Marketing weekly discussion problem

Question 1501 Sales Letter on Personalized Customer Service

Using the information on pp.170-172, or 169/172 write a sales letter trying to convince your possible patron that your project idea is a good one. Be sure to look at the 14 points to create the best letter possible.. Follow the directions except cite your research according to APA style. Upload your assignment here in Microsoft word. Attached are previous assignments leading up to this current sales letter. If possible please have done by 11 pm.

Question 1502 Marketing weekly discussion problem

Go to the Northeastern University’s external affairs brand guidelines: Click on the Guide link in the upper right. Click on two each of the Editorial Content and Design Elements links. Read the criteria for your selected elements.

1. Post what you found interesting and/or surprising.
2. Cite examples of where you have seen these guidelines used effectively or poorly. Question 1503 UNIVERSITIES WITH Online Business PROGRAMS Advantages Compare to In class Attendee
Discuss market competitors of universities that has online business course to in class attendees using marking terminology. Discuss its benefits to include in the school of business at the University of the Bahamas. Discuss the success rate from other universities. Also name all universities throughtout the paper that is being compared too.

Question 1504 Marketing and Distribution Channel Letter

This assignment challenges the student to think creatively. The deliverable is a single-page letter addressed to a hypothetical website development company. Place yourself in the role of a marketing executive in a hypothetical firm who is launching a new product that needs to be marketed. Your firm has agreed to hire a professional website development company to market your product. The website developer needs the following information: A brief description of the product A description of the market and distribution channels A description of the marketing activities APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to
beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

Question 1505 Sales Strategy

Begin your paper with: your original thoughts and propositions (which you initially shared in discussion forums) regarding:

1) generalized consumer expectations about sales encounters,

2) the importance of consumer trust, and

3)basic stereotypes of sellers/salespeople in the sales industry. —–How could a
buyer or customer’s (previously conceived) beliefs/opinions about a typical “salesperson” or “sales experience” potentially influence their buying behavior in a new sales experience? ——What is YOUR OWN level of trust vs. skepticism when it comes to sales encounters? ——-Have the readings or course material had any influence on changing or evolving your opinions/ideas about these concepts since the time that you wrote your initial thoughts about the subject? Be sure to provide explanation and examples (from your own life experience if possible). Next, identify which marketing platforms/mediums that you believe are the most impactful in today’s sales industry, given the competitive climate.
—–What type of sales promotions are most effective with individuals in your generation? —–What sales strategies would help encourage long-term customer loyalty with individuals in your generation? —–Are additional shifts and trends in social media and online selling gaining relevance to sales professionals? If
so, which ones, and how? —–Additionally, DO TODAY’S CONSUMERS TRUST word-of-mouth, usergenerated content, and buzz marketing more than other marketing platforms? Why? Finally, summarize your insights and ideas about the future of the sales industry from your Course Project. Propose your own “TOP FIVE MOST IMPORTANT SALES STRATEGIES IN TOMORROW’S TECHNOLOGICAL

Question 1506 EVOLV graduate accelerator programm

2000 characters max per question Job description We’ve built the world’s most successful cigarette company, with the world’s most popular and iconic brands. Now we’ve made a dramatic decision. We will be far more than a leading cigarette company. We’re building PMI’s future on smoke-free products
that are a much better choice than cigarette smoking. Our company is changing dramatically. Be part of the biggest transformation in the history of our company. You can be part of a truly dynamic worldwide team dedicated to a bold new vision We’re looking for Graduates who have a desire to be part of one of
the largest global changes introduced at PMI. We want Graduates who – Enjoy a challenge – Are results- driven – Entrepreneurial in spirit – Commercially astute, – Strong in problem-solving to join our Evolv Graduate Accelerator Programme. We can only accept applications from recent graduates, i.e. those
who are due to graduate on 2019 or have graduated in 2018. EVOLV is our 18-month graduate accelerator program that’s designed to fast-track your career. You’ll carry out three assignments to provide you with a real understanding of our business. You’ll get experience in the commercial function, strategic functions and within a management role to give you the full rounded business experience. We’ll tailor your path to match your aspirations and experience. Industry Consumer Goods Tobacco Employment Type Full-time Job Functions Marketing

Question 1507

The benefits and drawbacks of a company moving its production operations to a developing country

