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This assignment aims to give you real problem-solving experience, like what you might encounter in the workplace. Your task is to apply object-oriented design and implementation techniques to create a well-documented and easy-to-maintain software solution for an airline company that achieves the 15 user stories outlined in the attached document.

The company has plans to develop a graphical user interface for this application eventually, however, this prototype implementation will have a simple text-based interface. To make it easier to switch to a graphical user interface in the future we want to ensure the user interface code is kept separate from the application logic. To help with this an UserInterface class has been provided. You may use this class if you wish.


Create a comparison chart of the different types of e-book readers. include a conclusion on which one you would purchase if you were to buy one or why you would not purchase an e-reader. don’t forget to include size, resolution, weight, price, and other such comparisons


Find out about the different technological solutions available for interconnecting LANs from more extensive networks such as wide area networks (WANs) and Metropolitan area networks. Consider the solutions


Write a program for Monoalphabetic Cipher – encryption and decryption with all the possible test cases in C++ programming language?


Assessment Specification Assignment 2: Individual Report
Due Date: 19Th May

Course Objectives The assessment tasks specified in this document address a number of the objectives of this course; these being:

  • use a range of effective communication strategies;
  • deliver effective oral presentations to an audience;
  • write professional letters, memos, and reports using correct grammar and spelling;
  • work independently and in teams; and
  • adapt a communication strategy to suit the audience.

Topics Choose one topic from the following list:

  1. Augmented Reality: A New Way of Online Shopping. Large online stores have started implementing AR technologies to let people see and feel their products. Will this technology have a place in the marketplace shortly?
  1. Examine the role of technologies in your own life: to what extent are you dependent on them, and can you give up using them?
  1. Home Technologies of the Future. The Internet of Things is entering the mass market. Can you predict what our homes will look like in the future?

Individual Report
In many situations in your future work life, you could be required to do some fact-finding or an investigation into a specific topic given to you by your line manager. This assignment is to mimic such a task, to develop skills in researching a chosen subject, gathering information, summarising it, and presenting your educated points of view concerning the investigation. Depending on your selected task you may have to make an informed recommendation of which product or solution is preferred.
This is an individual piece of work. You are required to complete a report on your chosen subject. The
report should be between 1000 and 1500 words long and should include the main ideas and concepts in the
field, including appropriate referencing. Marks will be awarded for completeness and presentation of the submission, for currency and relevance of discussion, correct use of paraphrasing and referencing, and English expression, grammar, and spelling.
The final submission should include the following:

  • title page giving the student’s name and chosen topic
  • table of contents
  • A table of figures/graphs/illustrations etc (if required)
  • The introduction to the overall report
  • mind map on the topic that you have chosen. The mind map will be the basis for your report.
  • The main body of the report details concepts and ideas. This will contain material summarised from the references that you have read, correctly citing those references.
  • time estimation The time estimation is based on the exercise in Tutorial 1, on the estimated time to complete the tasks and how long the tasks took.
  • conclusion to the overall report
  • A complete reference list in  APA format.

Submission Requirements: You must submit a single document that includes the above tasks. All submissions for this course are via the submission boxes in the Assessment section of the Moodle shell for the course. In addition, the report should be submitted via the Turnitin submission box in the Assessment section of the Moodle shell.
Template for time estimation task
Note that the number of sub-tasks (rows in the table) are for example only and have no relationship to the actual number of tasks you consider appropriate.
Time estimation for individual reflection

