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Qualitative study on Autism

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, be sure to have read all the required resources for the week.

Locate a peer-reviewed qualitative research study in the Ashford University Library on the topic you chose in Week One for your Final Research Proposal. You may choose to use a qualitative study that was included in the literature review you used in the Week One assignment by searching the reference list for qualitative research studies on the topic. It is also acceptable to utilize a qualitative research study on your topic that was not included in your literature review.

Once you have located an appropriate qualitative study, identify the specific qualitative research design used. Summarize the main points of the study including information on the research question, sampling strategy, research design, data analysis method(s), findings, and conclusion(s). Evaluate the published qualitative research study focusing on and identifying the researcher’s paradigm or worldview and any evidence of reflexivity described in the report. Explain whether or not potential biases were adequately addressed by the researchers. Describe how the researchers applied ethical principles in the research study.

Strategic Plan, Part 2: Strategic Planning Process Paper

You will perform an environmental scan for your target company. 

Choose an organization according to the following:

  • Organization that you want to work for once you complete your MBA (JP Morgan Chase)

Write a 1,050-word minimum environmental analysis in which you include the following: 

  • Determine how to create value and sustain competitive advantage using the environmental scanning strategy.
  • Evaluate the company’s external environment.
  • Identify and assess one or more of the Five Forces that are most important in driving competition in your organization’s external industry environment.
  • Assess the company’s general environment.
  • Evaluate the organization’s industry operating environment.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Support your assessments with Include a minimum of two authoritative references. Remember all references should be included in the body of your paper as in-text citations. 

MGT 270 Assignment 7

Slann points out that two prevailing traits of today’s world are increasing interdependence in the global economy and increased strength of ethnic and religious forces. Your response should be 1 – 2 pages long, single spaced. Note that the answers to these questions require thought and research on your part. There is no cookbook answer. What evidence is there to back up Slann’s view? To what extent do these two traits reinforce each other, or work in contrary directions?

MGT 270 Assignment 6


Based on demographic data supplied in “Our Community” (p. 3), provide a summary of some key characteristics of the community and its members.

Beginning in the 1990s, PWC tied its budget to achieving its strategic plan. Explain how PWC uses the strategic plan to establish the foundation of its budget, using specific examples from Citizens Guide.

What are the top four sources of revenue for PWC? Do you believe the PWC revenue profile is typical for counties in the USA? Explain your answer.

PWC divides its budget into two categories: capital budget and operating budget. What is the difference between the two. What is the primary source of revenue for the capital budget? For the operating budget?

A big portion of the PWC budget entails “transfer to schools.” What does this mean from both the Revenue and Expenditure perspective? Supplement your answer with data from Citizens Guide. Be sure to look at the special character of this budget item on p. 11.

Smart county budgeting requires political sensitivity of elected officials. How is such political sensitivity reflected in the PWC budget process? (Hint: See p. 14.)

The PWC Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is reasonably typical for counties in the USA. Why do county (and municipal) budgets distinguish between capital budgets and operating budgets? Which three budget areas dominate anticipated capital budget expenditures? Where do you think the money is being spent in these three areas?

MGT 279 Assignment 4

1. In summary, what does the report’s author blame for the problems encountered on the Big Dig project?

2. As an expert, to what extent do you think the author has got things right? Based on your knowledge of what it takes to manage major programs, how would you summarize what went wrong with this project?

3. To what extent do you feel that if the Big Dig had followed the US Department of Defense approach to managing major programs it would have been more successful? What problems might arise in trying to employ the US DoD approach?

4. What lessons can be derived from the Big Dig experience that can be shared with individuals and organizations that are about to begin work on a major program?

