doctor’s office. As the office manager, you are in charge of educating new hires. Write a 700- to 1,050-word reference guide describing electronic data interchange (EDI). Include the following in your summary:

•Define EDI.

•Explain how using EDI facilitates electronic transactions.

•Explain how HIPAA has changed how health care information is transmitted in EDI. •Describe the relationship between Electronic Health Records, reimbursement, HIPAA, and EDI transactions. Cite a minimum of two outside sources.

For additional information on how to properly cite your sources, log on to the Reference and Citation Generator in the Center for Writing Excellence. Format your assignment according to APA guidelines. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

Question 975 Will robots eventually put people out of work?

1700 Computing Controversy – Info for Organizing and Writing your Paper I. General Information a. Your paper should be 2500 words (about 10 pages long – not including the works cited page).

Papers that are longer than 2500 words should not exceed 15 pages in total. Make sure to use standard one inch margins and font size (12) in Times New Roman. Double space your work.

b. You will be required to submit your paper through Moodle.

We will be using the TURN IT IN which is an anti-plagiarism application. Further instructions about TURN IT IN will be given out in class and posted on Moodle. II. Structure

c. You can write in either the first or third person.

d. Paragraphs should not be too long (i.e. more than a page or two) or too short (i.e. one or two sentences).

On average, there are usually two paragraphs on every page. If you are not sure when to start a new paragraph, follow these rules: start a new paragraph when introducing a new topic or when expanding on a topic you have briefly introduced in the previous section.

e. Don’t forget that each new paragraph should have an introductory and concluding statement. Please do NOT leave spaces between paragraphs. Each new paragraph should be indented.

f. Stick to one tense (i.e. past or present tense). Don’t mix them up all the time, especially within the same paragraph.

g. Don’t capitalize a word unless it is necessary. Also note the way you are using grammatical tools like apostrophes, commas, and semi-colons. Have someone double check your work. The Writing Centre is an excellent resource for students who want to make sure they are on the right track.

h. Sentence structure: keep sentences SIMPLE. Overly long sentences are difficult to read and often make no sense.

i. READ YOUR WORK ALOUD. When you finish your work, read it out loud in the exact way it is written. You will be able to catch grammar and sentence structure errors more easily if you do this. III. Referencing Information

j. Please use parenthetical referencing for this paper (MLA, APA, etc…). No matter which citation style you choose, you must include a PAGE NUMBER when referencing your materials. If you are referencing a source that has no page numbers, than include a paragraph number. A WORKS CITED page is also required.

k. Remember, referencing is not just for direct quotes. General ideas or facts (i.e. World War I started in 1914) do not have to be referenced but all arguments, opinions and ideas that you take from an author should be cited. When in doubt, REFERENCE!

l. Quotations: Make sure to follow the proper formatting for referencing long quotes based on your citation style.

m. DO NOT OVER QUOTE. Use direct quotes sparingly and only when the point is very valuable/ necessary such that only those precise words will do. Otherwise, paraphrase the ideas and include a citation.

n. If you are not sure how to properly cite or reference a particular source, look it up online or refer to York’s library website for further information.

o. *To ensure you carefully understand the rules of academic honesty, please make sure to attach the academic integrity checklist to the back of your essay. It should be signed and dated.

The checklist can be found on Moodle in the tech controversy guidelines section. YOUR PAPER WILL NOT BE MARKED IF IT DOES NOT INCLUDE THIS CHECKLIST.

p. If a student is found to have plagiarized their paper, they will automatically receive a zero for this assignment which may result in a failing grade for the course.

In addition, their name will be sent to the appropriate administrative authorities who deal with issues of academic integrity. MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE TEXTS FROM THE CLASS & MAKE REFERENCE TO IT!!!

Question 976 Network services inferstucture Lab 9: Recovering Servers

need someone to login into my MOAC Labs week 5 on Blackboard and complete my assignments for this week.

There are 2 labs for week 5. Lab 9 and Lab 10 Log into the MOAC Labs Online Environment. Complete and submit the weekly lab(s) according to the lab instructions.

Fill out and submit the Lab 9 worksheet – Lab report must use the lab worksheets provided under the “MOAC Online Labs Supplemtal Resources.” Do not submit the entire lab manual. Submission of the entire lab manual will result in points being deducted. Only submit the lab worksheet. – Lab report must be submitted in Microsoft Word format.

