Get solutions to these / similar questions for Homework Nest Tutors

Get solutions to these / similar questions for Homework Nest Tutors

Module/Week 8 — Encountering the One Who Calls Us to Follow

  • Summarize the significance of Jesus’ 3 resurrection appearances to His disciples.
  • Explain how John 21 supports the notion of Johannine authorship of the Gospel.
  • Identify unique characteristics of John’s Gospel in relation to the Synoptic Gospels.
  • Demonstrate how John’s theology is firmly rooted in the Old Testament.
  • What are the circumstances surrounding Jesus’s three resurrection appearances to his disciples?
  • What is the primary purpose for Jesus’s commissioning of Peter?
  • How does the final chapter of John’s gospel support the notion that the apostle John wrote it?
  • Trace the story line of each of the three Synoptic Gospels and relate these to that of John’s gospel.
  • Comment on each of the fourteen explicit Old Testament quotations in John’s gospel, considering also the book’s most significant Old Testament allusions.
  • Discuss the points of contact between John’s gospel and the other Johannine writings as well as similarities and differences between John and Paul, Hebrews, or Peter.

Comparative Essay Instructions

Selection of Topic

Choose 1 of the following topics for your Comparative Essay:

  1. Age of the earth (radioisotope dating vs. alternative methods)
  2. Origin of coal(swamp forestsvs. marine deposition)
  3. Dating the rock layers seen in the Grand Canyon (old earth vs. young earth)
  4. The fossil record(evidence of: long periods of time vs. short periods of time)
  5. Mass extinctions in the fossil record(old-earth vs. young-earth)
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Content and Outline

Use the following outline when writing your paper. Each point on theoutline below must be a separate section (with the section heading, as indicated) within your paper.

  1. Introduction
  • Indicate which topic you chose from the list above.
  • Indicate the purpose of your paper (i.e., to compare old-earth and young-earth viewpoints on your chosen topic).
  1. Old-Earth Secular View
  • What is the old-earth secular viewpoint and the evidence supporting that viewpoint on your chosen topic?Are there assumptions that are part of this viewpoint?
  • Young-Earth View
  • What is the young-earth viewpoint and the evidence for that viewpoint on your chosen topic?Are there assumptions that are part of this viewpoint?
  1. Comparison of the Viewpoints
  • Comparison is articulating similarities between the 2 viewpoints. What are the similarities (if any) in time, sequence, and processes involved?
  • Be sure to provide at least 2 similarities (comparisons) between the viewpoints.
  1. Contrast of the Viewpoints
  • Contrast is articulating differences between the 2 viewpoints.What are the differences (if any) in time, sequence, and processes involved?
  • Be sure to provide at least 2 differences (contrasts) between the viewpoints.
  1. Conclusion
  • Provide a summary statement for your paper.
  • Be sure to restate your purpose.
  • Do not introduce new material in your conclusion.


Avoid using first person throughout the paper. Use of “I” or “we” should be avoided.


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This paper must be 1,000–1,500 words.Do not exceed this word limit. The title page and reference page do not count toward this word total.



You must use current APA formatting. Papers must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins. Font is to be 12-point Times New Roman. Include a cover or title page with:

  • paper title
  • your name
  • instructor’s name
  • course number, section number and course name (i.e., PHSC 210 B21, Elements of Earth Science)
  • date

There is no need to include an abstract in your paper.



Your Comparative Essay must include at least 4scholarly sources in addition the course textbook and the Bible. Of these required sources, 2 must be from an old-earth perspective and 2from a young-earth perspective. Acceptable sources include journal articles, manuscripts, scholarly textbooks, and/or internet sites from .edu or .gov sources. Avoid internet sites from .com, .net, .org, etc. as the information contained therein is not often peer reviewed. There are exceptions to this rule (e.g., the Institute for Creation Research site is a .org site, but it has been judged a reputable site by those in the young-earth community. Answers in Genesis is also acceptable.). In particular, avoid Wikipedia. Study Bibles are alsonot appropriate for this assignment.



Be sure to cite your sources in the body of your paper using current APA formatting. Examples of current APA formatting rules can be found here. Also, a presentation about current APA formatting is provided in Module/Week 6.



Plagiarism is an academic infringement and a violation of Liberty’s Honor Code. To learn more about plagiarism and how to avoid it, visit this website. All submitted essays are subject to a SafeAssign review. This will compare your paper against thousands of other submissions.  Cases of plagiarism will be dealt with according to current policies established by Liberty University Online.



Submit your work to Blackboard as a Microsoft Word document. Do not paste your paper in the submission box in Blackboard, only upload the Word document. Do not submit as .pdf file.


Submit your Comparative Essay by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Monday of Module/Week 6.

Perspectives of Aging Reflection

Research three types of media, either electronic or print, that depict an older adult. You may look at television, movies, greeting cards, or newspapers as a few examples. Look for stereotypes in the media and how the older adult is portrayed.

Include an explanation of ageism and how misconceptions and misinformation play a role in it.

