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For the steel members shown ( E= 200 GPa ), draw the axial variations of axial load, stress, and displacement. Also, determine the strain energy in each case. L= 0.2 m , d= 20 mm , P = 5 kN

Q2.  The time a student takes to solve a statistics problem depends upon whether he or she recognizes certain simplifying comments in the problem statement. The probability of this recognition is 0.7. If the student recognizes the comments, the solution time is normally distributed with a meantime of 20 minutes and a standard deviation of 4.3 minutes. If the student does not recognize the simplifying comments, the solution time is normally distributed with a mean time of 43 minutes with a standard deviation of 10.2 minutes. a) What is the expected solution time in a large class of students? b) What is the probability that a student chosen at random will require more than 28.2minutes?c) What is the probability that he or she will require more than 43 minutes?

 Q3.  2.1 The drawing shows a plan and cross-sectional diagrams of a circular reservoir with an inside diameter of 20 m. The wall is 3 m high and 200 mm thick. A concrete base of the circular reservoir has a diameter of 21.2 m and rests on a concrete blinding layer of 75 mm thickness, which has a diameter of 21.5 m. Make use of the Quantities Grid to calculate the quantities (in standard metric units) for the following:(2.1.1) Excavations. (2.1.2) Concrete for the: Blinding layer, and2.1.2.2. Base and wall. (2.1.3) Formwork of the wall only. (2.1.4) Finishing off the floor and wall only

Q4.  A pressure transducer has an output range of 1.0 to 5.0 V at a standard temperature of 20 °C, and an output range of 1.2 to 5.2 V at 30 °C. Quantify this environmental effect.

Q5. Assume that the XMEGA128A1U peripheral clock frequency is 32 MHz. Write an instruction sequence to generate a 660 Hz square waveform fromPD0 pin using theFRQ mode. Set the timer clock Prescaler to 8. Use the TCD0 timer to generate this waveform.

Q6.  Parson’s reaction turbine runs at 3000 rpm and the steam consumption is20000 kg/h. The pressure of steam at a certain pair is 2 bar, its dryness fraction is 0.93 and the power developed by the pair is 50 kW. The discharge angle is20 for the moving blades and the axial velocity of flow is 0.72 times the?? blade velocity. Find the drum diameter and the blade height. Take the tip leakage of steam as 8%. Neglect the blade thickness.

Q7. Given below is a list of selected transactions performed by John Décor during the month of September 2002, the first month of operation.

a) Record the transactions in General Journal

b) Post each entry to the perspective account. Use the four-column account.

c) Prepare a trial balance.

d) Prepare a worksheet. Assume the following adjustment for the accounts and

journalize them.

e) Prepare a Balance sheet, Income statement, and statement of owner’s equity

f) close the temporary accounts.

On Sept. 10 Mr. John transferred cash from his personal account to be used in the business,

Birr 10,000.

“ 10 Paid rent for the month, Birr 500

“ 11 Purchased a truck for Birr 12,000 by paying Birr 3,000 Cash and giving a notes

payable for the difference.

“ 12 Purchased equipment on account Birr 1,460.

“ 13 Purchased supplies on account Birr 240.

“ 14 Paid insurance premiums of Birr 170 (Dr. prepaid insurance)

“ 15 Received cash for services completed Birr 360.

“ 16 Purchased Supplies on account Birr 240.

“ 18 Paid salaries of Birr 900.

“ 21 Paid its liabilities for the purchase of equipment

“ 24 Recorded sales on account Birr 2,080

“ 26 Received an invoice for truck expense Birr 115

“ 27 Paid utilities expense Birr 205.

“ 27 Paid miscellaneous expenses Birr 73

28 Received cash from customers on account birr 1,420

“ 30 Paid salaries to employees Birr 950

“ 30. The owner withdrew Birr 1, 750 for personal use

Q8.  Consider a 0.3-m-diameter and 1.8-m-long horizontal cylinder in a room at 20°C. If the outer surface temperature of the cylinder is 40°C, the natural convection heat transfer coefficient is (a) 3.0 W/m2.K


How has colonialism affected growth in less developed countries?...

1. What is the premise of dependency theory?

2. How has colonialism affected growth in less developed countries?

3. Marxist often attribute the lack of economic growth in less developed countries. to exploitation by developed countries. Is this true today?

