Questions on History of Mongolian Empire

Question 4431 Iran Contra affair and US foriegn policy

Need a 15-20 page Historiographical research paper with 10 Primary and 8 secondary sources annotated
bibliography due by the 2nd of October the paper is not due until the 22nd of October. I need the book
The Iran Contra connection that you are doing the book review on included as a source. He gave us a
copy of the American Revolution:moderate or radical as an example if that helps any

Question 4432 Critical Thinking Research

This is A critical thinking paper. I have attach many instructions and also THE QUESTIONS THAT NEED TO
NO PLAGIARISM IF YOU HAVE PLEASE LET ME KNOW Everything must be in your OWN WORDS this is a
critical thinking type of thing everything in the instructions

Question 4433 The Mongolian Empire

Produce a primary-source compilation and analysis. You will compile from the internet a set of 4 primary
sources which shed light on the theme you and your teammate have chosen. These sources can be
documents, images, or artifacts (such as objects on display at museums). At least 75% of the
sources/artifacts, etc., will come from digitized state archives, museums, or libraries. This will get you
engaged with high-quality sites. After having chosen your primary sources, you are to write a Sources
Introduction document for the sources. The Sources Introduction analyses each source and includes two
to three discussion questions as well. The Sources Introduction should center on providing the historical
context for each primary source as well as analysis on how the Source can be interpreted to add to our
understanding of the larger historical theme. Historical context should blend information gleaned from
assigned course readings as well as information provided by the Source’s host institution. Number of
sources used: minimum of 4 Types of sources: written documents, images, and/or objects from the time
period being studied. Restrictions: 75% of your sources must come from digitized state or national
archives, museums, or libraries. No sources already presented in the textbook may be used. Citation:
cite sources according to Chicago-Style citation. You can use The Chicago Manual of Style Online for

Question 4434 TWO HISTORY

Pick two questions and answer them 5-6 sentence (paragraph) CHOICE 1: What specific forces or
interests transformed the relationship between the United States and the rest of the world between
1865 and 1890? CHOICE 2: What factors conspired to propel the United States to emerge as a military
and economic powerhouse prior to World War II? CHOICE 3: What role did propaganda play in World
War I? How might the absence of propaganda have changed the circumstances or the outcome of the
war? CHOICE 4: Explain how the 1920s was a decade of contradictions. What does the relationship
between mass immigration and the rise of the Second Ku Klux Klan tell us about American attitudes?
How might we reconcile the decade as the period of both the flapper and prohibition? CHOICE 5: What
new opportunities did the 1920s provide for women and African Americans? What new limitations did
this era impose? CHOICE 6: Explain how technology took American culture in new and different
directions. What role did motion pictures and radio play in shaping cultural attitudes in the United

Question 4435 Historical Challenge: Anti-Suffragists

Materials: • Recommended: Iron Jawed Angels (HBO films) • Anti-Suffragists DOCUMENTS A_B_C.pdf •
ANSWER SHEET Anti-Suffragists .rtf INSTRUCTIONS 1. VIEW: I recommend viewing Iron Jawed Angels
(HBO films) before this lesson, beginning at 1:12:23 (when Wilson announces U.S. entrance into WWI)
through 1:19:40 (when the suffragettes are sentenced to jail). However, the movie is NOT essential to
the lesson. THINK ABOUT: According to the movie, Iron Jawed Angels, why did so many people oppose
woman suffrage? Can’t view the movie? THINK ABOUT: Why did so many people oppose women’s
suffrage (the right for women to vote)? 2. The Declaration of Sentiments, Seneca Falls Conference, 1848
_ORIGINAL_.doc and/or LISTEN TO The Declaration of Sentiments from 1848. The Declaration of
Sentiments spoke about what life was like for women in the mid-19th century. By the beginning of the
1900s, many women were going to college, and many women, especially on the East Coast, were
politically involved in Progressive causes—helping urban poor, Settlement Houses, temperance,
muckraking, etc. Still, many people continued to oppose woman suffrage. For this Historical Challenge
we’re going to ask: Why did people, including women, oppose woman suffrage? 3. ASSIGNMENT –
Download, save, and complete the ANSWER SHEET Anti-Suffragists .rtf and Submit. Your responses must
be typed up in this Answer Sheet and submitted via the assignment link. Read Anti-Suffragists
DOCUMENTS A_B_C.pdf and complete the Graphic Organizer table and respond to each of the Reflect
and Respond Questions.

Question 4436 Herodotus’s descriptions of the Spartan contingent

this is the question. This discussion topic comes from Herodotus’s History reading. First, mention some
of Herodotus’s descriptions of the Spartan contingent – what are the Spartans like (look to the
descriptions given by Demaratus and Artabanus, but consider more than just their warrior nature)?
Then, theorize on a potential cultural downside to the overwhelming focus upon their military. Then,
consider whether or not Herodotus is biased in favor of the Greeks, and explain how Herodotus’s

account of the Persian Wars differs from Homer’s “account” of the Trojan Wars – how did Greek
thinking/writing shift from Homer’s time to Herodotus’s?