Need to make a poster, where the poster needs to include the chart, and the data analysis of the chart. I uploaded just an example, for reference only. I need to make a two-minute speech through this poster, so I need you to write the speech, about two minutes. You also need to ask 2 questions and give answers to the questions based on the poster

Question 1508 Value Creation in business markets

Assignment Max length: 4000 words Think about Unilever as a company and identify one particular relationship that it has with a customer (or supplier). Provide a brief description and background of the relationship and the key actors involved (max 500 words). Then 1- 5 Ques frame work and models refer to attachment

Question 1509 Analyze Branding and Fundraising Efforts

Instructions For this assignment, search the Internet for nonprofit organizations that have either an innovative or a highly recognized brand and choose five for this project. Research your five chosen organizations and compare them in a table with the following column headings: Column One: Name of the NPO Column Two: Describe the Brand Column Three: Briefly describe the purpose of the NPO Column Four: Explain the way the NPO conducts fundraising efforts Your table should have five rows (one for each NPO) and four columns (as noted above) Immediately following the table that you create, provide one paragraph for each NPO you chose. In each paragraph, evaluate the brand and the
fundraising efforts. Are they effective? Why and how are they effective? Are they ineffective? Why and how are they ineffective? Length: 8–10 pages, not including the title and reference pages References: Support your work with a minimum of five scholarly resources. Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards.

Question 1510 Research Volunteerism

INSTRUCTION-WEEK 4 Pre-Assignment: As soon as possible, identify a problem related to the recruitment of volunteers. Find literature related to the identified problem—at least 8 studies. Diagnose a gap in the literature (a problem that has yet to be researched) that will drive your recommendations in your paper this week. For this assignment, use the literature from your research to write a paper with a topic statement, problem statement, and conclusions. This paper should be structured as follows:

1. Thesis statement – This is the introduction statement, not to be confused with an abstract. Do not include an abstract.

2. Problem statement

3. Literature analysis

4. Recommendations Length:

10–12 pages, not including the title and reference pages References: Minimum of eight scholarly resources. Your paper should demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the ideas and concepts presented in the
course by providing new thoughts and insights relating directly to this topic. Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. https://onlinelibrary-wiley-

Question 1511 Prepping a Client for Group

Given the client’s reaction in the video clip, what could Ms. Van der Grift have done differently? Support your suggestions with citations from the unit readings. Transcript provided instead of video- see attached file…..

Question 1512 Prepping Your Own Client for Group

After reading Chapter 3 of TIP 41: Substance Abuse Treatment: Group Therapy, describe how you would begin a session with an African American client named Lalitha, and outline what you would address. What would you want her to take away from the session? Readings for assignment are provided: See attachment

Question 1513 Journal Entry

Demonstrate how the law, especially family law, is gender biased and how this is disadvantageous to both men and women. Compare the arguments about the marketplace that defend or attack comparable worth’s efforts to reduce gender differences in employment and earnings. From your knowledge of the impact of gender on workplace roles, which has the stronger argument? What have
been the successes and problems associated Title IX of the Educational Amendments Act of 1972 in regard to females? How have men also been impacted by this legislation? Given the fact that most people support the Equal Rights Amendment, why was it defeated? Based on this discussion, what are
the chances of ERA being ratified in the near future?

Question 1514 Was I Born this Way

Textbook- Welch. 20123. Family Now. Boston: Allyn & Bacon (At least 200 words and use the remaining word count to respond to both classmates) On page 281 Welch states “You don’t become sexual at a certain point in your lifespan….you are continuously becoming a sexual being.” If this is true then is it
possible that overtime one can change their sexual orientation? Also, do you believe that someone can engage in a homosexual experience and not identify as homosexual? Be sure to read the text and support your answers. Respond to at least 2 classmates.

Push each other to challenge your perspectives. Classmate 1-I believe that our very first teachers in life are our parents. Therefore, the views of our parents alter the way we accept or view a given topic. As our lives go on, we are exposed to people of different costumes and cultures. I believe that Welch statement “You don’t become sexual at a certain point in your lifespan….you are continuously becoming a sexual being” is true. Every person experiences different forms of sexuality throughout the span of their lives. I feel that the possibility of a person changing their sexual orientation overtime is possible. Experiences within a person’s life can cause them
to want to change their sexual orientation.

