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Rift Valley University, Burayu Campus
Department of Business Management
For First Year MBA students, 2021/22 Academic year

Group Assignment 30%
Instruction: Answer the following questions according to the given instruction (3 points each)

  1. A company is involved in the production of two items (X and Y). The resources need to produce X and Y are twofold, namely machine time for automatic processing and craftsman time for hand finishing. The table below gives the number of minutes required for each item:

Machine time Craftsman time
Item X 13 20
Item Y 19 29
The company has 40 hours of machine time available in the next working week but only 35 hours of craftsman time. Machine time is priced at £10 per hour worked and craftsman time is costed at £2 per hour worked. Both machine and craftsman idle times incur no costs. The revenue received for each item produced (all production is sold) is £20 for X and £30 for Y. The company has a specific contract to produce 10 items of X per week for a particular customer.
Formulate the problem of deciding how much to produce per week as a linear program.

  1. Answer the questions related to the model below:

max. 3 x1 + 2 x2
st 2 x1 + 2 x2 = 5
x1 + x2 = 4
x1 + 2 x2 = 4
x1, x2 = 0

  1. Use the graphical solution technique to find the optimal solution to the model.
  2. Use the simplex algorithm to find the optimal solution to the model.
  3. For which objective function coefficient value ranges of x1 and x2 do the solution remain optimal?
  4. Find the dual of the model.
  1. Use the revised simplex algorithm manually to solve the following problem. min 5x1 + 2x2 + 4x3

s.t. 3x1 + x2 + 2x3 = 4 6x1 + 3x2 + 5x3 = 10 x1, x2, x3 = 0

  1. Addis Ababa Police Station employs 30 police officers. Each officer works 5 days per week. The crime rate fluctuates with the day of the week, so the number of the police officers required each day depends on which day of the week it is: Monday, 18; Tuesday, 24; Wednesday, 25; Thursday, 16; Friday, 21; Saturday, 28; Sunday, 18. The Police Station wants to schedule police officers to minimize the number whose days off are not consecutive. Formulate an LP that will accomplish this goal.
  1. A shoe company forecasts the following demands during the next three months: 200, 260, 240. It costs

$7 to produce a pair of shoes with regular time labor (RT) and $11 with overtime labor (OT). During each month regular production is limited to 200 pairs of shoes, and overtime production is limited to 100 pairs. It costs $1 per month to hold a pair of shoes in inventory. Formulate a balanced transportation problem to minimize the total cost of meeting the next three months of demand on time (Do not try to solve it!).

  1. Recall that the optimal solution for the Power problem was z=$1,020 and the optimal tableau was:
UI/vj City 1
City 2
City 3
City 4
8 6 10 9
Plant 1 0 10 25 35
9 12 13 7
Plant 2 3 45 5 50
14 9 16 5
Plant 3 3 10 30 40
Demand 45 20 30 30
  1. For what range of values of the cost of shipping 1 million kWh of electricity from plant 3 to city 3 will the current basis remain optimal?
  2. Suppose we increase both s3 and d3 by 3. Find the new value of the cost and new values of the decision variables.
  1. Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Cameron Diaz are marooned on a desert island with Brad Pitt, Antonio Banderas, Robin Williams, and Tom Cruise. The “compatibility measures” in the table given below indicate how much happiness each couple would experience if they spent all their time together. Determine the partner for each person.
BP 7 5 8 2
AB 7 8 9 4
RW 3 5 7 9
TC 5 7 6 9
  1. A company is taking bids on four construction jobs. Three people have placed bids on the jobs. Their bids (in thousands of dollars) are given in the table (a * indicates that the person did not bid on the given job). Person 1 can do only one job, but persons 2 and 3 can each do as many as two jobs.
  1. built an assignment table to determine the minimum cost assignment of persons to jobs,
  2. use the Hungarian method to find the assignment of persons to jobs.
Person 1 2 3 4
1 50 46 42 40
2 51 48 44 *
3 * 47 45 45
  1. Consider the following transportation table for a minimization problem.

1 2 3 4 Supply 1

100 60

3 4 3 3
6 5 9 4
3 2 1 2

40 20

  1. A basic feasible solution for the given transportation is given as BV: {x11, x13, x21, x24, x32, x33}. Find the values of the basic variables. Prove that this solution is not optimal.
  2. Find the optimal solution using the transportation simplex method starting from the basic feasible solution given in part a.
  3. Find the range of values of the c24 (the cost related to x24i) for which the current basis remains optimal.
  1. Critically and objectively explain by giving examples the role of game theory in managerial decision-making.