Question 4437 could the Civil War have been avoided

Support your opinion: could the Civil War have been avoided? After reading this unit’s materials, be sure
to include the influence of at least one cultural, political, economic, or social movement on whether or
not the Civil War was avoidable. Your response must be at least 200 words in length.

Question 4438 Robert McNamara

Book Review: A fully complete and well thought out book report is worth 100 points. Book reports
should be 3-5 pages long. You may only choose one of the following books. If you turn in a report on a
book not on this list, it will not be graded. If you plagiarize, you will lose points from this assignment. Of
course, you must use standard font, font size, and spacing. In the book report, you should address
several items: 1) the author’s thesis, 2) a summary of the book, 3) your own reactions to the book and 4)
how you think the book fits in with the class.

Question 4439 Turner’s Thesis

please follow the instructions. please go through the attached documents very carefully and please tell
me you understand all. the requirement folder has all the requisites of the assignment. and the second
attached folder is the link for the document that needs to be read

Question 4440 History of Policing Paper

This summary allows students to research information on the history of policing in the United States.
Students must focus on law enforcement and nothing else. This assignment is five (5) pages. This does
not include the cover page. Students can use the internet search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to
examine the historical aspects of policing (beginning with the slave patrols) by utilizing newspaper
articles, books, and/or peer-reviewed journal articles. Five (5) sources are required for this assignment.
Furthermore, students are required to include Sir Robert Peel’s Nine Principles of policing. Students
should ask themselves, “Are Peel’s principles being used today? If so, which ones and how in relation to
citizen contacts, etc. Five sources are required to complete this assignment. Requirements: Double-
spaced with 12-point font, APA format. The professor will deduct points if student fails to submit five full

Question 4441 The Great War of 1914-1919

The Great War of 1914-1919 was a nearly global conflagration that included all the major powers of
Europe, their colonies, and overseas allies. The immediate provocation was a relatively minor
incident–the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian empire–but the causes were long-
standing and much more complex. Pressure to seek war and resist compromise had been mounting in
the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, fed by aggressive nationalism, ambitious militarism,
and complex national alliances. The war, when it came, was not what anyone expected. In your initial

post, examine the role that the United States played in World War I. Why did the United States enter
the war in the first place? How was the United States affected by the war? How did the United States
shape the end of the war? Your initial post must be at least 8-10 sentences. Please do not forget to cite
your work

Question 4442 Primary source analysis

Most of the instrution will be posted below, i need it by chicago style(very important!) i need it good
quality, since it is consider really important for me, i will post the ppt that helps you understand primary
source and guidline for chicago style. i will post the article

Question 4443 Founding Father(s)

Your responses should be at least one paragraph in length for each of these questions. 1) Who was the
most interesting “Founding Father(s)” for you to learn about? 2) What made these men so unique and
what characteristics made them so “human”? 3) Who was the most interesting “Founding Mother(s)”
for you to learn about? Why is learning the role of colonial women and other minority groups in the
Revolution important to understanding the full story of the founding of the United States of America?

Question 4444 Primary Document Analysis

In this assignment, the document is a speech given in 1850 by an Ojibwa leader, Chief Joseph Peau de
Chat, to T.G. Anderson, an agent of the Government of the Canadas (Canada East and Canada West).
Anderson was there to talk about possible treaties with Indigenous peoples of the Lake Superior area.
These talks eventually contributed to the signing of the “Robinson Treaties” which involved primarily
Anishinabe First Nations around Lake Superior. In this assignment, you will first provide a brief
background to the treaties the British (and then Canadian) government signed with Indigenous nations.
Then you will briefly explain what the Robinson Treaties were, and how and why they were created.
Then, with that background, you will follow with an analysis of Chief Peau de Chat’s speech.

Question 4445

Explain what you learned in your own words,and do your best to synthesize the authors’
analyses into your own original analysis
pick one read,Cite the information and analysis you provide. Explain what you learned in your own
words,and do your best to synthesize the authors’ analyses into your own original analysis; do not rely
exclusively on quotations from the readings to make your points. just 300 words

Question 4446 History of London

Question 1: How did London’s geography and physical fabric change between 1500 and 1800? Question
2: How did new technologies affect the life of Londoners between 1500 and 1800? Question 3: How did
the traumatic political events of 1640-1710 – the Civil wars, the Restoration, the Glorious Revolution –
reshape London’s cultural and commercial life? [Please don’t tell me what happened; describe the
impact of those events.] Please use also sources of: The Stone of London from “Leo Hollis” London – A
social and cultural history, 1550-1750 from Robert O.Buchholz and Joseph P.Ward

Question 4447 Discussion Board

writing a thorough and thoughtful 275-300 word essay that answers one of the following questions: 1.
How does the attempt to control and codify plants and animals lead to eugenics? How are both of these
views optimistic? Pessimistic?

