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Question 1105 assignment for law

Make sure to cite the case law from the assigned meetings in answering the following cases. Please do your best to use original cases.

a. Describe the Quid Pro Quo type of sexual harassment and circumstances that would qualify as such. Then name and describe one case that illustrates it.

b. Describe the Hostile Environment type of sexual harassment and circumstances that would qualify as such. Then name and describe one case that illustrates it.

c. Which is the more prevalent type of harassment? Do you think one is worse than the other?

Question 1206 Employment labor


The week’s assignment concerns briefing a case from the readings. You can pick any case from the readings. You must pick an actual court case and give the citation.

The brief should concern a legal case that is relevant to the following Week 5 Agency, Employment or Labor Law, objectives. Brief the case. Use the IRAC methodology.

Discuss the: I: Issue R: Rule A: Analysis C: Conclusion

The brief is followed by discussion of whether you agrees or disagree with the court opinion and why. Please put this in a separate paragraph.


When the brief is completed and in paragraph or two discuss how the legal concepts in the selected case can be applied within a business managerial setting. In other words, explain how the rule discussed in the case have impacted the industry in past and what you see for the future.

In your answer discuss the positive and negative effect the case law has made on the industry. The paper is a minimum 1,200 words in length. Resources

Question 1207 Marty essay

Part II. Essay Marty, sex (male), national origin (English), works as a welder at Plymouth Naval Shipyard, a private company in Virginia.

Marty has worked for Plymouth for 35 years, ever since he graduated from high school. Plymouth is the manufacturer and repair of naval ships and submarines and employs 3000 employees.

When Marty first started working for Plymouth, he was a “top-notch” welder, a real “go-getter.” His job required him to walk up ramps, climb ladders, and to climb scaffolds to weld the higher places of the ship.

Plymouth Naval Shipyard had a policy of not placing any employees on light duty. All welders performed the full duties of his/her job. In January 2011, Marty suffered a permanent injury to his right leg.

Thereafter, he walked with a limp and was required to use a walker. Marty could no longer perform the full duties of his job as a welder. Marty’s supervisor, Frank, allowed Marty to weld the lower parts of the ships and did not require him to weld the higher places of ships. Marty and Frank had worked with each other for a long time and often hunted and fished together.

Isabella, sex (female), national origin (Kenyan), also works as a welder at Plymouth Naval Shipyard. In February 2013, Isabella became pregnant. Isabella gave her supervisor, Frank, a doctor’s note, which stated Isabella should be placed on light duty and could not work near toxic substances.

Frank told Isabella that Plymouth did not allow employees to work light duty. Frank told Isabella that she could take a boat back to Kenya or return when she lost her accent and her Kenyan clothes. Plymouth placed Isabella on unpaid leave until she was able to perform the full duties of her job. Isabella filed a complaint with the EEOC alleging that Plymouth committed gender discrimination and national origin discrimination.

You are legal counsel for Plymouth. Explain in detail whether Plymouth committed gender discrimination and national origin discrimination. In your essay, include: 1) explanation of all applicable laws and legal theories; 2) facts supporting or opposing gender discrimination, and 3) facts supporting or opposing national origin discrimination.

Question 1108  Read and answer questions

Requirements: I’m using this notes study for the exam, so just like how university students taking notes when the reading the books, the notes is not assignment to turn in, so don’t worried about sources and no need introduction and conclusion , the structure need to be clear and maybe using different color on words, the notes are mainly focus on answering the learning goals, so any information in the books that is relevant with learning goals are important, so the notes need to be more detail in explaining and sometimes the explanation in the books may difficult to understand, so the notes need to be explain clear, but the information in the books which not relevant with learning goals can’t be ignore, a brief and clear summaries on those not relevant to learning goals is good. For this notes, I need between 4 pages.

If you have any future questions about making notes, I have an example notes, please lookup, it’s really good notes and that’s what I’m looking for, also I don’t want 100% copy & paste sentence in the notes from the readings. You need to answer these four questions:

1. How has the regulation of the negative effects of economic activity changed? How can the ‘old’ and ‘new’ type of regulating the externalities of economic activity be characterized?

2.Why has the regulation of the economy changed in recent decades from ‘government’ to ‘governance’?