NB. Date of submission 15/04/2022… submitted in hard copy only
Adapted and set by Getachew Gobena (Asst. Prof.)
Answer to Question #56576 – Math – Other
A company is involved in the production of two items (X and Y). The resources need to produce X and Y are twofold, namely machine time for automatic processing and craftsman time for hand finishing. The table below gives the number of minutes required for each item:
Machine time Craftsman time
Item X 13 20
Item Y 19 29
The company has 40 hours of machine time available in the next working week but only 35 hours of craftsman time. Machine time is costed at £10 per hour worked and craftsman time is costed at £2 per hour worked. Both machine and craftsman idle times incur no costs. The revenue received for each item produced (all production is sold) is £20 for X and £30 for Y. The company has a specific contract to produce 10 items of X per week for a particular customer. Formulate the problem of deciding how much to produce per week as a linear program hence make the decision.
Let ?? be the number of items of ??, ?? be the number of items of ??.
Then the LP is
20?? + 30?? – 10(??????h?????? ???????? ????????????) – 2(?????????????????? ???????? ????????????)
subject to:
13?? + 19?? = 40(60) ??????h?????? ????????
20?? + 29?? = 35(60) ?????????????????? ????????
?? = 10 ????????????????
??, ?? = 0
so that the objective function becomes
20?? + 30?? – 10(13?? + 19??) – 2(20?? + 29??)
60 60
i.e. maximize
17.1667?? + 25.8667??
subject to:
13?? + 19?? = 2400
20?? + 29?? = 2100
?? = 10
??, ?? = 0
It is plain from the diagram below that the maximum occurs at the intersection of ?? = 10 and
20?? + 29?? = 2100.
Solving simultaneously, rather than by reading values off the graph, we have that ?? = 10 and ?? = 65.52
with the value of the objective function being £1866.5.


Question 1. Which sequence can serve as the best template for modeling the E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase structure? Give a reason for the same. Use the parameters like score, identity, similarity, query • coverage, E-value, etc. to make the choice.
Question 2. Show the alignment of the chosen template with your query protein. Is there any region of the query that is not being covered by the template? If yes, mention the residue numbers. Use the graphical summary on the results page to check if any other sequence can serve as a template for the uncovered region or not


M1L1 Fluids, Density, and Pressure
Name: Section:
The assessment quantity of helium gas at 0°C used to inflate balloons has a volume of 4.0 m3 and a volume of 0.712 kg. The gas is at atmospheric pressure. What is its density?

  1. Rewrite the equation= m / V to solve for the a) mass and b) volume.

Learning Module on Fluid Mechanics 13

  1. A rectangular brass plate is 3.15 in length, 6.0 cm wide, and 0.015 m thick.
    1. Calculate the volume of the plate in cubic centimeters.
    2. Calculate the plate’s mass in grams and kilograms.
  1. What pressure will Vangie feel if she is submerged under saltwater with a depth of 235 cm? Vangie weighs 78 kilograms.

Learning Module on Fluid Mechanics

  1. A mattress of a waterbed is 2.0 m long, 25 in wide, and 30 cm deep. Find the following:
    1. the mass of the water in the mattress
    2. the pressure exerted by the waterbed on the floor while the bed rests in its normal position.
    3. the pressure of the waterbed exerted on the floor if the bed is supported by four legs and each leg has a radius of 3.0 cm.

Learning Module on Fluid Mechanics



Leo wants to paint a mural that covers a wall with an area of 300 square feet. The height of the wall is 1/3 of its length. What are the length and the height of the wall?


Basic body color for horses is influenced by several genes, one of which has several different alleles. Two of this alleles-the chestnut (dark brown) allele and a diluting (pale cream) allele (often incorrectly called ‘albino’)-display incomplete dominance. A horse heterozygous for these two alleles is a palomino (golden body colorbody-color with flaxen mane and tail). Is it possible to produce a herd of pure-breeding palomino horses? Why or why not? Work the Punnett’s square for mating a palomino to a palomino and predict the phenotypic ratio among their offspring.

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Jean Marsh Jean Marsh owns a small business making and selling children’s toys. The following trial balance was extracted from her books on 31 December 2020. DR$ CR $ 15,000 2,000 90,000 3,400 6,100 18,000 800 18,500 16,900 10,400 Capital Drawings Sales Inventory at 1 January 2020: Raw materials Finished goods Purchases of raw materials Carriage inwards Factory wages Office salaries J Marsh: salary and expenses General expenses: Factory Office Lighting Rent Insurance Advertising Bad debts Discount received Carriage outwards Plant and machinery, at cost less depreciation Car, at cost less depreciation Bank Cash in hand Accounts receivable and accounts payable 1,200 750 2,500 3,750 950 1,400 650 1,600 375 9,100 4,200 3,600 325 7,700 112,600 6,000 112,600 You are given the following additional information: 1. Inventory on 31 December 2020: Raw materials $2,900. Finished goods $8,200 there was no work in progress. 2. Depreciation for the year is to be charged as follows: Plant and machinery $1,500. Car $500. 3. On 31 December 2020 insurance paid in advance was $150 and office general expenses unpaid were $75. 4. Lighting and rent are to be apportioned: 4/5 factory; 1/5 office. Insurance is to be apportioned: 4 Factory; 4 offices. 5. Jean is a business salesperson and her salary and expenses are to be treated as selling expenses. She has sole use of the business car. Required: For the year ended 31 December 2020 prepare: (a) the manufacturing account showing prime cost and factory cost of production. (b) The trading account section of the Statement of Profit or Loss. (c) The profit or loss account section of the Statement of Profit or Loss distinguishes between administrative and selling costs. (d) A Statement of Financial Position as of 31 December 2020.


