Marketing Strategy Top Research Questions.

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Question 1381 Persuasive Letter to stakeholder

This is an english assignment to write a persuasive letter to an organisation or elected official concerning the anti-bullying program in middle schools and high schools.

The following questions would need to be addressed: What would an effective program of this kind look like. What would it need to do on a practical level? What sorts of resistance would it likely need to overcome? How would you propose overcoming this resistance?

Question 1382 Cellphones and Empathy: Responsive Writing and Discussion

Read psychologist Sherry Turkle’s essay, “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk (Links to an external site.)” In which she discusses the evolution of face-to-face conversations over the years. She argues that these essential human skills have been lost in today’s world because of technology.

Write a well-developed response to the following questions and use at least one quote from Turkle’s essay “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk. (” in your response. How do the interactions Turkle describes compare to your own relationships with family and friends?

How does technology affect your learning at school?

Do students need mobile phones during class?

Why, why not?

Can a cellphone reduce the amount of empathy we feel for each other?

Question 1383 World Trade Organisation

Students: Your assignment is to write a comprehensive paper on The World Trade Organization:

1. Origin

2. Purpose/Mission/Organizational Structure

3. History

4. Controversy!

5. Your opinion Requirements: 4-8 pages, typed, double spaced. 4 to 5 pages will be ok. Site source you used Thanks

Question 1384 marketing

choose a small or medium-sized Irish company and write on the external factors affecting it. i.e, pastel and swots factors & write on the internal factors i.e, marketing and competitive strategies.

Question 1385 The Differences Between B2B & B2C Marketing

1-Watch the video, then discuss your views on the differences between B2B (business-to-business0 AND B2C 9business to consumer) marketing.

250 words. 2-respond to 2 posts I will attach them

Question 1386 case study

This is a case study and you need to answer only 1 question mentioned bellow 4. Review the market research data contained in the text and the exhibits.

Suppose you are an executive with the market research firm that performed the study: what are the most important three insights Sa Sa management should understand from the data?

[In exhibit 12 the vertical dimension labeled “Ranking” should be thought of as “Importance to Customers.” So the factor “Lowest Prices” is highly important to customers but only weakly satisfied at Sa Sa.]

Question 1387 Reflective summary

I did my internship in the Africa Eco Race, it is a Rallye road race leaving from Europe, and going through Africa. I was in charge of marketing and doing the media report in order to find some new sponsors for the next edition. Our main sponsor this year was Powerade Give you here the plan to follow.

You can invent of course because you didn’t do the internship … and for the part introduce yourself, don’t do it ill do it myself. For the second part, my work-based learning was about sponsorship Introduction Introduce yourself, present the context, scope, and outline structure for your Reflective Summary.

Main Body of the Reflection Your Reflective Summary account needs to highlight your Personal and Professional Skills Development journey as a result of your Work-Based Learning experience.

You may want to include the Personal, Professional and Academic Skills Development that took place as a result of your stay at the University of South Wales, where academic delivery may be significantly different from that of your own institution, therefore resulting in you developing additional skills.

Finish the Reflective Summary with two paragraphs:

1- Express how you might apply your newly developed personal and professional skills in the immediate future.

2- Conclude the Reflective Summary by stating the Personal and Professional skills you have identified for further development in the near future and the rationale for these skills is a priority.

Question 1388 Amazon

The assignment is Situation Analysis on Amazon. I have attached all the files. A template is included as well as a Rubric. If you have any questions let me know. The suspense for this assignment is

Question 1389 References

I would like to fix all the references with a specific style (Harvard style) that you can find attached how it looks like. Also, the file “References” includes all the references that need to be done with that style.

The other attached files are the guidelines for the reference style. Make sure that you will follow that because there are some differences between universities and my uni follows another one.

Question 1390 Super Bowl Ads – Past, Present, and Future

This is a discussion, a paragraph or two will due. For your discussion post this week, visit YouTube to search for and view several past Super Bowl ads. Compare Super Bowl ads over the last few years.