3.how can current form of regulation be put into practice?

4. What types of actors and instruments are involved in regulatory governance regimes such as the climate change governance regime?

Question 1109 Business Law Memorandum

Read the attached scenario. Memorandum should be 4-5 pages. Reference at least two cases for each point of law that is mentioned.

Cite cases that appear to support a different legal resolution than the one presented, and then distinguish that case from the scenario described in this assignment. APA format

Question 1110 Analysis Paper

Analysis Paper (5 pages): For this essay you will use the “They Say, I Say” method to analyse literature. We will go over how to do this in class, but in the meantime you can learn more about this method by reading Chapter 15 (“On Closer Examination:

Entering Conversations About Literature”) in They Say, I Say. You will also draw on the close reading skills you have worked on in class and for your Concept Paper to write this assignment. You will chose one of four topics for this essay, which are listed below.

One week before your essay is due you will bring a rough draft of your paper to your tutorial for a peer editing session. You will exchange drafts with a partner, prepare comments for your partner, and receive feedback on your own paper in turn. You will then use this feedback to edit and improve your essay.

In order to receive a grade for your rough draft, you must submit both the rough draft and the peer editing sheet you receive from your partner with your final draft. Although you may use (and properly cite!) secondary sources for this assignment, you are not required to do so.

For this section of ENGL 1003, you will choose one of the following four topics for your Analysis Essay:

• Write an essay that compares the points of view of the speakers of the poems “Unit of Measure” and “A Martian Sends a Postcard Home.” What are Beasley and Raine saying about the limits of human knowledge? How are the speakers/subjects of these poems similar and/or different, and why does this matter?

• Write an essay on the importance of food in Jhumpa Lahiri’s “When Mr. Pirzada Came to Dine.” What ideas or concepts do you think Lahiri is addressing through her characters’ relationship with food in this story?

• Write and essay on the relationship – or intersections – between race and gender in Junot Díaz’s story “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, of Halfie.” What do you think Díaz is saying about how these two identity categories shape and influence each other?

• Write an essay on how language shapes experience in either Lydia Davis’ “French Lesson I: Le Meurtre” or George Saunders’ “My Chivalric Fiasco.” In both of these stories, language itself plays an important role in how the story gets told. What do you think Davis or Saunders is saying about language and how it influences our experience of the world?

Question 1111 Visual Rhetorical Analysis

Analyze the photo and write a visual argument attached is the photo below the title is “Life After War” The rhetorical/visual argument analysis paper should:

Be 5 – 7 pages in length.

Clear introduction and conclusion.

Address all three rhetorical appeals: ethos, pathos, and logos.

Address the issue of audience.

Adhere to MLA format (including in-text citations and Reference page)

Include correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling

Question 1112 Letter to USCIS For a Change Status

Write a short letter to USCIS explaining why you need a change status ( departure of the principal visa holder, becoming too old to be considered a dependent), why you decided to study, and what you hope to do with your education when you return home.

Additions information: right now I have a diplomatic A1 visa. The passport will expire in March 2018 and the visas in May 2018. They suggested that I change my status 6 months before my parents leave the United States.

I’m studying Bussiness Administration at Montgomery College. I want to open a business back home.

Question 1113 English Language

I need to respond for this posts : Yes, someone has taken credit for my work before. It was my senior year in English class Until then I never thought someone would take credit for my work.

It was our last book report of the year and this girl in my class and I happen to choose the same book to do our report on. One day I left my book report on my desk while I went to the office to drop something off and apparently, she took a picture of it. She literally copied the report word for word didn’t even have the courtesy to switch it up a little or add her own thoughts and opinions.

I turned mines in early so the teacher noticed hers was identical to mines when she turned it in he told me when he asked her about it she said we had worked together which he knew wasn’t true because I stayed after school in his class and completed it

. I was disappointed because she could have read the book just like I did or at least have asked me for help. When doing papers, we are expected to use sources to find information, just must understand the importance of citing and giving someone credit for their work.

