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1.HIUS 221 American History Opposing Viewpoints Research Project: Part III – Research Paper

The topic I chose for this was the Boston Massacre and the project needs to be on “Could the Boston Massacre Have Been Prevented?” 

American History Opposing Viewpoints Research Project: Part III Instructions

Statement of Purpose or “Why Am I Doing This?”

The ability to perform solid research is a key to success in academics and professional life, but communicating that research in a clear and concise manner is equally as important. This part of the assignment provides you with the opportunity to develop writing skills—specifically in the areas of organization and use of proper grammar, mechanics, and style—and to show your ability to use sources with integrity.

Completing This Assignment:

For the topic selected in Module/Week 2 of the course and utilized again in Module/Week 4, you will complete in the actual body content at least an 800 word 3-page paper that presents the research conducted during the term.

The paper must be well organized and developed and provide a concise examination of the subject.

Utilizing the sources from Module/Week 4 that were closely connected to your original topic choice from Module/Week 2 give an extended paper overview of the event? Discuss your own arguments. Include opposing viewpoints you discovered in your research. As a result, did your opinions change? How?

Citations must conform to current Turabian citation style with properly formatted footnotes and bibliography for the 3 or more scholarly sources you use.

The title page and reference page do not count towards the total page count.

When you are finished, your assignment must be:

In a Microsoft Word (or compatible) document

Formatted, including:

12-point Times New Roman font


1-inch margins

Page numbers placed at the bottom center of each page of text (not including the title page)

Proofread carefully to ensure it is written in scholarly language with no grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors and conforms to the standards of mechanics and style expected at the university level

You must use the template for the assignment provided in Assignment site.


Research the psychological state of active shooters who enter an active shooter location.
Research the psychological state of police officers who enter an active shooter location.

Discuss in detail (3-5 well-developed paragraphs) the psychological state of active shooters versus the police officers who enter an active shooter location to neutralize them.  

3. Classical v. Bureaucratic Modles


Compare and contrast the classical and the bureaucratic models of an organization. What values do they both rely on and why is this important for understanding government processes?

 Does the class think that the bureaucratic model will continue to have support as, the number of agencies and services the state provides continue to grow? Explain  

4. Unit 2 Discussion question


The following summarizes the advice of one governor to his cabinet members as guidelines to give to their agency heads concerning the decisions they make: (1) stay within the budget, (2) avoid negative press coverage, and (3) abstain from actions that would start conflict between agencies. What if any directives or direction has the governor of your state provided to his/he cabinet secretaries that are consistent with or inconsistent with the admonitions listed above? Cite the sources which support your response including any policy statements, press conferences, press releases, newspaper articles or legislative commentaries. Hint: Online videos of press conferences are particularly informative.

5. Examining the Legal Environment



Write a 4–5 page report in which you analyze data concerning CapraTek’s hiring and promotion practices.

Many U.S. laws, ordinances, and guidelines directly impact the hiring and selection process. 


Organizations use several methods to find job candidates. The Assessment 2 Context document contains information about the complexities involved in recruiting, hiring, retaining, and promoting employees.

Questions to Consider

To deepen your understanding, you are encouraged to consider the questions below and discuss them with a fellow learner, a work associate, an interested friend, or a member of your professional community.

* How should organizations respond to allegations of workplace discrimination?
* What are significant legal issues that you need to be cognizant of during the recruiting and selection process? How would these issues affect the recruiting process for CapraTek’s regional sales representatives?
* As social media becomes a growing hiring influence because of its reach and information prospective applicants freely share, how can organizations protect themselves against charges of invasion of privacy?


To prepare for this assessment, complete the following:

Read Chapter 6 of Arthur’s Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting, and Orienting New Employees e-book

Read the scenario below.
While planning for expansion, CapraTek is also concerned about its hiring and promotion practices at existing facilities. Management has asked for an analysis of the workforce in its flagship manufacturing facility. As the Recruiting Director for CapraTek’s major manufacturing facility you are concerned about the company’s hiring posture relative to women and minorities. Your manufacturing plant in a nearby major city especially worries you. You recently checked the latest statistics for the SMSA the plant is in and found the following:

* Females in the labor force: 35%
* Blacks in the labor force: 10%
* Hispanics in the labor force: 5%
* All other groups are 0%

To address your concerns you first looked at the selection statistics for the past 12 months. Note: This plant hires mostly unskilled laborers and then trains them. Here is what you found:

Hiring Statistic

  Total Females Black Hispanic
Number Applied 80 20 10 5
Number Hired 20 6 3 1

Next you looked at your existing work force and found the following:

* Total: 450
* Females: 50
* Blacks: 22
* Hispanics: 20

Finally, you looked at how protected classes are being moved up in the plant. While workers are hired as unskilled laborers, that is not the whole story. There are two higher paying options open to them: they can become skilled machine operators (by passing an in-depth company run training program) and from there they can become line supervisors (this pays even more than the skilled jobs). You are concerned about how that program works also; the statistics are as follows:

Positions Within the Company

  Total Females Black Hispanic
Unskilled Workers 350 45 20 15
Skilled Operators 50 1 2 3
Line Supervisors 25 2 1 1

Note: The above totals do not add up to 450 or the work force totals because there are other jobs in the plant not used in this analysis.


Using what you know about CapraTek’s hiring and promotion practices, prepare a report for top management addressing the following: 

* Analyze the data for evidence of adverse impact using the 4/5ths rule. Consider the applicant flow.
* Analyze the data for evidence of adverse impact of employee utilization based on the relevant labor market for the state you chose in Assessment 1.
* Analyze the data for evidence of adverse impact on any protected class concentrated in lower-paying jobs.
* Assess CapraTek’s hiring and promotion practices to support its growth strategy.

Additional Requirements

* Write 4–5 typed, double-spaced pages (not including title page or references).
* Use Times New Roman font, 12 point.
* Include a title page and, if needed, a reference page.


* Arthur, D. (2012). Recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and orienting new employees (5th ed.). New York, NY: AMACOM.
Chapter 6.

* Davison, H., Maraist, C., Hamilton, R., & Bing, M. (2012). To screen or not to screen? Using the Internet for selection decisions. Employee Responsibilities & Rights Journal, 24(1), 1–21.

* Houtenville, A., & Kalargyrou, V. (2012). People with disabilities: Employers’ perspectives on recruitment practices, strategies, and challenges in leisure and hospitality. Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 53(1), 40–52.