The file format ends in .docx or .doc – Lab report must include the screenshots as required in the report – Screenshots must include the date/time stamp form your computer to aid in proving authenticity of your work.

Screenshots that do not show your computer date/time from a valid date for this class will not be accepted. Your screenshot must include the full screen so that the date and time is shown in the lower right. Screenshots without date/time shown will not earn credit.

Use CTRL+Print Screen to capture the entire desktop. Don’t crop anything out. The lab manuals say to use ALT+Print Screen. Don’t do this. Use CTRL+Print Screen.

Question 977 Technology and Society

What role do you think television and movies pays in shaping the cultural discourse concerning big issues, like race, sexuality, religion, or class?

Do the producers of television and movies have any responsibilities towards society? How do you think meeting those responsibilities would change society? (200 Words)

Question 978 Excel Midterm Project

The mid-semester project is an assignment combining spreadsheet and word processing skills.

The first part of the project requires you to work independently on an Excel case file downloaded from the SAM environment. One file is a Word document with step by step instructions and the other is an Excel starter file that you will use to complete the steps outlined in the Word file. When you have completed the instructions provided in the SAM project, you will then submit the completed Excel file to SAM in the same location where you downloaded the original files, the Mid-term Project link.

This part of the project is worth 100 points. The second part of the project requires you to inThe second part of the project requires you to insert the “Total Revenue by Month” Chart from the completed Excel file into a one-page Word document report that you will prepare for the management team at Campus Fitness Center. The Word report should be a one-page document that contains the following information, in addition to the chart you created in Excel.

One file is a Word document with step by step instructions and the other is an Excel starter file that you will use to complete the steps outlined in the Word file. When you have completed the instructions provided in the SAM project, you will then submit the completed Excel file to SAM in the same location where you downloaded the original files, the Mid-term Project link. This part of the project is worth 100 points.

sert the “Total Revenue by Month” Chart from the completed Excel file into a one-page Word document report that you will prepare for the management team at Campus Fitness Center.

The Word report should be a one-page document that contains the following information, in addition to the chart you created in ExcelOne file is a Word document with step by step instructions and the other is an Excel starter file that you will use to complete the steps outlined in the Word file.

When you have completed the instructions provided in the SAM project, you will then submit the completed Excel file to SAM in the same location where you downloaded the original files, the Mid-term Project link. This part of the project is worth 100 points.

Question 979 Analyzing Web Traffic

Understanding corporate Website traffic helps to detect potential threats. Consider the following as you answer this Week’s Discussion Question: Your CIO has asked you to research Network Forensic Analysis Tools (NFAT).

Describe the purpose of NFAT as you understand it, and how these tools can assist with an investigation.

Compare and contrast your favourite NFAT tools and make a recommendation as to which tool you think would be best.

Make sure to justify your answers with facts and provide links to useful resources that would help solidify your answers. Additional: How often would you analyze network traffic, and why

Question 980 Discussion Board

Usability o Scalability o Availability o Reliability o Maintainability o Portability o Protection of data as it is transmitted and when it is stored o User authentication o Authorization of user to perform specific functions o Data backup and recovery 1. Choose one of the system performance or security areas listed above

2. Put the area you selected into the Subject/Title of your posting

3. Explain what this area means in terms of system performance.

Use the definitions provided in the Week 6 Requirements reading. If you need additional clarification, you can search for other sources, but be aware that these terms are defined and used differently for other purposes; be sure you find explanations that support the definition provided in the Requirements reading. 4. Explain why it will be important to the CIC Hiring System.

Question 981 Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) 34 /OilRig/Twisted Kitten

Paper on: Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) 34 /OilRig/Twisted Kitten

• 3-4 Pages Content don’t include cover page or reference page

• Double Space Type in Words Format Only

• APA Format • References page

• 5% or less plagiarism …must pass Turnitin Software Brief on Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) 34 /OilRig/Twisted Kitten

• 5 Slides with note pages (Front Page, Agenda, Question page is not in Slide count) Power Point Format Only • 3-5-minute presentation

Question 982 Flying taxis are making progress, one minute at a time

you will write a 500-word summary of a technical or scientific article that demonstrates:

1. ability to identify key processes and concepts in a professional science or technology article.

2. ability to describe complex processes and concepts clearly and concisely.

3. an awareness of audience. The summary should cite the article and any quotes following APA format.

Question 983 Network Design

In this assignment, my professor wants me to build a network design for a company on the application called Packet Tracer. The company I’ve been assigned is “Johnson Service Group”.