Question 1114 First Round Response

Write a cohesive response based on your initial reaction to the film you watched that considers the course Essential Question that best-fits your film as well as your own life. (pursuit of happiness) Be sure to write a succinct, cohesive, well-developed and supported response with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

Relate the action or outcome of the film to your own life by considering the following questions:

Did you see yourself in the film? Did you learn a lesson?

Did you have an insight into why things were the way they were?

Did you remember something from your past you had forgotten?

Were you inspired to write a great film or paint a picture or make a new friend?

What did you learn that you didn’t know before?

What events or reactions are most closely related to your chosen Essential Question(s)

Why is this?

How does the setting in the film support your chosen Essential Questions (s)? Why?

Which character most clearly reflects the idea of your chosen Essential Question(s)?


Essential Question. “To what degree can an individual’s choices and actions influence the direction of his or her life? “

Question 1115 Research Log

I need to write a complex research paper for my final. I have not decided my topic yet but i want my topic is about sneakers.

In this assignment, what you need to do is to show your work of the research you did about the topic of sneaker. If you have any idea to write a complex research paper about sneaker, i may assign you to do my final essay in the following week

Question 1116 technical description

For this assignment, you’ll create a technical description of some invention, process, or engineering marvel related to your major. Some expectations:

1. Your technical description fits on one two-sided 8.5 x 11-inch sheet of paper. On submission day, 11/28, you’ll bring one copy for your instructor. On presentation day (which may or may not be the same as submission day), you’ll bring 28 copies — one for every student in the class.

2. Your technical description will consist of a combination of text and visuals that help explain your topic to the audience. Include drawings, photos, charts, tables, facts, FAQs, timelines, or whatever illustrations are appropriate to help you teach your topic. For the text, use subheading to break up blocks of information. Label (i.e., figure 1), caption, and credit all illustrations. Your textbook offers examples.

3. Cite the sources of all information you use in APA style . Also, save some space for a works cited list; make sure it’s in alphabetical order.

4. You won’t need to double-space, paginate, or staple this assignment. But you will need a two-part title.

Question 1117 American dream discussion

Post 2: Discussing the American Dream due by Saturday, Nov. 18th by 11:59 PM. [worth up to 20 points].

Think about how Willy Loman dreams the American Dream.

What is his concept of the American Dream?

In what way does it become a nightmare for him – or does he die content?

What about his sons?

What are their concepts of the American Dream?

Discuss whether you think the American Dream today is the same as it was when Arthur Miller wrote Death of a Salesman back in 1949. Explain and support your opinions.

Give specific details and examples. What is your concept today of the American Dream? Fully explain your answer and use specific details and examples.

Question 1118  Online class vs. on ground class

1- Post your Compare and Contrast Essay topic and a working thesis. 2. Explain why you selected this topic. ( my topic is Online class vs. ground class) This is a working thesis, which means it can be revised once you start drafting your essay. Feel free to comment on those of your peers as well. just 210 word

Question 1119 If you could change one thing about El Paso, what would it be?

Arguing Essay 4-5 pages min, reasons supported by examples, intro, outro, comprehension audience, support arguments, index citation, parenthetical citation, where can I used the information and also please conclude by asking a question for readers to consider.

I have attached my annotated bibliography, this document you will need it to do the arguing essay because it has to be based on what I choose, which is construction and traffic in El Paso

Question 1120 Final Project First Draft

The purpose of the first draft is to begin communicating your topic and to establish its relevance to a reader. The first draft will present an introduction (two to three paragraphs) and one section (two to three paragraphs) of the body of the paper.

The first draft should include at least two of the sources you presented in your Annotated Bibliography. If you have made changes to your list of references, cite each new reference carefully both in the text and on the reference page. The length of the first draft is three to four pages of text, not including the title and References pages.

The assignment includes a prewriting activity to plan the sections of the project, which is included on the “Week 5 First Draft Directions and Document Format” file. When you are finished, save the document as and submit it by the end of the week. The Project First Draft is worth 75 points.

Question 1121 Respond

you can ask a question, add an example, or develop what your classmate has said in some way with pertinent follow-up thoughts or questions about the topic. Review the word count requirement for posts. (i need to respond for two this topic each respond 100 word) *Topic 1: Friend vs. Family Thesis statement: The family is the backbone of an individual, it is a blessing which every person is bestowed with, on the other hand, friends, are an added benefit, they can be family or be enemies depending on the type of people an individual chooses to befriend.