Mlangozi Limited sells plumbing fixtures on terms of 2/10 net 30. Its financial statements for the last three years are as follows: 2018 Sh.?000? 2019 Sh.?000? 2020 Sh.?000? Cash 30000 20000 5000 Accounts receivable 200000 260000 290000 Inventory 400000 480000 600000 Net fixed asset 800000 800000 800000 Accounts payable 230000 300000 380000 Accruals 200000 210000 225000 Bank loan, short term 100000 100000 140000 Long term debt 300000 300000 300000 Common stock 100000 100000 100000 Retained earnings 500000 550000 550000 Additional information: Sales 4000000 4300000 3800000 Cost of goods 3200000 3600000 3300000 sold Net profit 300000 200000 100000 Required:

  1. a) For each of the three years, analyze the company’s trends in profitability, liquidity, and efficiency (12 Marks)
  2. b) comment on the factors that may have caused the changes in profitability and liquidity from the above analysis (3 Marks)


Serra do Mar Corporation manufactures and distributes leisure clothing. Selected transactions completed by the Serra do Mar during the current fiscal year are as follows: 8. Split the common stock 3 for 1 and reduced the par from $18 to $6 per share. After the split, there were 600,000 common shares outstanding. Mar. 20. Declared semiannual dividends of $1 on 20,000 shares of preferred stock and $0.14 on the 600,000 shares of $10 par common stock to stockholders of record on March 31, payable on April 20. Jan. Apr. 20. Paid the cash dividends. May 8. Purchased 50,000 shares of the corporation’s own common stock at $48, recording the stock at cost. Actions: Organization, Capital Stock Transactions, and Dividends Aug. 2. Sold 30,000 shares of treasury stock at $56, receiving cash. Sept. 15. Declared semiannual dividends of $1 on the preferred stock and $0.07 on the common stock (before the stock dividend). In addition, a 1% common stock dividend was declared on the common stock outstanding, to be capitalized at the fair market value of the common stock, which is estimated at $52. Oct. 15. Paid the cash dividends and issued the certificates for the con on the stock dividend. Instructions T? Journalize the transactions.


Discuss the effect of the intercompany sale of the building Khap Corporation acquired an 80 percent interest in Khun Corporation in 2014. On January 1, 2016, Khap sold a building with a five-year remaining useful life to Khun for $150,000 cash. The building’s book value was $100,000. Khun still owns the building on December 31, 2016.


  1. How and in what amount will the sale of the building affect Khap’s income from Khun and net income for 2016, and the balance of Khap’s Investment in the Khun account on December 31, 2016?
  2. How will the consolidated financial statement of Khap Corporation and Subsidiary for 2016 be affected by the intercompany sale of the building?
  3. How and in what amount will the sale of the building affect Khap’s income from Khun and net income for 2017 and the balance of Khap’s Investment in Khun account on December 31, 2017, if Khun still owns the building in 2017?
  4. If Khun sold the building back to Khap at the same price and date, how and in what amount will the sale of the building affect Khap’s income from Khun and net income for 2016 and the balance of Khap’s Investment in Khun’s account at December 31, 2016?



The Glass Co. has a firm commitment dated April 1 to purchase cocoa with delivery on June 15. The commitment is for 1,000 metric tons of cocoa at P700 per ton. In order to hedge against decreases in the spot prices of cocoa, the company designated an option as a hedge against changes in the fair value of the commitment. The put option was acquired on April 1 for a premium of P1, 000 and has a strike price of P700 per ton. The option has a notional amount of 1,000 tons and an expiration date of June 15. Spot prices per ton and the value of the option at selected dates are as follows: April 1 April 30 May 31 June 15 Spot price per ton P701 P696 P697 P695 Fair value of option P1,000 P4,300 P3,500 P5,000 The change in the option’s time value will be excluded from an assessment of hedge effectiveness or split accounting is used. What is the gain or (loss) on firm commitment (hedged item) on May 31, gain or (loss) on option contract on May 31, gain or (loss) on firm commitment (hedged item) on June 15, and gain or loss on option contract on June 15, respectively?