Further instruction will be in the attached file i have uploaded. MUST HAVE PACKET TRACER

Question 984 Ten Chapter Assignment Questions on Zara and Netflix

Instructions: There is lots of reading to gain understanding to Answer ten Chapter Questions (4-5 sentences each) There are two PDF textbook chapters: Chapter 3 on Zara and Chapter 4 on Nextflix PLUS a supporting article for each chapter listed in the form of web urls. Read all four sources and then:

Answer all ten questions in 4-5 sentences per question.

Formatting does not matter. Just type the response (answer) after the question. There are six questions for Chapter 3 There are four questions for Chapter 4 (do not change the numbering in chapter 4 questions).

No in-text citations, no formatting, no cover page, no reference page….just type the answers after each question. Font 12 pt Times New Roman I will attach a file with complete instructions

Question 985 Young Blood Transfusion Against Aging Problem

Each student should aim to collect and read 4 to 5 articles related to the chosen topic.

Members of the same group can at most share 1 same piece of article, other articles should be different among members in the same group.

➢ State the source and date of each of the articles.

➢ Print out all articles and highlight the key points of each article.

➢ Each team member should write a one-page summary (not less than 400 words) of the main points of the articles that he/she has read.

Question 986 Self and Community: Exploring the Anatomy of Modern Society

Write an Op-Ed (opinion-editorial) that allows you to demonstrate an understanding of how issues relating to the dignity of the human person and the realization of the common good may be addressed by you in your professional practice now and in the future.

You will need to select one issue from the list below that relates to the degree program you are studying and write a concise but persuasive opinion piece on this issue relating to the dignity of the human person and the realisation of the common good that relates to your professional practice now and in the future this assignment to be written based on assignment 1

Question 987 Required Discussion for Week 7

This week we will discuss leadership. There are two aspects, one is the characteristics of a good leader (personality traits, etc.) and the other has to do with the strategies (activities, actions, etc.) that would help the CIO be successful. Refer to last week’s readings and respond to one of the following with two good paragraphs:

Question 988 Essential Conditions for Technology Integration

Choose ONE topic below and discuss how it affects your ability to use technology in your classroom.

Each topic has several subtopics, so you should focus on those areas and briefly explain how they may impact your teaching with technology. (If you are not yet teaching, explain how it might affect your classroom when you do start teaching.) Essential Condition:

A Shared Vision for Technology Integration (page 65) Essential Condition: Standards and Curriculum Support (page 65) Essential Condition: Required Policies (pages 65-66) Essential Condition:

Access to Hardware, Software and Other Resources (pages 66-67) Essential Condition: Skilled Personnel (page 67-68) Essential Condition: Technical Assistance (page 68) Essential Condition:

Appropriate Teaching and Assessment Models (pages 68-69) Essential Condition: Engaged Community (page 69) Include quotations from the textbook in your discussion. Cite your sources with in-text citations and list sources in a Reference list at the bottom of the post. List

Question 989 Self Assessment and Action Plan

achieving these standards. Save this document as you move through the Teacher Education program and update it frequently to add to your action items and check additional action items off along your journey.

What is ISTE? Formerly the International Society for Technology in Education, ISTE is the “premier nonprofit organization serving educators and education leaders committed to empowering connected learners in a connected world.

ISTE serves more than 100,000 education stakeholders throughout the world. Excerpt from http://www.iste.org/about Directions: Review page 18 in the textbook. You can also view the standards on the ISTE NETS for Teachers (NETS-T) website.

Click on the link below NETS-T Self Assessment Template to open the Word document. SAVE the document to your computer. Open it in Word. Follow the instructions to complete the assessment and submit the file. Remember to save the document as LastName_AssignmentName.docx

Harvard’s Most Researched Essay Topics

Question 901  Growth options/optimal level/ actual budget and adopt a maturity matching approach to financing assets

Part One: Financial Management Would a failure to recognize growth options tend to cause a firm’s actual capital budget to be above or below the optimal level? Would your answer be the same for abandonment, timing, and flexibility options?

Explain using a practical/hypothetical example from your industry. Part Two What does it mean to adopt a maturity matching approach to financing assets, including current assets? How would a more aggressive or a more conservative approach differ from the maturity matching approach, and how would each affect expected profits and risk? In general, is one approach better than the others?