This essay will elaborate all aspects, including advantages, disadvantages and so forth about friends and family. The family is your blood relatives and the people that you live with your whole life and you cannot choose them.

However, friends are your own choice and can be changed on your own will. The family is always cautious about your action in your life, but friends are ones that let you live on the edge and make you live on your own without care. Friends can make you go wrong in life, but family is always there to back a person up whatever the situation may be. Some people totally rely on friends and some only on family.

It has to be made sure that person can rely on both as long as they are reliable. Friends remain into your life until you reach a professional point when dorm have time to see each other. Some people do stay friends all their life only if they stay in touch.

The family is always family whether they live with you or not, if you talk or not, you are always their family and you cannot be taken away from each other.

Reasons for choosing this topic: I chose this topic because I as the difference between family and friends is needed to be understood so that one can keep them both together throughout the life.

*topic 2: World War I vs. World War II Thesis statement: Both the world wars have left a significant impact on the world. it has impacted not just the world economy but lives of several families.

This essay aims at highlighting several significant events faced in the World War I and World War II, also, it includes the impact the entire world faced. The First World War (1914-1918) was a shorter duration in comparison to the Second World War (1939-1945).

There were several reasons which incited both wars, however, one impacted a few nations, whereas, the other impacted the entire globe. The unfortunate assassination of the Duke of Austria, Francis Ferdinand become the spark, who started the World War-I.

In contrast a series of events, for instance, Adolf Hitler coming to power, the approval of the treaty signed at Versailles against the Soviet Union, and so forth become the grounds on which the World War-II was fought.

The reasons for fighting both wars were very different, as the people during each era had different needs. The primary focus of the World War-I was colonization, whereas, during the World War-II the focus shifted to power alone. The death toll during World War-I was lower i.e. around 17 million in comparison to World War-II i.e. 1.1-1.2 billion people.

There were several epidemics during World War-I which resulted in a higher death toll. The events which occurred towards the end of World War-I also contributed in the beginning of World War-II.

There were massive genocides which occurred during the first and second World War such as, the genocide of Armenians at the hand of the Ottoman empire, the genocide of Jews which occurred at the hands of Nazis, respectively. Why I choose this topic: I chose this topic because they were one of the most tragic wars in the history of mankind that changed the map and the history of the planet earth, and so of the interest of many people.

Question 1122 Summary & Response

  1. In this assessment, there are two tasks: a Summary (part one) and a Response (part two). 2. Part One: Read the passages below and write a short summary for Text One (approximately 70 words).
  2. The first sentence should introduce the source, state the main idea and contain a citation. The remaining sentences should summarize the most important sub-points of the text.
  3. Part Two: In a focused, unified, and coherent paragraph answer the prompt below. Develop your main idea using the compare and contrast rhetorical mode. between ( text one and text two )

Question 1123Adding in

I would like for one more paper to be added into my essay so that I can have two addition sources with one quote from each. The following books titles with be sent to you along with my essay.

One must use a quote from The two text and connect them together so that it flows into my other though.

Question 1124  Educational Reading Chart

There are multiple short readings exploring EDUCATIONAL experiences ranging from kindergarden – higher education and adult school. You will reading the following creative pieces (fiction, poetry and autobiographical, non-fiction). While reading you will be annotating literary devices used.

You will complete this week’s literary chart assignment that asks you identify 10 literary devices (must include 6 different terms **cannot all be metaphor) from at least 5 different readings.

Question 1125 Discussion about a poem

Directions for Discussion #7: After you have explored these various online journals, pick one work and write about your thoughts, opinions, and insights as they relate to the six required questions below. Keep your submission to approximately 400 to 450 words.

If you find that you would prefer to write about two separate works because they are short, that’s fine too. In that case, simply write 200 – 225 words or so for each work you are analyzing. And yes, you may select one work from two different online journals, if you prefer. Make sure to include at the end of your submission the website link(s) so others can read the literary works if they want.

What was your first response to the work and what surprised you the most about the work? Explain in detail.

How would you describe the work to a friend?