2-38 Labor cost, overtime, and idle time. Jim Anderson works in the production department of Midwest Steelworks as a machine operator Jim, a long-time employee of Midwest, is paid on an hourly basis at a rate of $20 per hour. Jim works five-hour shifts per week Monday-Friday (40 hours). Any time Jim works over and above these 40 hours is considered overtime for which he is paid at a rate of time and a half 1830 per hour). If the overtime falls on weekends, Jim is paid at a rate of double time ($40 per hour), Jim is also paid an additional $20 per hour for any holidays worked, even if it is part of his regular 40 hours Jim is paid his regular wages even if the machines are down (not operating due to regular machine maintenance, slow order periods, or unexpected mechanical problems. These hours are considered “idle time.” During December Jim worked the following hours: Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Hours worked including machine downtime 44 3.5 43 6.4 48 5.8 46 2 60 CHAPTER 2 AN INTRODUCTION TO COST TERMS AND PURPOSES Included in the total hours worked are two company holidays Christmas Eve and Christmas Day during Week 4. All overtime worked by Jim was Monday-Friday, except for the hours worked in Week 3. All of the Week 3 overtime hours were worked on a Saturday Required 1. Calculate {n} direct manufacturing labor, (b) idle time, (c) overtime and holiday premium, and (d) total earnings for Jim in December 2 Is idle time and overtime premium a direct or indirect cost of the products that Jim worked on in December? Explain


Company XYZ is looking for a Finance/Accounting intern. The student filling this position will handle a wide range of important duties.

*Assist with month-end financial reports
*Post journal entries
*Help with accounts receivable, payable, and bank statement reconciliation
*Assist with audits
*Balance sheet reconciliation
*Work with the finance team on yearly forecasting efforts*Manage the monthly tracking of our physical inventory
*Support the payment processing team
*Data entry
*Credit checks

Applicants should be Business, Finance, Economics or Accounting majors, proficient in Microsoft Office applications. Attention to detail, the ability to multi-task and excellent communication skills are all essential to this position.

Business, Finance, Economics, Accounting


Which of the following basic elements of financial statements is more associated with the balance sheet than the income statement?

A) Equity.

B) Revenue.

C) Gains.

D) Expenses.

D) Expenses.






A 0.5233 g solid sample containing a mixture of LaCl2 (molar mass = 245.26 g/mol) and Ce(NO3)3 (molar mass = 326.13 g/mol) was dissolved in water. The solution was titrated with KIO3, producing the precipitates La (IO3)3 and Ce(IO3)2. For the complete titration of both La3+ and Ce3+, 44.42 mL of 0.1212 M KIO2 was required. Calculate the mass fraction of La and Ce in the sample.

Mass fraction La: .93 g La g sample incorrect mass fraction

Ce: .065 g Ce g sample Incorrect


Telluric acid (H2TeO4) is a moderately weak diprotic acid with Ka1 = 2.1 x 10-8 and Ka2 = 6.7 x 10–12, at 25.0 °C. What is the pH of a 0.500 M aqueous solution of telluric acid at 25.0 °C?


In the article by Gunjan Banerji, Juliet Chung, and Caitlin McCabe, GameStop Mania Reveals Power Shift on Wall Street-and the Pros Are Reeling, the Wall Street Journal, Jan 27, 2021, Reddit forums witnessed the following:

Another Reddit user noted at the time that Michael Burry, the investor who famously bet against mortgage securities before the late-2000s financial crisis, had built a stake in the company through his investment from Scion Asset Management LLC. At the time, some users began posting screenshots of bearish options positions. The signs of institutional investor interest began to emerge in earnest in 2019. O At the time, some users debated why the stock could not rise. That same year, one Reddit user posted in January that the company was a “deep value play.”


Write the precipitation reaction for magnesium acetate in an aqueous solution: Use the pull-down menus to specify the state of each reactant and product. Is magnesium acetate considered soluble or not soluble? A. Soluble B. Not soluble Submit Answer Retry Entire Group 3 more group attempts remaining.


The compound iron (III) bromideFeBr3 is soluble in water. Write the net ionic equation for the dissociation reaction that occurs when solid iron (III) bromide dissolves in water:
Be sure to specify states such as (aq) or (s).


Code in java

An organization wants you to develop a complaint cell. This complaint cell will lead to the betterment of an organization. The complaint contains the complaint number, complainant id, complaint details, and status. Complaint status can have one of the following values. A complaint can be in one of the following stages.
⦁ 0 (0 means complaint is pending and no action has been taken on the complaint)
⦁ 1 (1 means complaint is under processing)
⦁ 2 (2 means complaint has been processed)
You have to write a menu-driven program in Java to store complaints in a 1-D array.
⦁ Add a complaint (When the complaint is added its status is 0)
⦁ Update status (input complaint number and update its status by the increment of 1. if a status value has reached 2, display the message “complaint has been processed” and delete it from an array.)
⦁ View Status (input complaint number and print “Pending” if the status is 0, print “under processing” if the status is 1).