I feel that a person who identified as heterosexual at a point of their lives may not have had that encounter before to know that they are homosexual and will in fact change orientation. There have been cases where a person will get married to a heterosexual spouse and have children because it was not socially acceptable to be heterosexual. Overtime, society has changed their views on this issue and then that person divorced to pursue a homosexual partner. Others are exposed to a variety of different social medias that display different behaviors. They may feel that because certain behaviors are exhibited in social media that they are “curious” and will in fact engage in homosexual experiences without identifying as homosexual. Classmate 2- I believe it is possible to change your sexual orientation overtime, even more-so if the person has been in denial about their sexual orientation due to judgments from society. The fact is sexual orientation isnt even as clear cut as
we’d like it to be so asking this question comes with the assumption that sexual orientation is clear cut. We as the society determine what is considered sexual and how to behave sexually so it is all a social construct .

The book talks about “sexual scripts” which refer to the “shared, gender-specific social and cultural expectations that guide our beliefs, attitudes, and sexual conduct” (Welch, 2012). Within the sexual script is the sexual orientation which means it is also socially constructed in the same way. Therefore one can assume that your sexual orientation can change even depending on where you are standing in the world. Since sexual orientation isnt clear cut, this means that sexual attraction is not specific to any specific gender all the time either.This means that one can identify as heterosexual and still find someone of the same sex sexually attractive. In addition to that, theres also the fact that you dont have to be sexually attracted to someone to have sex with them. We see this happen alot in prostitution and with men who work in the homosexual pornography business for the money and still
consider themselves to be straight.

Question 1515 Personal Qualities of Group Leaders

Review the personal qualities for group leaders that are described in Chapter 6 of TIP 41: Substance Abuse Treatment: Group Therapy. Choose two of the personal qualities that best reflect your strengths and two that would be most challenging to you. Discuss how these strengths and weaknesses might affect groups you lead.

Question 1516 Cultural Scenarios

After watching “Cultural Scenarios” in this unit’s studies, select one of the scenarios and discuss what an ethical group counselor would need to consider when working with the selected client in a group setting. Assume that the client selected is the only group member representing that cultural subgroup.

Question 1517 Working Poor and the Subprime Crisis

Assignment 2: Working Poor and the Subprime Crisis Housing is a critical issue for the working poor. Key findings of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) (2000) analysis show the following: From 1993 to 1998, the number of subprime refinancing loans increased ten-fold. Subprime loans are three times more likely in low-income neighborhoods than in high-income neighborhoods. Subprime loans are five times more likely in black neighborhoods than in white neighborhoods.

Homeowners in high-income black areas are twice as likely as homeowners in low-income white areas to have subprime loans. and the Internet, research the subprime crisis. Then, answer the following: How much is housing related to the “American Dream”? How did this housing crisis affect the working poor?
Identify any new policies in place to help the working poor find affordable housing. Write a 2–4-page paper in Microsoft Word format, following current APA formatting. Include a separate page for your references. Use the following file naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M3_A2.doc. For example, if
your name is John Smith, your document will be named SmithJ_M3_A2.doc. By the due date assigned, deliver your assignment to the Submissions Area. United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. (2000). Unequal burden: Income and racial disparities in subprime lending in America.
Retrieved from

Question 1518 Child Free

Assignment 1 Answer question with at least 200 words and use the remaining word count to respond to classmate. Should the federal government or individual states determine access to abortions services? Please respond to at least one classmates. Classmate-I think the federal government and individual
states should not be allowed to regulate abortion services. Abortions are a woman’s choice and I don’t think anyone should have the opportunity to tell any woman what they can and can’t do with their bodies. I may be pro life for myself but every women should have the chance to choose what they do with their body. The government is comprised of mostly men.

Men who will never experience pregnancy or the thoughts that race through a woman’s head when she has to decide if she wants to have that baby or not. They will never understand the pain that a woman will go through if doctors deem her pregnancy to be too harmful to her and she has to have an abortion. How can anyone who will never experience anything that a woman’s body will go through be allowed to regulate it? Assignment 2 To Be Childfree Are “Childfree-by-Choice Couples” Selfish? What are are the advantages and/or disadvantages of choosing not to have children? Write a 1 page response to this question. Be sure to use the text to support your perspective. Cite all sources for full credit.