Explain in detail. Include a summary if that helps you describe the work. Does the title of the work point to a major symbol, character, or subject from which themes develop?

Examine any powerful details in the work and ask yourself why these details are important?

Is there a symbolic object displayed in the work that appears to have meaning beyond the literal level?

Include any other insights, comments, and/or opinions you wish to share with the class about the literary work you selected Poem selected: Whenever an Effortless Approach from the Inevitable By Eric Beeny Whenever an effortless approach from the inevitable seemed to me one afternoon, things for hours : words, kisses, variables, identities worn on, convincing, even my idea maybe, deadweight of the mis- pronounced. Based on what it was like, but unsaid, quietly stitched, leaving hints.

Everything in life waiting beyond what we act out with trick questions, attempts, settings unknown to the ephemeral, the correct hour. http://www.ditchpoetry.com/ericbeeny.ht

Question 1126 Is abortion right or wrong

argument and rebuttal use the 5 sources already used in annotated bibliography 6 Page paper with topic of your own choosing Follows MLA formatting Relatively free of grammatical errors Works Cited page with at least five SCHOLARLY sources( not part of six pages) At least 5 in-text citations Focus 25.0 pts

• Thesis is stated in specific, clear terms and maintained throughout essay.

• Paragraphs are unified by a main idea and cohere as distinct units.

• Topic sentences are used to maintain focus. Author limits the content to a manageable scope. Development/ Support 25.0 pts

• Points are developed and “tied-in” with the essay’s thesis.

• Points are supported with specific examples.

• Ideas are “fleshed out” fully.

• Necessary context is provided for reader comprehension.

• Source materials are integrated effectively and meaningfully into the author’s argument. OutcomeOrganization/ Structure 25.0 pts

• A clear principle of organization is employed and maintained throughout essay.

• Essay is structured in manner that maximizes the overall purpose and effect.

• Effective transitions connect separate ideas and events. Style/ Conventions 25.0 pts

• Essay is free of sentence fragments, comma splices, and run-on sentences.

• Verb tense is consistent throughout.

• Pronouns refer to clear antecedents and are used correctly in terms of person, case, and number.

• Most sentences are constructed in active voice.

• Sentences are clear and concise, avoiding unnecessary wordiness.

• Essay adheres to standard written English.

• Essay meets prescribed requirements, including word count and outside source requirements.

• MLA format is employed correctly for in-text citations and works cited list.

Question 1127 Shakespare twelfth night

Choose a theme that Shakespeare explores throughout Twelfth Night. How does Shakespeare use two/ three of his characters to develop this theme?………Your essay must have a clearly defined thesis and argument. Please use MLA citations throughout to cite your quotation, however, a work cited page is NOT a requirement for this essay.

You will use either Times New Roman or Cambria for your font and ensure you follow the most recent MLA formatting. For MLA formatting assistance visit: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/

Question 1128  Final Project Second Draft

The purpose of the second draft is to complete the draft presentation of your argument. The second draft will add Section II (two to three paragraphs), Section III (two to three paragraphs), Section IV and Section V (if needed), and the conclusion.

The second draft should include at least five academic sources and may add an image, chart, or graph as appropriate. If you have made changes to your list of references, cite each new reference carefully, both in the text and on the References page. The length of the second draft includes last’s week content and will be seven to ten pages of text, not including the title and References pages.

Question 1129 Revision of an essay

Need to use two articles that address the stories themselves. In Ford’s story how is Steven’s lack of control relevant to existentialism.

What is the meaning of “Under the Radar” and “ground clutter”?

And in Hemingway What is the meaning of the old waiter’s parody of the Lord’s Prayer?

Take a closer look at the stories and the commentaries about the stories?

Expand and develop. Focus on one element of fiction that you believe plays an important role in establishing a major theme in the story.

Do as much revision as needed. I am placing an attachment of the two stories. I also placed the instructions to get a better understanding with what I am working with, and so you can give me a more improve essay. And my essay. Just need a better revision of the essay

Question 1130 Writing Challenges

Writing Challenges Compare and Contrast Essays can be challenging. Comparison of Online and Ground Class

1. What did you find was your biggest challenge while writing your compare and contrast essay?

2. How did you approach the challenge of organizing your compare and contrast essay? Your initial post should be at least 200 words.