Week 2 General Questions/Thoughts

  1. Why is it important for a firm to study and understand the external environment?
  2. Which are most important among the economic, technological, social and demographic, political and ecological remote environmental factors impacting your own industry & firm?  Make sure to explain your strategic thinking about your firm and be as specific as possible.
  3. What are the differences between the general environment and the industry environment? Why are these differences important?
  4. What is the external environmental analysis process (four parts). What does the firm want to learn when using this process?
  5. Explain the differences among the seven segments of the general environment. Why are these details of interest to organizations?
  6. How do the five forces of competition in an industry affect its profitability potential?
  7. Why is it important for a company’s design to include sustainable processes?

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Company

Question description

Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.

Assignment 1: Company Description and SWOT Analysis

Due Week 3 and worth 100 points

In this assignment, you will conduct a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis for the type of beverage you have selected, and for your company overall. As you work on the assignment, consider why you have chosen one type of non-alcoholic beverage over another and the reasons for that choice. As you complete your SWOT analysis, be sure to include external factors such as industry / market trends and competition, and internal factors such as your capabilities or abilities to reach certain market segments.

Write a three to five (3-5) page paper, in which you:

  1. Create your revised NAB company name and explain its significance. Describe the non-alcoholic beverage you will produce and sell.
  2. Develop your revised company’s Mission Statement and provide a rationale for its components.
    • Hints: Use the Statement of Mission template on pp. 72-73 on the course textbook: Successful Business Plan to aid your development.Click here for help accessing a specific page number in your eBook.
    • Extracting appropriate information from the NAB company portfolio, where applicable. You should fill in other required items in the template using your personal preferences.
  3. Describe the trends in the non-alcoholic beverage industry, especially the specific type of beverage category you have chosen. Justify at least three (3) reasons why you have chosen this type of non-alcoholic beverage.
    • Hints: Research and outline beverage industry trends. Consider the size and growth rate of the industry overall and the specific beverage type you have chosen. Use the worksheet in the course text (p. 88 | Past and Future Growth of Your Industry) to help you project the future growth rate. Consider the use of industry associations and search engines to find reliable, recent data.
  4. Choose one (1) strategic position from the course text (pp. 142–143) that you believe is the best strategic position for your company. Explain the approach you will use to implement this strategic position in order to distinguish your beverage from other non-alcoholic beverages.
  5. Provide an overview of your company’s distribution channels. Explain the manner in which your product will reach end users. Provide a rationale for your chosen method.
    • Hints: For example, will you sell your beverage in grocery stores, restaurants, or sports venues? If so, describe the types of resellers and distributors who will sell to resellers and fulfill their orders. If you are attempting to sell direct-to-consumers, such as online via a monthly subscription, how will you manage warehousing / fulfillment / shipping?
  6. Outline at least three (3) types of risks (including any regulatory risks) that your business faces. Describe your company’s plan to mitigate such risk.
    • Hints: You may refer to the types of risk listed in the course text (pp. 148–149) as well as any risks not listed in the text. Regulation weighs more heavily on beverage and food businesses than many other types of companies, so be certain to consider any regulatory risks your type of beverage faces. For example, what kind of regulation and / or risks are you likely to face if you make health claims about your beverage?
  7. Develop a SWOT analysis for your NAB company using the SWOT matrix worksheet in the course text (p. 153 | SWOT: Strengths / Weaknesses / Opportunities / Threats)
    • Hints: What are your company’s likely strengths? Have you chosen a beverage segment that is growing and lacks an entrenched competitor? Are you in a niche market that has great potential? What are the strengths that you and other team members bring to your company? Do you or other team members have previous experience in the food and beverage industry?
    • Hints: What are your company’s likely weaknesses? Is the competition in your industry segment entrenched? Is your own management team inexperienced? Will it be challenging to actually produce your product and maintain quality?
    • Hints: What are your company’s opportunities? Does your segment have more demand than supply? Have larger corporations stopped serving smaller or niche markets that you could enter? Is a new market emerging because of demographics, immigration, changing tastes?
    • Hints: What are your company’s threats? Is there a clear market leader that will be hard and expensive to displace? Are downward-pricing pressures in the segment making profit margins slim? Are there little or no barriers-to-entry for new competitors; if you have a novel idea that succeeds, can the competition easily enter your market? If you have a global aspect to your company, do factors such as currency fluctuations, political instability, offshoring or outsourcing pose threats?
  8. Format your assignment according to these formatting requirements:
    1. Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
    2. Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.
    3. Cite the resources you have used to complete the exercise. Note: There is no minimum requirement for the number of resources used in the exercise.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