Use your industry for illustration. Part three Suppose a new and more liberal Congress and administration are elected. Their first order of business is to take away the independence of the Federal Reserve System and to force the Fed to greatly expand the money supply. What effect will this have on your organization and/or industry? What about interest rates and the general consumer? Would you support or oppose such an expansion? Why?

Question 902 Financial Management

Discussion # 4 Part One Financial Management (capital Budget level) Would a failure to recognize growth options tend to cause a firm’s actual capital budget to be above or below the optimal level? Would your answer be the same for abandonment, timing, and flexibility options?

Explain using a practical/hypothetical example from your industry. Part Two Executive salaries have been shown to be more closely correlated to the size of the firm than to its profitability. If a firm’s board of directors is controlled by management rather than outside directors, this might result in the firm’s retaining more earnings than can be justified from the stockholders’ point of view.

Discuss those statements, being sure (1) to discuss the interrelationships among cost of capital, investment opportunities, and new investment and (2) to explain the implied relationship between dividend policy and stock prices.

Question 903 Vocabulary English

Write up the meaning of the following vocabulary words and also their translation of the word if it’s in Spanish to English and if its English to Spanish. Example: Comercio internacional = International Business Definition:

The interaction of two free countries in free commerce (short version) The vocabulary is as follows: Taller Uno: (Spanish or English) Globalización de los negocios Globalización de mercados Globalización de producción Aspectos culturales en los negocios internacionales Empresas internacionales Economia Mundial (English) Global economy Direct Foreign Investment Quotas & Tariffs International Politics International Monetary fund (IMF) World Trade Organization (WTO) Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) Factors of production

Question 904 discussion post

This first week of class, write down all of the items (durable goods, not foods or cosmetics or cleaning products) that you purchase and their sourcing (where each is from). For example, a shirt may be assembled in China, designed in the US, and made from Italian fabric.

A notebook may be made in the USA. Check the information on each label/ packaging. Please follow this format: Item/Sourcing (EXAMPLE): *notebook/ USA *shirt/ assembly – China, design- USA, fabric – Italy. If you find that you have purchased items from a source country that you are not familiar with, look it up on the maps provided in your textbook and search for information online about the country to share here in class.

If you do not make any purchases in the coming week, check the content of your closet and research the source of your clothes or other durable good you already possess. Also answer the following questions: Did you learn anything from this exercise? Was there anything surprising? Share your findings with the class in your posting by responding to this posting.

Question 905 HRD definition Assignment

This is a Human RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT CLASS HRD Definition Assignment This three-part assignment requires that you first access and state an HRD definition on a ” Word Document” that you acquired from a reputable scholarly source (see definition shown below).

Do not use our textbook as a source. DO NOT use a dictionary or website that you located via a search engine search. Second, include an APA compliant in-text citation (author, year, page #) with your definition, and then create a Reference section at the bottom of your document with a fully constructed source for your citation(s).

If you have problems please access Reference Librarians in the ISU Cunningham Memorial Library for assistance in using the databases to locate required scholarly sources.

The third part of this assignment requires you to elaborate on your perception of the connection of HRD to employee performance in the workplace.

Students should refer to the textbook to understand that connection and also cite the textbook in their writing about the connection of HRD to employee performance.

To clarify, you may use the textbook only on part three of this assignment! Definition of a Scholarly source for this course: Journals, books, dissertations, or peer-reviewed conference publications. Scholarly sources have citations embedded within the main body of the written word. Those same citations are also listed in a fully-constructed source within the References at the end of the written word.

Question 906 Business Proposal

Business Plan/Proposal for a fishery business. The proposal is to be submitted to the government requesting funds to a startup a business.

This is not an assignment. It’s a business proposal. Please consider before putting an offer in. Required before Monday, please.

Question 907 Decision Alternatives

Daddy Warbucks, a very wealthy investor, built his fortune through his legendary investing knowledge. At present, he has been offered three investments from which he would like to choose one.

The first is a conservative investment that would perform quite well in an expanding economy and only suffer a small loss in a worsening economy.

The second is a speculative investment that would perform extremely well in an expanding economy but does quite poorly in a worsening economy.

The last alternative is a countercyclical investment that would suffer some loss in an expanding economy but perform well in a worsening economy.

Warbucks believes that there are three possible scenarios in the lives of these investments as follows: An Expanding Economy A Stable Economy A Worsening Economy Answer the three key questions based on this scenario and other data found in the assignment instructions.

Show why you made your investment recommendations with the outcomes of the decision.