6. Health Care Analytics


Discussion Resources

The following resources are provided to help you complete this discussion and may be useful in completing your course assignments:

  • Marr, B. (2010). The intelligent company: Five steps to success with evidence-based management. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.
    • Chapter 5, “Analyze the Data and Gain Insights,” pages 101–132.
    • The “Action Checklist” for Chapter 5, pages 202–204.
  • Bernard Marr & Co. (n.d.). The 6 best hadoop vendors for your big data project. Retrieved from https://www.bernardmarr.com/default.asp?contentID=1418
  • EHR Intelligence. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://ehrintelligence.com
    • Note: you may need to sign up with an e-mail address in order to have full access to this site.
  • Healthcare IT News. (2018). Analytics. Retrieved from https://www.healthcareitnews.com/category/resource-topic/analytics
  • Health Data Management. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.healthdatamanagement.com

Discussion Instructions

In 2010, Marr stated, “Most organizations are still more focused on simply collecting and distributing data than in doing any meaningful analysis” (p. 202). Since that time, technology has continued to rapidly advance. Support for health care leaders related to collection and analysis options for data and information has expanded as well.

Prepare for this discussion by researching the websites provided in the resources to increase your awareness of the current state of data collection and analysis in health care management. Then, locate and study a current article, blog, webcast, interview, or other source of information that addresses an issue, expert opinion, tool, new development, or future trend related to data analysis in the health care industry.

For your initial discussion post, address the following:

  • Provide the APA citation and URL (if applicable) of the source and summarize its content.
  • Explain how this information offers value to leaders managing in health care organizations.
    • Consider your investigation of the websites linked in the Resources.
  • Based on this research and examination of information, do you think Marr’s statement above is still valid today in the health care industry? Explain your position.

Support your ideas with references from the resources and your own research. Follow APA Style and Format guidelines for references and citations

7. Analyzing Researched Information



For this assignment, you will use the same method for reading a scholarly, published article that was introduced and practiced in Unit 4, to help you analyze the information and discuss insights about its value in addressing the business management issue you have identified as a step in the EbM process.

My Business Management Issue is: Employee Job Satisfaction Problems.


For this assignment:

  • Locate and read an article that reports on a research study related to the business management issue, key performance questions (KPQs), and key analytic questions (KAQs) you have discussed in previous units. Note: You may use one of the two articles in your annotated list from the Unit 7 assignment if it is applicable. 
  • Complete the Analyzing Researched Information Template, linked in the Resources. Follow the instructions in the template, save it, and then submit it to this assignment

8. Conducting a Job Analysis



Write a 3–4 page memo outlining O*Net findings used to prepare a CapraTek regional sales representative job description.


Job analysis can be seen as the foundation on which the entire staffing process is built. An effective job analysis informs which knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) are needed to effectively perform the job.


To prepare for this assessment, complete the following:

Read Chapters 5 and 7 and review Chapter 6 in Arthur’s Recruiting, Interviewing, Selecting, and Orienting New Employees e-book.

Read the scenario below.

Alfred! will be produced in a new manufacturing facility. Groundbreaking on the new facility will begin this summer with full operations to be accomplished in three phases over the next two years. Distribution of the Alfred! device and components will be through existing distributors and retail outlets. While most of the new hires associated with this product line will be at the new manufacturing facility, four regional sales representatives will be hired to support the new product line.


You have been asked to develop a job analysis, job specifications, and a job description for the four regional sales representative positions. To develop the initial information for this assessment, use O*Net OnLine, a U.S. Department of Labor-sponsored Web site of occupational information containing a database of both standardized and occupation-specific descriptors, linked in the Resources.

Hint: Begin your search by clicking Find Occupations. Then, under the Career Cluster heading, go to Marketing, Sales, and Service. From there, you can search for a sales representative in any of the technical fields.

Write a memo to your supervisor outlining your findings, and explain why a job analysis is required for any recruiting and selection process. In addition, address the following:

A tentative wage plan and the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for this job.
The job duties, qualifications, education, work experience, and job competencies required.
Wage information and employment trends for this position in your chosen state.
Additional Requirements

Required length is 3–4 pages. Use Times New Roman font, 12 point.
Double space your memo.


Arthur, D. (2012). Recruiting, interviewing, selecting, and orienting new employees (5th ed.). New York, NY: AMACOM.
Chapters 5–7.

U.S. Department of Labor, Employment & Training Administration. (n.d.). O*NET online. Retrieved from http://www.onetonline.org/

9. Cloud Computing Security


The topic I chose for my research paper is Cloud Computing Security. Cloud computing services have been provided by major vendors such as Google and Microsoft, until Apple announced iCloud for their customers. There were many issues with hackers gaining access private cloud storage of celebrities, particularly female. In my essay, I will use technology and information resources to research issues in information systems and technology. I will also focus on discussing the issues, vulnerabilities, problems, etc., and conduct an analysis, and provide recommendations.

10. Manipulating the Minitab Output


Use the graphs and tables from W2 Assignment.

Create a brief Microsoft PowerPoint presentation describing your sample. Be sure to give an accurate and complete description, taking your instructor’s feedback from W2 Assignment into consideration.

11. Science Says that Protectionism wont Work


Read the link below Answer the questions below 


Do you all feel that we should use protectionism as a foreign trade policy? How do you see it harming or benefiting our trade deficit or economy?

12. Search the Internet for information regarding the interaction between web browser and web server using HTTPS


Search the Internet for information regarding the interaction between web browser and web server using HTTPS from initial handshake to close of the session. Create a detailed drawing of the steps and also annotate each step with additional detail.

13. How to Integrate Climate Change Risks and Opportunities into Supply Chain Management


Read the link above focusing on a news article discussing supply chain issues


14. Discussion Topic need 8 different answers for post


Students need to contribute eight substantive posts in this discussion by the due date indicated. The substantive posts can be any combination of responses and replies. Here are our topics!

1. The visual system is very complex, as you can tell from this week’s reading! It would be great if you could discuss an element of the visual system that you find interesting and explain why (e.g., rods and cones, the retina, etc). 

2. We have a few sensory systems to discuss in this chapter! Please describe a phenomenon associated with the auditory (hearing), somatosensory (touch), or gustatory (taste) system. Why is the system you choose to discuss unique?  

3. As you will read, there are multiple brain regions that control sensorimotor function. What makes these regions important for how we move and balance our body?