  • Analyze the role of a company mission, vision, and objectives and the impact to business strategy.
  • Describe strategic planning techniques used to formulate alternative strategies designed to achieve stated business goals.
  • Analyze the external and internal environment for opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses that impact the firm’s competitiveness.
  • Use technology and information resources to research issues in strategic management.
  • Write clearly and concisely about strategic management using proper writing mechanics.

Click here to view the grading rubric for this assignment.

Integrated Communications Company Introduction Tesla Marketing Strategy

Question description

Tesla Current Marketing Strategies

  • What are they currently strategies are they using to market their company?

Social media?

  • What type of responses are they getting from their current marketing plan(s)? Give specific information. (examples from social media specific to their advertising, such as comments, likes, shares etc…)

Genetically Modified Crops Genetic engineering Examples Contemporary environmental issues

Question description

Sustainable Living Guide Contributions, Part 2 of 4: Sustaining our Agricultural Resources

[WLOS: 1, 4] [CLOS: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Prior to beginning work on this assignment, please read Chapter 3 in the Turk and Bensel’s Contemporary Environmental Issues textbook (2014).

The purpose of this assignment is twofold: first, to enable you to explore a term (concept, technique, place, etc.) related to this week’s theme of sustaining our agricultural resources; second, to provide your second contribution to a collective project, the Class Sustainable Living Guide. Your work this week, and in the weeks that follow, will be gathered (along with that of your peers) into a master document you will receive a few days after the end of the course. The document will provide everyone with a variety of ideas for how we can all live more sustainably in our homes and communities.

To complete this assignment, MY TERM FROM LIST IS genetically modified crops

  • You will first need to select a term from the list of choices in the Week 2 – Term Selection Forum. Reply to the forum with the term that you would like to research. Do not select a term that a classmate has already chosen. No two students will be researching the same topic.
  • Next, download the Week 2 Assignment Template and replace the guiding text with your own words based upon your online research. Please do not include a cover page. All references, however, should be cited in your work and listed at the end, following APA format expectations.

In the template, you will

  • Define the term thoroughly.
  • Clearly relate the term to the week’s theme.
  • Explain how the term affects living things and the physical world.
  • Relate the term to the challenge of achieving environmental sustainability.
  • Justify if the term represents an obstacle to that goal, or perhaps a technique or technology that might promote it.
  • Suggest two specific actions we can take to promote sustainability in relationship to this term.
  • Provide detailed examples to support your ideas.

The Week 2 Assignment

Averys Case Murderer Procedure allegations

Question description

put episode on separate pages

  • Episode 7, Making a Murderer

Procedure: Marc Lebeau from the FBI testified in court that EDTA was not detected in the three blood samples he tested. Does this conclusively prove that the blood wasn’t planted?

Behavior: Existence of physical evidence, and the presentation of the forensic analysis of such evidence, are of evidentiary importance, particularly in the absence of corroborating witness testimony. Why would the state not put Brendan Dassey on the stand to testify against Steven Avery?

  • Episode 8, Making a Murderer

Procedure: What value and role do closing arguments have in the courtroom process? Assess the nature and impact of the closing arguments provided by both the state and the defense in this week’s episode.