Refer to the attached document for assignment details and grading rubric. Note: For extra credit, assuming you are the famed investor, Daddy Warbucks, how much would you be willing to pay for perfect information and how did you determine that amount?

Question 908 Research project

Please follow the instructions Do not waste my time and your time if you don’t read all the brief and you just make offers without even considering if you can do a good job I Already closed the topic:” how globalization can drive business success” I Already chosen a company: Coca~Cola Thank you.

Question 909 Bad-News Message

“Write a response to Ms. Smith”. Please read carefully the information and instructions in “Writing Assignment 3”.

Look at “example letter” to know about the letter’s structure. Do not use double pages. it must follow the structure in the example letter ” Notes: do not copy exactly information from the example because the example letter is my friend’s assignment last semester.

Question 910 The effect of Workplace Bullying on Performance, Work environment, and Productivity.

This is my Capstone Project Paper. The format should have Table of Contents Abstract Introduction Body Conclusion Graphs/Charts, visuals, etc Reference Page (at least 8 References cited according to APA guidelines) I have also attached an outline of what my final paper should include.

Question 912 Human Communications Process

I’m a restaurant manager working in a retirement community. I’ve been working there for 8 years. I started working there as a server and now i am a manager. Hopefully, this helps with the analysis. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Question 913 Global staffing change and alternative forms of cross border assignments in MNEs

Changing patterns of staffing and alternative forms of cross-border assignments in MNEs

1. Alternative assignments and the Influence of strategy, home country or host country, cultural/institutional environment, And Influence of roles of subsidiaries.

2. Examine one MNE to support your thesis As the purpose of this project assignment is to broaden your learning, you are to avoid rehashing topic contents, ideas, or information covered in the course.

The project paper will be graded based on the quality of information, soundness of reasoning, depth/breadth of discussion, internal consistency, and clarity of presentation—not the length of the paper.

Please provide all the references in hardcopies. Don’t list up the type of alternative forms, instead focus on the above 4 requirements

Question 914 Integration of Faith and Learning

Integration of Faith and Learning (IFL). Need a total of 1100 words in APA format. Responsibility: To ourselves (personally and in our profit/non-profit corporate lives) and to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ… This Bible verse is from the Old Testament, Joshua 1: 9 9Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Deliverables for IFL In a minimum of three sections discuss the Bible verse within the context of our Biblical Worldview and Marketing Management. Section One is concerned with each student providing a Biblical expository treatment of Joshua 1:9.

NOTE: Providing an expository treatment simply means you must discuss the meaning and intent of the biblical text, providing commentary and examples to make the passage clear and understandable.

Remembering, the word exposition is related to the word expose—the expository preacher’s goal is simply to expose the meaning of the Bible, verse by verse. Section Two discusses how the Bible verse relates to Marketing Management. Section Three provides and discusses a real-world example of a firm that practices “responsibility” in Marketing, or how a struggling firm should incorporate “responsibility” into its business model. NOTE: Do not use Chic Fil A

Question 915 BUSI DISCUSSION 2

Using the Internet, locate the code of ethics of a particular business, or business or professional association.

Then, answer the following questions:

(1) Identify the website where the code of ethics is posted.

(2) Analyze why this business or association may have adopted this code of ethics.

(3) What types of ethical behavior does this code of ethics encourage?

Question 916 Corporate analysis

I need the Assignment in exactly 12 hours. Everything is explained in the documents. Please make sure you can earn 20 points for each point in the rubric. And focus on the Rubric PLZ to make sure you have achieved every point.

make sure that the company you choose is public so that it is easier when search for it. make sure each point has at least 6-8 sentences.

Question 917 Strategic management news critique

You need to find a current news item (released in the business media within a two weeks window prior to your presentation date) that you can demonstrate how that week’s ‘strategy topic’ is operationalized and applied in the business world.

In your allocated week, your News Critique needs to be presented to the class in the form of a very short oral presentation (5 minutes maximum), AND to your lecturer as an 800 word written summary (typed,12 pt., Times New Roman, double spaced).

Question 918 Ethical Reflective Journal

Task Description
 The journal entry is a self-reflection on what you have learned during the first half of the semester.

The reflection needs to address the following questions:
How has your knowledge and understanding of moral reasoning in general and in international business in particular evolved over the past weeks?

