The 5 Most Useful Websites for College Students this Year

The 5 Most Useful Websites for College Students this Year

Many students find college life boring because they lack good links to the outside world! For my case, I did not have a link to resourceful websites where I could learn new stuff and save time for my studies, fun and a part-time job that was the then source of my upkeep. Some of the websites that have been founded lately such as Homework Nest are good news to the college student of today. The purpose of this post is to enlighten students to keep their heads up and simplify life during their studies. Well, I am not saying that college life is hard, but I suppose it is an undeniable fact that if a college student learned how to cut roads and save time, it would be pretty awesome –isn’t it? Below is a list of 5 most useful websites that I have prepared for you. Try them out and be the judge!

  1. Quizlet

This website helps student to organize study resources online discarding the need to have junk of papers lying in their cribs. Here, a student can create their reading cards, to do lists, tasks schedules and – what’s more? Find some solutions/resources to some of their tough homework assignments. The goal of going to campus is to study and obtain good grades as a priority among other things! Quizlet lets you create study sets. This can be time saving, mind organizing and increases memorability of what you study.

  1. Alive Campus

Alive Campus is one of the most recommendable websites for college students to share and exchange ideas on relevant topics. Most of the content is written by REAL college students who are passionate about general campus topics. The most admirable feature of Alive Campus is the side-bar menu that one can select the topics of desire, follow and contribute.

  1. Grammarly

It may sound funny but your college professors who read and grade your essays will ADORE you if you start using Grammarly to spell-check your essays. This can be for grammar and plagiarism. Grammarly, therefore is a useful widget that should be a go-to resource for college students. The beauty with Grammarly is that it auto-corrects wrongly spelled words, offers suggestions and can be downloaded to be used offline.


  1. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a free-mind’s haven for news, jokes, memes and charm. Although the website may not be very popular and that most of the articles are written in a relaxed approach – I mean, “not so serious”, the website can make a college student stay updated with what’s happening off the books. The beauty of BuzzFeed is that once you visit it, you never get bored and guess what? You will keep going to the website to find lots of fun postings!

  1. Homework Nest
Homework Nest – Improve Your Grades Today!

This website comes in handy as a rescue hub for college students who need assistance in comprehending, completing and improving their grades. Those who have stressing work schedules, who may be going through tough times that do not allow them to focus on assignments, those who are wise enough to ask for help, …and the list goes on! Here is the real deal. Homework Nest is a must-use-website for every college students of the twenty-first century. Ask me why? – Simple – So many reasons for using homeworknest for all your college life needs. At homework nest,

  • You can help other students with tutoring and earn good money
  • Post your tough assignments and get them done at your budget ~ Yes because you the boss!
  • Hire someone to write an essay for you
  • Get homework and tutoring help on all your  assignments

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