Argumentative and Reflective Essay Questions

Question 1230 Literacy Profile

The assignment is a literacy profile. -I have interviewed a nursing student, and I need someone to merge that interview into a literacy profile. – Please, IT IS IMPORTANT to follow the guidelines and the outline.

You might change a bit in the outline if you have better ideas but it is necessary to stick to the guidelines. – I also attached a sample literacy profile. – USE APA STYLE. – Use ONLY online source.

Question 1231 Response Journal

Reading response journals should be written in MLA format. Your response should be a minimum of 500 words (about two pages). Your response should first focus on answering the prompt; after you have responded to the prompt you are free to expand your response to include additional thoughts about the selected piece (or the author or how the author’s work relates to other course readings). Your responses should be submitted as an attachment.

Prompt: Look at Woolf’s closing reflection at the end of Chapter One of A Room of One’s Own (the final paragraph of the chapter in your textbook). What is her closing reflection? How does Woolf’s reflection speak to you? Would you say that it is worse to be “locked out” or “locked in”? What does Woolf say about this?

Question 1232 Everything is an argument

Read the lecture on Everything is an argument and then write a 1 page respond to the activity below: First, define argument and then provide an example of an argument.

Look for your argument in a variety of contexts: newspapers, academic journals, political cartoons, magazines, the Internet, television, film, music, artwork, photography, etc.

Briefly explain to your peers how your chosen argument fulfills the definition of argument as outlined in your textbook and this week’s lecture on argument. Don’t forget to include a link (if applicable) to your argument so your peers can view it.

Question 1233 Infographic reflection

Here are the questions you will answer using reflection, analysis, and evidence from your own paper and infographic: Who was the audience you had in mind for your original written paper? Why? (5 points) What was the purpose of that paper.

That is, what did you want the reader to gain, do, think, or understand by reading that paper? (5 points) Who is the new audience and what is the new purpose for your infographic? (15 points) What makes this medium (the infographic) more successful than your original written text?

That is, what makes it more valuable, useful, and/or persuasive for this new audience? (20 points) Are you satisfied with your infographic project? What would you add, delete, revise, or keep working on if you had more time? (5 points)

Question 1234 Class discussion hw

the assignment is there are 5 module class discussion you have to answer the question and read and watch the videos you must have to answer the question in 3-5 paragraphs Please watch: module 1 Watch Video BBC Ancient Greece The Greatest Show on Earth – Democrats – 1/3 User: n/a – Added: 9/17/13 In this video, Michael Scott (the narrator) believes that Ancient Greek Theatre influences every aspect of our lives.

He says that theatre is a “reaction to real events” and “to understand ourselves, is to understand Greek theatre.” Please answer the following questions: What examples or reasons does he give for each of these points (above)? Do you think that Dr. Scott has a point? Do you think that theatre still ahs the power to reflect and shape people’s lives?

If so/not, why/why not? Lastly, can you think of any film, play, book or song that has moved you in some way, or taught you something about yourself that you may not have previously known? How and why? (You needn’t be too revealing.) You must answer this question completely (in 3-5 paragraphs) and your answer must be grammatically sound.

Please respond to at least one of your colleagues to be eligible for full credit. module 2 Watch Video Professor Edith Hall on Euripides’ Medea User: n/a – Added: 10/11/14 AND Watch Video Edith Hall on Euripides User: n/a – Added: 10/11/14 AND Watch Video Medea Part F User: n/a – Added: 2/9/11 Watch Video Medea Part G User: n/a – Added: 2/10/11 Discussion Question: Euripides produced Medea as a response to the uproar of a mistreated foreign woman in 431 BC. This was just as Athens, at the height of its oppressive empire, began its fatal war with Sparta (Aristophanes’ Lysistrata is one of few surviving comedies that also deals with the role of women in the wake of the Peloponnesian War–it’s worth a read!).

Describe the picture that Medea paints of Greek women’s lives. What problems does she identify? What does Medea recommend for women who seek to secure or negotiate a good life? What happens to Medea when she gets her terrible revenge?

Does this play inspire “pity [for unmerited suffering] and fear [for the suffering of someone like ourselves]” as Aristotle says tragedy should do? Or does it simply horrify us? What elements of the play do you believe resonate with a modern audience?

