Letter writing as a Form of Communication.

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Question 1201 Follow up Letter

A follow up letter is sent after initial communication (by phone, email or letter). The sender might be thanking a customer for an order, reviewing a meeting’s outcome, or a job applicant following up on an application or after an interview. Background Reading & Sample Correspondence Textbook, pp. 507-509 Job Interview Thank You Letter Sample (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Assignment Imagine that you have been interviewed for a job or internship in your chosen career field. By the next day, you must send a thank you note to the person who interviewed you. Use the letter to thank the person for his or her time, to stress your strengths, to express your enthusiasm, and to resolve any questions left unanswered in the interview. Write a thank you letter to the interviewer.

The letter should not exceed one page. https://www.thebalance.com/job-interview-thank-you-letter-sample-2063957

Question 1202 Recommendation Letter

When students apply for jobs or to graduate schools, they often request letters of recommendations from former professors. This generic letter (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. shows one approach that a professor may take in writing a letter of recommendation for a student.

To help the professor in drafting the recommendation, the request letter should summarize the student’s most significant achievements. This letter will cover much of the same information as the job application cover letter. Thus, you may pull information from that document for this assignment.

Sample Recommendation Request LetterPreview the document Assignment Write a letter requesting a recommendation from a former professor. In the letter remind the professor which of his or her classes you took. Also, summarise your academic, employment, and extracurricular experiences. See the sample recommendation request above. Your letter should not exceed one page.

Question 1203 Complaint Letter

Background Resources Complaint Letters – Textbook, Module 11, pp. 164-180 Complaint letter Template – https://www.usa.gov/complaint-letter (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

Assignment Using the Complaint Letter Template, write a one-page complaint letter to a company about a problem with a product or service. All letters for this course should stick to the styles/formats in the text (pp. 127-137) or use a template that comes with your word processing software.

Question 1204 Amazon’s Contraversy

synthesis paper : Compose a paper that examines each text’s central idea, arguments, and assumptions. Which makes the more persuasive argument? You must use specific evidence (quotes, paraphrases, examples, etc.) from these texts in your paper to support your conclusions (your thesis).

You should point out the strengths and weaknesses in both texts, but you will ultimately decide which is stronger. This is not a paper about what you think about the controversy nor which argument you may agree with, but which text makes a better argument and why.

Using the following articles from these links https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/americas-amazon-problem_us_59443b5be4b06bb7d2731cba and https://www.theatlantic.com/business/archive/2018/02/amazon-warehouses-poor-cities/552020/ Format: 4-5 pages, using proper MLA format and citation.


Question 1205 The first amendment junkie

This is an argument paper it should be 2-3 pages MLA formate response that argues against Jacoby’s article and the points she brings up .

Her main argument is that the first amendment is the most important thing and that censorship is wrong so I need to argue against both .this should not be an essay it is an argumentation

Question 1206 TRACE Analysis Assignment

For this assignment you will analyse the rhetorical situation of an argument found in a commercial, such as a public service announcement or an advertisement for a product or service (A good source for finding a commercial is YouTube).

When analysing the argument, utilize the TRACE model of rhetorical inquiry outlined in your FYW textbook (see Chapter 2) and this week’s lecture. In your analysis, you should answer the questions and prompts below.

Text: What kind of text is it? Explain what the text is arguing. Elaborate on why a commercial might be an appropriate medium for this particular argument. What other mediums might work? Explain why. What mediums might not work? Elaborate. Reader or Audience: Who is the target audience? Explain how a viewer’s background, culture, gender, and/or ethnicity might influence his or her perception of the argument.

For example, might a female viewer react differently than a male viewer? Why or why not? Author: Elaborate on who the author(s) might be? What experiences might have influenced the author(s) that created this argument? What might be motivating the author(s) to construct this argument? Constraints: Explain what special constraining circumstances might influence a viewer’s response to this argument.