Reflect on the readings, theories, and/or cases discussed that have impacted you the most. How and why? 
 Assessment Criteria

1. Content: demonstrates a deep understanding of the course material

2. Reflectivity: demonstrates reflection on the course material, self-awareness, and awareness of others

3. Clarity of expression: a clear and well-constructed argument

4. Form: conform instruction, properly referenced, spelling and grammar

This is a personal reflection, to be written in the first person i.e. using the “I” form. Example: “When I first joined this class, I hoped to learn a set of rules that would help me to conduct business in an ethical way.” Make sure your reflection convinces me that you have actively engaged with the course reading to date.

Question 919 BUSI Discussion 3

Using the Internet, locate and print out a company’s order form for one of its products.

(1) Identify the website where you located the order form.

(2) Does the order form include a representation regarding the age or capacity of the person placing the order? Would it be wise to include such a term in the order form? Explain EXAMPLE: Product Order Form

1) Identify the website where you located the order form. The DELL website order form. – https://www.dell.com/en-us/cart

2) Does the order form include a representation regarding the age or capacity of the person placing the order? Would it be wise to include such a term in the order form? This is the website of the latest technology and this product has no age limitation posted on the website.

Latest computers and other latest technology should not be restricted to any age. The world is moving towards more advanced technology so children should be encouraged to learn new technology to cope with the future. I even don’t think DELL need any restriction on the age of buying their products.

Question 920 Crisis at Canoe

I want someone to write me a negative message for my Business Communication class assignment. Please follow the instruction below:

For this writing task, you’ll need to respond to the following scenario: 

Who are you? 

Aqua, a fine-dining boutique restaurant in Malibu, California, is frequented by celebrities and other wealthy patrons who relish its exotic menu and extraordinary wine list.

It is the flagship restaurant in Premier Dining Group’s chain of high-end eateries located throughout Southern California. As manager of this fine establishment, you work very hard to maintain the exceptionally high standards for which the restaurant is famous.

What is the scenario? 

In addition to serving high-quality food and beverages, your responsibilities as restaurant manager include ensuring compliance with Los Angeles County’s strict “restaurant grading” ordinance.

This ordinance enforces mandatory inspection of retail food facilities, and inspected facilities receive letter grades according to their inspection scores. Letter grades are required to be prominently posted at all establishments selling food, and upon request, all establishments are required to provide a copy of the inspection to any customer.

Aqua has consistently maintained its “A” rating because of your vigilance, and this has not gone unnoticed by your superiors, who hold you in very high regard. 

You were surprised when you picked up the phone that morning and Creshema Thomas, the chief operations officer of Premier Dining Group, was on the other end.

She normally called at the end of each month to get an update on sales and performance.

There was, however, another reason for her call today. Located in Pasadena, Canoe, another restaurant in the group, had been experiencing some profitability challenges over the last two years, incurring particularly huge losses in the previous quarter. At the board meeting last week, the shareholders unanimously voted to divest this property. Exit Realty, a very successful commercial real estate company, had been hired to market the property to potential buyers.

Prior to listing any property for sale, Exit Realty conducts a comprehensive evaluation of the property to ensure that it is well-positioned for a quick sale. As part of their evaluation procedure, Exit Realty requested that a preliminary compliance report be forwarded to its office as soon as possible.

Ms. Thomas had some concerns. A new restaurant manager had been appointed at Canoe approximately one week ago, and he lacked familiarity with the LA County restaurant grading ordinance. She was nervous because a questionable inspection report would reflect poorly on the restaurant and possibly all other restaurants in the group. She requested that you conduct the preliminary inspection to determine whether Canoe was compliant with LA County’s food handling, storage, and preparation regulations. She indicated that Hiroaki Kim, the agent representing Exit Realty, was eager to receive the inspection report before the end of the week.

The LA County restaurant grading ordinance stipulates the following with regard to food handling, storage, and preparation: 

 · To avoid food contamination, frozen food may be prepared from a frozen state or it must be refrigerated at temperatures below 38 degrees F. For up to two hours, you may thaw frozen food under running water at a temperature of 70 degrees F. or below. ·

To avoid cross-contamination, equipment used to prepare food must be cleaned and sanitized between uses and particular care must be exercised when handling potentially harmful food such as raw poultry, beef, or fish. There is a “danger zone” temperature of 40–140 degrees F. within which food bacteria multiply rapidly and can thrive. The temperature of food should be kept out of this zone. ·

Safe food storage requires that all foods be wrapped and stored in a clean place. Each item in the walk-in refrigerator, freezer and dry storage should be in a sealed container or package with a label identifying the contents and the date on which they were received. All meats, seafood, vegetables, and dairy products must be refrigerated. The refrigerator temperature must be below 38 degrees F. Freezers should keep foods below 0 degrees F, and items in dry storage should be kept between 50–70 degrees F. with a relative humidity of 50–60%. A working thermometer must be kept in each unit at all times so that problems may be identified at a glance. · To ensure proper hygiene of food preparation staff, it is essential that they wear safety hair nets, gloves, and clean uniforms.

