Marketing Journals And Research Questions.

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Question 1441 Marketing

In the past few weeks, many families have faced extreme hardship as a result of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma. Can you market a disaster? If yes, how and why. If not, what are the reasons?

As you prepare your essay, think about the humanitarian needs along with ethical issues and social responsibility. Your submission should be about 500 WORDS and be submitted as an attachment. Remember to develop your thoughts and ideas fully.

Question 1442 Retail marketing

This assignment is purely related to retail management and retail stores. It should contain at least 8 pages. APA references should be used and contain a minimum of 15 references

Question 1443 Discussion for a marketing class

Discuss how a marketing information system assists the brand manager in making decisions about their product strategies. Take a look at the large research organizations that seek public opinion on a range of products and issues or conduct product testing.

Here are a few suggested websites. You might also “google” new products to see what you come up with. For this discussion, use household cleaning products as your category. www. www. Supermarket. guru, You are welcome to explore other websites. Please note them in your discussion so others can also review them

Question 1444 Marketing ratios

.See the attached file, Give any relevant marketing-related ratios and calculate them. 2. Calculate what percentage of advertising expense every dollar amount costs for Net income or sales? (every dollar that ads expense to put in net income)

Question 1445 Marketing

Chapter 8 explains the ways to segment consumer markets based on geography, demographics, psychographics, and behavior. Assume you are the marketing manager for a maple syrup production company located in New York State.

Based on what you have learned, discuss some ways you would use segmentation to market your product. You need not limit yourselves to one method to segment. Combinations may be one solution.

Question 1446 Marketing for manager

need you please write Executive Summary and Conclusion ) Executive Summary Note that your executive summary should be a one-pager and should stand alone in informing the reader of the design thinking/marketing planning process and outcome. Identify the problem, and substantiate that a target consumer segment has a need for a solution. Summarise what your ideation revealed and what you recommend.

Explain your timeframe for implementation and apply some risk/benefit analysis to adopting this approach. Keep it simple so that a reader can clearly see that you have explored a known problem, and provided a design thinking approach to develop creative solutions from which you have identified your best recommendation in order to meet marketing objectives, which sit within the framework of corporate objectives.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY (A one-page stand-alone overview of this plan, from problem identification to strategy and implementation and controls) I already put the file of my assignment

Question 1447 Commercialization Process

Scenario: Using the same organization and product/service you used in the Week 3 learning team assignment and the same scenario, you will be presenting the following analyses to the board of directors and stakeholders. They will be using these analyses to make their final decision on how, and if, to launch your company’s new and unique product/service.

Develop a minimum 1,050-word analysis addressing the following: Conduct an environmental scan for your company focusing on which of the five external forces the company is likely to be impacted by and what actions they will need to take to overcome them. Select and describe the price strategy your company will use to launch its product/service.

Why is that strategy the best choice and will it need to be adjusted over the duration of the Product Life Cycle (PLC)? Why or why not? Select four of the following methods and explain how they should be used by your company.

Explain the reasoning why they align best with your target segment and product: Advertising, Public relations, Traditional Digital marketing, New Digital marketing techniques (describe), Sales promotion, Direct marketing, Event marketing, and Outdoor.

Analyze how your company will implement the New-Product Development Process (seven stages) to bring your product/service from concept to commercialization. -Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources. At least one source should be from the course materials and at least one source from the University Library.

Question 1448 Marketing Discussion

For many years, auto manufacturers have been accused of creating product obsolescence by making minor changes each model year. The same has been said for laundry detergent and food products as well as technology products. One example is Apple which offers a broad product mix.

The iPad has multiple versions now as does the iPhone. Is each variation really a new model or a slightly updated version? The newest is the iPhone X. Some critics think it is great; others think it is not innovative at all. Samsung has experienced a challenge with the Samsung 7.

There was a battery recall because of fire hazards. Who is Samsung’s competition? Will this current version (Samsung 8) make the other related products obsolete? Did you know that Samsung also manufactures TV and appliances? For this discussion, think about how a large company manages its product mix in relation to market penetration and market development

Question 1449 Marketing

A large consumer product company like Proctor and Gamble offers a wide variety of consumer goods. In some cases, they offer a product mix that sometimes competes with their own brands.

