Self-help Online Courses for uni students

Self-help Online Courses

Self-help courses or personal development courses are not new in this world; they have been there since Plato’s and Socrates’s time. These are courses that help one navigate through life which is often punctuated with challenges, changing environments, and shifting roles. They equip one with skills and knowledge which is required to excel in all areas of life. For instance, if you are looking for a job, you may take a self-help class to increase your employability prospects. This self-help class will help boost your confidence, identify the skills needed during the job interview and offer a guide on how to respond to the questions asked in the interview. Also, if you want to learn a new skill that is not related to your field, you can simply enroll in a personal development class. Now, these self-help courses can be offered in class or taken online. Some of the Self-help online courses include; Anger Management, Leadership Training, Time Management, Public speaking, and Personal Transformation Training. Other self-help courses in fields such as; Medicine and Engineering require one to be there physically because many of them are hands-on. Now in this article, I will discuss why self-help courses are important and outline some of the best self-help online courses in 2022.

Why Self-help courses are important

  • They will drive you out of your comfort zone– For example, if you are employed, you might be struggling in some areas of work. Now those areas of work which you might be struggling in can be considered as your weak points. Self-help courses can help you confront these weak areas and consequently help you out of your comfort zone. Instead of spending too much time worrying about these areas, you can take a self-help class and fortify your skills. Once these skills are fortified, you can be comfortable in your work. And from then, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of the company looking for someone else to take your position.
  • They will help you build on your strengths– Apart from strengthening your weaknesses; these self-help online courses can help you develop your strengths. Supposing you already know your strong areas or the areas in which you perform best in your workplace, you can use these self-help courses to even boost them further. If you are good at time management, you can enroll in a course that will train you further on how to be an excellent time manager. If you are good at operating a certain machine, you can take a personal development course to know more about the machine. By boosting your strong areas, you can easily reach greater heights.
  • They help you boost your confidence– By taking an online course; you have already decided to improve your knowledge and skills which ultimately take you closer to feeling confident. How do you feel when you achieve a certain career or personal goal? You feel great right? Now imagine if you achieved a certain career goal and at the same time developed another skill you did not possess. You would feel greater or two times the way you felt at first right? Now self-help online courses will make you feel good two times when you gain another skill, especially in an area you were not confident in. The more you build your skills in areas you were not conversant in, the more you boost your confidence.
  • They aid in self-discovery- Deciding what you want out of life is not something you can decide overnight. It requires time, patience, and expert advice. It also requires you to explore your traits, strengths and weaknesses, your goals, personality traits and values, and expert advice from thought leaders. Now, this is where the self-help online courses come in. They can help you establish your life’s purpose and get a glimpse of the bigger life picture. If you are feeling stuck in life or unsure of what to be in life, the best way to know is by undertaking a self-help course. The course will help you find your footing as well as help you decide what to do with your life.
  • The best route to self-actualization– At the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs theory is self-actualization which simply refers to the desire of becoming everything that you are capable of becoming. In other words, it is the desire to reach your full potential as a human being. Now to discover your full potential or realize it, you can subscribe to some self-help online courses which are focused on that path. For example some self-help courses such as; Developing the right Mindset for Success and Reaching your Potential can help one to actualize. They can help you develop a personal vision that you need to be a compass in the self-actualizing process. Moreover, these courses will also help you identify your motivating factors and align them to your vision. By doing this, you will have started the improvement process which ultimately led to self-actualization.

Best self-help online courses in 2022

  • The Science of Well-Being– This is one of the excellent self-help online courses offered by Professor Laurie Santos of Yale University through Coursera. It teaches people how to have a more productive and positive mindset. In the course, the tutor digs deep into the misconceptions of happiness, how people can overcome their biases, and how we can prioritize our happiness. It is one of the free courses offered by Coursera and it takes around 10weeks which is 19hours in total. In this evolving world, it is important to take care of our mental health which all starts with a positive mindset.
  • The Ultimate Stress Management Guide- The other self-help online course which is worth taking is the ultimate stress management guide. Founded by functional medicine physician Robin Berzin, the course explores how people can go about managing their stress and anxiety. It’s a 38 video course that provides lessons on how to decrease anxiety and stress through lifestyle changes and implementation of stress-relieving strategies such as deep breathing and other cardio exercises. Also, the tutor provides a meal plan of what you ought to eat and what to avoid. For instance, the course offers a free one-page guide on a plant-based paleo diet to help in supporting stress-free habits.
  • Tips for Better Writing– Is that cover letter or job application letter stressing you? Do you have an email that you ought to draft? Are you worried about proper grammar and sentence structure when writing these official letters? Well at Com, you get to learn how to develop these and other scripts such as; essays, annotated bibliographies, and autobiographies among others. The writing experts in this platform share some of the tips of weaving rhythm and active voice in your words. They will also help you learn how to develop these pieces while still observing grammar rules.


Final word

            As you have noticed, there are numerous benefits to reap from self-help online courses. Not only do they help you to know yourself on a deeper level but also help you to initiate change to become a better person. If you are in pursuit of personal growth, there are thousands of courses online which will help you start your self-development journey. And there is no better time to subscribe to these courses than today.




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