When you arrive at Canoe at 9 a.m. the next day, the kitchen is abuzz with activity, and food preparation is underway for the lunch service. The kitchen staff looks wonderful in their bright, clean uniforms. You remove your coat because it feels a little warm in there, and you notice that the kitchen thermometer reads 73 degrees F. A large frozen turkey lies defrosting in a dish on the counter. The head chef explains that he is preparing a chicken casserole and a beef vegetable soup for the lunch special. You observe that his assistant is busy chopping the beef into tiny cubes. Once she gets done and uses the same chopping instrument, she starts chopping the chicken into small pieces. You notice that she did not clean and sanitize the instrument before using it to chop the chicken. The chef and his assistants are all wearing gloves, but none of them appear to be wearing hairnets.

You inspect the refrigerator and freezer and notice that they are both spotlessly clean and well-organized. You also note that all the items in these units are stored in sealed containers. You are, however, unable to tell what is held in each container because none of them is labeled or dated. You look for thermometers to record the respective temperature in each unit and discover that neither unit has a thermometer in it. You then walk into the dry storage room that, apart from being extremely clean, has every item neatly stored and properly labeled. The reading on the thermometer is 66 degrees F., and the hygrometer, which measures relative humidity, reads 55%. You continue to observe the activities in the main kitchen for a few more hours; and as you get ready to leave at 1 p.m., you notice the turkey, now a little less frozen, still lying on the counter. You plan to complete and submit the report to Ms. Thomas before you return to Aqua tonight.

How do you complete this activity? 

Draft the body of an appropriate document that Ms. Thomas can forward to the agent at Exit Realty. 

Develop a response that includes examples and evidence to support your ideas, and which clearly communicates the required message to your audience.

Organize your response in a clear and logical manner as appropriate for the genre of writing. Use well-structured sentences, audience-appropriate language, and correct conventions of standard American English.

Question 921 Facebook- Marketing and Advertising

Write a Memo to your boss who is starting a new business (your boss knows nothing about this topic). Include a separate paragraph for each of the following: a brief history, current trends, best practices on effective use of the topic, how to measure the success of the topic, and the value of the topic for a small business. Include a paragraph(s) on how you recommend the topic be used in your boss’s company – include three resources or tools to assist your boss to implement the topic. Include an introduction and conclusion. The Memo should be 3-5 pages in length. See the rubric for specific details. (100 points)

Question 922 One-page proposal outlining

a one-page proposal outlining selecting a contemporary international business issue and considering its impact on Australia. For example, the topic could be related to globalization, cultural environment, global CSR, emerging markets and international strategy, Ethics and International Business, Cross-cultural communication

Question 923 Managerial economics

Need 10 pages( referencing is needed and out of the 10 pages) Section A ( 5 short questions) ======================== Each question should have an introduction and then you have to answer the question with references. You need to mention referencing at the end of the assignment Section B (2 Questions) ========= Question 1 – Each question should have an introduction and then you have to answer the question with references. You need to mention referencing at the end of the assignment Question 2- You have to follow Harvard referencing style with an introduction, table of contents, executive summary, etc…

Question 924 Professional Readings- Business

They may be from the Internet, a newspaper, a magazine, or a book. Include a brief summary and a bibliographical reference in APA style formatting. Starting in week one of your internship, you are required to read at least four articles that pertain to your field of study. They may be from the Internet, a newspaper, a magazine, or a book. Include a detailed summary that shows relevance to your field and internship. Make sure to include a bibliographical reference in APA formatting. Upload the detailed summary to Blackboard.

Question 925 Tough Conversations

Imagine you are the HR manager at a company, and a female employee came to you upset because she felt a male coworker was creating a hostile work environment by repeatedly asking her out on dates even after she said “no”. What would you do? Write a plan for how would you approach your conversation with each employee, including the most essential topics to cover. As you write your plan, think about what your goals are for this situation, and how each conversation will help you achieve those goals.

