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In this age of digital technology, online reviews have become an important force for attracting customers. Online reviews simply refer to evaluations that have been made by the customers and posted on diverse platforms about a product or service. And these reviews are very important, especially for tutors who offer online class help. Statistics show that around 92% of customers review or read online reviews before contacting a business. Also, 71% of customers will rely on the positive reviews of a business before taking any action. Further statistics indicate that 86% of buyers or potential buyers hesitate to purchase a product or a service that has negative reviews. Personally, before purchasing anything online including ordering a meal, I ensure that I check the customer reviews. In this case, my purchasing behavior is significantly determined by the reviews provided by previous customers. So for online class helpers reviews are very critical for building a positive reputation, credibility, and trust. They make it easier for potential customers to decide on whether to purchase the service or not. This is because they attest to the company’s reliability and quality. They also help give a snapshot of what worse or best could happen. So in this article, I will look at why people write online reviews, why these reviews are important and how to proliferate positive online reviews.

Why do people write online reviews?

  • To help other people or potential customers– There is an adage that goes ‘sharing is caring.’ This saying also applies in the case of online reviews. People write reviews to help other people make a decision or experience the same feeling as them. For instance, if a customer was satisfied by a service provided by an online tutor, he or she may want others to benefit from similar services from the tutor. In this case, the customer would want others to enjoy the same excellent service provided.
  • As a way of saying thank you– Some customers like leaving testimonials about a service received or a product they purchased. This mainly happens when they are happy with the service or product. And so to them, writing a positive review is a way of expressing their gratitude. The review is a materialized thank-you note. For online tutors, this is usually the main wish. Positive online class helper’s reviews are a goldmine.
  • To help companies improve their services and products– Some companies do ask their customers to provide a review after purchase of their product or service. Regardless of the nature of these reviews, they help a business improve on its provisions. For example, negative reviews might be a wake-up call for companies to improve on their products or services. For instance, if a company specializes in providing fast foods, obviously not every customer will be pleased with the food delivered or prepared. Some may provide a negative rating about the food. So, the business owner should consider these negative reviews to improve the food quality. Also, a business without negative reviews is very suspicious. No product or service is flawless.
  • To be heard- Some people also write opinions for them to be heard. These are often people who are seeking public attention or who are celebrities. Celebrities in particular command a lot of public attention. Others provide their opinions so that they can only be respected by the masses. These are people who are eager and willing to share their thoughts and experiences about the company. All they want is people who can embrace their comments and engage with them positively so that they can feel heard and appreciated. So some of the online class helpers reviews are opinions from people seeking public attention.

Why these online reviews are important

  • Reviews improve on customer engagement– Not only do reviews influence the consumer’s decisions but also allow companies to engage with them. These reviews provide companies with a platform to build their relationships with their customers. Studies have further shown that reviews are tools for companies to establish an emotional connection with their customers. And emotional connection according to statistics provides companies with 23% more revenue than companies that do not engage with their customers emotionally.
  • Reviews speak volumes about your brand’s trustworthiness- Moreover; studies have shown that a customer is more likely to leave a review after a bad or negative experience than a customer who has experienced a positive one. These bad reviews have a critical role to play when it comes to brand trust. This is because customers tend to trust online reviews than they trust their family and friend recommendations. So if a company has a mixture of bad and good reviews, it shows that that company is authentic. So when clients are looking at online class helpers reviews, they look at how bad and good reviews are fair. Too many good reviews depict that the service provider is flawless which might not be the case.
  • Reviews stimulate more reviews– when a company starts receiving reviews; it encourages other potential clients and visitors to provide their reviews too. The reviews have a domino effect when it comes to providing feedback. When a new client comes and sees the reviews provided by others, he or she will be motivated and gain the confidence to submit their review. So in the process, the business will have a lot of reviews to look into and evaluate. If used positively, these reviews can be used to attract more customers.

How to proliferate positive online reviews

  • Give customers incentives to provide reviews– As a business owner; you can decide to give your customers something small to prompt them to provide reviews about your business. For instance, you can give them vouchers, discounts, and coupons for submitting a review. It is important to note that you are not asking them to provide positive reviews. Communicate to them that you will reward them for providing feedback that is connected to their shopping experience. Also, communicate to them the significance of the gathered feedback.
  • Engage with customers more– You can also improve your engagement practices with your customers. Do not only thank them for shopping at your business or leveraging your services but also acknowledge their constructive feedback. Ask them for additional information using various social media platforms and tools. For example when a client provides negative feedback in an online class helpers reviews section, inquire from them what went wrong, what they think could be done next time, what they would like to see more and what actions you can take to restore their brand trust. By engaging directly with the client, a business owner or service provider can easily build brand loyalty.

Parting shot

Regardless of the business, you do or the service you provide, the reality is that online reviews directly impact your brand reputation and profits. To safeguard this brand reputation, business owners need to control what their clients see online about them or their products and services. If you require assistance in boosting positive online reviews as an online tutor please contact HomeworkNest.Com. Also if you are not sure how your reviews are impacting your business, you can contact them for help. They will do everything ethical to help you increase your positive online reviews.





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