What constraints might influence the author(s) creation of the text? Exigence: What happened to cause this argument? Why is the issue addressed in the text perceived as a defect or problem? Is it a new or recurring argument? Don’t forget to include a link to the commercial* in your discussion, and remember that the commercial you choose must have an argument (Keep in mind that commercials that address arguments of social concern typically make for the best analyses.)

Finally, your analysis should be at least one page (single spaced) and submitted by the due date specified in the course calendar. * You must choose a professionally produced commercial that has aired on network TV. Your chosen commercial shouldn’t be longer than 90 seconds.

Question 1207 Summary and writing

write around 500 world – the introduction about blackboard learning system . – summary 1 , 2 , 3 . following a questions, by writing a paragraph ,found the answers in the links – write around 500 world – the introduction about blackboard learning system .

Summary 1 , 2 , 3 . following a questions, by writing a paragraph – write around 500 world – the introduction about blackboard learning system . – summary 1 , 2 , 3 . following a questions, by writing a paragraph – each summary have a paragraph .

Question 1208 academic paragraph

March 20 is the first day of spring this year. However, it is also Nowruz, the Persian New Year celebrated by Iranian and non-Iranian people all around the world.

Write about a holiday or celebration that is unique to your culture. This has to be an academic paragraph, 10 – 12 sentences long. (It should be well written good pronunciation, punctuation and there should be no grammar mistake.)

Question 1209 Special occasion speech

speech of special occasion present the professor award example : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAMHLF7AvYg Your manuscript is your Speech for a Special Occasion written out in its entirety. The speech is 2-3 minutes long.

So make sure your manuscript is long enough to meet the time parameters. In other words….two or three sentences will not suffice.

Question 1210 Describing Ad / Poster

I need to describe some Ads and state the audience and purpose and inspect the effectiveness. Please view the file named [Assignment] for this.

I have also included the content required to do this assignment in the file [Text] so please take your time. Thanks


Question 1211 Peer Discussion

Reply to each peer draft by responding to the draft 2 draft proposals. When responding to each draft, be positive and offer constructive criticism. Avoid negative comments.

You also should refrain from answering with “yes” and “no” responses. You will need to provide at least 3-4 sentences for each point .Use the prompts as a guide to answer.

Question 1212 Fences” By August Wilson

write a page or a page and a half about the play called ” Fences”, you need to read Act 1 of the play, and you have to find the theme as well.

DO NOT USE QUOTES from the play, just write a summary. read up to 61 DO NOT READ ACT 2 https://archive.org/stream/WilsonFences/Wilson%20Fences_djvu.txt

Question 1212 Summarise an article

Summary Assignment Sheet Write a summary of the article, which should be between TWO and TWO-and-A HALF pages, double-spaced, and have 12-point font size and one-inch margins (this is the default mode for most software, including Microsoft Word).

If your summary is too long, try to eliminate secondary points or reduce wordiness. Do not insert extra spaces between paragraphs or do anything else to make your paper appear longer.

Question 1213 letter to the editor

Respond to a topic that matters to you, about which you will write two versions of a “letter to the editor” of any magazine or periodical you choose. Include facts and reasons that are appropriate to your argument.

Consider the array of persuasive strategies you might use in your letters to the editor. Your first letter to the editor should have a serious tone, and your second a comedic tone. In your comedic letter, you will use a fallacy to show how its use dilutes the effectiveness of your argument.

Question 1214 Memo

http://www.who.int/end-childhood-obesity/commission-ending-childhood-obesity-draft-final-report-en.pdf Your focus in this Editing Exercise is on pages 14-19. Your job is to edit this section: 1: Tackle the obesogenic environment and norms.

In a brief memo to the authors of this report, comment on the following:

1. Jargon: Is there language that would be hard for a college-educated audience of non-experts to understand? How can that language be revised or defined for clarity?

2. Parallelism: Are all lists parallel? Does the parallelism work? In other words, does it make lists in the report easier to understand? Are there lists that need revision?

3. Paragraphing: Is each paragraph about one idea only? Is this idea expressed in the topic sentence (first sentence) of the paragraph?