Question 926 Project Sustainability create a Video and report

Part 1 Required to create a video regarding a sustainability problem in UAE. Part 2 required the solution written as an APA report and reference. please review the attached guidelines. Sample Example of the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErlmElAalLU

Question 927 Business Week 6 LAs and Memo

Learning Activity #1 Frank Pulley was the General Manager of Fred Arnold’s, “Arnold’s Moving and Storage”, a family-owned business.

He had been with the company since he got out of high school. He worked summers and vacations to make money during his college years. The company had grown as did Frank.

When Frank graduated from college with his degree in business management, he was given the job of Office Accounts Manager. He managed the money for the business. During the evening, Frank went to school and received his MBA in Finance.

By then, Arnold’s had expanded to include long-distance moving as well as office moves in the Mid-Atlantic area. The company was making over $3,000,000 in sales and was growing at a rate of 8% -10 % a year.

The competition was strong in the Mid-Atlantic region so Fred wanted to expand southward. About this time, Fred’s son decided it was time to come back into the business. He had been working in IT in Miami.

He liked Miami and felt he could work from there and bring the business down the Eastern Seaboard. Frank had been with the business for 12 years now and felt that with Fred’s son now back in the business, it might be time to leave. Fred saw Frank at lunch one day shortly after Frank started looking for a new job. “Frank, I just heard that you are looking for a senior management position.

In fact, I had to hear it from Janice Jeppy of all people. I ran into her at the bank. She says you applied to Jeppy Movers for a job and was wondering why you would want to switch moving companies. I am wondering too.

Don’t you want to stay with us?” Frank was surprised. The thought had never occurred to him. He assumed that Mr. Arnold’s son and daughter would take over the business. Both of Fred’s children had been working in the business since they were in high school.

“I don’t want to leave Mr. Arnold,” Frank replied, “but I assumed that with Frank back in the business, he would take over. I just couldn’t see where there was room for advancement.”

Fred was afraid this is what the boy would say. His son was bright and showed promise, but Fred knew they needed experienced people like Frank to keep the company moving forward.

Frank was great support for the business and would be the best support that he and his son could have. Fred wondered how he could keep Frank in the business.

“Come see me tomorrow at 10 a.m., Frank and we will talk. I can’t let you go to Jeppy Movers, can I”?

• What Can Fred Arnold do to keep Frank now and in the future? Include in the discussion how the growth of the company will affect Fred’s ideas.

• Also, address succession and Frank’s role in the business going forward. Learning Activity

#2 • How might Arnold’s son attempt to engage the business in the Miami community to solidify the company’s move southward?

• Explain how small businesses and community support are important to business sustainability?

Question 928 Discussion- Business

This initial response should be at least 200 words in length and fully address each component of the question(s).

A salesforce manager needs to have information in order to decide whether to create a custom motivation program or purchase one offered by a consulting firm.

What are the dilemmas the manager faces in selecting either of these alternatives? Assume you were contracted as a research supplier to Apple during the development of the iPad, introduced in 2010.

What ethical issues would have influenced your firm’s behavior in its involvement with this project?

In your company’s management development program, there was a heated discussion between some people who claimed, “Theory is impractical and thus no good,” and others who claimed, “Good theory is the most practical approach to problems.” What position would you take and why? Contact the Digital Librarian about your project and explain how the librarian helped you.

Question 929 Survey Sample and Analysis: Length 10 Question Survey and Six-Page Analysis

For this assignment, the first thing for you to do is to provide me with 10 questions that I need to use so I can create a survey via Survey Monkey.

Need to have these 10 questions ASAP. The 10 questions are based on the first assessment which is about Money Transfer services and involved The 5 Steps of the Consumer Decision Making Process.

2. Once I have done and gathered the data I will return it to you and you will provide a 6- page summary, analysis, and discussion of the key findings from the data collection.

3. Please see the attached file for the detailed assignment instructions.

4. Critically analyze and understand the driving forces of perception, attitudes, motivation, group and individual differences, culture, family, and lifestyle that influence consumer behavior and consequently consumers’ purchasing decisions.

5. Design a questionnaire based on the following topics: – Perception. – Attitudes – Culture – Motivation – Family and lifestyle – Group and individual difference (N.B.: Please note that not all of these topics may be applicable to your chosen product or service).

Question 930 Research to Life

The assignment involves: Summarizing the Bringing research to Life section Identifying the different components of the research.

Each assignment is to be written in APA format and be 1-2 pages in length. The case is found at the beginning of the chapter and some questions

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