Question 1519 The Initial Stage of Group Development

For this discussion, refer to the “Initial Stage” segment of the Group Evolution media piece from your unit studies. Select one of the clients in the segment. How does the client describe early experiences in the group? What would you would want to cover with this client in preparing for group treatment, based on the details provided? Identify the skills the group leaders demonstrate to support group development. Provide specific examples. Use the readings for this unit to support your analysis.

Question 1520 Journal

1.Explain the demographic divide as the dichotomy between the needs of young and old between developed and developing countries.

2.Integrate Fries argument about the compression of mortality, and the dependent and active life expectancy into expectation for serving an aging population.
3.Compare disability and active life expectancy globally.

Question 1521 American Dream or American Myth?

Assignment 1: American Dream or American Myth? Throughout this course, you have seen that one of the plights of the working poor is their inability to achieve social mobility. A value that all Americans have is equal opportunity for success, but this value does not necessarily translate to ability or ease to climb the social ladder. Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research the reasons why the working poor are able or not able to realize the American Dream. Then, address the following questions: Define the “American Dream,” and then apply the concepts from the previous modules to either support or refute the idea that individual merits can dictate success or
failure. Include the topics of race, gender, housing, job opportunities, and social services to decide whether the American Dream is a reality or a myth. Use the articles, film, library resources, Internet sources, and your own personal experiences to support your arguments. Write a 4–6-page paper in Word format, following current APA formatting. Include a separate page for your references.

Assignment 2: Discussion—How to Eliminate Poverty? According to Beeghley (2008), the poor in America serve an important role in society. He claims that the poor provide services by working in jobs no one else wants, keep prices down, create jobs for other social classes, and buy goods and services no one else desires. Using the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, research the need to eliminate poverty in America. Then answer the following: Can poverty be eliminated from America? What ideas do you have that could help the working poor improve their opportunities? Write your initial response in approximately 200–300 words. Apply APA standards to the citation of sources. Click the Citing Sources button on the Academic Resources page of this course to learn how to cite sources using APA standards. By the due date assigned, post your response to the Discussion Area. Through the end of the module, review the postings of your peers and respond to at least two of them. Consider commenting on the following: What are the different solutions to help the working poor? How practical are these proposed solutions? Ideas that have worked in your own town to improve the condition of the working poor. Beeghley, L. (2008). The structure of social stratification in the United States. Boston, MA: Pearson.

Question 1522 Bullying

Students, please view the “Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment” in the Student Center. Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center. Assignment 2: Social Control and Criminal Deviance: Bullying Due Week 6 and worth 65 points Bullying is a difficult concept to understand and reconcile the consequences. This assignment focuses on the critical thinking skills that are needed to analyze an emotionally charged topic. Student Success Tips Review the Student’s Guide to Research section of the textbook (Chapter 2) Take notes as you watch the video below.

Watch the video titled, “From school yard bullying to genocide: Barbara Coloroso at TEDxCalgary” (19 min 5 s) located below. You may also view the video at Write a one to two (1-2) page essay in which you: Identify the most important step in the student’s guide to research that you would need in order to analyze bullying. Define the identified critical step of research in your words. Explain how bullying relates to one (1) of the following topics: the agents of socialization (i.e., family, teachers and school, peers), formal organizations (i.e., conformity to groups), different types of deviance (i.e., everyday deviance, sexual deviance, or criminal deviance). Provide a rationale for your response.

Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements: Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. Check with your professor for any additional instructions. To keep this essay short and manageable, your only sources for the essay should be the
TED video and the sections noted in your text. For this reason, APA citations or references are not required for this assignment. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page is not included in the required assignment page length. The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are: Define the basic concepts used in the discipline of sociology. Define the various methodologies for sociological research. Identify the sociological perspective to the inequalities of class, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomics, and political aspects. Use technology and information resources to research issues in sociology. Write clearly and concisely about sociology using proper writing mechanics. Click here to view the grading rubric for this assignment.

Question 1523 My Family Journal

Sociology: Marriage and the Family Students will evaluate their own families using two sociologicalctheories from chapter 2 of the textbook (Lamanna, Riedmann, and Stewart 2017). Students must first describe the basic principles of each theory in detail and then utilize the theories to evaluate their own families. Names of family members may be substituted with aliases if the student wishes. Papers must be 3-4 pages (not including title and references) and in APA format.