15. In a lottery daily game, a player picks four num


In a lottery daily game, a player picks four numbers from 0 to 9 without repetition. How many different does the player have

16. Creative Writing Poem


ASSIGNMENT #3 DUE: Stanley Kunitz Imitation poem. Write another free-verse poem, but again with and focus on eliminating sentimentality and cliché. Try to write a poem that captures a moment, imitating Stanley Kunitz’s, “The Portrait”.  The idea is to NARROW your poem down to a focused moment, or a specific experience that illustrates an emotional moment withOUT naming that emotion. Work on SHOWING through detail and imagery. But remember to ZOOM IN. Use the moment the way Kunitz does in The Portrait. Using a “WE” or “I” speaker, write about a specific shared/experience that captures the nuances of everyday relationships of loved ones. Feel free to LIE! This poem should be written in FREE VERSE (no rhyming). Try to follow the line and stanza patterns of the Kunitz poem. 

17. Math question about combination safes

You are tasked with opening a safe without knowing the combination. Beginning with the dial at zero, the dial must be turned counterclockwise to the first combination number, then clockwise back to zero), and clockwise to the second combination number, (then counterclockwise back to zero), and counterclockwise again to the third and final combination number, whereupon the door will open immediately. There are 40 numbers of the dial, including the zero.

Without knowing the combination numbers, what is the maximum number of trials required to open the safe? (One trial means one attempt to dial a full three-number combination)

18. Coastline question math, hard concept

Suppose there’s a straight coastline and a lighthouse that is L=3 miles away from the coast. This light revolves at one revolution per minute. How fast is the beam of light travelling along the coastline? When the beam is 3L away from the coastal point closest to the light, how fast is the light travelling along the coast.

Explain how you got to the answer.

19. Career Planning and Management 300 words

Identify a possible entry-level or appropriate job for a career that might interest you. For example: Software Developer, Web designer, Web content writer, auto mechanic, or dental technician. Perform an Internet search for information about your career of interest.

  • Select several items from the search results list and go to their websites to see what you can learn about the career. Write down what you learn.
    • Do some research about the career including job qualifications, a typical workday, good versus challenging aspects of the job, technical skills required for the job, and the company background and culture. Summarize your findings in writing.
    • After your research, do you think this job is appropriate for you? Why do you think that is? 

      Do web research, and create a brief report showing:
  • Recent statistical data on identity theft
  • Type of identity theft
  • Steps than can be taken to protect yourself against identity theft

20. Defend or refute one of the following statements

1. Slavery of Africans had a greater impact in North America than it did in Central American, South America or the Caribbean.

2. Without question, the most important commodity during the era of European expansion was sliver.

3. The European Expansion was motivated purely by religious rivalries among the European power.

Choose one of the statements and defend or refute it in at least 300 words. Use MLA style and references.

21. Learning Strategies Psychology

Topic is : Human Rights

1. Define the topic

2. Why do you believe that topic is social problem in our society?

3. How are people in this group treated in our society?

4. How have government (local, state and / or federal) attempted to address this problem?

5. What can you as an individual do to have positive impact on this issue?

Paper needs to be the introduction paragraph, body paragraph, conclusion paragraph and the the reference page.

300 words or more

22. Pole and minimum number of moves

There are three poles in front of you. One pole is stacked with 64 rings ranging in weight from one ounce (at the top) to 64 ounces (at the bottom). Your task is to move all of the rings to one of the other to poles so that they end up in the same order. The rules are that you can only move one ring at a time, you can move a ring only from one pole to another, and you cannot even temporarily place a ring on top of a lighter ring.

What is the minimum number of moves you need to make to achieve the task?

Show a detailed proof and give a thorough explanation please.

23. Math help

You’re standing at the center of a circular field of radius R. The field has a low wire fence around it. Attached to the wire fence (and restricted to running around the perimeter) is a large, sharp-fanged, hungry dog who likes to eat any humans he can catch.

You can run at speed v. Unfortunately, the dog can run four times as fast, at 4v. The dog will do his best to catch you if you try to escape the field. What is your running strategy to escape the field without feeding yourself to the dog.

Please explain your solution.

24. Math Help

John is talking to Mary while working on a deal book at 2AM. Mary learns that John’s sister has three children. “How old are the children?” asks Mark. “Well,” replies John, “the product of their ages is 36.” “Hmmm, the sum of their ages is the same as this figure right here,” says John pointing at the spreadsheet. “Still not enough information,” says Mary after thinking for a minute. “The eldest is dyslexic,” says John. How old are the children?

25. Unemployment compensation

Please answer the following in connection with unemployment compensation and worker’s compensation:

  1. Evaluate: Everyone who loses his or her job is entitled to unemployment compensation.
  2. Analyze: It is important to know whether one is an employee or an independent contractor in case the person is injured at work.
  3. Evaluate this statement: Workers’ compensation legislation considers fault.
  4. Explain why someone might think this statement is true: The worker’s compensation system is not always beneficial to workers.

At least a 300 words response. APA

26. Mirror question

Please help me out with this confusing question!

Why are images in a mirror flipped horizontally and not vertically? For example, although I wear my wristwatch on my left wrist, and my reflection wears his on his right wrist, my reflection is not standing on his head.

Please explain in your own words, 200 words minimum.

27. Business question – 1 or 2 pages MLA


Don is an elderly man who lives with his nephew Evan. Don is dependent upon Evan for care. Evan advises Don to “invest” in Evan’s professional gambling venture. Evan tells Don that he will no longer provide care unless Don makes the investment. Don sells all of his stocks and bonds and signs a contract with Evan investing the proceeds of his sale of the stocks and bonds in Evan’s professional gambling venture. Can Don set aside the contract? If Don is successful in setting aside the contract, what remedy should he seek in addition to setting aside the contract?

28. Business question 4 – 1 or 2 pages MLA

Question # 4:

General Equity Corporation enters a contract with Nancy, a local artist, to create a mosaic of her famous painting “The Birth of Industry” to be set into the floor in the entrance hall of the new corporate headquarters. Nancy delays and then eventually refuses to perform the contract. In the meantime, General enters a contract with Ideal Investments, Inc. to sell the new building to Ideal. Before the sale of the building is complete, Jewel Funds, Inc. offers General a higher price for the new building and General refuses to honor the contract with Ideal Investments. General brings a lawsuit against Nancy for her breach of contract and seeks the remedy of specific performance. Ideal, after successfully enjoining the sale of the building to Jewel Funds, brings a lawsuit against General seeking a court order compelling General to complete the sale to Ideal. In your answer, discuss whether or not a court would grant the plaintiff’s request for the remedy of specific performance in each case. If you conclude that a court would not grant the remedy of specific performance in either case, discuss what the measure of damages might be available to the plaintiff in that action.