300 words

Q10.  A two-story industrial building includes a factory floor on the ground floor and the offices on the first floor. Both levels have a floor area of 100 m × 100 m and the ceiling height for the ground floor and the first floor are 10 m and 5 m respectively. This factory contains 150 machines that need to be monitored and controlled from a control system with a control algorithm running from a computer located in a control room upstairs. Furthermore, the workers in the offices need to communicate and exchange information with each other as well as with the supervisors on the factory floor below. Your task is to design a communication network to satisfy the different communication requirements of this scenario. Following are the data rate requirements of the system: 1. Each machine has sensors that generate data at a rate of 15 Mbps for 3 minutes, 10 times every hour, and the amount of data coming from the control system back to the machines is at 15 kbps. 2. There are 250 computers in the office and each needs to download 4 Mbytes of data every 12 minutes and 50 kbps upload speed. Assume half of the communication is with the outside world. 3. 10 supervisors on the factory floor need to have 10 Mbps downlink (to monitor some machines) and 1 Mbps uplink speeds. Prepare a report of a maximum of 10 pages using the provided report template including any graphics and references addressing the design problem. The report should include, as a minimum, the following information: • What is the general capacity of the equipment required? You are not required to find the exact data requirements. The goal is to get a general feel for the dimension of the network based on the blocking probability studies like an example that was covered in the tutes. For example, is 10 Mbps capacity enough for the network? There is no single correct answer to these questions. Think about factors you would consider in designing a network and justify your answer based on these factors. • How do you connect the two buildings (manufacturing plant and offsite office)? What are the technical issues you need to consider in designing such a network? • Technologies/standards/protocols to be used and justify your decision. For example, would you use one technology to cover all the requirements, or would you have different technologies to cover different requirements? Why did you select a particular strategy? and where did you apply the selected technologies? • Decisions behind the selection of such technologies. Think about factors you need to consider in designing a network. You have come across a lot of the technical factors such as capacity, error performance etc., but think of what are the other factors that influence such a design, such as costs and security. Although you do not need to go into details, you should demonstrate that you are aware of these factors and justify the design based on multiple criteria. ENEE13022 © Lam Bui 3/4 • Comment on the hardware and software implementations of the system. What is the hardware required? What sort of software/firmware is required to implement your proposed solution? Although it is a bonus to identify the commercial software and hardware needed to implement your design, it is not necessary. It is enough to say N routers with M interfaces and x Gbps capacity etc. What type of cables do you need to use? Would you use a wireless or wired connection? Why do you select a particular technology?

• Layout/topology/architecture of the network. Provide a diagram of how the different equipment is connected. Justify your choices.

• Discuss the limitations of the selected technologies. As the requirements are only loosely defined, you may want to add your own sensible system/communication requirements to make the problem more specific. This would allow you to think of how you would specify a network design problem. If you add your own specifications, clearly state them at the beginning of the document. Your task is to look at different solutions and identify the best one according to your criteria.

Always discuss alternatives, rather than saying I picked this particular technology, it should be along the lines of both technologies can work here, but I pick this particular technology due to reason 1, reason 2, etc. You are strongly encouraged to use the web resources for this assessment. All the resources you use should be properly referenced in the report. As mentioned above the objective of this exercise is to demonstrate that you can utilize the knowledge gained from the unit material to solve a design problem. I do not expect a complete design that can be directly applied to the solution. The expectation is that you will follow a valid and accurate method to solve the problem and consider appropriate technologies for the network. Any decision you make needs to be properly justified, using relevant evidence. To assist you with the important aspects of the design that needs to be reported, I have provided you with a report template. Make sure that you use it and answer all questions there. Watch out for the page limitation and do your best to cover everything under the 10-page limit. There is no single correct answer to this problem. However, there can be wrong answers. For example, a system that cannot support the data rates required is not correct. The report template consists of four main sections. Section 1 is the capacity consideration, presenting the data capacity calculations for the factory and the office floors and the estimated capacity required for the data links between them and the central control system and the connection to the outside world. Since it is unnecessary and often inefficient to provide a dedicated link for each user, link resources are usually shared among many users. It is thus necessary to provide the calculations of the blocking probability for the links where appropriate. The second section should focus on the network topology design for various parts of the network and specify how the users connect to the network and interface to the outside world. The third section reports the network implementation, showing how the network of Section 2 should be implemented by considering the relevant communication/network technologies, and justifying the specific selection of the network technology/standard/protocol. Section 4 presents other network considerations such as limitations of the design, pros and cons and alternative solutions, etc.

Q11.When 0.421 g of BaCl2.2H2O and 0.722g of Na3PO4.12H2O mix with water forming 500 ml of solution, how many grams of Ba3(PO4)2 precipitate?


  1.  Briefly explain the computerized product cycle in the manufacturing environment?
  2. What are the functions that get benefited from the use of computers in design and manufacturing functions?
  3. What do you understand about CIM and lean manufacturing

Q13.   In a chemical process control system, it is valuable to control the chemical composition of the product. To do so, a measurement of the composition can be obtained by using an infrared stream analyzer, as shown in Figure P1.3. The valve on the additive stream may be controlled. Complete the control feedback loop, and sketch a block diagram describing the operation of the control loop.

 Q14. Consider a two transmit and one receive antenna multiple-input single-output (MISO) system with slow Rayleigh fading. The system is transmitting
the Alamouti code.

(i)Show that the scheme effectively provides two independent scalar
(3 Marks)

(ii)What is the total gain of the channels?

(i)Show that the channel capacity of the Alamouti code is higher than the
channel capacity of the SISO system.


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