Behavior: What did Prosecutor Ken Kratz mean when he said, “Reasonable doubt is for innocent people?” At that time, he was speaking directly to the jury. What message/inference was he attempting to get across to the jurors?

seperate document

Choose either the Dassey case or the Avery case and offer one to two solid paragraphs detailing your preliminary theory of the case. Identify whether you think the alleged offender is guilty, and what evidence is most compelling to lead you to this preliminary conclusion. Attach a Word document (double spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12) as your completed work.

Marketing Dissertation 3200 words

Power to control the internet technological innovation

Question description

Question: Please assume you have the absolute power to control the internet and its content.


  • Need minimum 250 words.
  • Need minimum 3 APA references.
  • No Plagiarism please

Response management money sex education

Question description

Each week, you will be asked to respond to the prompt or prompts in the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length, and is due on Sunday. By Tuesday, you should respond to two additional posts from your peers.

This week, you will be engaging with the work of other students through Peer Review. In Week 6, you were instructed to submit a copy of your rough draft to this forum. If you have not done so, please submit a copy as an attachment in a new thread with your name as the subject.

For this week’s assignment, you’ll need to read and respond to at least two other students’ essays and provide them feedback. These responses must include the Peer Review rubric. Use the rubric to provide constructive feedback, incorporating specific, positive remarks as well as helpful suggestions so your peer can see you genuinely evaluated their rough draft.

Your peer reviews should be posted as a response to that student’s thread and should be submitted as an attached word document.

Additional Instructions:

  • Select at least one essay which has only one or no responses so everyone has a chance to receive feedback.
  • Focus primarily on content, not grammar, spelling, punctuation, or format. If you point out errors, give examples from the paper so the writer knows where to look.

Here is a link to the Peer Review Rubric to utilize in your feedback: Peer Review Rubric

Provide an overall conclusion and impression of your peer’s paper. What did your peer do right? What could they improve? This should include recommendations and constructive comments to help your peer improve.

This week we will be undergoing the Peer Review process. This process is important because it allows us to gain insight from other perspectives (as well as allow us to give insight). For this week’s discussion, your initial post will consist of your Week 6 Rough draft (which you should submit in Week 6 after you’ve submitted your rough draft to your instructor). You will need to respond to at least two of your fellow student’s rough drafts as well. There are two key things to remember when doing this:

First, your replies should be submitted as attached Word documents. Try not to give one sentence answers, but instead provide positive feedback as well as constructive criticism. Remember that the idea is to support your classmates’ and let them know what they are doing well and what could be improved (but make sure to avoid negativity). Also, focus on the larger issues with the essay (content, structure, organization, use of sources, arguments, thesis, etc.) rather than smaller issues like editing or proofreading.

Second, please make sure to include a copy of the rubric for each student in your response (filled out how you might grade that student’s essay as it is now). This should be included in your response.

A few other tips:

  • Submit your paper by Sunday. Respond to two of your classmates’ papers by Tuesday.
  • Select at least one essay which has only one or no responses so everyone has a chance to receive feedback.
  • You are not required to point out grammar, spelling, and formatting issues, but, if you do, give examples from the paper. Focus on content first.
  • If you are comfortable using the Comments feature in Word, please download the paper, make comments, and upload the paper with your corrections.

View this week’s rubic

Resistance change leadership nursing

Question description

Please half a page, APA format , please not more than half a page

Course : leadership in nursing

half a page, please no more

Write an introduction paragraph on “resistance to change” You can use the website below as a guide.

you can include the positive/negative

It Takes More Than Consequence Control.pdf

Project Leadership Influences Resistance to Change.pdf

Agent’s contribution to recipients’ resistance.pdf

Weather Disasters Hurricane Mitch tornadoes damages

Option #2: Weather Disasters

Like earthquake and volcano eruptions, major hurricanes and tornadoes have occurred long before there were humans on Earth. Choose one hurricane or tornado that significantly impacted humans and report on it. Be sure to cover how it affected the Earth, damages and death tolls, economic impact and any permanent consequences.

