LLM referral assignment of International corporate governance

LLM referral assignment of International corporate governance. 4500 words. Question: ‘The legal framework governing directors’ remuneration in Anglo-American corporate governance regimes is increasingly a powerful tool for curbing the worst excesses.’ Critically evaluate this statement. Support your answer with reference to appropriate academic authorities, i.e. relevant (and high-quality) primary and secondary sources. LLM coursework of International corporate governance. 4500 words.+10% is permitted. Word count: 4500 words excluding footnotes and Bibliograpy. *Oscola referencing style for footnotes* Bibliograpy in OSCOLA with proper headings of sources used.*There must be extensive analysis of each article used.*minimum 20 articles* No use of content page* Balance between primary and secondary sources used. Provided materia must be used in writing. Further articles must be accessed from Lexis west law and Financial times only. https://www.europarl.europa.eu/news/en/press-room/20220603IPR32195/women-on-boards-deal-to-boost-gender-balance-in-companies

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