Evaluate the challenges of motivating employees

From the e-Activity, determine how you would adapt your leadership style to effectively manage the foreign worker force. Identify three differences you would expect and how you would lead this group in a more meaningful way.

Justify your opinion about how autocratic or democratic leadership styles are more effective for non-Western cultures.

“Rewards and Motivation” Please respond to the following:

It’s important that reward systems are aligned with the country’ s culture. Analyze how you would align the major characteristics in a reward system for a different culture, and determine how you would approach this problem.

Evaluate the challenges of motivating employees in an international setting and analyze which employee characteristics will be most important to consider and how you would overcome them.

 Explain e-business- the sarbanes oxley act

The Sarbanes Oxley Act (Sox) came about as a result of corporate scandals such as Enron and Worldcom. Critics say that it is burdensome for most medium sized business. Others say that it is working. All one has to do is pick up the Wall Street Journal on any given day and find irregularities: From Coca-Cola, to Tyson Chicken’s CEO, to most all Big Accounting Firms. What do you say?

Critically analyze the value of the marketing

What are the basic marketing functions that must be performed in the marketing channel?

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Explain how the concepts of demand and price

You have just been hired as the corporate account manager at a brand hotel. The manager asks you to evaluate the prices of corporate accounts that the hotel has to see if they need to be adjusted. How would you go about this task?

Pricing Strategies: Part II

Case Study: Pricing Almost Destroys and Then Saves a Local Restaurant

Why was Mr. Herrera reluctant to raise his prices? How did these low prices almost destroy the business?

Using this case as an example, explain how the concepts of demand, price, and profits are interrelated and why was the revenue (Yield) management important for the Mexicatessan restaurant?

In addition to revenue management, are there other pricing strategies that this restaurant can consider? If yes, discuss what those are. If no, support your idea.


Taxation research and communication

Suppose a client has come to you with a question about corporate taxation. Discuss your plan of action and communication with the client. Remember, the client does not have any technical background, and you need to communicate in terms he or she will understand.


  1. What would be your plan of action?
  2. What tax sources would you use to research the problem?
  3. How would you communicate your findings to the client?
How is the marketing of services different than the marketing of a product?

How is the marketing of services different than the marketing of a product?


Describe the marketing process and the basic elements of the marketing mix.

Describe the marketing process and the basic elements of the marketing mix.

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Human Resource Project

Create a 350 to 500-word executive summary as a team outlining the reasons why a company of your choice should invest in a mentoring program.


  • Provide the needs analysis assessment and outcome for a mentoring program
  • Determine if the mentoring program will be formal or informal
  • When will the organization realize the return on the investment
  • Evaluate any legal considerations of the program
  • Conduct a SWOT analysis that will summarize the Benefits and Risks of a mentoring program
  • Determine how the program will be measured



  1. Employee development is a career-long process.  There is often more emphasis on preparing line employees for the next step than building good managers.  Describe a manager development program with which you are familiar?  What makes it successful?  How is it different from other development programs in the organization?
  2. What are some mentoring practices that you have seen or participated in that were particularly effective?   Why?  How were the mentors chosen and how durable was the mentoring relationship?


  1. After watching the video, describe a situation with which you are familiar where coaching was used to guide an employee back in the right direction?  Why was coaching a better choice, in the particular situation, than progressive discipline?   Did it work?


  1. Discuss a situation where a manager or HR employee successfully mediated a disagreement between employees or a divergence of opinions?   Was it a formal mediation program or an ad hoc intervention?


  1. “Discipline” does not sound like an employee development term but it can be if early steps are paired with well-developed action plans.   Describe a situation with which you are familiar where an action plan was successfully used in a progressive discipline situation.
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Prepare a memo to the organisation addressing a key concern

Prepare a memo to the organisation addressing a key concern

Landscaping company wants to upgrade their outdated accounting system to QB online:

you will prepare a memo to the company addressing a major concern of yours that you wanted to be sure was covered in this process: internal controls. Discuss the various changes that must be made when transitioning from a manual accounting system to a computerized accounting system. Consider what processes might need changed or if there are any new opportunities for fraud to take place given this change.

2 Pages, APA format

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Research assignment on jobs and majors with fright future in usa

Research assignment on jobs and majors with fright future in usa


1) You are going to write a research-based paper presenting your own view point opinion on your topic. You will summarize what you have read from the 2 reading sources, paraphrase and quote facts from the readings, and add your own ideas.

2) I uploaded 2 articles sources. Have to use this 2 sources!

-Job outlook for College graduates is slowly improving
-Many with new college degree find the job market humbling

3) The topic of my research paper will be about the jobs and majors with the fright future in America

4) required criteria for this paper

* you must include a paper title and your full name at the top of your paper

*You are to write a 2 to 3-page double spaced typed paper, using a 12-point font size, with a title.

*You need to have 4 reading sources (2 textbook essays and 2 online articles): include MLA documentation within the paper, and an MLA Works Cited page.

* at least 4-6 MLA citations.




















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