Task Best time OD (Optimistic Duration) Worst Time PD (Pessimistic Duration) Estimated time ED (Estimated Duration)
Note this exercise was part of the Week 1 tutorial. Please review the activity from Week 1 to help you complete this part of the assignment.
Formula for time taken (Duration = D):
D = ((1 * OD) + (4 * ED) + (1 * PD))/6
Marking Guide – Individual Report /50
Criteria Max Points Outstanding Above Expectation At Expectation Below Expectation Unsatisfactory
>=80% 70%-79% 60%-69% 50%-59%
Points Range 8pts-10pts 7pts-7.9pts 6pts-6.9pts 5pts-5.9pts 0pts-4.9pts
English writing style 10 Excellent English skills. Well written with good sentence structure, grammar and spelling throughout. Good English expression, spelling, and grammar. Well-formed sentences and phrases for the most part. Satisfactory English writing skills but some poorly constructed sentences and phrases. Some spelling and grammatical mistakes English expression, grammar, and spelling are often incorrect. Poorly formed sentences and phrases The writing style is very poor with incorrect grammar, spelling, and expression mistakes throughout. Unintelligible in some places.
Introduction 10 An excellent introduction that gives an interesting lead-in with a good overview and plan of work. Good introduction with some overview and plan of work The introduction gives some overview but no real plan of work. Introduction attempted but does not give overview or plan of work Not attempted
Mind map 10 Excellent mindmap showing all ideas and knowledge connected correctly. Mindmap shows the main ideas and knowledge. Several ideas presented in a mind map Simplistic mind map Not supplied
Development of discussion in the report 10 Excellent introduction and conclusion, with an in-depth discussion of literature. The a good thread throughout with logical conclusions drawn. Introduction and conclusion for section attempted. Some logical discussion of literature and links are drawn between ideas. Some attempt at an introduction and /or conclusion. Some structure to literature review but no in-depth linking of ideas No introduction and/or conclusion for the section, literature review consists of unrelated sentences or points. No logical development of discussion. No introduction or conclusion to the section
Paraphrasing 10 Excellent use of paraphrasing. Evidence of synthesizing information from several sources and presenting a concise summary. Good use of paraphrasing. A limited number of quotes and usually where technical terms or similar have been used. Some evidence of synthesizing information Some fair attempts at paraphrasing. Some quotes would have been better paraphrased. Good use of paraphrasing. A limited number of quotes and usually where technical terms or similar have been used. Some evidence of synthesizing information Excellent use of paraphrasing. Evidence of synthesizing information from several sources and presenting a concise summary.
Organization 10 The report has an excellent organization with an informative table of contents and page numbers visible throughout the report. Report well organized with a good table of contents and page numbers. Report organization is average. Table of contents not complete and/or page numbers missing Report Organization is unsatisfactory. Missing table of contents and/or page numbers. The report is very difficult to follow with no table of contents or page numbers.
Time Estimation Exercise 10 Breakdown of tasks into sub-tasks
Accuracy of time allowed for sub-tasks
Application of formula and final time estimation
Breakdown of tasks into sub-tasks.
Accuracy of time allowed for sub-tasks.
Application of formula and final time estimation
Breakdown of tasks into sub-tasks.
Accuracy of time allowed for sub-tasks.
Breakdown of tasks into sub-tasks Not attempted
Conclusion 10 The excellent conclusion gives an interesting summary of the work and leaves the reader with a thought-provoking final comment. The very good conclusion that gives a summary of the work, but the final comment is not that impressive The conclusion gives a satisfactory summary of the work and no final comment The conclusion gives some summary of the work and no final comment Not attempted
References (APA) 10 References are all in APA format and correctly listed at the end of the literature review. References in APA style but not in alphabetical order and/or not combined at end of literature review. Most references are in APA format but some are missing and /or references are not combined at the end of the report. References in APA style but not in alphabetical order and/or not combined at end of literature review. References are all in APA format and correctly listed at the end of the literature review.
References (completeness) 10 Excellent references that show evidence of wide reading of current research. Good references, some a little out of date. References are a bit limited. A few good references, but some are too old or from inappropriate sources such as unreferenced web pages or blogs. Limited references, mostly too old and/or from inappropriate sources such as web pages or blogs. No references are given in the work


Consider a logical address space of 256 pages with a 4-KB page size, mapped onto a physical memory of 64 frames. a. How many bits are required in the logical address? b. How many bits are required in the physical address? 8. Consider a computer system with a 32-bit logical address and 4-KB page size. The system supports up to 512 MB of physical memory a. How many entries are there in a single-level page table? 9. What is the purpose of paging the page tables? 10. What is the purpose of a TLB? What actions are taken in the case of a TLB miss? 11. Consider a system with a 32-bit logical address space and a page size of 4KB. How many entries will be in the inner page table in a three-level paging scheme, if the outer page table contains 2 entries? 12. On a system with paging, a process cannot access memory that it does not own. Why? (hint: page table) 13. Given six memory partitions of 300 KB, 600 KB, 350 KB, 200 KB, 750 KB, and 125 KB (in order), how would the first-fit, best-fit, and worst-fit algorithms place processes of size 115 KB, 500 KB, 358 KB, 200 KB, and 375 KB (in order)? Rank the algorithms in terms of how efficiently they use memory

