“Part Two: Interpersonal Thinking” from Think Again (Grant, 2021).

For this discussion board, we will examine “Part Two: Interpersonal Thinking” from Think Again (Grant, 2021). In this section, Grant invites us to “think more like scientists.” Be sure to address each of the following in your initial post:

  1. Why do you think curiosity is such an important quality for social scientists? How might curiosity influence research ethics and researcher bias?
  2. Why do you think ethics is such an essential part of research on human subjects? Use the philosophical foundations and readings introduced this week to support your answer.
  3. As a concrete example, find a peer-reviewed journal article on a topic of your interest. Include a complete reference for the article and briefly explain how/where the author(s) addressed bias in the article. In what ways could bias affect the ethical nature of the topic being studied? Use supporting evidence in your answer.

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