Question 1131 plastic recycling

The paper is done already, it just need an editing.

1- I have posted the original paper that needs editing in a word document.

2- The comments are in a PDF file.

3- please follow the instructions in the instruction PDF file.

4- Brain storm and outline My instructor has revised the paper, and she didn’t accept it, due to the mistakes it needs to be edited.

However, I would like you to edit it and send it back to me as soon as possible. What I need you to do is to follow the instruction as it said in the paper .

In addition, the thesis need to be changed to a stronger one, no need for the headings before each paragraph, no need of the examples to the because statements and the warrants statement should contain ”majority of people” or “many people” examples to support the claim. Also, I have attached the paper with instructor’s comments and the guidelines paper in order for you to follow the instruction.

Question 1132 Annotated Bibliograohy

  1. Identify at least five sources (a book, a magazine, a website, a journal and an article).
  2.  Provide the name of the author, title, date, and place of publication of each source using MLA format.
  3. Under each source present two or more paragraphs , firstly briefly describing the content (message) of the source and secondly pointing out why the source is important to your research paper.
  4. Your annotated bibliography shouldn’t be less than three pages
  5. use a 12 point font and double space format

Question 1133 Critical Analysis Essay

Hey Kenny, attached here are the instructions and samples. This assignment is writing an abstract, incorporating the annotated bibliography and Assignment 2B. I sent you the corrections my instructor sent me from 2B, the writer i hired did not use scholarly approved articles and got me a low mark. Please let me know if you need additional information in order to complete this assignment. Thank you in advance. I also sent you the rubric in the link

Question 1134 research paper

Research Paper – TOPIC SELECTION & ASSIGNMENT English 1A, Fall 2017 – ONLINE #42833 The available topics for the final paper this semester are ones that encompass several of the topics we have discussed or written about as assignments.

While you have written short pages for these previous assignments, writing a longer paper will allow you to expand the scope of information and present other perspectives from outside sources, as well. As you research and write your first draft, apply the critical thinking elements we’ve discussed to determine the credibility of sources.

Remember to ask yourself the journalistic questions (who, what, when, where, why, and how) as you review source materials. To support you in this larger writing assignment, the Laney librarians have created a research guide filled with online databases useful to obtain sources for your paper.

FINAL PAPER IS DUE DECEMBER 12 – Submit it to Turnitin by 11:55 p.m. – No late papers accepted. While you will have several weeks to finish this assignment, do not procrastinate.

Research Topics: CHOOSE ONE (The questions listed below are to be viewed as thinking points; you are not required to write about any of them. It is your decision; it is your paper.)

1. U.S. Education – Choose a problem found in U.S. public education to research (K-12 or college): bullying, school shootings and/or violence, hazing, etc. If you decide to write about a different issue not named here, it must be approved by the teacher before research is started. Consider, for example: ·

How your issue may be addressed in the future. · How is it being addressed by the people who can make change – i.e. government officials, parent/teacher groups, etc.? · Who should be involved in creating improved systems to resolve these issues: students, parents, and teachers?

2. Government Control of the Internet & MEDIA – Research 2-3 of the world’s governments that control their citizens’ access to the Internet via Social media and through other types of media (print, radio, television, etc.) ·

Give specific examples of 2-3 countries who have done this along with their reasoning and the end result. · Explain situations when this occurs, how this can be done, and what goals can be achieved by this.

· How is this control viewed by the home populations and the world, at large? Required Format: · 8-10 pages in essay format – that means using all the basic parts of the essay.

· Works Cited page – A properly formatted works cited page to list the source of the various quotes used. · Final topics must be approved by the instructor. · Papers must follow MLA format and will be submitted in PDF form to TURNITIN · Use of in text citations properly formatted within the research paper. Your paper must include:

· A minimum of eight different sources from the areas listed below. You may not use one area for all sources. All eight sources will appear on the Works Cited page. (You may have more).

DO NOT USE blogs or Wikipedia type sources

USE: § the Library’s online database service (see above links)

the Library’s reference room

Other sources such as credible online newspapers or magazines. · Draw a conclusion about your findings by telling what you have learned by researching the topic. To begin:

1. Select one of the two topics that most interests you.

2. Then read the list of questions listed with your topic and begin to think of the questions that you would like to have answered or something that you have always wondered about.