.PROG2003 – Cloud Systems Development
Assignment 1
PROG2003 Assignment 1
Weight: 30% of your final mark
Due: Week 3 Monday (16 May 2022) at 11:00 PM
Your task is to create a website that prints all the existing file details in an S3 bucket. To make the
website dynamic, you need to create a Cloud9 app that would work as a “backend” for the website.
Your submission will be evaluated based on:
• whether instructions have been followed;
• correct functionality;
• correct implementation; and
• comments inside the program
Getting Help
This assignment, which is to be completed individually, is your chance to gain an understanding of the
fundamental concepts of listing and creating S3 objects on which later learning will be based. It is
important that you master these concepts yourself.
Since you are mastering fundamental skills, you are permitted to work from the examples in the
MySCU site or textbook, but you must acknowledge assistance from other textbooks or classmates. In
particular, you must not use online material or help from others, as this would prevent you from
mastering these concepts.
This diagram will help you understand where you can get help:
Encouraged Attribution Required Not acceptable Ask tutor
Be aware that if you do get help from one of the red sources, you will be reported for academic
misconduct, which may have serious penalties. Please visit the following link for the guidelines:
Lecturer Tutors Online
Forums Relatives
outside unit Hired coders Classmates Private
PROG2003 – Cloud Systems Development
Assignment 1
Overview: You have to create a website that prints the current file names and their sizes in an S3
bucket. The website will be hosted in the same bucket and will have an index and an error page. The
index page will print the file list and the error page will print some error messages. The index page
would look like the screenshot below.
You need to use the UA-provided AWS account for all assessment tasks. A personal AWS account is
not acceptable.
Details: The details of the assignment tasks are described below.
Part A: The website (6 marks): The index and error pages ideally would be the index.html and
error.html files. The error page will be displayed upon entering the wrong/invalid URL. The index page
will print a list of names and sizes of the “current” files (i.e., known as objects in S3) within an S3
bucket. If the bucket is empty then the index page should print a message “There are currently no
objects”. You need to host a static website with two pages (index.html, and error.html) in the bucket.
You need to configure the bucket with the appropriate “bucket policy” and “public access” so that
your website can be accessed publicly.
The index page must reflect any changes to the number of files in the bucket. If you delete from or
add a file to the bucket, the index page must reflect that. You might be wondering how that would be
possible by a static website. To implement this “dynamic” functionality, you need to implement a
Cloud9 app that can: (a) list the current file names and their sizes, and (b) create (or overwrite) an
index file with the current file names and sizes in the bucket. The app will be executed each time
before running the website so that the index.html always displays the updated list of current files and
their sizes.
Part B: The Cloud9 app (24 marks): The Cloud9 app will have two main features – listing all file names
(i.e., object names or keys) as well as their sizes in the bucket, and creating a new file/object with the
name/key “index.html” within the bucket. Upon serving, the index.html will display these names and
sizes. It will print a message “no object available” if the bucket is empty. It has been taught during the
tutorial that while creating an object in a bucket, you need to specify the content of the object. The
content of the index.html in this case will include the current object names and their sizes. You will
get the names and sizes of the objects by implementing the listing feature. You need to embed this
information with HTML code to prepare the content of the index.html. The error.html will be very
simple and will display a relevant error message, e.g., page not found.
Requirements: Your website and Cloud9 app must fulfill the following requirements. You will lose
marks otherwise.
PROG2003 – Cloud Systems Development
Assignment 1
• Your Cloud9 app must be named yourscuusernameA1App.
• You will use a single bucket for the whole assignment and its name must be yourscuusernamea1-bucket.
• Your Cloud9 app must have separate methods for the two features – listing and creating.
• Your Cloud9 app must use exception handling and loop(s).
• You must use AWS SDK v 2. x to implement the Cloud9 app.
• You must implement the assignment in the SCU-provided AWS account, personal AWS
account will not be accepted.
• You need to add comments inside your source code.
Solution Hints: Check the following hints for implementation.
• A newly created object by default has a content type of “application/octet”. Such objects
behave as attachments. This will not fulfill the purpose of a website, where the HTML pages
need to serve. You need to explore the content-type property of the PutObjectRequest class
for this purpose.

You can use an unordered HTML list for the index.html to display the object
names. Check this link out:
Submission Checklist: The marker will access your AWS Academy workspace (provided by the UA),
check your app, and directly mark your app from there. If your AWS console provided by the UA is not
accessible, you will lose a significant mark. You have to zip the app project folder and submit it in
Blackboard as well. Blackboard submission list:
• Zipped app folder for the Cloud9 app.
• A text file containing the URL of the static website.


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