Solved ! – MGMT201: Choose A Multinational Corporation MNC Or A Small-Medium Enterprise SME From Singapore: Principles Of Management Assignment, SUSS, Singapore

Choose a Multinational Corporation MNC or a Small-Medium Enterprise SME from Singapore. You are encouraged to choose a company based on your specialization of study. Write a management report based on the details shown in the table below.

  • Introduce your chosen company. Discuss and explain the nature of its business and any other information you feel is important to understand who they are and what they do.
  •  Provide a brief appreciation of the environment surrounding this company using a PESTEL analysis.
  • Create a SWOT  analysis of your chosen company.
  • Choose ONE approach to ‘Ethics’, and briefly explain it. Then, using this chosen approach, explain how your chosen company can engage in ethical decision-making. Provide ONE example relevant to the company.
  •  Choose and briefly explain ONE approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Then, explain how the chosen company can use this CSR approach to manage their stakeholder/s.
  • Using the 4 key elements to a plan provide a Formal plan for your chosen company. Note: You need to relate the theories and concepts covered in class and relate these to your chosen company.
  • Select and briefly explain ONE aspect of your chosen company’s culture. Explain how your chosen company might create a strong company culture with this aspect of the company culture you have chosen.
  •  Explain how your chosen company may achieve unity of command, centralization, and span of control. Choose the most appropriate organizational structure for your chosen organization. Explain and justify your choice for this structure.

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