Your paper should meet the following requirements:

  • 3-4 pages in length (does not include title and reference page)
  • 1-2 outside sources

Research Paper

 (choose any one)

Please develop a thesis regarding any of these issues (or an issue that you have chosen). Your paper should be about demonstrating your thesis in an organized and persuasive manner, using outside sources and your own reasoning.

For example, if your topic is global warming, examples of theses might be:

– Global warming is a serious threat to our environment and governments must take immediate and severe measures to decrease its rate


– Global warming has not been proven to have been caused by anthropogenic activities and so government should not risk hurting their economies to solve a problem that we do not know exists.

In other words, it does not matter which side of a debate you take. You may take any side you like. But whichever side you take, your paper should be focused on persuading the reader that you are correct.

While including some background information is important and necessary, is not necessary to educate the reader from scratch. You may assume that your reader has a basic understanding of the underlying issue and may plan and base your persuasive writing on this assumption.

Important: This is a research paper. You must cite at least three outside sources and should not make any assertion of fact in your essay unless it is supported by at least one outside reliable source. Citations should be made in correct MLA format.

Your essay should be between 500 and 1,000 words long (roughly 2-4 pages)


Question description

You have just received two emails, one from your boss or supervisor and one from a coworker. The two emails address the same situation. A minor problem has occurred that you may be responsible for creating. Your boss/supervisor has asked you for a resolution to the problem. Your coworker, who has been affected by this problem, is angry with you and has written an inflammatory email accusing you of creating this problem on purpose.

  1. Using word, write an email as a reply to both of the emails that you have received. You should attempt to resolve the problem as efficiently as possible. Since your email will be received both by a supervisor and a coworker, consider all aspects of your communication including the formality of the language you use, grammar, and all aspects of formal communication. Your goal is to solve the problem and maintain your professionalism at the same time.
  2. On the same document, analyze the conflict that has happened. What was the cause of the conflict? How did you attempt to resolve the conflict? What did you need to address in terms of your supervisor’s concerns, and how were these different from your coworker’s concerns? Do you think your supervisor and coworker handled the conflict well in their emails to you? How effective are these emails?

Neuroimage Multiple Choice Questions

Question description

  1. Neuroimage, a journal devoted solely to reporting neuroimaging research, was founded in which year?

5 points 


  1. A technique in which trained participants described their experiences and thought processes in response to stimuli is known as
analytic introspection.
cognitive psychology.

5 points 


  1. Richard Atkinson and Richard Shiffrin’s (1968) model of memory, which was introduced a year after the publication of Neisser’s book, described the flow of information in the memory system as progressing through three stages. Which memory holds incoming information for a fraction of a second and then passes most of this information to short-term memory?
Long-term memory
Sensory memory
Episodic memory
Semantic memory

5 points 


  1. As a result of gaps in the behaviorist paradigm, the new cognitive paradigm began to emerge in which decade?

5 points 


  1. In Donders’s experiment on decision making, when participants were asked to press one button if the light on the left was illuminated and another button if the light on the right was illuminated, they were engaged in a
memory recall task.
simple reaction time task.
choice reaction time task.
operant conditioning task.

5 points 


  1. A mental conception of the layout of a physical space is known as a(n)
cognitive map.
mental model.
artificial intelligence.
memory consolidation.

5 points 


  1. How is the term mind used in this statement: “When he talks about his encounter with aliens, it sounds like he is out of his mind”?
The mind as involved in memory
The mind as problem solver
The mind as a healthy mind being associated with normal functioning, a nonfunctioning mind with abnormal functioning.
The mind as valuable, something that should be used

5 points 


  1. John Watson believed that psychology should focus on the study of
observable behavior.
mental processes.

5 points 


  1. Newell and Simon were among the first to use computers for artificial intelligence. Their computer program
simulated human attention.
created proofs for problems in logic.
controlled presentation of visual stimuli.
produced the first flow diagram.

