A 0.5233 g solid sample containing a mixture of LaCl2 (molar mass = 245.26 g/mol) and Ce(NO3)3 (molar mass = 326.13 g/mol) was dissolved in water. The solution was titrated with KIO3, producing the precipitates La (IO3)3 and Ce(IO3)2. For the complete titration of both La3+ and Ce3+, 44.42 mL of 0.1212 M KIO2 was required. Calculate the mass fraction of La and Ce in the sample.

Mass fraction La: .93 g La g sample incorrect mass fraction

Ce: .065 g Ce g sample Incorrect


Telluric acid (H2TeO4) is a moderately weak diprotic acid with Ka1 = 2.1 x 10-8 and Ka2 = 6.7 x 10–12, at 25.0 °C. What is the pH of a 0.500 M aqueous solution of telluric acid at 25.0 °C?


In the article by Gunjan Banerji, Juliet Chung, and Caitlin McCabe, GameStop Mania Reveals Power Shift on Wall Street-and the Pros Are Reeling, the Wall Street Journal, Jan 27, 2021, Reddit forums witnessed the following:

Another Reddit user noted at the time that Michael Burry, the investor who famously bet against mortgage securities before the late-2000s financial crisis, had built a stake in the company through his investment from Scion Asset Management LLC. At the time, some users began posting screenshots of bearish options positions. The signs of institutional investor interest began to emerge in earnest in 2019. O At the time, some users debated why the stock could not rise. That same year, one Reddit user posted in January that the company was a “deep value play.”


Write the precipitation reaction for magnesium acetate in an aqueous solution: Use the pull-down menus to specify the state of each reactant and product. Is magnesium acetate considered soluble or not soluble? A. Soluble B. Not soluble Submit Answer Retry Entire Group 3 more group attempts remaining.


The compound iron (III) bromideFeBr3 is soluble in water. Write the net ionic equation for the dissociation reaction that occurs when solid iron (III) bromide dissolves in water:
Be sure to specify states such as (aq) or (s).


Code in java

An organization wants you to develop a complaint cell. This complaint cell will lead to the betterment of an organization. The complaint contains the complaint number, complainant id, complaint details, and status. Complaint status can have one of the following values. A complaint can be in one of the following stages.
⦁ 0 (0 means complaint is pending and no action has been taken on the complaint)
⦁ 1 (1 means complaint is under processing)
⦁ 2 (2 means complaint has been processed)
You have to write a menu-driven program in Java to store complaints in a 1-D array.
⦁ Add a complaint (When the complaint is added its status is 0)
⦁ Update status (input complaint number and update its status by the increment of 1. if a status value has reached 2, display the message “complaint has been processed” and delete it from an array.)
⦁ View Status (input complaint number and print “Pending” if the status is 0, print “under processing” if the status is 1).


Dow Jones is a furniture company that assembles two types of chairs: Recliners and Rockers. Separate assembly lines are used for each type of chair. Classify each cost item to a. Direct (D) or indirect (1) costs for the total number of Recliners assembled. b. Variable (V) or fixed (F) costs depend on how total costs change as the total number of Recliners assembled changes. (if in doubt, select on the basis of whether the total costs will change substantially if there is a large change in the total number of Recliners assembled). C. Manufacturing (M) or non-manufacturing (NM) costs (a) (b) (c) Dor V or Mor I F NM

Cost item;  A. Cost of fabric used on Recliners B. Salary of public relations manager for Dow Jones Furniture Annual convention for furniture manufacturers that Dow Jones C. Furniture attends D. Electricity costs for Recliner assembly line (single bill covers entire plant) E. Wages paid to temporary hourly-paid assembly-line workers hired in periods of high demands for Recliner F. Annual fire-insurance policy cost for the plant Wages (salary) paid to plant manager who oversees the assembly lines G. for both chair types


Determine how you can modify the above circuit to perform both addition and subtraction using only one circuit. You can use a simple switch to specify whether the operation is addition or subtraction. Hint: Use the 2' s complement concept of A – B = A + (-B).


(1 point) The function f(x) 2×3 – 45×2 + 300x 5 has one local minimum and one local maximum This function has a local minimum at x equals


Part A

Write the product for the result of dibromine oxide (Br2O) reacting with water (the product will have only 1 equivalent (atom) of bromine in it).    Express your answer as a chemical formula.

Part B

Write the product for the reaction of potassium oxide (K2O) with water

Express your answer as a chemical formula.


Cinemar Productions bought a piece of equipment for $55,898 that will last for 5 years. The equipment will generate net operating cash flows of $14,000 per year and will have no salvage value at the end of its life. What is the internal rate of return?


Which of the following is a weak acid?



PI3Cl2 is a nonpolar molecule. Based on this information, determine the I%u2212P%u2212I bond angle, the Cl%u2212P%u2212Cl bond angle, and the I%u2212P%u2212Cl bond angle. What is the number of degrees of the I-P-I, Cl-P-Cl, and I-P-Cl bond angles?


A molecule can be polar or nonpolar depending upon the nature of the bonds and the shape of the molecule. For a molecule that has different outer atoms, molecular symmetry will decide the polarity.

If the molecular geometry is such that the dipole moments of each polar bond cancel each other then the molecule is nonpolar.

However, if the molecular geometry is such that the dipole moments of each polar bond don%u2019t cancel each other, then the molecule is polar.


Salim, John, Chang, Shilpa. Blake. Akira and you are working on a business project for an international organization. Though your group faces many difficulties communicating to achieve the goal with such a culturally diverse work group, you foresee potentially huge advantage in working together. The advantage is that:

at the above members can decode the messages based on the assumptions of their own culture b the above members can decade the non-verbal messages cording to the assumption of their own culture the above met from early diverse backgrounder contribute hostilities brings niche ideas and to-wedge llar the


What is the pH of a solution containing 0.396 mol L-1 of HBr and 1.293 mol L-1 of a weak acid with pKA 6.48 You have 5 attempts at this question. Remember: if you want to express an answer in scientific notation, use the letter “E” For example “4.32 x 104 should be entered as “4.32E4 Answer Check



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