Dow Jones is a furniture company that assembles two types of chairs: Recliners and Rockers. Separate assembly lines are used for each type of chair. Classify each cost item to a. Direct (D) or indirect (1) costs for the total number of Recliners assembled. b. Variable (V) or fixed (F) costs depend on how total costs change as the total number of Recliners assembled changes. (if in doubt, select on the basis of whether the total costs will change substantially if there is a large change in the total number of Recliners assembled). C. Manufacturing (M) or non-manufacturing (NM) costs (a) (b) (c) Dor V or Mor I F NM

Cost item;  A. Cost of fabric used on Recliners B. Salary of public relations manager for Dow Jones Furniture Annual convention for furniture manufacturers that Dow Jones C. Furniture attends D. Electricity costs for Recliner assembly line (single bill covers entire plant) E. Wages paid to temporary hourly-paid assembly-line workers hired in periods of high demands for Recliner F. Annual fire-insurance policy cost for the plant Wages (salary) paid to plant manager who oversees the assembly lines G. for both chair types


Determine how you can modify the above circuit to perform both addition and subtraction using only one circuit. You can use a simple switch to specify whether the operation is addition or subtraction. Hint: Use the 2' s complement concept of A – B = A + (-B).


(1 point) The function f(x) 2×3 – 45×2 + 300x 5 has one local minimum and one local maximum This function has a local minimum at x equals


Part A

Write the product for the result of dibromine oxide (Br2O) reacting with water (the product will have only 1 equivalent (atom) of bromine in it).    Express your answer as a chemical formula.

Part B

Write the product for the reaction of potassium oxide (K2O) with water

Express your answer as a chemical formula.


Cinemar Productions bought a piece of equipment for $55,898 that will last for 5 years. The equipment will generate net operating cash flows of $14,000 per year and will have no salvage value at the end of its life. What is the internal rate of return?


Which of the following is a weak acid?



PI3Cl2 is a nonpolar molecule. Based on this information, determine the I%u2212P%u2212I bond angle, the Cl%u2212P%u2212Cl bond angle, and the I%u2212P%u2212Cl bond angle. What is the number of degrees of the I-P-I, Cl-P-Cl, and I-P-Cl bond angles?


A molecule can be polar or nonpolar depending upon the nature of the bonds and the shape of the molecule. For a molecule that has different outer atoms, molecular symmetry will decide the polarity.

If the molecular geometry is such that the dipole moments of each polar bond cancel each other then the molecule is nonpolar.

However, if the molecular geometry is such that the dipole moments of each polar bond don%u2019t cancel each other, then the molecule is polar.


Salim, John, Chang, Shilpa. Blake. Akira and you are working on a business project for an international organization. Though your group faces many difficulties communicating to achieve the goal with such a culturally diverse work group, you foresee potentially huge advantage in working together. The advantage is that:

at the above members can decode the messages based on the assumptions of their own culture b the above members can decade the non-verbal messages cording to the assumption of their own culture the above met from early diverse backgrounder contribute hostilities brings niche ideas and to-wedge llar the


What is the pH of a solution containing 0.396 mol L-1 of HBr and 1.293 mol L-1 of a weak acid with pKA 6.48 You have 5 attempts at this question. Remember: if you want to express an answer in scientific notation, use the letter “E” For example “4.32 x 104 should be entered as “4.32E4 Answer Check




Accounting research

Q1.Write a reflection regarding the topic below: Demand. Factors affecting demand. Dr. Krassimir…

 Q2. Which of the following is an example of fiscal policy? O a Controlling money supply. Ob. More than one of the choices is an example of fiscal policy. C. Changing reserve requirements O d Consumer spending. O e Tax increase O f. changing the prime rate

Q3.In Porter' s five forces model, what is meant by the term ' substitute' O a. A substitute is an alternative firm that provides the same products for the consumer O b. A substitute refers to an alternative manufacturing process OC. A substitute is an alternative product or service that performs the same function for the consumer d. A substitute is something else consumers would rather spend their money on O e. A substitute is a rival firm offering the same products

Q4. Which of the following is a sensible reason for why the concept of the industry life-cycle is relevant to corporate strategy (others may be reasons but they may not be sensible)? O a. Because it reminds managers halvallanduland/or market segments) eventually decline O b. Because the key strategic issues and hence strategies that should be pursued change with each phase in the life cycle O c. Because the life-cycle curve is a known shape it allows managers to understand the timing of changes in strategy as the cycle unfolds O d. None of the possible choices O e. Because knowing the time scale of the life-cycle enables organizations to plan for the future because managers can plan for new products as the firm reach maturity to avoid relative decline.