Question 4448 history questions

response should be at least 500 words, double-spaced, and submitted as a Word or PDF document.
Please look at the sample written assignment contained within this module prior to completing this
assignment. need to answers to the questions. Questions are attached. this questions are in the book
named “Going to the Source” page 286.

Question 4449 Evaluate Richard Nixon’s presidency

answer 2 questions Evaluate Richard Nixon’s presidency. Aside from Watergate, should he be
considered a good president? Compare the Iran-contra scandal to Watergate. In your opinion, which
one posed the greater threat to constitutional principles, Watergate or Irangate? Explain.

Question 4450 Conflict in America-Slavery

Write a letter addressed to President Lincoln explaining your stand point on slavery in the United States.
You can write from any perspective you choose, but depending on the stance you take, whether for or
against slavery, you must justify your reasons. Are you writing from the perspective of an Abolitionist,
fighting for emancipation of the four million slaves, or do you see slavery as a necessary component to
agricultural production in the Southern economy? Or maybe you are writing as a freed slave and have
personal experience? APA format is not required for this letter as a more stylistic approach is preferred.

Question 4451 Discuss three reasons for the failure of Reconstruction

1. Discuss three reasons for the failure of Reconstruction 2. Discuss the formation of separate
institutions for Blacks and Whites after the Civil War? (churches, schools, social organizations). 3. Discuss
reasons why African American men received the right to vote but not the right to land ownership? 4.
How does a College Senate meeting where committees discuss or approve new education curriculums
show leadership? -answer in at least 6 sentences 5. How does attending leadership conferences show
leadership? – answer in at least 6 sentences


5-6 page persuasive commentary on • Since the 1950s American Popular Culture has deeply impacted
our society. Over the past few decades we have seen a plethora of various types of media that have
become an integral part of our society. Television, the internet, various forms of music to name. With
such ongoing developments has come both praise and criticism. The current state of American Popular
Culture has reached a tipping point?

Question 4453 Historical Globalization

This is a writing assignment(source analysis) I’m analysing the 3 sources that are given to me which are
Everything you need to know is in the files including the format of this paper which is 4 paragraphs. 3
analysis and 1 relationship paragraph at the end. Be sure to link each analysis to globalisation and meet
the requirements! Also expressing and arguing opinions is not allowed or else it will bring down the
mark! Once again be sure to link each source to globalisation. Also please go in depth for the details this
is very important. No introduction is needed.

Question 4454

Literacy in the Bay of Islands, Picture images(1820s-1840s)
Critically analysing of historical images from an educational context. Criteria: does the analysis – focus
on the source and analyse it carefully, paying attention to detail? – situate the source in its broader
historical and/or educational context? – offer an interpretation of the source? – draw on secondary literature as appropriate?

Question 4455

African American history. Watch both YouTube videos Write a 150 words to answer the question and
the summary of the YouTube video

Question 4456 What’s in a Name? ‘I AM’ and the Hebrew Old Testament
In a discussion post, please explore the following open-ended questions related to this week’s primary
source readings and our discussion of The Ten Commandments: What power does a person or thing’s
name hold? Why does the Hebrew god, as seen through the image of a burning bush, not tell Moses
his/her/it’s a true name? This discussion assignment is worth five points: two points for your initial post,
one point for your initial post’s citation, and two points for your response to a classmate. little more
than half page link to video

Question 4457 Old Testament Flood Story-Two Versions

Please write a one to two page paper that explores the following questions in response to the primary
source reading the Two Versions of the Biblical Flood Story: (be sure to scroll down through page 1 to
get to the body of the text): How do the two versions of the story compare- the Yahwist version (in the
left column) and the Priestly Writer version (in the right column? How are they similar? Different? How
do these stories compare to last week’s reading The Epic of Gilgamesh? How does the worldview of the
people in the Biblical Flood Story differ from the worldview of Gilgamesh?

Question 4458 States and Empires in Precolonial Africa

Read Jane Acquah (2015) article (pdf attached) and answer the following questions. Identify all the
factors responsible for the rise and fall of states and empires in Africa. In your assessment, why did the

contact between Europe, Asia, and Africa affect the socio-political and economic development of the
continent of Africa. Use specific references from your readings to illustrate your point. Please note:
Unless your reaction papers clearly and consistently provide evidence of engagements with assigned
readings and review questions provided in class, your grade will be lowered accordingly.

Question 4459 Environmental History

Answer both questions as thoroughly as possible. Each question must be 2-3 pages long. 1. Discuss the
cultural and environmental impact of the encounter between the English colonists and the Native
Americans. Why was America so uniquely vulnerable to European conquest? 2. How did the agriculture
of the South differ from the agriculture of New England in the 18th century and the first half of the 19th
century? Discuss the environmental impact of both.

Question 4460 Malcolm x & Martin Luther King

After watching each video please answer the question below Discuss the lasting contributions and
impact of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. on contemporary African American thought and praxis?

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