5 points 


  1. In Donders’s experiment on decision making, when participants were asked to press a button upon presentation of a light, they were engaged in a
sensory memory task.
simple reaction time task.
choice reaction time task.
classical conditioning task.

5 points 


  1. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Symposium on Information Theory, George Miller presented a paper suggesting that
the human ability to process information is unlimited.
there are limits to the human ability to process information.
intelligent machines can be successfully created.
memory consolidation is enhanced by REM sleep.

5 points 


  1. Which book was written by Thomas Kuhn?
Verbal Behavior
The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Cognitive Psychology
Sensory Memory

5 points 


  1. The branch of psychology concerned with the scientific study of the mind is called
cognitive psychology.
memory consolidation.

5 points 


  1. Attention, perception, memory, and decision making are all different types of mental processes in which the mind engages. These are known as different types of
reaction times.

5 points 


  1. The relationship between the ____________ is NOT measured directly by cognitive psychologists.
physiological response and the behavioral outcome
cognitive task and the behavioral outcome
cognitive task and the physiological response
cognitive task and the mental response

5 points 


  1. Which of the following events is most closely associated with a resurgence in interest in the mind within the study of psychology?
Watson’s “Little Albert” experiment
Skinner’s publication of the book, Verbal Behavior
Development of the technique of analytic introspection
Tolman’s proposal of cognitive maps

5 points 


  1. Verbal Behavior was written by
Noam Chomsky.
B. F. Skinner.

5 points 


  1. Which of the following terms is correct in context with “Pairing one stimulus with another”?
Cognitive mapping
Paradigm shift
Classical conditioning

5 points 


  1. Which of the following methods, often associated with structuralism, was used in the psychology laboratory established by Wilhelm Wundt?
Analytic introspection
Measuring reaction times
Operant conditioning
Classical conditioning

5 points 


  1. Which of the following psychologists is known for research on operant conditioning?
Franciscus Donders
Wilhelm Wundt
John Watson
B. F. Skinner

Human Resource Manager Job Vacancy Description role responsabilities

Question description

The primary function of a job description is to outline the role and responsibilities of a job. When constructing a job description, the following areas should be considered:

  • Daily tasks,
  • Knowledge base required,
  • Skills and Abilities,
  • Educational Requirements.

For this module assignment, in a minimum of 3 pages, please do the following:

  • Create an original job description addressing each of the areas mentioned above for a Human Resource Manager. You can find a basic template here.
  • Provide two or more ways that you would advertise or recruit someone for that position. Discuss why you selected these particular methods.
  • Also, include a description of at least two methods of assessment used when recruiting qualified candidates and why these two assessment methods would be most appropriate.
  • Make sure to include an APA formatted title page and reference page to document the source for the template and any additional sources that you may have used for your research.


Question description


Complete the following:

  1. Conditioning treatment of phobias. Find a peer-reviewed research study published within the last eight years that addresses the theory or treatment of phobias. Summarize the methods used in the research and the conclusions made by the researchers. Describe the key aspects of the research that reflect behaviorist principles.
  2. Conditioning related to personal behavior. Describe how conditioning explains changes in your own behavior that you have observed at work or at home. Provide three examples. (If your examples are from personal experience, your descriptions may be in first person.) Be sure to relate theory and research to your examples. For example, you might describe how behavioral theory would explain your learning process in that situation. Cite scholarly articles to support your conclusions.
  3. Relevance of conditioning today. Analyze how behaviorism is still relevant today. What are the limits of behaviorism? Are there processes that it does not explain well? For example, behaviorists believed that babies and children learned language through rewards and punishments, but today we know that language learning is a much more complex process. The behaviorist approach was not sufficient to explain the totality of language learning.

Strive to be as concise as possible and limit the length of your completed assignment to 5–6 pages of content

Paradigms and Approaches

Question description

1.Goldstein presents several paradigms and approaches, as well as their own views of thinking. Compare two of the following perspectives, describing first the two approaches you selected.