Discuss what types of strategies were used. Have the strategies changed over time? If so, why do you think they have and If not, why not. Which strategies do you think are the most successful? In your responses to classmates, compare your findings to your classmates’ findings. How do you think advertising strategies may change in the future?

Question 1391 Comparative analysis of business environment in Taiwan

.Assignment type: outline research template


3.Deadline: 10. October.2016 ( london time)

4. Reference’s format: Harvard 5.

Assignment title: Comparative analysis of the business environment in market, laws, and government activities for local and international companies in Taiwan 6.Requirement:

Please write fill in format, which i will send to you (include: Context and rationale,Aim and objectives, Indicative research approach (methodology, design and methods) , and Relevant references [maximum of five] )

Question 1392 Re-inventing the brand of Toronto

You are the Chief Marketing Officer of a publicly-traded Canadian company. You have been recently tasked with the challenge of re-inventing the brand of your company. What would you suggest and how would you implement this new branding effort?

Question 1393 International Strategy & Sales

I need an assignment in International Strategy & Sales Management (MBA). circa 2.500 words The description: -Discuss the topic of international market research -Describe steps of a conceptional market research process -Provide an overview of relevant research tools from a company perspective.

-Focus on B2C or B2B market research -List practical examples of market research tools (own company of free of choice examples). -Discuss future trends in market research (e.g. virtual reality, AR, neuromarketing, etc)

Question 1394 Draft of research proposal

Title: Marketing international strategy The context is economic with a focus on the East Asian territory of Taiwan. The rationale will focus on the market strategies of local and foreign companies in Taiwan. The market strategies and laws for domestic and foreign companies will be the primary focus of the paper.

An analysis of market strategies related to the local and foreign companies in Taiwan will be highlighted in this paper.

Question 1395 Personal Marketing Plan

I am needing to create a Personal Marketing Plan out of an outline I have already created. It will need to look like a traditional business marketing plan. (This is not a term paper!) It would be best if you looked up an example of a marketing plan and based it on my personal answers.

I will send my answers to whomever I hire. I would prefer not to put my personal information on this proposal. I have attached a blank outline – just to show a little more detail. This is the posting my professor posted about the assignment. “The personal marketing plan is to follow the format of a business marketing plan.

I don’t have a length requirement. The content should determine the length of any business paper you write. It should be succinct, easy to read and understand, and in this case, be adequately comprehensive as a plan for you to use to achieve the vision you have for your life. A cover page is usually a part of a business marketing plan.”

Question 1396 Introducing Vegan Option to the Yum! Brand

Please note: This is impossible, I’m seeing everyone’s instant messages but it is not letting me respond to them. Please make an offer. When I click our your messages it goes nowhere and only shows 13 offers from writers. I want to chat with people, but it won’t let me. =( Marketing plan due Dec 12th but with various parts due earlier, see instructions.

Part A – already turned in Internal Environment: What are my company’s mission, objectives, and growth strategies? What is the corporate culture and how does it influence marketing activities? What has my company done in the past with its: Target markets? Products? Pricing?

Promotion? Supply chain? What resources including management expertise does my company have that make us unique? How has the company added value through its offerings in the past? External Environment: What is the nature of the overall domestic and global market for our product? How big is the market? Who buys our product? Who are our competitors? What are their marketing strategies?

What are the key trends in the economic environment? The technological environment? The regulatory environment? The social and cultural environment?

S.W.O.T. Analysis: Based on this analysis of the internal and external environments, what are the key: Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

Part B – due 11/16/16 Product/Company you are writing your marketing plan on: Set Marketing Objectives What does marketing need to accomplish to support the objectives of my plan? (Here is where you write the goals of your marketing strategy. What do you want to accomplish by following your marketing plan?)

Part C – due 11/16/16 C. Develop Marketing Strategies 1. Select Target Markets and Positioning How do consumers and organizations go about buying and using your products? Which consumer segments should you select to target? If your target market is consumers: What are the demographic, psychographic, and behavioral characteristics of your target market? What are their media habits? If your target market is businesses (B2B): What are the relevant organizational demographics?