What did you find relatable? As always, in order to qualify for full credit, answer all of the parts of the question, respond to a colleague, please use specific quotes from the text, and ALSO FIND and USE a secondary source (from a scholarly journal, book, website, etc.) to support your claims. module 4- ‘An Inspector Calls’ – Character analysis, an investigation. Please watch the following series of videos:

Watch Video An Inspector Calls – Episode 2: Arthur Birling User: n/a – Added: 6/10/16 Watch Video An Inspector Calls – Episode 3: Sybil Birling User: n/a – Added: 6/10/16 Watch Video An Inspector Calls – Episode 4: Sheila Birling User: n/a – Added: 6/10/16 Watch Video An Inspector Calls – Episode 5: Gerald Croft User: n/a – Added: 6/10/16 Watch Video An Inspector Calls – Episode 6: Eric Birling User: n/a – Added: 6/10/16 Watch Video An Inspector Calls – Episode 7: Inspector Goole User: n/a – Added: 6/10/16 Watch Video An Inspector Calls –

Episode 8: Eva Smith User: n/a – Added: 6/10/16 Discussion Question: Imagine you are the Inspector. How would you rank each character’s level of responsibility? Why? Weigh up each character’s responsibility and decide who is more to blame than anyone else.

Have you ever felt guilty about the way you’ve treated someone after considering the consequences? Would you change your initial behavior as a result? Is there one character who is most like you (relatively speaking)? Why? What advice might you offer this character for future situations similar to the one with Eva?

As always, please use direct quotes from the text to support your work and please respond to one of your classmates. module 5- In the first few pages of his play Shepard reminds us that, “Everybody sings the blues sometime. And everybody knows the tune.” – Merle Haggard We can all agree that music is an extraordinarily evocative way to gain someone’s attention, recreate a mood or feeling, grieve, celebrate, etc.

Think about when you’re driving in your car and a song comes on from High School… you remember exactly where you were or who you were with and probably even what you were doing, wearing, etc. Like a smell, it is a very powerful way to spark a memory or feeling. My mother often will hear an OLD song and remember these very things from even 50 years ago! I have no doubt we will all be the same someday.

Movie soundtracks are often my favourite types of (dare I say) albums because of this—and of course, the film’s music or score (if originally composed) is an integral part of the final production and its moods, messages, and meanings. The same goes for theatre of course—it is part of the ever important mise-en-scene–creating yet another tier of meaning in all of the plays we will read and all of the plays that will be written and staged from here to eternity.

If we were actually in a classroom together, for each of the plays I would have you compile a soundtrack that you find matches the characters and their rise and falls throughout the play. For example a student sent me the following link as inspired by his reading of “Medea” —

This whole video could be inspiration for the mise-en-scene of a new-aged production of Euripides’s tragic play. So now, it’s your turn … for this discussion question explore the themes of Fool for Love via the two pieces of music called for in the stage directions: module 6- On the Outside in ‘By the Bog of Cats’ Define ‘tinker’, do the other people on the ‘Bog’ see Hester’s ‘tinker blood’ as a threat? If so why? And, why is it so important to the play and the play’s meaning that she be deemed an Outsider?

Relate these ideas of ‘outsider’ to Euripides’ Medea. What makes a person an outsider in a community? Why do you think people are so afraid of those who appear as if they are outsiders? As always, please use text from the play to help support your ideas.

Please respond to at least one of your colleagues in order to qualify for full credit. MPC Merle Haggard’s ‘‘Wake Up’’ Watch Video Merle Haggard – Wake up User: n/a – Added: 11/7/10 And, “I’m the One Who Loves You” Watch Video Remember me (I’m the One Who Loves You)

Merle Haggard User: n/a – Added: 6/24/13 How are they relevant to the story and characters? What 2 other songs might you have chosen to open and close this play, and why? As always, please answer the question and respond to at least one of your colleagues by the close of module.

Question 1235 Brownmiller response/sumary

For this assignment, I would like you to write a one-page summary/response to the argumentative essay, “Let’s Put Pornography Back in the Closet.” Basically, I am looking for two main areas of thought: 1) What did you think Brownmiller is trying to say?

Do you find her argument convincing or not convincing? What specific example/s is the most/least effective to you and why? 2) What do you think of her argument overall? Do you agree or disagree with her stance? ***Since you have now also read the Lawrence and Bok essays, feel free to make comparisons if you wish.

Please note-a summary/response focuses on two key issues in argumentative writing. The first is how the argument is presented (this focuses on the techniques or specifics being used), and the second is the validity of the core argument itself (this is the area that often provokes the most debate).

This assignment is designed to help fine-tune your critical reading and, therefore, is graded fairly leniently. Primarily, I am looking for effort and thoughtfulness in these responses.

Question 1236 Writing Process

Blog: One Post Required For your final blog post, consider whether your writing process has changed in the past month. Write a short reflection on your writing process as it is today.