Q5. Write a reflection regarding the topic below

Managerial Economics: Covers the second half of the first chapter of the textbook “Managerial Economics” by Maurice & Thomas. Dr. Krassimir Petrov, Prince Sultan University Professor, PSU: Dr. Krassimir Petrov

 Q6. Write on the challenges faced by American International Group-AIG, why did the company fail? Discuss the following: Causes of the challenges and the recommended solution to the Challenges. Write not less than 1500 Words.

Q7.  Ethelbert.com is a young software company owned by two entrepreneurs. It currently needs to raise $430,000 to support its expansion plans. A venture capitalist is prepared to provide the cash in return for a 40% holding in the company. Under the plans for the investment, the VC will hold 9,000 shares in the company, and the two entrepreneurs will have combined holdings of 13,500 shares.  a. What is the total after-the-money valuation of the firm? Post-money valuation b. What value is the venture capitalist placing on each share? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.) Price per share.

Q8. What are the implications for leaders today and how does leading authentically help leaders to steer clear of scandalous crises and ethical breaches? Apply these questions using examples from the current business media. You can use one company to illustrate your point of view or several companies.

Q9. The enterprise value to EBITDA multiple relates the total market value of the firm, net of cash, to the earnings before interest, taxes, and depreciation of the firm. Complete the following sentences assuming other things remain equal Firms with higher growth as compared to otherwise similar firms with lower growth Choose. Should command Firms with higher depreciation and amortization (D&A) as compared to Choose… lower enterprise value to EBITDA higher enterprise value to EBITDA Choose… otherwise similar firms with lower D&A should command Firms with higher earnings as compared to otherwise similar firms with lower earnings Choose. Should command Firms with higher net capital expenditures (Net CapEx) as compared to otherwise similar firms with lower Net CapEx should Choose Command Firms with higher tax rates as compared to Choose… otherwise similar firms with lower tax rates should command.

Q10. Spike Equino is the CEO of a private medical equipment company that is proposing to sell 105,000 shares of its stock in an open auction. Suppose the company receives the bids in the following table. Shares 21,000 10,600 15,600 26,000 10,600 8,600 15,000 15,500 30,500 Price $85 83 78 75 74 72 71 70 66 a. What will be the company' s total receipts from the sale if the auction is a discriminatory auction? Total receipts b. What if it is a uniform price auction? Total receipts.

 Q11. What are the implications for leaders today and how does leading authentically help leaders to steer clear of scandalous crises and ethical breaches? Apply these questions using examples from the current business media. You can use one company to illustrate your point of view or several companies.

Q12. Every multiple has a numerator and a denominator. One of the key tests to run on a multiple is to examine whether the numerator and denominator are defined consistently which of the following Multiples are consistently defined? Which of the following Multiples is NOT consistently defined? DOO Price-to-Earnings Ratio Price-to-EBITDA Ratio Price-to-Sales Ratio EVIFCFE Ratio EVIEBIT (4-Taz PEG Ratio

Q13. Analysis 1. Outline a minimum of 2 short-term, 2 medium-term, and 2 long-term financial goals that you have. Personal Financial Goals Short-Term Goals (less than 1 year) Medium-Term Goals (1 year to 5 years) o Long-Term Goals (5 years or more) Service SITTA

Q14. Marks The following you find P/E ratios of firms in the packaged software industry as of December 2021, with additional data on expected growth and risk Fimm P/E Ratio, Expected Growth in % Beta Payout in % 1.6 1.32 Corsair Garniting Bentley Systems, Inc. Cerence Inc. 0.64 0.40 7.11 2.53 0.61 3.12 0.00 NeoGames SA 0.27 2.61 1.54 Oracle Corp. 4.67 0.25 22.86 Intuit Inc. 9.74 0.67 31.25 0.91 1.42 CoreCard Corp. Citrix Systems, Inc. Man Tech Int. Corp. 5.33 0.09 0.11 60.77 3.36 0.02 0.18 43.14 The mean P/E ratio is: | and the median PE ratio is What does this tell you about the distribution? The mean PE ratio is and the median PE ratio is? What does this tell you about the distribution? 2 The regression of PIE ratios on fundamentals yields the following: PIE = -2.28 – 0.04* Growth Rate 2153 Beta + 0.15 Payout Ratio What is the implied growth of SHOP2 The firm's P/E ratio is 3.98, its Beta is 2.47 and its Payout Patio is. The implied growth in % is? What is the problem with a regression like this one that has only a few observations?

Q15. Scarborough Faire Herb Farm is a small company specializing in selling organic fresh herbs, teas, and herbal crafts. The cost of growing basil is $0.43 per bunch. At the farmers market, they sell the bunches for $3.00 each. Fresh… If the farm changes the price of their basil bunches to meet the target margin of 60% and then sells 300 bunches of basil this season, what will the total contribution margin be? 0 dollars ($) 11 PS1 1 2 3 4 SUBMIT ANSWER EXIT CALCULATED VARIABLES tprice = $1.08 pmargin = 0.857 (85.7%) margin = $2.57

 Q16. Permitting only designated personnel such as cashiers to handle cash receipts is an application of the principle of?