Part D – due 11/30/16 – Implement and Control the Marketing Plan

1. Action Plans for all marketing mix (product, price, promotion, distribution) elements: How do you make your marketing plan happen? (Be specific.)

2. Responsibility Who (which employee/manager) is responsible for accomplishing each aspect of implementing the marketing plan? (Be specific.)

3. TimeLine What is the timing for the elements of your marketing plan? (Layout a timeline to accomplish each task here. Be specific.)

4. Budget What is the budget for your marketing objectives? (What are the media costs, printing costs, production costs, etc. Be specific.)

5. Measurement and Control How are you going to measure the actual performance you are your plan? (Are you going to use sales numbers, number views, number of clicks on a website? Be specific.) Hint: This part of your plan is the actual “road map” or directions on how to accomplish your objectives.

You need to lay out how long everything is going to take, how much you estimate it is going to cost, who will be responsible for carrying out each task, and how you will know if your plan worked or not. Here you need to do research so you can make estimations.

Use industry standards and population numbers to estimate your numbers. (For example if you are opening a pizza restaurant in a neighbourhood and you want to estimate weekly sales, you’ll need to figure out what population in that neighbourhood is your target market and out of those numbers how many people are likely to eat pizza. Then do the math.)

Final due 12/14/16 – Follow the “build a Marketing Plan” pull-out from your textbook (between pages 72 and 73) as the outline for this Written Marketing Plan. DO NOT USE YOUR OWN OUTLINE or one that you found on the Internet. The final paper should be 15 to 20 pages long including the Appendix, and should be written in standard business format: single spaced (MS Word 1.15 default ok), blocked paragraphs (paragraphs not indented and separated by a line space), and 11-12 point font size.

You can use bulleted lists instead of paragraphs where appropriate (see sample marketing plan in textbook Appendix pp. 476-487 for style expectations). Your written paper should have a cover page, a works cited page at the end of the written paper before the Appendix, and have page numbers printed on the lower right side of each page (except for the cover page).

Keep in mind that your paper will be analyzed by plagiarism software, so if you have any material in the paper that is not your own, you must cite the source of information. (You can use the reference tab in Microsoft Word to help you format your citations and your “Works Cited” page. For citations, use APA format.) I would also recommend that you bring the final draft of this paper to the NSC Student Writing Center and have the writing center staff proofread your paper before you turn it, as you will be marked down for misspellings, improper grammar, poor sentence structure, and poor organization.

This should be written as a “professional” marketing plan, so make sure the final product would be representative of something that you would turn into your boss or your client. Remember, this is not a research paper, this is a strategy paper where research was used to support your strategy. (You may research back-up information, but use your own strategy.)

You will submit the entire marketing plan on the last day of the term. All papers must be turned in by December 17th at midnight. Under no circumstances will this paper be accepted late. If you do not turn it in by the deadline, you will receive zero credit.

Below I have attached three examples of outstanding marketing plans that were submitted by students for this class in the past to give you an idea of what is expected. I’ve attached what I turned in for Part A (you can either use that info or stray from it) and an example of what they are looking for.

Question 1397 Creating an Effective Marketing Mix

Company: PRADA One of the key areas examined in a marketing audit is how well the organisation makes use of its marketing mix for a product or brand. Typically, a marketing mix is composed of a group of attributes known in the field of marketing and brand management as the four P’s. Traditionally, these Ps are: product, place, price and promotion.

These P’s were chosen to reflect the most critical aspects of any marketing strategy, specifically the following: Is this the right product for the targeted consumers?

(product) Is it being sold or marketed through the right channels? (place) Is it priced effectively so as to maximise profits?

(price) Is its message being communicated effectively?

(promotion) In recent years, to better capture certain organisational offerings, other P’s have gained recognition, including: process, people and physical evidence (Jobber and Ellis-Chadwick, 2013). Brand effectiveness may also be analysed in terms of Ps.