29. Business Question – 1 or 2 pages MLA

Question: Publix Supermarkets, Inc. is a Florida Corporation with its principle offices located in Lakeland, Polk County, Florida (“Publix”). Publix’s corporate offices are located in the Tenth (10th) Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida. Publix has retail supermarket locations though out the State of Florida as well as other locations in the Southeastern part of the United States. Publix has several retail supermarket locations in Hillsborough County Florida. Hillsborough Country is in the Thirteenth (13th) Judicial District for the State of Florida. The Tenth Judicial Circuit and the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida are in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. Cases arising in the Tenth Judicial Circuit and the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida that may be brought in a federal court would be heard initially in the United States District Court for the Middle District of the State of Florida.

Some of the retail items sold to the public in the Publix stores located in Hillsborough County are delivered from a Publix distribution center located in Lakeland, Florida. The goods are delivered from the distribution center to the retail locations in Hillsborough County via a fleet of trucks owned by Publix and operated by Publix employees.

Sam Straight, a 30-year employee of Publix, is driving a Publix tractor trailer truck north bound on I-275 near downtown Tampa, Florida. Sam has the appropriate credentials to drive a tractor trailer truck in the State of Florida. He has been driving for Publix for 25 years of the 30 years he has been employed by Publix. Sam is driving under the posted speed limit and he is preparing to merge onto I-4 eastbound to return to the Publix distribution center in Lakeland.

Fred Fragile is a resident of the State of Georgia. His home is in DeKalb County Georgia, in the jurisdiction of the DeKalb County State Court. He is driving his motor home on the entrance ramp to northbound I-275 in downtown Tampa after a visit to the Florida Aquarium. Fred has the appropriate credentials to operate a motor home in the State of Georgia and Florida. He is driving under the posted speed limit. Fred wishes to merge onto I-275 and eventually travel northbound on I-275 to take I-75 northbound to return to his home in Georgia. When Fred merges onto I-275 northbound, he wants to move over one lane to his left to take I-275 North. When he enters I-275 North bound his vehicle is side by side with the Publix tractor trailer truck driven by Sam Straight. Sam wishes to merge one lane to his right to facilitate taking I-4 East to Lakeland. As the two vehicles negotiate the interchange, they come into contact with each other resulting in a multi-car accident closing I-275 North for several hours. Sam and Fred do not suffer any injuries because of the accident. Damage to Fred’s motor home totals $40,000. Damage to the Publix tractor trailer totals $25,000.

An extensive investigation by the Florida Highway Patrol has identified four people who were driving in the vicinity of the two vehicles at the time of the accident. One witness lives in Plant City, Florida. The second witness lives in Orlando, Florida. The third witness lives in Daytona Beach, Florida and the fourth witness lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Both Fred and Publix believe that there is evidence to suggest that either Fred or Sam is responsible for causing the accident. In answering the following questions, it is not necessary for you to discuss the potential for liability on the part of Publix and/or Fred.

A. If either Fred or Publix wishes to bring a claim to recover the damage to their respective vehicles, discuss the procedural steps that either party must take to initiate their claim. Discuss further the procedural steps the other party must take in response to a claim. Discuss what may occur in the event the defendant in the action fails to follow the required procedural steps if a claim is brought against them.

B. If Publix wishes to bring a claim against Fred for the damage to its tractor trailer, in addition to the steps discussed in your response to question 1 above, what elements must be present to bring the claim in a Florida court? What elements must be present to bring the claim in a Georgia court? Which state court, in your judgment, is mostly likely to hear the case?

C. If Fred wishes to bring a claim against Publix what elements must be present to hear the claim in a Georgia court? What elements must be present to hear the claim in a Florida Court?

D. The accident occurred in the Thirteenth Judicial District for the State of Florida. Publix’s corporate headquarters are in the Tenth Judicial District for the State of Florida. Assuming for the purpose of answering this question, that the litigation would be proper in either judicial district, what legal doctrine will be used to determine which district court will hear the case? If Fred’s claim is brought in the State of Florida, which district court, in your judgment, is most likely to hear the case?

E. Under what doctrine could Fred’s claim be brought in the United States District Court for the Middle District of the State of Florida? What requirements must be met in order for the claim to be brought in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida? Are those requirements satisfied in this case?

30. Business Development

 Please complete the following assignment.

You are the Business Development Manager for a microchip product manufactured by ABC Components Corporation. Please describe how your business development process and approach will change with each stage of the product life cycle. A five sentence paragraph should be sufficient to discuss your efforts in each of the stages: development, introduction, growth stage, maturity stage, decline stage (five paragraphs).

To get you started, think about the following…..in the development stage, who do you need to learn about, what kinds of information do you need marketing to generate, etc? Elaborate on this and provide more. This is relevant for the development stage. Each stage will be different, meaning, don’t just answer these questions for each stage. Think about each stage independently. There will be different approaches and considerations for each stage. Your responses should be based on concepts from the coursework, particularly the current chapter.

31. Business question 5 – 1 or 2 pages MLA

Question # 5:

Power Plus Battery Company (“PPBC”) has a production plant located in Tampa, Florida. PPBC manufactures batteries for motor vehicles. PPBC has 200 employees and sells its batteries to customers in twenty-five different states in the United States. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (“OHSA”) is a federal administrative agency that has the authority to establish safety standards, pursuant to the authority delegated to it by the United States Congress in the Occupational Safety and Health Act. These safety standards, also known as safety rules or regulations, apply to different industrial operations that have at least fifty (50) employees and are engaged in interstate commerce. OSHA proposes a new safety standard governing the handling of certain acids in the workplace. The proposed safety standard includes acids that PPBC uses in its production processes. After reviewing the proposed rule, PPBC concludes that compliance with the proposed rule will substantially increase its production costs and the proposed rule will not significantly increase worker safety. PPBC sends a letter to OSHA stating its objections and concerns to the new rule. Enclosed with the letter are independent research reports and other materials that support PPBC’s objections to the proposed rule. What procedures must OSHA follow when it adopts a new safety standard such as this one? What obligation does OSHA have to consider the objections and the materials submitted by PPBC? What options does OSHA have regarding the proposed rule? How does OSHA announce its final decision on the new rule? Once the new rule has been adopted, what source may interested parties use to find the final version of the new rule?

32. 2 Paragraphs question

Choose one article within the last 3 months about Marketing consumer behavior and write two paragraphs about it. It should include a link to the Article or the article on a different doc and give your thoughts on it. Examples and scenarios are more than welcome

MLA format.