Why would they do this? Discuss the pros and cons. On the web, search Proctor and Gamble and review the list of consumer goods. That will help you understand the breadth and depth of their product line and target audiences


Question 1450 CRM

Create an introduction about video games, and discuss the company strategy to implement the cross-selling/upselling of their product (Video Games) including games promotions, advertising, and conclusions.

Question 1451 Individual assignment

Answers Questions and appropriately applies theory 2. Provides own thoughts based on experience and/or opinion and/or other examples and uses them to support answer 3.

Well written and cited (easy to read, ideas flow well, good spelling, grammar, and punctuation)

Question 1452 What are the advantages and disadvantages of providing consumer services

Hertz is a national car rental agency. Explain how the 4 “I”’s of service apply to Hertz (intangibility, inconsistency, inseparability, and inventory). What are the advantages and disadvantages of providing consumer services? Your essay should be about 750 words.

Question 1453 Marketing

Grocery stores and big box stores often use a loss leader pricing strategy to encourage consumers to shop at their stores? Is this pricing strategy effective? Are those items a good deal for the consumer? Is it a trap to buy items you do not need?

Question 1454 Marketing

On the popular TV show, Shark Tank, the Sharks often tell the presenter of a new product that they are not charging enough. They tell the presenter he/she should be pricing their product much higher. The Sharks want to maximize profits. Is that the only legitimate strategy for a firm?

Question 1455 Marketing

Fuel consumption drives many conversations about the environment as well as vehicle efficiency. Cars and trucks that can use alternative fuels are often priced higher than traditional models. What is the difference between a hybrid and an electric car?

The major auto manufacturers are jumping into the market. Chevrolet and Ford along with Nissan and Mitsubishi have models that appeal to targeted audiences. Tesla plans to offer a luxury electric car.

The smart car also offers a selection although it looks like it would be a pet for my Jeep. Who is the target audience? Is there a difference in the audience for a hybrid vs. an electric car? Why would they be willing to pay a higher price? What would you do? Discuss the social, environmental, and marketing issues related to price. Your submission should be about 750 words.

Question 1456 Marketing

E-commerce takes on many forms. Amazon has changed product distribution and consumer access significantly. Most recently, Amazon has purchased Whole Foods.

Discuss the impact that Amazon’s decision will have on big-box retailers such as Walmart and others. What strategies will the retailers need to implement in order to remain competitive?

This discussion will have multiple threads and that is OK. Remember, a spirited discussion is acceptable, but keep your comments focused on the questions. You can disagree but must be respectful.

Question 1457 Marketing

This discussion is an opinion question(s) based on your knowledge and experience. The question is: Are intermediaries necessary for successful product distribution?

Does it matter if it is an industrial product for manufacturing or a consumer product? MUST BE DONE IN 3 HOURS

Question 1458 Briefing paper

Briefing Papers (600 words ) Carefully study the assigned reading and write a 600-word briefing paper that includes the following sections: Title – the name of your paper based on your understanding of the reading. Background – bullet form (3-5) summary of the most relevant points made in the reading. Make sure that you cite appropriately.

Understanding (approximately 40% of words) – construct a paragraph that articulates what you have learned from the reading. Use your own words and avoid the use of direct quotes. Recommended Applications (approximately 50% of words) – find a business (small businesses are preferred) that is experiencing strategic problems that relate to the content of the reading.

Explain how the current strategic problems that the business is facing could be fixed if all or some of the concepts from the reading were applied. Avoid presenting a successful business that does not need help.

I am trying to assess how well you can use the concepts from the reading to solve relevant strategic problems of a real business. Make sure that the problems of that particular business are closely related to the content of the reading. Bibliography (APA)

Question 1459 Explore Activity FIELD TRIP

Go to one of your favorite stores and take a picture of something that catches your eye—the front entrance from the street, a display rack inside, a sign on the wall, etc. Upload the photo to the discussion thread and provide a summary of the following:

1. The products offered by the store you visited and why you like shopping there

2. What the photo shows us about the decisions the store has made regarding one or more of the 4 P’s

3. How to do these 4 P’s work together to keep you coming back again and again


Question 1460 Literature Review on Training

With reference to the relevant academic literature, critically discuss the skills which are necessary to effectively train an employee. The assessment criteria for this literature review will be based on the following:

o Critical understanding of the key issues o Good knowledge of the available literature o Integration of theory with practical analysis o Quality of writing, expression, and presentation o Good academic practice (e.g. referencing where appropriate)