Dillon et al. (2001) proposed that brands can be analysed based on two components: brand-specific associations and general brand impressions. Brand-specific associations refer to ‘features, attributes, or benefits that consumers link to a brand and that differentiate it from the competition’ (Dillon et al., 2001: 417). This concept has been further refined by Lee et al. (2008), who have proposed a useful model for brand analysis that looks at brand-specific associations, general brand impression and brand commitment.

If you have already completed your SWOT analysis, information gleaned from that activity may be helpful as you develop a more effective marketing mix for your proposed product. To prepare for this Assignment: Review the Readings. Focus on specific examples of effective marketing mixes that improved the marketability of a product or brand.

Also focus on digital applications related to the marketing mix. Consider the need for a marketing mix in a marketing strategy. What would be the danger in too little or too much of a focus on one of the P’s? Using online or other sources, explore how the organisation that produces the brand you chose makes use of its current marketing mix.

Pay special attention to how much or how little it focuses on each ‘P’. To complete this Individual Assignment: Evaluate the effectiveness of the current marketing mix for the brand you selected for your Project. Does the marketing mix meet goals of forming consumer brand relationships? Include in your evaluation whether the marketing mix includes the right mix of P’s.

In a 1,000-word paper, create a marketing mix you believe would be more effective for this new product in order to build brand equity in an international market and explain why you chose this mix. Include a variety of marketing methods, including digital marketing.

How is the marketing mix for this new product different from the marketing mix that was most likely used for the organisation’s other products? Why? Be sure to include specific examples and support your postings with evidence from the Readings, other current literature. Referencing in Harvard Some readings will be provided but you also need to find and add others. MBA level assignment.

Question 1398 Brand Communications

Brands sometimes create some interesting twists in their marketing. See if you can identify the following automobile brands. Which brand currently uses the “arm punch” device? Which brand continues to use the words “zoom zoom”? Which brand used the odd term “Farfegnugen”?

Which brand spends a million dollars a day on research to keep drivers safe? Which upscale brand is often represented by a logo that does not incorporate its name? Most of you will have little trouble identifying these brands, having seen advertising and promotional signage for them, or perhaps just “knowing” that fact about the car brand.

Select one of the brands above and share your recollections about how you learned what you “know” about the brand. Was all of your brand knowledge generated by advertising? What other factors contributed to what you know? Can you determine what information came from what source? 1 page. APA style, citations and references in APA style needed, not less than 2-3 resources.

Question 1399 Brand Building

Please provide a paper, APA style, citation and references in APA style, 2-3 sources needed. Many of you have items (pens, T-shirts, coffee mugs, product samples) that bear the logos of branded products you do not use. At a concert you may have received a free sample of a soft drink or a snack food.

Perhaps on your last airline flight, the flight attendent announced that on that day a certain brand of coffee would be served. Discuss with your classmates some of the ways you have interacted with brands, both those you use and those you do not use but with which you are familiar. Identify several brands that you do not use. What is it about the product, price, distribution, or promotion of those brands that keeps you from using them?

Question 1400 Blog post

Please provide a blog in APA style, 2 pages, citation and references needed. It is not a paper. It is a blog. Thus, I need more critical thinking and own opinions. Make a trip to a chain grocery, drug, or general merchandise store. After selecting a product category (e.g., cereal, pain relievers, storage containers), find that section in the store and review the products offered.

How are they alike and different? What efforts can you identify that appear to be manufacturer-generated? How about retailer-generated? For those that are retailer-generated, what role do you think the manufacturer played in the retailer’s actions? What attracts you to certain products and why? Choose one brand you like, one you do not like, and one you have no strong feelings for one way or the other.

Identify your perceptions of each brand. Next try to determine where those perceptions came from. Finally, how do they influence your thinking about purchasing (from) the brand? Assuming you are the target market (provide a one-sentence overview of yourself as such) explain what you think about the company’s choices in its marketing efforts on behalf of the brand. Provide a commentary on your store visit.