33. Discussion Question – 2 Paragraphs

Discussion question: write 2 paragraphs with at least one reference

Now that you have completed a series of assignments that have led you into the active project planning and development stage for your project, briefly describe your proposed solution to address the problem, issue, suggestion, initiative, or educational need and how it has changed since you first envisioned it. What led to your current perspective and direction?

MLA format – 300 words minimum

34. Describe in 3 Paragraphs – Law Question

Anne is 10 years old and lives in a major metropolitan U.S. city and is currently in the 4th grade. Today, during gym class, Anne’s teacher notices several large bruises on all of Anne’s arms and legs and that her clothing is torn and dirty. When the teacher questions Anne about how she got the bruises, Anne replies “I fell on the playground.” The teacher reports the bruising to the school principal. The teacher and principal request Anne’s mother attend a conference after school.

During the conference, Anne’s mother is difficult to communicate with. She appears to be intoxicated, but denies having had anything to drink. She is also very defensive, states that Anne is a clumsy, lazy child and that Anne lies to get attention. The mother denies that anyone has physically hurt Anne. During the conference, Anne sits next to her mother but does not make eye contact with anyone in the room, nor does she speak. When questioned as to why Anne’s father could not attend the conference, Anne’s mother replies that he was too tired because he works two jobs and has to sleep during the day. Anne and her mother leave the conference and Anne is not in school the next day.

In 2-3 paragraphs, using your own words:

  • List 3 signs and/or symptoms of possible child abuse and neglect with respect to Anne.
  • List 3 risk factors present in Anne’s family that could contribute to abuse.
  • What do you think would be the best course of action for Anne regarding treatment, placement, and services?
  • When responding to peers, consider whether you agree with the course of action suggested by your peers. Why might that be the best course of action, or why might another action be more appropriate. Provide support for your choices.

35. Answer the following questions

The Swift Corporation has 5,000 sales representatives and employees in the United States who drive company cars. The company’s risk manager has recommended to the firm’s management that the company should implement a partial retention program for physical damage losses to company cars.

  1. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of a partial retention program to the Swift Corporation.
  2. Identify the factors that the Swift Corporation should consider before it adopts a partial retention program for physical damage losses to company cars.
  3. If a partial retention program is adopted, what are the various methods the Swift Corporation can use to pay for physical damage losses to company cars?
  4. Identify two risk-control measures that could be used in the company’s partial retention program for physical damage losses.

36. Business Questions

Chris and Karen are married and own a three-bedroom home in a large midwestern city. Their son, Christian, attends college away from home and lives in a fraternity house. Their daughter, Kelly, is a senior in high school. Chris is an accountant who works for a local accounting firm. Karen is a marketing analyst and is often away from home several days at a time. Kelly earns extra cash by babysitting on a regular basis.The family’s home contains household furniture, personal property, a computer that Chris uses to prepare business tax returns on weekends, and a laptop computer that Karen uses while traveling. The Swifts also own three cars. Christian drives a 2007 Ford; Chris drives a 2012 Pontiac for both business and personal use; and Karen drives a 2014 Toyota and a rental car when she is traveling. Although the Swifts have owned their home for several years, they are considering moving because of the recent increase in violent crime in their neighborhood.

  1. Describe briefly the steps in the personal risk management process.
  2. Identify the major pure risks or pure loss exposures to which Chris and Karen are exposed with respect to each of the following:
    1. Personal loss exposures
    1. Property loss exposures
    1. Liability loss exposures
  3. With respect to each of the loss exposures mentioned above, identify an appropriate personal risk management technique that could be used to treat the exposure.

37. Design and analysis of algorithms

Analysis & Design of Algorithms

Please answer the question in your own words, in less than 5 sentences.


1. Explain the differences between java.util.Vector and java.util.ArrayList.

2. Explain the differences between java.util.ArrayList and java.util.LinkedList.

3. Explain the differences between java.util.TreeMap and java.util.TreeSet.

4. Explain the differences between java.util.SortedSet and java.util.SortedMap.

5. Explain the differences between java.util.HashMap and java.util.HashSet.

6. Explain the differences between java.util.TreeMap and java.util.HashMap.

7. Explain the differences between java.util.HashSet and java.util.TreeSet.

38. Web Development Exercise

Create a Movies class that determines the cost of a ticket to a cinema,

                   based on the moviegoer’s age. Assume that the cost of a full-price

                   ticket is $10. Assign the age to a private data member. Use a public

                   member function to determine the ticket price, based on the follow-

                   ing schedule:

                   Age            Price

                   Under 5        Free

                   5 to 17        Half price

                   18 to 55       Full price

                   Over 55        $2 off

39. Software design and construction quiz

Please answer correctly all the questions below and justify where applicable.


Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


You have been tasked with implementing an entreprise architecture strategy at VIU. Which framework would be the most useful?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

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What does the MVC pattern do?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


Was understanding the architecture of the ATM simulation that you did in your homework useful?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

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Is there a difference between the old mainframe architecture and the new cloud architecture?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

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Do you think that computer programs can solve Rubic Cube puzzles?

Select one:







Marked out of 1.00

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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Object Oriented Programming?

Select one:







Marked out of 1.00

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Which of the following is not an architectural style?

Select one:







Marked out of 1.00

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Can we simulate a client server architecture containing one server and three clients using one computer?

Select one:







Marked out of 1.00

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Do you think that software architecture can enhance software reliability?

Select one:







Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


What is software efficiency?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


Is user-friendliness a functional or non-functional property?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


Does architecture-based design help meet non-functional properties?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


What is a method for handling exceptions used in java applications?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


What is the role of connectors in software architecture.

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


Which of the following is an example of a Connector?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


What are the basic elements of software architecture that you studied in this course?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


What was the contribution of Roy Fielding to the World Wide Web architecture?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

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What was the contribution of Roy Fielding to software architecture?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


Can you generate code from architecture in Object-Oriented Programming?

Select one:






Not yet answered

Marked out of 1.00

Flag question


How do you think software developers view the UML 2.0 standard?

Select one:





40. Create a small GUI application

Create a GUI application that displays 4 text fields, and 4 label fields and two buttons. The layout is up to you, but must be logical. A number is entered into each text field. When the “Calculate” button is pressed the application will calculate the following and display the results in each of the four label fields.

Sum of the four values

Product of the four values

The smallest value

The largest of the values

The exit button will exit the application.

41. Sport Management and Drugs

Sports Management:

  • Describe your current knowledge regarding drugs and alcohol. Elaborate as much as possible on specific drugs.
  • What influences you to use or not use drugs and/or alcohol? Describe your beliefs, ideas, and situations that influence this decision. How did your parents and/or older siblings influence this decision? Why do these things have such an impact on your decision?
  • Describe these thoughts in detailed paragraphs. Please be honest in your responses. (These will only be read by me.)