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Q 1: Tion What Is R1 Inf11, If R-0.9. Answer: Jutor Tion What Is R2 Inf11, If R-0.9. Answer: Ut Of ΛΑ- RkΩ 500Ω ΑΛΛ + 1 R2 Λ V 2 ΚΩ 2kΩ: V 1.5kΩ Οι Αξ+ + C A

Q2. C++ program

 Q3. Short answer question: What is the retardation of contaminants?, What are some examples of retardation processes?, What is the attenuation of contaminants?

Q4. 1.152×10 A copper wire or radius p and length & is a connected change of space, the resistance of the stretched wire will be to a battery with potential difference VThe wire ends. As a result of this V, applied across the a) Decreased 16 times b) Increased 4 times c) Decreased 4 times d)) Increased 16 times A dielectric material contains 2x 10″ polar molecules/ m, each of dipole moment 1.8×10*CIm Assuming that all the dipoles are aligned in the direction of the electric fiekdE-0' a. find z. a. 0.0407 b. -0.407 2×1 0.407 d. 0 いてe o metal spheres of radii R and Ra are charged to the same potential. The ratio of charge eres a. Ri: R wire of uniform area of cross-section is cut into two equal parts, the conductivity of e a.Doubled Retain the same Halves Four times 3/5.

Q5. Using potentiometer biasing (voltage divider), establish a quiescent Ic and Vce of 1mA and 6V respectively in a common emitter amplifier using an NPN BJT transistor (min-50, Bryp=150, Bmax300). Draw the circuit for a VDB CE amplifier. Indicate all assumptions you made along with your calculations to specify the values of the components.

Q6. The Sunshine Selina Lotus Hotel generally charges conference organizers $65 per delegate attending a one-day conference. It also incurs $10 in variable costs per delegate. Over the last few years, it has averaged 80 delegates for each conference sold. Last year the hotel incurred $88,000 of fixed costs. On average, what is the total contribution generated per conference sold?

Q7. UHO, 0,6, there be of cars win the characteristics own price is above 520.000 to the Compact Describe the following set in words and then find the set o has a good safety rating A = has a package Рng W warranty is a tree year Data Table mm Click on the icon www the table of new car features Dofra PC in words. Choose the correct have become OA There is a set of cars that cost more than $20.000 compact OB. The set in the set of cars that cost more than $20.000 and are not compact OC. There is a set of cars that cost $20.000 or less and are not compact OD. There is a set of cars that both cost more than $20,000 and we compact Identify the Clements of the set Pn Select a reapply Warranty Sa c d – 7 Cost 520.000 519600 3251200 317780 521.000 $24.700 516100 5706 contact Subcompact mi dung anal com ridge 3 2 3 3 2 Aa Od ODD DR. 4 4 EL PAC is the mot et Print Done.

Q8. Burned steel wool (pure Fe) becomes a dark comp 3.50 round referred to as iron oxide. By burning 8 of steel wool, 5.00 g of a final product (rust) is obtained. What is the mass percent of iron (Fe) and oxygen (O) in the produced rust? 2. How many moles of Fe and O are in 5.00 g of rust? 3. What should be the empirical formula of rust formed in this way? 4. What is the balanced chemical equation of the combustion of steel wood? Based on the balanced equation, how many grams of rust will be produced from 10 K

Q9. What is the most significant solute in determining the distribution of water among the fluid compartment?


Q10. How is calcium concentration in the body regulated?

  1. By sodium and calcium concentrations in the plasma
  2. By the parasympathetic nervous system
  3. By the sympathetic nervous system
  4. By chloride and phosphate concentrations in the plasma
  5. By hormones

Q11. What is the most significant solute in determining the distribution of water among fluid compartments?

Q12. I separated the screenshots but equilibrium price and shortage or surplus? and how much? I attached an example too.

Q13. Why do ' lava flows flow further and causes more fires than pahoehoe lava flows?

  1. O a' a has a lower viscosity so it can spread out further without cooling
  2. O pahoehoe has a higher viscosity meaning it will stick to the volcano
  3. O a' a has a higher viscosity allowing it to flow in the center while the edges cool
  4. O pahoehoe is submarine lava flows