Question 1401 Online Blog

Please provide blog in APA style with citation and references. The length of your blog posts should be approximately 400–800 words. That means no less than 400 words and no more than 800 words per posting. Choose two or more tools used in social media. Compare and discuss these tools in a blog post

Question 1402 Social Media Application

Please provide 2 pages in APA style, citation & references needed. It is blog post. Discuss the current state of social media within your industry. What tools does your industry use or should use to improve their standings in the social media environment?

Question 1403 Memo

Write a memo to the author which discusses how one issue (no more!) in the article relates to that topic. The memo will be about 3 paragraphs long. In the first half, describe the issue from class to the author, perhaps as we discussed it, or as the assigned materials described it. There needs to be enough detail such that the author, who has not taken this course or read our textbook, can understand the topic well.

Then use the remaining paragraphs to explain how the article relates to the issue. If the author agrees, explain the specific points. If the author disagrees, describe the points of contention and perhaps the causes. If the author adds a dimension, explain that.

For example, “Our text says that to achieve A we must do B and avoid C. Your article generally agrees but adds that in situation D, could be the introductory sentence summarizing both halves. There is no value in summarizing the article since the author is intimately familiar with it, but the author is not at all familiar with this course or its materials.

To recap, I am not looking for a summary of the article but an analysis. how it disagrees, or how it adds to it. Your supporting arguments consist of specific items from your own experience. Be sure to cite the article as well as every word, fact and idea in the memo which is not your own, and to explain any quotations rather than merely let them speak for themselves.

Question 1404 Rise of Social Commerce

Watch the webinar recording, Rise of Social Commerce or review the accompanying report. The captioned version of this video can be found here. Share your thoughts on one of the examples of how companies are integrating SM in their organization.

In replying to your classmates’ postings address how this example impacts traditional marketing tactics. Could the two methods be complimentary in the example provided? Why or why not? Use the link I need 3-4 paragraphs in APA style, with critical thinking, citation and references

Question 1405 Brand Management

What kind of car do you drive? On the discussion board, find others in your class who drive the same brand (Ford, Volvo, etc.) and discuss the variety of sub-brands (Focus, Taurus, etc.) driven within the group.

Visit the website for that car manufacturer and discuss with your group how many sub-brands you find there, and how they are differentiated. I need 4 paragraphs in APA style, citation and references needed. Deadline – Thursday, February 23rd, 23:59 pm.

Question 1406 Brand Growth

Please provide 3-4 paragraphs in APA style, with citation and references, critical thinking needed. Coca-Cola has shown enormous capacity to bend to the expectations of every culture with which it has dealt, and has done so for over 100 years. Beginning in 1886 as a medicinal cure for headaches, the brand became a popular beverage, growing through war times, through peace and love generations, even the high-tech generation.

Despite sharp declines in carbonated soft drinks, Coca-Cola remains the premier beverage brand. Go online to Coca-Cola’s website where you will find a “history” tab. Identify what you believe to be key points in the timeline for the growth of the brand, and why you think those were important.

The ads and commercials also tell a fascinating story of the brand’s success. In your opinion, what did Coca-Cola do right over the years? If you were Coca-Cola’s Chief Marketing Officer, what would you consider as options for the next strategic brand move?

Question 1407 CRM initiatives

Please provide 3-4 paragraphs in APA style, citation and references needed. What are some potential gaps or pitfalls (personally or professionally) in social client relationship management (CRM) initiatives?

Question 1408 Social Marketing Brands and Risk

Please write a blog post in APA style 1,5 page, citation and references needed. Social Marketing Brands and Risk. In your industry, discuss the challenges and risks experienced with taking the brand social, or not taking the brand social. Include current examples to support your conclusions.

Question 1409 Marketing Micro/Macro analysis

This is a marketing plan. My produce is customized baby food subscription boxes, and need to analysis from two part: suppliers(Micro), technology(Macro). All these two analysis need to base on the real data(can search from Google) of Newfoundland province, Canada.

Question 1410 Social Marketing Brands and Risk

Please provide 2 pages in APA style with references and citations. No plagiarism. It is a blog, not paper. Critical thinking needed. In your industry (Coca-Cola), discuss the challenges and risks experienced with taking the brand social, or not taking

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