4. Clarity of Verbs: Are all verbs in the report section used clearly? Do they make abstract ideas more concrete? 5.

Clarity of Technical Information: Is all information made clear? Are terms clear? Is information clearly attributed to its original source? Your memo should be at least 350 words long, but no longer than 700 words.

Question 1215 Salvation” and “Distance to the Moon

http://www.radiolab.org/story/282571-distance-of-moon/ file:///C:/Users/jonat/Desktop/school/ENC%201101/M1%20questions/Salvation.html Both stories are about children learning lessons about life. What lessons are learned by the narrators?

How are they similar and different?

Write at least one full paragraph (6-8 sentences)


Question 1216 what is in a name

what is in a name ?” simply as that all u have to do is like at Language awareness book i want the paper to be too much simple with with simple word not too much perfect and not too much prof.

I’ll upload paper with structure to be more clear. i want it as simple as you can plz *2+ complete pages with cover and reference page * i need outline as well

Question 1217 Sentence focus assignment

Sentence Focus and Variety Explanation: Academic writing does not mean flowery, long, unclear sentences. Academic writing calls for critical thoughts put simply and ideas written so your intended audience can easily understand.

Rule of thumb: Ask yourself who (or what) is doing what? Here are Some Examples: Weak: The exam was taken by the students. (Did the exam do something?) Subject Verb Better: The students took the exam. Subject Verb Weak: The material was reviewed by the class to prepare for the exam. Subject Verb Better: The class reviewed the material to prepare for the exam.

Subject Verb Passive: The ball was thrown. (Missing subject. Who threw the ball?) Active: Justin Verlander threw the ball. Appropriately Passive and logical: My car was stolen. (“By whom?” isn’t a logical or helpful question here.) Appropriately Passive in science*:

Lateral fluid percussion (LFP) will be used to produce brain injury in rats. (*Often, scientific writing leaves out the subject/researchers/person doing the action in order to promote the research over the researcher, and to seem less biased.) Inappropriately Passive and unclear: Mistakes were made. (by whom? what mistakes?) (Listen as politicians use this to get out of admitting to a mistake.)

The Assignment/Your Task: Revise these wordy sentences for more clarity and simplicity. Submit the four revised sentences for up to 20 points. Remember to ask yourself: who is doing what?

Developing research tests at Stanford, researchers are measuring one’s ability to multitask. Helping track illegal online activity for law enforcement, the Department of Defence developed a new search engine.

Attempts were made to alert the student body to the changes in registration procedures by the registrar. There are many studies indicating that cramming for tests does not work.

Question 1218 American Beauty

I need someone to write a response Answering the following question in MLA format, typed, approx. 500 words: The movie illustrates several major themes in its portrayal of the “normal” American family. What is the film’s/ main character’s obsession with beauty?

Where does it stem from? What do you make of the title of the film, and how does it relate to this obsession? Would you categorise the main character as ethical? Why/ why not?

Question 1219 Is the internet getting out the best of us

It is a research project. My opinion side is WITH. I need 2 main documents: The first document: 1- collect 10 case studies about my side of the topic from this website ( https://www.emeraldinsight.com.library.pmu.edu.sa/ ).

2- Summarize each study getting out these 3 pieces of information (the purpose of the study, findings of the study, recommendations of the study). each summary of a study needs to be one full page. Then put them all in one document, separated clearly.

Second document: Summarize only the findings of all 10 studies in one research paper. 1000 words minimum. Using Annotated Bibliography method (A sample is attached). Instructions: – All resources have to be from the website mentioned above. If the website asked you to login, use this username: 201500877 and this password: Idkpass0636 .

All of that I need it to be done in 5 days MAX. Deadline is 23/April/2018 at 11:00 PM (Saudi Arabia time).

Question 1220 Two Separate Paragraphs For Research Proposal

Compose a wikipedia page about the topic based on 5 peer reviewed sources attached ( you can replaced them with better sources) .