Q14. Enter String: Howdy 99 3.77 z Howdy Howdy z 3.77 99 3.77 cast to an integer LAB ACTIVITY 2.34.1: LAB Warm-up Variables, input, and casting BasicInput java Load default 2 3 public class BasicInput 4 public static void main(String[] args) { 5 Scanner sene – new Scanner(System. in); 6 int user int; I 7 double user Double // FME Define cher and string variables similarly 9 10 System. out.println(“Enter integer: “); 11 user Int – Sehr nextInto: 12 13 // FINE (1): Finish reading other items into variables, then output the four values on a single line separated 14 15 // FIDE (2): Output the four values in reverse 16 17 1/ FTOHE (3): Cast the double to an integer, and output that integer 18 } 19 ) CCF09012020 on My Perusall sco. CSV A my perusal-an… IMG 3997 HEIC MacBook Pro 30 ga 17 DIL & 2 3 $ 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 W E R T Y U S D F G Н. J J K к D

Q15. For each of the following Unix system calls, give a condition that may cause it to fail: open, read, fork, execve, unlink. (Hint: you can explore the error semantics of these system calls online or using man on the Linux servers, e.g., man 2 fork.)

Q16. Moment of inertia of apple. Find the moment of inertia about the z-axis of a solid of density delta o = 1 enclosed by the spherical coordinate surface rho = 1 – cos phi.

 Q17. Short Answer Question Examples

  •  What is the Archeocyte niche? (1 point)
  • Devise an experiment to determine whether or not an individual Archeocyte is totipotent. (2 points)
  •  What is the content and function of gemmules in adult demosponges? (2 points)
  • What is the hydra i-cell (interstitial stem cell) niche? (1 point)
  •  As a stem cell transcription factor why is it important that FoxO regulates DNA repair? Based on what you have already learned would you expect it to enhance or inhibit repair? (2 points)
  •  Why are the inner cell mass cells of a mouse blastocyst described as having pluripotency, not totipotency? (1 point)
  • What is the difference in the binding affinities between Aubergine and Argonaut-3 for piRNAs? (1 point)
  •  What two criteria must a pluripotent stem cell possess? (2 points) How would you prove a cell line has these two properties? Provide 4 different experimental tests that you could use (4 points)
  • Considering the pluripotency regulatory circuitry of mouse embryonic stem cells how does differentiation occur? (2 points)

Q18. Which documents can be bought sold, and used as collateral? Check all that apply. Commercial invoice To order bill of lading O Pro-forma invoice Road waybill O Purchase order Performance bond Freight forwarding and customs brokerage are services that are being offered by larger freight forwarding and customs brokerage firms. What other stakeholders can also offer those services? Carriers Trading Houses Banks None of the above

Q19. A light source is fastened to the bottom of a box, and a mirrored surface is placed at the top such that the distance from the light source to the mirror does = 0.3 m. A flash of light, traveling at a speed of co-3x 108 m/s. travels from the source to the mirror, where it is reflected and then travels from the mirror is to the source, as illustrated in the figure below 4,-0.3 m G=3×108 m/s Suppose you take this box with you up to space, where there are fewer distractions and you can finally concentrate on your work. How much time will it take for the light to travel only one way between the source and the mirror? O O O O one nanosecond half a nanosecond three nanoseconds two nanoseconds


Q20.Merchandise assortment offerings have evolved since the dot.com boom. Which of the following did Wal-Mart.com accept as its best practice for the electronic channel?

It tailored its online assortments to include products that its customers were more likely to buy through an electronic channel.
It charged different prices for the same merchandise sold in each channel.
It has the same assortments across all channels.
It offered more merchandise through its electronic channel than through its stores.
All of the above

Q21. Which documents can be bought sold, and used as collateral? Check all that apply. Commercial invoice To order bill of lading O Pro-forma invoice Road waybill O Purchase order Performance bond Freight forwarding and customs brokerage are services that are being offered by larger freight forwarding and customs brokerage firms. What other stakeholders can also offer those services? Carriers Trading Houses Banks None of the above

Q22. A C10X15.3 steel channel (textbook Table A4) is bolted to a 1/2″ thick gusset plate with 3/4″ diameter A325-N high strength bolts and standard size holes.

Q23. All connected material is ASTM A36 steel.  Determine the maximum allowable load, P, for this connection.

The allowable load P is based on the minimum condition of bolt shear, bearing failure at bolt holes of the connected member, tensile rupture through the net area of the connected member, or tensile yielding of the gross area of the connected member.

Allowable bearing stress = Fp = (1.2)(Fu) = (1.2)(58) = 69.6 KSI

Allowable tensile rupture stress = Ft = (0.5)(Fu) = (0.5)(58) = 29 KSI

Allowable tensile yield strength of A36 steel = (0.6)(Fy) = (0.6)(36) = 22 KSI

Q24.A hydrogen atom in a state having a bine ev makes a transition to a state with excitation energy (the difference naing energy (the energy required to remove an electron) of 0.85 the difference between the energy of the state and that of the ground state) of 10.2 eV. Determine (a) the photon emitted as a result of the transition, (b) the higher quantum number mgner quantum number, and (c) the lower quantum number of the transition producing this emission. Lyman Ans. (g/2.6 eV; (b)4; (482































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