What areas have you strengthened? What areas still need improvement? Consider the different strategies (description, process, narration) you learned in this class. How might they be useful in your future career as accountant? Finally, in this class you have watched videos, read essays, discussed writing process and written blogs, essays and discussion posts.

What did you find most useful in the different activities you engaged in? What advice would you give a future student taking this class? This response should be a minimum 300 words.

Question 1237  Crawfish De Louisiana

Narrative top left of 1st page write Amy August Christopher Manuel English 1010 4 May 2018 on each page after that in the top right corner type August 1 for the page number and so forth need 3 page narrative MLA format double spacing times new roman front size 12 point margins 1″

Question 1238 Counter Argument,

Hello I need Help with this assignment in this assignment,one of the videos must be watched ( I chose the second video about oil sand industry).

Notes should be taken in two columns as described in the Instructions. and then, a brief formal response letter should be written to one of the argument sides. there are more details in the assignment instructions file uploaded. Thanks

Question 1239 Speech Analysis

Hello The course content only provides some materials and examples for analyzing the speeches.

Please watch the videos included in the file named Assignment Instructions and provide speech analysis. I need half a page for each video analysis making it one and half pages. Thanks

Question 1240 Annotated Bibliography

Read They say I say Chapters 5-6 • View videos for lecture • Post response to Discussion Activity( at least 200 words) Locating sources by Friday and respond to at least two peer postings (at least 100 words)

• Post response to Discussion Activity They say/ I say by Friday (at least 200 words) and respond to at least two peer postings (at least 100 words) • Submit Annotated Bibliography (6 pages)


I need someone to re-write the attached paper and turn it into a RHETORICAL ANALYSIS PAPER.

What you will do is : 1- Read the attached article. 2- re-write the attached paper (Essay) and consider my instructor’s COMMENTS and consider the attached RUBRIC, and you will discuss the RHETORICAL STRATEGIES AND RHETORICAL SITUATION of the article you read.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT to write about the RHETORICAL SITUATION AND STRATEGIES and consider my instructor’s comments and follow the guidelines. THIS ASSIGNMENT IS NOT A SUMMARY.

Question 1242 Second Labguage Acquisition

How has your theory of SLA been refined or change as a result of having read this week’s articles?​ Explain your gains and use citations as needed.​ (500 words)​ ​

This is my SLA Theory: Affective Filter Hypothesis. Low level of anxiety and defensiveness.

Question 1243 Researched Memo

To begin the educational media project, you need to first do your research. First, choose a topic that is related to your non-profit(anything that has to do with chemical research).

The topic should be somewhat technical and should be be deep enough to challenge a college-educated audience of non-experts. For example, if your organization is the Red Cross, you might want to research how the blood donation system works–how is blood stored, typed, and matched. You would not want to research what the Red Cross does generally because that topic is not so challenging or technical.

Note that “technical” does not necessarily mean the subject matter has to do with science or technology. You can have a technical description of the foster care system, for example, that discusses the process of vetting foster parents.

The purpose of this memo is to show your client that you have done your homework on the topic that you will use as the basis of your educational media project. Your memo should meet the following criteria:

1. Length. It should be at least 750 words long, with a thesis statement as well as topic sentences. It should be addressed to decision-makers at your non-profit client.

2. Citations. All information included should be cited using MLA format (or a citation format from your discipline; either way, it should be consistent). This means you need both in-text citations as well as a bibliography. Remember: it is your job to use paraphrasing, quoting, and correct citations in order to avoid plagiarism. Revisit the quiz you took to remind you of how to handle these issues or be sure to ask me questions

3. Language. All information should be explained in clear language that is geared to a college-level audience. Jargon and terminology should be explained and defined clearly.

4. Introduction. Your memo should include a brief introduction that explains why the topic is relevant to an audience of the college-educated public.

5. Body paragraphs. Consider using lists, headings and notices so that your memo is easy to read.

6. Sources. The memo should include at least 5 credible sources. At least three of these sources must be from authors OTHER THAN the non-profit that is your client.

That is, if the Red Cross is your client, you can only have two sources that are from the Red Cross. You can use the following links to find sources:

Question 1244 My high school experience with a unknown language

i need a 4 pag essay describing my high school experience, the essay its to talk about myself, i choose been knew to a different country, and staring high school without knowing english and with no friends, the problems for the classes and the test i had to pass during my junior and senior year of high school everything stared on 2014

Question 1245 background review and synthesis of the literature

Locate at least seven articles on your topic. At least four articles should come from scholarly journals or credible trade journals.