You will need different sections: Introduction, History, Genres, Conclusion. The wiki page must include: 1) an introduction (8-10 sentences) 2) subgenres 3) for each sub-genre, provide a relevant summary from 5 peer reviewed sources 4) 3-5 images 5) Works Cited: cite your sources according to MLA note: 1)History (beginning/ middle/ end) 2)specific perspectives/ sub(genres)

Question 1221 Speaking evaluation

Document for a Training Manual: Describing a process in logistic You will write a text describing a process from your field of study. In the text, you will use ideas and 3 vocabulary words from your Audio Text Research. You will use words or phrases to link the parts of your text. Objective:

1 write and revise an appropriate field-related text that is approximately 250 words long using academic/professional field-related vocabulary in an understandable way. • text must be written in a style that is appropriate to the student’s field, using proper use of the grammatical code, and incorporating details from a reliable written or audio source.

Steps 1. Prepare a plan for the training manual document following the instructions on the plan for word limits.

2. Field-specific vocabulary (3 words or terms) from audio text research must be used in the training manual document. These 3 terms or words must be underlined or highlighted in the text that you write.

3. Write and revise the training manual document in class. Use of a plan, grammar reference book, error log and dictionary is permitted. Content Using ideas and 3 vocabulary words from Audio/Video Research III, you will write a text about a process related to your field of study.

Organise your text by giving it a title and dividing the text into paragraphs. Paragraph 1: Introduce the process, describe when or where this process is done and identify its place in your field of study. Paragraphs 2,3: Identify and describe the main steps of the process. Paragraph

4: Conclude by identifying the process and describe its purpose/importance. Use transition words to connect the ideas in each paragraph.

Question 1222 Correction From the Last assignment

You did well in this paper. You read a lot and synthesized it nicely. I made comments. The main issue is to incorporate the sources better. Every name you mention in your paper must be in the Works Cited list, and everything in the list must be mentioned in the paper.

Always use the full name of the author the first time you mention it in your paper. After that, use the last name. Finally, make sure the bibliography is correct.

It must be called “Works Cited” and the information must be consistent with the MLA rules. I gave you a link to OWL. Use this as you guide.

Question 1223 Formal Paper

Important: Your Formal Papers must be submitted as either a Word Document (.doc or docs) file or Rich Text Format (.rtf ) file. paper must be an argumentative paper derived from paper 2.

This paper should follow either the Classical or Rogerian structure and must contain credible evidence such as opinions of authority, facts, statistics, legislation, etc.

For example: If you reported on advertising to children in the second paper, argue that advertising to children should be banned from all daytime network television. You are expected to re-use and restructure the information you presented in the previous paper.

It is totally fine to cut and paste certain paragraphs from the previous paper into the final paper. Please notice that you will have to do additional research and integrate additional sources. Form Requirements:

2500 word minimum (illustrations and/or graphs, long quotes, etc. are not counted in the word count) · Printed in 12 pt Courier/New Courier (or the equivalent) · Follows MLA Format ·

Works Cited page containing at least 9 sources (including Branded) that you have researched on your own. Of course you may also use sources provided in the classroom in addition to your own. Alphabetic order Attached you will find paper #2 that you helped me with.

Question 1224 answer questions on file reading.

Read the articles below and and answer multiple choice questions If Nature Had Rights-Cullinan, Cormac.

The Net Is a Waste of Time- Gibson, William, What’s Wrong With Animal Rights – Hearne, Vicki, Can Patriotism Be Compassionate? – Nussbaum, Martha,


Question 1225 Writing evalation plan

  1. Prepare a plan for the training manual document following the instructions on the plan for word limits.
  2.  Field-specific vocabulary (3 words or terms) from audio text research must be used in the training manual document.
  3. These 3 terms or words must be underlined or highlighted in the text that you write. 3-Complete the audio research template chart. Write key words or short sentences for the steps of the process in your template chart.

Question 1226 Homeless Veterans

Multimedia Project Proposal [Guidelines] In the context of an English class, we become familiar to the traditional, MLA formatted essay genre, but it’s clear that this isn’t the way that we typically communicate our ideas to others.