Question 1461 Journal for service marketing

based on your experience I need five journal entries you can just write 2 to 3 sentences on each question you only have to write about 2 retailers and 2 professional businesses just fill the blank and make it for

Question 1462 Homework

Conduct a pros and cons analysis of the three options that the Meakin Enterprises case presents 2. Explain which option you would take and give details of why you are recommending that specific option

Question 1463 Marketing Plan for Dunkin’ Donuts

This is a marketing Plan for Dunkin’ Donuts. It must have a Reference Page and At least 10 pages. A description of your selected company/and The core products/services they offer A brief history of Key current competitors A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, threats & opportunities) analysis For each, identify and describe a minimum of 3 examples (12 in total).

A description of the product/service that you want to market & SWOT rationale Now address the additional topics below to complete your marketing plan. Again, reference our example and the identified text chapters for additional context. Segmentation approach and rationale e.g., Demographic, geodemographic, behavioral, psychographic, etc.

Target market(s) description Positioning statement Marketing mix details Address each “P” (product, place, price, promotion) of the marketing mix separately and explain your choices.

This is the heart of your plan. Success metrics Discuss at least 3 metrics you might analyze to evaluate the success of your plan. International considerations Identify at least 3 business or sociocultural considerations in translating your marketing plan for use in a foreign market. Conclusion Summarize your plan and why it deserves to be funded. References

Question 1464 Detailed Marketing plan

At the end of week #6, a 2,200-word paper is due on a marketing plan for either a business you wish to start or an existing business of your choosing. ***note: (writer, please pick a business of your choice).

You can select specific topics for your marketing plan from the Marketing Plan Coach software on the text’s student website: Marketing Plan Coach Website Chapter 20 of our textbook also has an outline of common elements in a marketing plan.

See Exhibit 20-4 on pages 536-537 of our text – pages 546 and 547 in the softcover 2-volume edition. Your paper must follow APA format and must not violate Park University’s guidelines with respect to plagiarism. Note: Please see the syllabus for information related to plagiarism.

Guidance on APA formatting can be found at the following sites: The report format should follow these guidelines: Margins: Left, Right, Top & Bottom – 1 inch Font: Times New Roman Line spacing: Double spaced Font size: 12 pt Be sure to include a Title page and a Reference page.

Question 1465 Questionnaire Design

you will have to design a questionnaire. Please read the instructions in the attachment to know exactly what you will need to prepare the questionnaire.

The attachment has Adams assignment1 file, which is the actual assignment and questionnaire design file where you can take help. The remaining files are materials you can use.

Question 1466 A social entrepreneur versus an entrepreneur

The paper is about discussing a social entrepreneur versus an entrepreneur. There are three questions that you have to answer. Also, you need to read an article that I attached to answer the questions.

I attached three files the first is the instruction, the second is the article also you need to bring another source, and the last is to answer the last question.

Question 1467 Assignment and Case study

Assignment 9 Go to and watch the video of Brian Tracy on 24 Techniques of Closing the Sale (60 minutes). If the link does not work, try this: Review Exhibit 13.10 on page 407 – “The Seven Deadly Sins of Business Selling.”

This exhibit provides some examples of what salespeople should not do during sales calls. Select three closing techniques and create three sales situations, where you could try using the techniques.

Assignment 10 Go to and watch the video of Amy Cuddy in Scotland entitled “Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are” (21 minutes). Also, read the attached article on nonverbal communication.

Some of the personal characteristics that Chapter 13 emphasize to improve customer relationships are shown below: Care for the customer Take joy in their work Find harmony in the sales relationship Have patience in closing the sale Be kind to all people Have high moral ethics Be faithful to their word Be fair in the sale Be self-controlled in emotions Which traits do you excel at, and which ones do you need to improve?

Include in your answer your body language style. For example, if you are lacking in control over your emotions, do you clench your fists when upset, or cry easily if someone complains about your service.

Case Study 1 – “What They Didn’t Teach Us in Sales Class” Attached Files: File What they did not teach us in sales class….Docx (15.707 KB) Case 1 – “What They Didn’t Teach Us in Sales Class” (see attached case if you do not have access to your book) Read Case 1.1 on pages 34-35 of the textbook and answer the following 5 questions. Should Rick Lester “turn in his keys”? How should Mr?