Question 1524 Look! It’s a Bird, It’s Plane, It’s SUPERMOM!

Answer question with at leaset 200 words and respond to both classmates. Please number classmate 1 and classmate 2 Western culture socializes women to believe that they can “do it all!” One of the the many roles women have is that of mother, and “intensive mothering” is a standard. So much so that if a mother falls short of this standard they are viewed as doing something “wrong.” Do you agree or disagree with this ideology? Is this type of sacrificial mothering good for children, or not?

Classmate 1- I happen to disagree with this thought. I think as long as a mother is putting in her best efforts and her children are well cared for then there should be no other outside negativity invading that. A mother already has a hard enough job. Adding pressure from everyone’s opinions does nothing for them. I also think that seeing their mom work hard to care for them is good for children. I know personally I saw my mom and grandma work hard to care for all of their children. It made me appreciate them more. What made me appreciate them 10 times more is when they asked for help. They didn’t let us see them struggle but instead they showed us that at times every mother needs outside help and there’s nothing wrong with getting it. Every mother has her down day and I think it’s okay for them to show that to their children. It lets them know that nobody is invincible. I just have always had the thought that mother’s are strong because they can do it alone but they are smart enough to know when to ask other’s for help.

Classmate 2- I don’t agree with this thought at all. I believe that mothers do the best they can and at times you will drop the ball no matter how bad you try not to. The problem is people forget that even though you are a mother you are still human and you will make mistakes and that’s the best lesson you can teach your kids is that its ok to make a mistake. Nobody is perfect. Mothers are very strong
individuals. My mother made many mistakes but she didn’t let that stop her from dong what she needed to for her kids. If she needed help she would ask. She wouldn’t let the pride of “I’m the mother” get in the way. Because of this she let me know that now that I’m a mom to do only what I can and what I can’t ask for help. She also taught me not to force things and let things be how they will be. My son never sees me struggle but he knows I don’t have it all. Being a mother is a great thing but you can’t let it take over your whole life. You are allowed to have down days or off days like anyone else because you are more than a mom again you are human.

Question 1525 Coursework

Read the attached PDF’s Using the Information from the readings

• What do Latane and Nida (1981) tell us about the ambiguity of an event and how it affects the bystander effect?

• Integrating the research by Latane and Nida (1981) with the idea of stimulus overload, which of the 6 types of psychological retreat could influence diffusion of responsibility and why?

• Based on your knowledge of the Beaman, Barnes, Klentz, & McQuirk (1978), at least one type of intervention decreased the bystander effect.
Suggest and intervention that could influence people to be more helpful on a wider stance than students who take social psychology. • After completing the assigned readings, do you think you are as likely to experience diffusion of responsibility in an emergency situation? Why or why not? How would you engage other bystanders in helping if you were in an emergency situation?

Question 1526 24 hours

Answer the following questions using the information you collected in your 3-day media watch. Your answers for questions 1-5 need to be complete sentences. 1. In your 3-day watch, did you observe more thin women than average-sized or heavy women? If so, what differences did you notice in the characters they played/products they sold?

2. Did you detect more average-sized men than heavy men? Were there more muscular men than average-sized or heavy men? If so, what differences did you notice in the characters they played/products they sold?

3. In your 3-day media watch, did you notice a relationship between types of shows and the types of bodies depicted? For example, were there more thin or muscular bodies depicted on programming aimed at young people (e.g., music television) as opposed to programming aimed at older viewers (e.g., television magazine shows)?

4. What effects do you believe the media (ads, television shows, movies, etc.) has on individuals in our society?

5. Some of today’s researchers contend that women are depicted in the popular media not only as being unrealistically thin, but also are more often depicted in a sexualized manner than men (that is, wearing “sexy” clothes, speaking in a suggestive manner, appearing to be undressed). Did you find this to be true
in your 3-day watch? Do you think this is related to the emphasis on unrealistic body types? In 250-500 words, analyze the various behavior patterns you have seen that could lead to anorexia or bulimia; as well as, listing some treatments available for those who suffer from eating disorders. Use the information collected in your 3-day media study, your textbook, and the library to answer and support your claims. APA format is not required for this short essay, but solid academic writing is expected along with a reference page

Question 1527 Blog post

Blog post on online community something around ” As was discussed in the media lesson, online interactions may be a way of accomplishing a sense of community. Modern cities have a way of isolating people as people try to shut out much of what is going on around them to protect their cognitive and
emotional well-being. The online “virtual communities” allow people to pick and choose who they socialize with, what they socialize about, and even how much they socialize.” It doesnt have to be very formal just any event or topic relating to online communities.

