Deep Work: Students Guide on How to Be Productive

Cal Newport’s book Deep Work has officially landed on our top reads this year. The concept of Deep Work is defined as the ability focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. We must agree that learning itself is a highly demanding cognitive task. In this day and age where distractions are within our reach, productivity is greatly affected. Here are some ways to be productive using deep work:

Eliminate All Distractions

Distractions in the 21st Century are in often self-induced. From the quick glances we make at our phones, the “constructive noise” we create by listening to music or podcasts while studying and the areas we chose to study from knowing too well that people will walk in or make noises that will affect our concentration. Deep work requires that you are in a less distractive environment and that you eliminate anything that could affect your efficiency. Switch your phone off, go to the library or a quiet study space and avoid any noises that could affect your concentration.

Deep Work is Purposeful

For you to effectively achieve deep work, you need to get your mind into purposely deciding to start and finish a task. Purpose to stay until you have achieved everything you had planned to achieve. Do not do anything else until that one task is completed. Make it a personal commitment to finish everything you have set out to finish and I guarantee you the level of satisfaction you will walk out with is going to be out of this world.

Thou Shall Not Multi-Task

Multitasking affects the optimal performance of your brain as it distracts you from the main task of the day. You need to set your environment in a way that ensures that there are no items that will affect your concentration and lead to handling other matters that are not a part of your agenda. This is the reason why we are against listening to anything when we are trying to achieve deep work. The information you get from listening to music or podcasts affects your brain’s optimal performance while engaging in a task.

It is NOT Easy

Deep work is not an easy process. It requires that you give it your best and setting your intentions right to complete the task. To focus on one task for a long while is not an easy endeavor, however when you are fully committed to achieving something substantial, you will give it your all. Although it might not be easy at first, practice makes perfect, you will soon be getting into deep work effortlessly.


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