Your paper should be at least 2 pages in length (double spaced, font size of <14). Be sure you answer each question!

42. Budget Assignment


For this exercise we are going to create a simple budget, and track our budget compliance over the course of a 12 month period. Although it is possible (and common) to track budget compliance on a month to month basis, to keep things simple for this exercise we are going to only examine the year end result. Start by creating a budget in Excel in the following format. The Budget Spreadsheet Image is attached… For the starting budget $ amounts you use the following logic. Determine the yearly values and enter them into your budget. Don’t forget to add the totals, and to determine the amount you are short/extra. Salary = $4,000 a month Rent = $1200 a month Car payment = $650 a month Phone = $95 a month Health Insurance = $250 a month Food = $500 a month We are now going to add the following data for the monthly amounts in out spreadsheet Salary: Your starting salary for the year is $4,000 a month. In June you get a 3% pay increase. Additionally you get a one-time bonus payout of $500 in October. Rent: Your monthly rent per your lease is $1,200 a month, with a 5% increase in November. Car: Your car is under lease at a rate of $650 a month. Phone: Your month rate for your phone is $95 a month, but you incurred overage charges of $25 each in the months of April, August, and December. Health Insurance: Your monthly installments for health insurance are $250 a month. Food: Food expense tends to be more varied than the other expenses be captured. Use the follow table to enter your food expenses. Food Expenses Spreadsheet is attached… Other: In the month of March you have a car repair bill of $750 and in August you took a $125 flight to visit your parents. Brief Write-up: Now review your actual income/expenses versus the budget that you established. Discuss in what areas you exceeded your budgetary amounts? What options do you have, and what actions would you take if your goal is to maintain your budget in all categories? Discuss how miscellaneous unexpected items can impact your budget.

43.History Assignment


Choose an event or theme evident in U. S. History from the end of the Civil War to the near present and write a brilliant 3-5 pp. double-spaced paper based on one academic book, three scholarly journal articles, and at least two primary sources. The book must be published by a university press and the scholarly journal articles must be found on the JSTOR or America History and Life databases. The publication dates of the book and the articles must be between 1970 and 2015.



• Name: Prevention of Pediatric Obesity Teaching Tool • Description: For this assignment, you will develop a Prevention of Pediatric Obesity Teaching Tool flyer for parents of children 5 years of age and less regarding the prevention of pediatric obesity. Pediatric obesity is a growing problem in the USA and is a major contributor to morbidity (hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoarthritis) and mortality later in life. The tool should be developed according to the criteria established in the attached rubric. You are strongly urged to use the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as one reference (at least 3 references are required). References for the tool should be submitted in APA format and should be research based. Remember to use layman’s terms. Please review this rubric prior to completing this assignment

45. General Assignment


Discussion #3: Communication & Motivation Select two of the three main topics to respond to and provide your mid-semester feedback. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdmyoMe4iHM (Miracle, 4 min) Main Topic 3.1: Motivation Questions (2 parts) Question1) What motivates people? (See Module 6: Basic Motivation Model). Do you think it is money, Process Theory, or Content Theory? Question 2) Do you remember any particular motivational speech (graduation, sports, church, etc.) that inspired you to exceed what you thought were your capabilities? Main Topic 3.2: Path-Goal Does the Path-Goal Leadership concept fall under Content Theory or Process Theory of Motivation? Main Topic 3.3~Motivation What motivates employees to work hard and be more productive? The classic answer is — money! However, management texts tell us that motivation is not something you do to someone; motivation starts from within an individual with an unsatisfied need. Managers motivate employees by providing a means for them to satisfy that need. This is particularly challenging today as the Gen Y’ers (aka the Millenials) enter the workplace. For this discussion, in addition to the readings, visit the following three websites and address the question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owwM6FpWWoQ 60 minutes; Jason Dorsey; “Generation Y,” ( 3+ minutes) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7SnQPBC6yM Twixters; 60 minutes; “Generation Y” Jason Dorsey (4:42 min) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erFRZimAJ0Y&feature=related Jason Dorsey~Keynote Speaker (10 min) ● Question: Do you agree with the portrayal of Gen Y, a.k.a. The Millennials? Do you fit in this category, or have children who do? Main Topic 3.4~Mid Semester Feedback If you have any comments, suggestions, complaints (compliments?) about the course to this point, please post them here. If you don’t want to go public, feel free to send me an e-mail.

46. Math Assignment


Respond to the Main Topics, but prior to doing so, you might check out these clips: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6x0l_vkjozc (Civil Rights 3 min) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JENCxjbARFM (Sowell, 2 min) Main Topic 2.1: Affirmative Action or Diversity Management? Culture is generally defined as “the learned beliefs, values, norms, symbols, and traditions common to a group of people.” Ethnocentrism: the tendency for individuals to place their own group (ethnic, racial, or cultural) at the center of their observations of others and the world. → A tendency to think our own cultural values and ways of doing things are right and natural. [pg. 384] The ethnic mix in the U.S. has been changing since Columbus arrived in 1492. “Census projections suggest America may become a minority-majority country by the middle of the century,” according to Kenneth Johnson, a sociology professor at the University of New Hampshire. In other words, whites will make up less that 50% of the population. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (1964) prohibits discrimination by covered employers on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. In the United States, Affirmative Action refers to equal opportunity employment measures that Federal contractors and subcontractors are legally required to adopt. These measures are intended to prevent discrimination against employees or applicants for employment, on the basis of “color, religion, sex, or national origin.” (Source = Wikipedia. Yes, I know it’s a double standard that students are not allowed to use Wikipedia, but I, as a faculty, am citing it. However, this is not a democracy; it is a benevolent dictatorship) Question: One train of thought is that “enlightened management” may be leaning toward Diversity Management, a concept which may make Affirmative Action superfluous, redundant, or obsolete. What are your thoughts on this? Main Topic 2.2: Dimensions of Difference Hofstede found that national culture explained more of the differences in work-related values and attitudes than did position within the organization, profession, age or gender. In summarizing the most important differences, Hofstede initially found that managers and employees varied on four primary dimensions:” Individualism and Collectivism; Power Distance; Uncertainty Avoidance; Career Success and Quality of Life. Later, Hofstede and his colleagues identified a fifth dimension: Confucian Dynamism. Question: Where is your culture located on Hofstede’s original four dimensions?