3. If you are curious and excited about the topic, your research will have added appeal to the reader.

4. To assist you in finding narrower topics to write as your paper, the Laney librarian has created a special database link that can be accessed from home. Please click on the following link. RESOURCES: Research Guide: http://laney.libguides.com/c.php?g=743577&p=5323172 MLA guide 8th edition for in-text quotes & Works Cited page: http://laney.libguides.com/c.php?g=547674


Research Assignment and Resources. This is a green book on our Moodle website that contains: · the requirements of the assignment, · a list of due dates for the research paper, · a self-edit list, · And a template on “How to Write a Research Paper.” Please access all these resources to be better prepared to write the essay on your topic. Any questions, please direct them to me at wfuller@peralta.edu. Next Skip Table of contents Table of contents 1 RESEARCH Assignment – Topic Selection 2 Due Dates and Deadlines 3 Laney Class Resources 4 How to Write a Research Paper 5 Self-Editing Checklists (2)

Question 1135 English Language

In this unit’s Writer’s Journal, spend some time discussing both what you have learned in this class so far, and what needs you still have as a writer. Choose two or three of the following questions as prompts, and freewrite for 5-10 minutes. What are your thoughts on Peer Review? What aspects of Peer Review are helpful?

What, if anything, do you find difficult about peer review?

What will you go next as a writer?

What writing challenges do you hope to address in upcoming writing classes?

At this point in the term, what are your strengths as a writer?

Question 1136 Respond

respond post must 100 words. for each one. in you own word no work cited 1- Writing a compare and contrast essay was a good job, as writing such essay help us to evaluate each part of the topic selected from almost every aspect. Such essays help us to increase our knowledge regarding any topic.

I decided to write on the topic of ground class vs. online class and that was a challenging topic for me to write, as both types of classes have their own advantages and disadvantages.

I took the stance in favor of the online class. While writing the compare and contrast essay the major challenge I have confronted is how to overrule the advantages of ground class as compared to the online class. Ground classes have their own benefits despite the many benefits of the online class, but still, online cases are better to take.

I found it challenging to write some points in opposition to the ground class. Then I met this challenge by using a relative approach. I started to note down the relative advantages and disadvantages of both types of classes and by using this relative approach I supported my stance. I established my arguments by making a relative analysis of both types of classes and finally established my complete

Essay. 2

I found that my biggest challenge while writing the compare and contrast essay was not trying to find out certain facts about my subject but choosing which ones to use and which ones not to use. Another challenge was making sure that I did not add too many words and go over the limit. Finding facts was the easy and fun part of the essay but there were quite a few facts where I had to decide if they were relevant or not and skip over the irrelevant facts and find relevant ones.

I also ended up cutting out a lot of facts that were less relevant than others because I was over the word limit. The way I approached the challenge of organizing my compare and contrast essay was slowly, calmly, and confidently. If I had not approached it slowly then I would not have seen the mistakes that I had made.

If I had not approached it calmly then I could have easily been overrun with stress and chaos. Lastly if I had not approached it confidently then I would have underestimated myself and not have done as well as I could have. Overall, I am happy with the fact that I did not have many problems with this essay and I am also happy with the way that I organized it.

*And the question just three sentences no more. What is it about introductions that are so overwhelming to write? Do you think it is because it is the first impression a reader has of you and your writing?

Question 1137 Brain or Braun

1-2 Page Paper. Can good leaders lack intelligence and still be charismatic and able to motivate followers through change. In other words, do you have to be smart to be a good leader. Explain your position and use plenty of examples.

Question 1138 Competency statement 4

Competency Statement IV I will statement focused on how you will work to establish positive and productive relationships with families. Statement should be double spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman font, and no less than a page and half and

Question 1139 reflection

Use the attached checklist to assess the visual material environment in your classroom in regards to culturally responsive teaching. Write a short reflection on areas of strength from the checklist and areas for potential growth. Reflection should be double spaced, 12 pt., Times New Roman and no more than 2 pages.

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