You should use OneSearch through UMUC’s Library and Information Services or individual databases through the library for your research. Write a synthesis of the articles. The synthesis will be 1000-1400 words.

Question 1246 Antigone discussion

Discussion Questions 1) Do you find Creon’s new law just? Why or why not? 2) Thinking outside of the world of Antigone, if you find a law to be unjust, do you have a moral obligation to disobey it?

Do you have a moral obligation to society to follow the law even if you do find it unjust? 3) In creating the new law, Creon may be thinking about the safety of the city from future attacks.

If he is trying to make an example of Antigone’s brother, is it wrong for Antigone to risk the safety of everyone in Thebes by trying to disobey the law?

Question 1247 Unpacking Brummett

Background: Complete this Discussion after you’ve read Brummett’s “Three Meanings of Epistemic Rhetoric” and the instructions for Practicum #1. As you read Brummett, look up the definitions of any words unfamiliar to you. Read and reread, making notes and converting his words into your own.

Additionally, consider these general definitions of two important terms: Epistemic: Of or related to the study of gaining knowledge, understanding, and truth (or TRUTH). Rhetoric: Synonymous with discourse, communication, argument, and persuasion.

If you took WRD 110, 111, or 112 at UK, you might have used the text Everything’s an Argument. Remember that we’re often affected by rhetoric even if we aren’t overtly being persuaded or encouraged to do something.

Your Discussion Post: First, create a working definition (in your own words) for Brummett’s three meanings of epistemic rhetoric (Methodological, Sociological, Ontological). Second, consider what each of Brummett’s meanings means… For creator/author/rhetor: What role does the rhetor play in communicating knowledge, truth, etc. For the audience: What can the audience do with that information?

What can they expect of the rhetoric/communication they receive? For rhetoric/communication in general You might create a basic format for each meaning, like this: Methodological Definition:

What it means for the Rhetor: What it means for the Audience: What it means for Communication: It’s OK of some of your responses within each definition overlap.

Question 1248 Mapping the Issue

Activities • Read EAA pgs. xiviii-liii and Chapters 5 and 7

• Read TSIS Chapters 7-8 read this week’s lectures and then watch

• Post Mapping the Issue draft to Discussion Activity 9 by Tuesday 06/19/18 and respond to at least two peer drafts by Thursday 06/21/18

• Post response to Discussion Activity 10 by Thursday 06/21/18 and respond to at least two peer postings by Saturday 06/23/18

• Submit Mapping the Issue Paper by Saturday 06/23/18

Question 1249 Learner´s variables in language learning

In your view, which are the most crucial learner´s variables in language learning? How do cater for those in the population you teach (virtual English learners from 14 years and up?

Explain. Mention sources as needed. (Others documents can be used not only the attached files)

Question 1250 Mapping Your Field of Interest and Designing Your Public Professional Profile

Now it’s time to put what we’ve discussed together and map out your own field of interest in the discussion board down below. We’re using the discussion board this time to display our work as a class and to have each other’s work as resources/guides if our interests overlap.

However, this time, we will not be responding or “discussing” our entries. We’ll just use the board to showcase what we find.

To Reply… complete the following section below feel free to copy and paste the table below OR create your own table in MS Word/Google Docs to help format please post directly onto the discussion board You will not be able to see your peers’ replies until after you post your own**

Question 1251 dialogic journal

Critical analysis journal Monzaemon’s play, The Love Suicides at Amijima, and Menglong’s short story, Du Tenth Sinks the Jewel Box in Anger, involves the idea of life as a journey.

What roadblocks do Li Jia’s family and society create that prevent him from achieving the moral growth that Jihei and Koharu eventually achieve? (Format example of dialogic journal attached)

Question 1252 Reflective Journal

I had to make a power point presentation about a company (in a group). We have chosen to do SWOT analysis of Amazon. Task: Write a 750-word self-reflective journal on the following topic:

‘Reflect on the process of your group presentations. Identify and critically evaluate the strategies used, and indicate how you will address areas for development.’

Questions that could help you think about this evaluation could be – what was positive/negative about the experience, why was it positive/negative, what did you learn from the situation and would you do it differently if you had to do it again. Use examples to illustrate your points.

Question 1253 Short Answers and Essay

Short Answer questions: Be sure to include text evidence in order to receive full credit for your answer. In “The Pardoner’s Tale,” how does the Pardoner use his story to accumulate wealth for himself? What does this say about him? What is ironic in the words used by the narrator to describe the Summoner in “The Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales?