47. Science

1. Explain the competencies important for the role of nurse leader. 2. Report on the correlation from the text book theories. Did the nurse leader practice what was outlined in the text? Why or why not? 3. Reflect on at least four (4) insights gained from your interview and observation -There are 3 questions that need to be answered, each question requires a minimum of one paragraph.

48. Business


The purpose of this assignment is for students to evaluate the lean techniques applied to business in today’s workforce. Assignment Steps Select a business you are familiar with which incorporates lean manufacturing or lean supply chains. Evaluate how this firm uses lean strategies and how much lean techniques has improved the firm’s efficiency. Evaluate ways the firm can go even further to make improvements using lean techniques. Use the results you obtained from evaluating this firm to apply to your own business or a business you are interested in which currently does not use lean. Develop a 1,050-word report in which you describe your lean evaluation project. Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

49. Security Regulation Compliance This assignment consists of two (2) sections: a written paper and a PowerPoint presentation. You must submit both sections as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Label each file name according to the section of the assignment it is written for.


In the day-to-day operations of information security, security professionals often focus the majority of their time dealing with employee access issues, implementing security methods and measures, and other day-to-day tasks. They often neglect legal issues that affect information security. As a result, organizations often violate security-related regulations and often have to pay heavy fines for their non-compliance. Thus, as a Chief Information Officer in a government agency, you realize the need to educate for senior leadership on some of the primary regulatory requirements, and you realize the need to ensure that the employees in the agency are aware of these regulatory requirements as well. Section 1: Written Paper 1. Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you: a. Provide an overview that will be delivered to senior management of regulatory requirements the agency needs to be aware of, including: i. FISMA ii. Sarbanes-Oxley Act iii. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act iv. PCI DSS v. HIPAA vi. Intellectual Property Law b. Describe the security methods and controls that need to be implemented in order to ensure compliance with these standards and regulatory requirements. c. Describe the guidance provided by the Department of Health and Human Services, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), and other agencies for ensuring compliance with these standards and regulatory requirements. d. Use at least five (5) quality resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources.

50. Math help

A road divides the neighborhood park into two parts. Calvin plots one part in a coordinate plane. The part of the park shown is a reflection over the x-axis of the other part. 8.g.3


Part A: Draw the other part of the park. Part B: Write the coordinate of the vertices of the part that you drew. Then describe the effects of a reflection across the x-axis on the coordinates.

51. Psychology week 2


Sensations Write a 1-2 page essay explaining how our sensations, thoughts, feelings, motives, actions, memories, and all other human capacities are associated with nervous system activities and structures; and discuss the types of damage that often affect the nervous system. Proper APA formatting is a requirement for all essay assignments. Cite at least three educational sources (one source may include the course textbook) in the essay.

52. Cultures in conflict week 2


Theoretical Approach Summarize and explain the three major theoretical approaches that were introduced in this chapter – Durkheim and human consciousness, Benedict and Patterns of Culture, and Bourdieu and the principles of culture. (750-1250 words) · Which theoretical position seems clearest to you? · What evidence do you have for this theory in your own society? · Where have you potentially seen this exhibited?

53. Website Assignment


Assignment Instructions Learning objective: To develop and design a professional webpage. Prompt: This week you are working on creating a webpage. Instructions: Build a website. Submit as Article #4 for your portfolio. Supporting Materials: https://websitesetup.org/ https://www.wix.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5ZG7-BlG6Q

54. Attn: GreatContentCreator Nursing Capstone Wk7


Summary paper of program not of each term From Novice to Beginning Professional Nurse: Your nursing evolution reflects ways you have evolved in nursing school. Reflect on at least 10 BSN courses, in which you write a detailed paragraph. Provide evidence of growth in each course. Describe growth and development in becoming a professional nurse after each nursing core course. Reflect on ways courses, especially concurrent running classes, support one another. Synthesize theories and concepts into clinical settings applied to human experiences. Apply multicultural literacy. Reflect on holistic patient care. Format each course as major text headings per the APA manual. Review the rubric for more information on how your paper will be graded.



Write a paper based of the Netflix series “Prohibition” , cite everything NO OUTSIDE SOURCES NO PLAGIARISM. Chicago format , 2 pages.

56. Science


1. What are the functions of the nose? 2. What are the functions of the paranasal sinuses? Look up sinusitis on the Internet and tell me more about why it is such a large problem today (cite your URL). 3. What important functions are lost when you take out your tonsils?

4. What are the effects of smoking on cilia lining the trachea? Why is this unhealthy?

 5. What is the Heimlich maneuver and how is it done?

6. Where are the pleura and what is their function? How does their function differ from the pericardium (in the heart)?

7. What is surfactant and what is its function? How are premature newborns that don’t have it treated?

8. What is one cause of pulmonary edema and what changes does it bring to gas exchange? From the section on pulmonary ventilation there is some interesting information regarding how we breathe and what interferes with that process. You just need to know that during inspiration in the lungs more space (volume) is created in the intrapleural space. This causes a decrease in pressure that is translated to the lungs and the decrease in pressure in them leads to air rushing in from a place of higher pressure (outside the lung) to a place of lower pressure (inside the lung). Expiration is the reverse.

9. Explain pneumothorax – use the information about pressure to explain what happens.

10. Look up asthma on the Internet. What happens during an attack? Why? What drugs widen the airway (decrease resistance) and what drugs narrow the airway (increase resistance)?

 11. What types of different sounds can be heard by listening to your lungs with a stethescope? Why is this simple test useful?

12. What is meant by the term partial pressure and what do you have to do mathematically to get one (hint: multiply what times what) (from the outline given to you in lab and attached here)? Give an example of the partial pressure of oxygen in outside air at sea level.

13. What is the percent concentration of oxygen in the outside air at sea level, 10,000 feet and 30,000 feet? What happens to the partial pressure of oxygen as you go higher? At what altitude are the partial pressures of oxygen in the aveoli equal to those of the venous blood approaching the lungs (from the outline)? What problem does this cause?

14. What happens to partial pressure as you go below sea level? What problems can that cause (outline and Internet)?

15. What happens in carbon monoxide poisoning? Why does it happen? (in the book or on the Internet).

16. In what ways are carbon dioxide molecules carried? When does the CO2 content of the blood increase? Why does it need to be buffered?