Instead, we tend to rely on a mix of media, including social media, visual, audio, film, and textual forms. For this final assignment, you’ll be “remediating” a prior essay written for this course – specifically the Personal Reflection or Exploratory Essay – and transforming it from a strictly textual genre to a multimedia one.

This short proposal will ask you to think about your ideas and writing in a more creative way, namely going beyond the essay and thinking about other formats that you can present and share your ideas with others. First, decide on which of these essays you’d like to remediate. I find that the exploratory essay tends to work well for this project, but there are certainly creative ways we can express our personal reflection essay, too! It’s largely depends on which project you’d live to revisit.

After that, consider the multimedia genre you’d like to use (a list of potential ones and descriptions can be found here: Multimedia Genres and Conventions. You are also welcome to propose a different multimedia genre than those listed here). Could your personal reflection become a short film?

What about a post on a blog, or an entry in larger book of your collected memories? Could your exploratory essay transform into a documentary film on the issue? Or perhaps a photo essay that brings your subculture to life? Or maybe it would be a featured article in an online publication like a journal or news website?

The sky’s the limit! I want to see your creativity in how you would transform your work into something new as well as how you keep your audience in mind. You won’t actually be creating this multimedia project, but rather just proposing a possible one. Use the following questions to help you propose this idea to me: What essay have you chosen for this project, and why? What multimedia genre do you want to use for this?

Do you have any experience with this media format? If so, what is it? If not, what would you have to do in order to create this? Why do you feel as though this multimedia platform is the best one for you and for your audience? How would your audience access your multimedia work?

If your chosen genre allows for the inclusion of media such as images (such as photographs, illustrations, works of art), videos, music, hyperlinks, or graphics (such as charts), what would you add in to your project and why? Aside from the change in format from text to media, how might the content of your original essay change? Did any aspect of your rhetorical situation change? Why or why not?

This proposal will be 2 pages long (double spaced) and follow MLA conventions. Don’t think that because this assignment is shorter that you can skimp on these questions – the proposal is a chance for yourself to consider how the transition from text to media impacts how you communicate your ideas to your audience. Make sure to address all of the questions above and with sufficient details.

Question 1227 Logical Fallacy Journal

Logical fallacy journal (min: two paragraphs per entry): we will be studying at least 24 different logical fallacies (these are some of the most common we see in “fake news” and in the media in general), and you will hunt for these “in the wild”, so to speak, searching for these among news stories (real and fake) and political speeches.

When you find them, you will journalise them explaining which fallacy it is, why you believe it is that fallacy, and where you found it. (As a visual metaphor, think of a butterfly collection where you pin the butterfly down, identify its genus and species, its habitats, and its physical characteristics.) https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/

Question 1228 Discovery & Planning

Imagine that you are an accountant, and you have 2 children. Respond to the two questions below in present tense: Your entire blog entry should be no less than three hundred words.

Blog Questions

1. Describe your planning process. How do you personally prepare for a writing assignment? Which points of the star do you consider when planning a writing assignment?

2. Choose one of the activities (pages 17 -27): brainstorming, listing, freewriting, questioning, or sketching to see how many ideas you can come up with in 5-10 minutes that relate to your topic.

Post your discovery activity in your blog and a reflection on its effect on the development of your essay. (Visuals can be photographed and posted as pictures.) What personal goal or achievement are you most proud of? Share the story of the moment you reached that goal.

What one event brought you closer to your family? Describe that day. Was there an event in your life where you made a mistake or misjudged a situation? Describe how the event occurred and what you learned from it. Be creative, but real.

Question 1229 Back to Morality

I want someone to write for me a response in approx. 500 words In the movie Scent of a Woman : In the final speech of Scent of a Woman (which we’ll discuss at length in class), Lt.Col. Slade (Pacino) says, among other things, that Charlie has “integrity” and “courage,” and that he is “on the right path […] a path made of principles– that leads to character.”

What do you think about this statement? In regards to the essay you recently wrote about right/wrong, good/bad, moral/immoral, how does this statement stack up? If Slade was writing your essay, which concept do you think he’d choose as most important? Or would he make an alternative argument?

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