Next, note the apparent similarities in the approaches (for example, did they emerge at the same time? Are there similar research methods used?) and note their differences. Did one approach influence the other?

  • William James’s approach.
  • Behaviorism.
  • Gestalt psychology.
  • Wilhelm Wundt approach.
  • The cognitive approach

2.In his article “The Origins of Cognitive Thought,” B. F. Skinner derides the rise of cognitive psychology and cognitive science in the 1950s:

The battle cry of the cognitive revolution is “Mind is back!” A “great new science of mind” is born. Behaviorism nearly destroyed our concern for it, but behaviorism has been overthrown, and we can take up again where philosophers and early psychologists left off (p. 17).

For this discussion, respond to the following:

  • Have advances in cognitive psychology and cognitive science truly overthrown behaviorism?
  • What applications for behaviorism exist today?
  • What evidence do you have to support your position

3.Consider the following scenario: You have a five-year-old daughter who suddenly refuses to go to bed on time. She comes up with the classic excuses: needs a story, a song, a kiss, a glass of water, to use the bathroom. Then, when all appeals are exhausted, she moves into the toughest thing for a parent to defend against: monsters!

You suspect that she is not really frightened and that this is just another delay tactic. You even give her a water pistol to shoot the monsters, but this just results in damp posters on her walls. You need to find a way to get your child to go to bed on time.

For this discussion draw on behaviorist principles learned in your text and other readings to create a plan for modifying your child’s behavior. Name specific behavioral principles (positive reinforcement, schedules of reinforcement, and so on), and link your action plan to the specific principles.

4.Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. For this discussion, complete the following:

  • Describe the differences between top-down and bottom-up theories of perception.
  • Test your perceptual patterns to determine whether you think synesthesia is based more on low-level or higher level cognitive processes, then discuss. You will need the resources on synesthesia for this part of the discussion.
  • Name at least one famous person who is reported to have synesthesia and describe the type of synesthesia he or she experiences

5.For this discussion consider: Should cognitive performance-enhancing drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Concerta be banned?

This question has created a firestorm of debate across college campuses in America over many years. In this discussion you will take a position on whether or not cognitive performance-enhancing drugs should be banned and find a journal article that supports your side:

  • Describe at least one of the main arguments in the article and explain the supporting evidence the authors of the article use to support their argument.
  • Describe the article’s conclusions.
  • Explain the implications of the findings and how they support the position you have taken in the debate.

Ethics Coaching conflicts Issues

Question description

Describe for whom the coach works and to whom they are ethically bound; include the ethical conflicts that could exist because of that relationship. Would it depend on the situation? Explain.

Evan Tyson Ihuman case

The i-Human scenario below is designed to help you move through a simulated clinical patient scenario. Your work will be scored by i-Human rubric below and transferred to a grade in the gradebook by faculty. This Assignment is worth 100 points.

Grading criteria for Assignment are:

History = 30
Physical Exam = 30
Differential Diagnosis = 15
Rank Differential Diagnosis = 10
Test Selection = 15

For this Activity, you will need to log in to your i-Human account. Instructions for logging in are as follows:

  • Go to
  • Log in with your credentials (username and password).
  • Select “Assignments” from the menu options on the top left of the screen.
  • Press the green play button next to the Mr. Tyson case study.
  • The case study will open; click Start to begin.
  • Complete all elements of the case study (history, physical exam, assessment, etc.).

Once you have successfully completed the Assignment, take a screenshot of the last screen of the activity, paste it into a Microsoft Word document, save your document, and Submit your Assignment to the unit Dropbox before midnight on the last day of the unit.

Ways save marriage divorce reasons infidelity money issues insecure

Question description

The topic for this research paper is: Are there any successful ways to save a marriage when the couple is contemplating a divorce?

This question have to be answered in the research paper.

The font must be 12 point font, Times New Roman, double spaced

Please cite the sources with a reference page.

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