You’d meet none better if you went to find one. / Why, he’d allow—just for a quart of wine— / Any good lad to keep a concubine. (ll. 666–668) In what way is the character of Sir Gawain different from other epic heroes such as Beowulf? Essay answer: Select one of the prompts below.

Answer in a complete paragraph. A. Based on the characterization of the Wife of Bath, what do you think was Chaucer’s view of women and women’s roles? B. Based on the excerpt you read from The Canterbury Tales, what do you think was Chaucer’s view of the Church?

What characters are used to symbolize the methods of the Church? C. Throughout The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer demonstrates a remarkable insight into people’s foibles, weaknesses, and contradictions. However, it can be stated that certain characters are more rounded and complex than others. Why do you think Chaucer presents certain characters as real people and others more as caricatures?

Question 1254 Manuscripts Produced by Persian

Descriptive writing paper approximately 500 words two pages in length MLA or Chicago style must be cited in one of these formats, online references should be from .org or edu or .gov or from an accredited journal Instructions are Define Describe give an example or examples and explain the purpose as well as the style of the illuminated manuscripts produced by the Persians and provide examples.

Question 1255 Acquisition of speaking skill among virtual English learners.

The paper might be:

a) A thoughtful, creative look at the research in a well-defined area;

b) A summary of literature on a particular topic followed by a discussion of implications for the second language classroom.

c) A plan for a research study that would be conducted at some future date; etc.

Question 1256 Discussion activity

Using the peer review worksheet, respond to at least two peer drafts by Thursday. After reading your peer’s draft, respond to the questions on the worksheet and then save the document to your computer. Reply to each peer draft by responding to the draft posting and attaching the completed peer worksheet to your reply.

When responding to each draft, be positive and offer constructive criticism. Avoid negative comments. You also should refrain from answering with “yes” and “no” responses. You must provide at least 2-4 sentences for each point in order to be eligible to receive full credit.

Also, if a drafter does not address one of the points listed, you will need to state that the point is not addressed and make a recommendation of how the writer might work this important aspect of the assignment into his or her proposal.

Question 1257 a doll house film

answer these 3 questions 1) Having read the play before

Question 1258 Discussion board Assignment

For your next Discussion Board post, choose Hills like White Elephants plot the story on Freytag’s Pyramid, and identify the character types, setting, conflict(s), symbols, and theme.

Afterward, read at least two responses from your classmates and respond to their posts.

Question 1259 Samples introduction and question answer

its a 2 assignment first one is introduction paragraph which should be 8-10 sentences and other one is question answer and there is 4 question each answer should be 75-150 words

1) Select one of the thesis statements listed below and develop an introductory paragraph that fits the selected thesis statement. The thesis statement that you select from the list below must be the last sentence of your introduction paragraph:

a) Video games help students because they teach problem solving skills and improve hand-eye coordination.

b) Video games hurt students because they decrease individual’s attention span and damage eye sight.

c) Professional athletes deserve the high salaries they earn because they generate considerable money for the cities and organizations in which they play. d) Professional athletes do not deserve the high salaries they earn because they do not contribute to society in meaningful ways. Requirements: Create an effective title that’s appropriate for the introduction that you compose. Introduction paragraph must be at least 8-10 sentences in length. Introduction paragraph must include the “Typical Elements of a Closed-form Introduction” as explained in Skill 18.4 of the A&B textbook. Sentences in the paragraph must apply the “Principle of Old Before New” 2)Read the two sample passages (A& B textbook, pg. 62) titled “Passage from Scholarly Journal” and “Passage from Popular Magazine”. Then, respond to the following questions: a) How would you describe differences in the length and complexity of sentences, in the level of vocabulary, and in the degree of formality? b) How do the differences in styles create different voices, personas, and tones? c) Based on clues from style and genre, who is the intended audience of each piece? What is each writer’s purpose? How does each writer hope to surprise the intended audience with something new, challenging, or valuable? d) How are the differences in content and style influenced by differences in purpose, audience, and genre? Provide phrases and/or short quotes as textual support for your responses. Minimum 75-150 word responses per question.

Question 1260 The annotated bibliography paper about school shooting

Annotated Bibliography Instructions The annotated bibliography is an overview of your sources and your research progress. You must include at least 5 sources. You will provide a full works cited entry and answers to the following questions for each source: What type of source is it (primary, secondary, scholarly, etc.)? How do you know? Why do you think it is a credible source? How will you use it in your paper? How does it relate to other sources? Your answers in the annotated bibliography can be brief, but they need to be specific and substantial; make sure you explain them.

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