Does Brown handle this situation? What should he say to Rick? How can firms reduce high turnover among new sales personnel? What can firms do to increase salesperson status? What can professors do to better prepare students in sales classes? Case Study 2 –

“Skaggs Manufacturing” Attached Files: File Skaggs Manufacturing.docx (13.283 KB) Read Case 4.1 Skaggs Manufacturing on page 128 of the textbook (should you not have access to the book, the case is attached) and answer the following 2 questions:

What nonverbal cues did the salesperson, John Andrews, experience when contacting Martha Gillespie? If you were John Andrews, how would you have handled the situation? Case Study 3 – “Telemax, Inc.” Attached Files: File Telemax.docx (13.428 KB) File Right_for_the_Customer_or_Right_for_the_Salesperson.pdf (307.131 KB) Read the attached article regarding ethics. Read Case 7.3 Telemax, Inc. (attached if you do not have a book) on page 225 in the textbook and answer the following 4 questions: What are the main ethical issues, if any, in the case? Describe each ethical issue.

What are Ellen’s options? How do the three levels of moral development relate to Ellen’s situation? What would you do? Provide any additional comments related to the article.

Case Study 4 “Central Hardware Supply” Attached Files: File Closing_the_Sales.pdf (24.136 KB) The attached article reinforces the need to close throughout the entire sales process. The official “close” where the prospect decides to buy or not buy the product/service typically occurs at the end of the sales process; however, you as the salesperson should close at each step along the way.

Read the article and reflect on the two questions below: What does it mean to close at each step of the sales process? How can integrating closes throughout the sales process limit surprises and better assure a positive result? Read Case 12.2 on pages 383-384 – “Central Hardware Supply” and answer the following questions:

1. The best way to handle this is to: Follow his suggestion. Ignore his request and try a second close. Probe further. You might ask: “The fact that you have to think this over suggests that I haven’t convinced you. Is there something I’ve omitted or failed to satisfy you with?” 2. What would be your second and third choices? Why?

Question 1468 Entertainment marketing

The current state of our nation is in terms of speaking out against gender inequality and sexual harassment/abuse.

Go online to and listen to at least one podcast from NPR in its entirety (Hint: in the past week there have been MULTIPLE podcasts on this issue from MANY different perspectives). In your own words, what is one of the major reasons we are in this “predicament” today? *****( NEED THIS IN 5 HOURS )******

Question 1469 Marketing

In this last assignment, you are to use web resources. Using your favorite search engine, look for information about social responsibility or ethical issues from successful companies.

For example, I would Google the topic as consumer citizens or social responsibility. Several listings appear. Select one and review the website or article. Write a brief summary (no more than a paragraph) and a brief evaluation of the website and its information (about 500 words).

Explain why this company is successful? Is profit the only measure of success? Be sure to include the website link in your response. You do not have to pay to subscribe to any website or periodical. The only website that is excluded from this assignment is Wikipedia.

Question 1470 Sport Marketing Plan

Please create a Sports Marketing Plan using the 10 Step process outlined in Chapter 12 of your textbook. Pick a sports product. It can be real or fictional. Create this marketing plan using the steps. When writing up the plan, follow the steps: Step 1.

Purpose – Identify the purpose of your plan… Step 2: Product – Analyze your Product… Step 3: Projection – Project the Market Climate… Continue through the 10 steps. Keep it simple. Maybe as simple as trying to get more kids into your Little League.

State your purpose in Step 1 and work towards that purpose. I am looking to see if you understand the steps so make sure you read your textbook. I will be looking to make sure you complete a SWOT Analysis in Step 3 and make sure you put some real thought into your promotional ideas in Step 8. Some people ask how long it should be.

There is no length but make sure you complete the steps. A lot of responses I receive are 5-10 pages long but I’d rather read 3 pages of good than 15 pages of crap.

Step 1: Purpose – Identify the Purpose of the Sports Marketing Plan Step

2: Product – Analyze the Sports Product Step

3: Projection – Project the Market Climate Step

4: Positioning – Position the Sports Product Step

5: Players – Pick the Players and Analyze and Target Consumer’s Step

6: Packaging – Package the Sports Product Step

7: Pricing – Price the Sports Product Step

8: Promotions – Promote the Sports Product Step

9: Place – Distributing the Sports Product Step

10: Promise – Evaluate the Promises of the Sports Marketing Plan

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