Question 1528 Term analysis

List each term numbered in order.

• Define each term (located in your glossary at the end of your textbook).

• The final paragraph is the paradigm you selected from the first three terms. (Keep these in order).

Save it as doc or docx file types, Times New Roman 12 font. The term used for your analysis must be underlined and boldfaced as a subheading for each of the 10 paragraphs using only 1 term in each paragraph. The paragraph will explain the term from the textbook and then how it applies in the book you read, citing three examples for each term. Discuss the final paragraph in which your analysis
must also explain which paradigm (structural functionalism, social conflict and symbolic interaction) you think explains the story and why the others do not.

1. Structural Functionalism

2. Social Conflict

3. Symbolic Interaction

4. Culture

5. Society

6. Socialization

7. Conformity

8. Deviance

9. Social Control

10. Inequality

11. Paradigm

(Point-of-view from one of the first three terms) Each paragraph will count up to
8.5 points and the paradigm paragraph should be twice as long and will count up to 15 points, for up to 100 points total, as 20% of your final grade.

Question 1529 Mental health care around the world

watch the following three videos that offer snapshots of mental health care around the world.

Questions: Reflect on

The different approaches to mental health and healthcare seen in the videos and what you have observed in Canada.

1) What form does stigmatization of mental health issues take here? Give examples (from media, personal experience, pop culture, etc).

2) Are there positive representations of mental health and mental health care in our culture? If so, give examples.

3) What can be done to challenge stigma around mental health? What can individuals do? What can communities do?

Question 1530 To Stay Home or Not to Stay Home

 Part 1 Answer question with at least 200 words “To Stay Home or Not to Stay Home?” Should Their be a Question? “Opting Out” or “Leaving the Workforce” What is the best decision for a well-balanced family life? Is the mom staying home the answer? Or Is the shift of the dad from “breadwinner to bread-
maker” the most optimal choice for family life? What is your opinion on this subject? Explain your views and use evidence to support your answers. Part 2 Respond to both classmates separately with remaining word count. Classmate 1 I think doing what is best for the household is all that matters. I know plenty of
working moms because they have to work.

 It is hard now to live on just one salary. If they had the choice they would stay home but they don’t have that option. I also know a few mother’s who prefer to work. I think whatever the family needs is what is better. My aunt told me about a woman at her job who loved to work and had an okay income. However, her and her husbands job combined income was just enough to cover bills and food and left them with about $100 at the end of the month. They made a few dollars over the qualifying amount for a link card. When they had a child all of her income went towards
childcare and bus fare.

They decided that she would quit her job and he would keep his. Financially it was the best decision for them and their child. They were able to get a link card, have extra cash for incidentals and it gave her the opportunity to stay home with her child. I personally would love to be a stay at home mom until my child is of school age. Then I wouldn’t mind going back to work. I just think the first 4-5 years of a child’s life are impressionable and I want them to have as much time with me and learn from me as possible. I think that as long as it works for that household then it is the right thing. Classmate 2 I believe that this issue, much like several others that we have covered in the book, do not
have a right or wrong answer. It is based on the needs of every family and the circumstances they encounter which can be a temporary or permanent decision. In my family, my parents choose for my father to be in the workforce while my mother was a stay-at-home parent.

This may not be the case for every family, but it is what worked for them. Some people especially those who have children, they may feel that it is necessary to leave the workforce to raise their children. In some cases, it is more expensive for a spouse or partner to be a part of the workforce and pay a babysitter than it is for them to be a stay-at-home parent. We live in a day and age where women have more opportunities to work than before and with that being said, a woman may have a better paying job than her husband so for that family it is most convenient for the husband to stay home. There are several ways for a family to get around their personal lives and needs while still working. For instance, one spouse can work during the day and the other at night. Some spouses can choose to work weekends or also find jobs that allow them to work out of their homes.

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