17. What are other factors besides acidity that influence the rate and depth of respiration?

18. What are two examples of chronic obstructive lung disease and what are the symptoms for each?

19. Why is lung cancer so deadly? What is the effect of smoking on the lungs? Does it cause lung cancer? Why or why not?

57. Psychology


Social Workers walk a fine line between assisting persons diagnosed with disabilities and empowering persons to think of their abilities. It is not unusual in health and mental health work for a social worker to have the task of establishing /assembling proof of disability for a client seeking financial resources and at the same time to be engaged in interventions designed to help a client seek rehabilitation/recovery. That rehabilitation/recovery may well endanger a client’s financial stability and eligibility for medical coverage. This week, write about the role of social workers in medical settings (clinical primary care, hospitals, skilled nursing homes for example) as they work with persons identified as disabled by chronic disease processes. Specifically, talk about how the biology of disorders may assist or interfere with the common advocacy role of social work staff. Also, you may wish to comment on your thoughts around the concept of “permanent disability”, educating other medical team professionals on the strengths perspective of social work, or the special concerns of social workers who may identify as disabled, themselves. You may have thoughts about client self-determination and diseases where lifestyle choices are thought to further or even initiate the disease process (diabetes, cardiac disease) as this relates to disability determinations. An excellent example is the AMA statement last year regarding obesity as a disability.

58. Other

You are going to create a one-minute dramatic script. The following is the beginning “setup,” or the start of the story, of the script: “There are six snakes trapped in a pit.” Your assignment is to create a one-minute dramatic script from this statement. First, tell me what genre you will be using. Then, create action, conflict, characters, and dialogue. Type up your “play” in dialogue format and submit. Have fun with it. Be creative!

59. Healthcare

Research Methods & Evidence-Based Practice Project PICOT QUESTION: In the primary care setting, does clustering care during (acute visits) increase patient satisfaction (%) while decreasing office wait time ?

60. Article review and power point


I need two Apply Behavior Analysis articles reviewed according to the Rubrics attached below. One article must come from the Association for Contextual Behavioral Science website, when you go to the website the article must come from the section drop down which states ACT. A PowerPoint presentation is needed with the article review. The power point must be well written to where I can read the presentation and it make sense to the reader and the listener. When a valid point is made, I would like a slide or two that ask the listener for questions. I like acceptance and commitment therapy so one of the article reviews could address that area but not necessarily. Another article must be written on any application of Applied Behavior Analysis to a clinical disorder and the above instruction must be followed. Both articles must follow APA Guidelines and be grammar and error free. This is doctorial level work, so it is my expectation that the writer has the knowledge and the expertise

61. Business


Strategic Plan: Part 2 In this second part of the final strategic plan development assignment, you will follow up on the introductory activities that you completed during the first portion in order to further develop your strategic plan. Please be sure to make adjustments as necessary based on some of your own desired adjustments and the professor’s comments as you work through the second part. During this portion of the process, your submission, which should be at least two pages in length not including any figures/graphics and the updated first portion, should include the following components: the results of a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis or similar analysis assessing current internal and external areas of concern, strengths, and opportunities as the strategic plan progresses This cannot be the same SWOT analysis that you used for the Unit IV assignment identification of organizational stakeholders, internal and external, and how their needs and participation will likely influence and contribute to the plan’s development. Be sure that you are remaining consistent with your organization. Also, please include Part 1 with updates based on feedback from your professor and Part 2 of your plan in one document. Please include only one title page and one reference page with this assignment. References: Use these references also along with the other ones on the first part of the assignment Hull, A. (1996). Strategic Plan-making in Europe: institutional innovation. Planning Practice & Research, 11(3), 253–264. https://doi-org.libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/10.1080/02697459616834 Patel, M. S., Phillips, C. B., Pearce, C., Kljakovic, M., Dugdale, P., & Glasgow, N. (2008). General Practice and Pandemic Influenza: A Framework for Planning and Comparison of Plans in Five Countries. PLoS ONE, 3(5), 1–9. https://doi-org.libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/10.1371/journal.pone.0002269 Schulze, R. N., & Post, T. (2010). Individual Annuity Demand Under Aggregate Mortality Risk. Journal of Risk & Insurance, 77(2), 423–449. https://doi-org.libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/10.1111/j.1539-6975.2009.01340.x Yoon, Y.-R. (2017). Strategic disclosure of meaningful information to rival. Economic Inquiry, (2). https://doi-org.libraryresources.columbiasouthern.edu/10.1111/ecin.12372

62. General

This assignment will give you the opportunity to explore what you believe, and based on the course readings, are necessary (requisite) knowledge, skills, abilities, (KSAs) experiences, and techniques needed to effectively lead either a human resources department or one functional area of Human Resources Management (HRM) within a public organization.  By “functional area” I mean one of the segments in the ‘Life-Cycle’ of an employee as noted in the chapters in Section II of our text (e.g., recruiting, performance management, compensation, benefits, training and development, etc.).  This assignment also provides opportunities to link theory with practice, apply what has been learned and/or how the necessary KSAs could be acquired to effectively lead an organization’s human resources department.I suggest the foll

I suggest the following process:

  1. Decide if you will focus on the HRM department as a whole, or on an HRM functional area. If focusing on an HRM functional area, decide which area.
  2. Read, and if necessary, re-read the text chapter corresponding to your chosen functional area.
  3. Narrowly focus your selection to avoid the pitfalls of inadequate detail.
  4. Locate at least 5 published references that are no more than 10 years old that pertain to the specific HRM function you have chosen to investigate. You must not use any of the sources used in the Research paper in this course.
  5. OPTIONAL: Conduct an Interview. You may wish to conduct a brief an interview with a manager or HR professional who has extensive experience HRM or the functional area you have selected.  I am not requiring you do this; however, if you are able to find someone who is willing to speak with you, this often can be a helpful learning experience.

Paper Format:

  • Your paper should be at least five (5) pages longnot including the Title Page and Reference/Bibliography  
  • Title Page: must contain the Assignment Number, a Topic, your Name and Student ID Number
  • Use 12-point font, double-spaced, and one-inch margins on all 4 sides.
  • Use in-text citations so I can decipher where exactly in your paper you drew upon others’ work.
  • Provide complete reference information (author, date, title, publication, volume and page numbers; providing a URL only is insufficient) on a separate sheet.
    • Create a WORD document that contains complete citation information of all your print and/or electronic source material. To be considered “complete,” citation information must include author(s), title, date, and publisher plus, if a journal or magazine article, the name of the journal or magazine, volume and issue numbers, and page numbers.  A reference citation containing only a URL is insufficient



Find a media article that reports the findings of an original empirical study on some psychology or health-related topic that is published in a newspaper, magazine, or other periodical, or on an Internet news website (CNN, Reuters, BBC, Vox, WebMD, Huffington Post, etc.). The media article should have been published in the last year. Thoroughly address the following questions (in ~ 2-3 double-spaced pages): What observation about human behavior/health is being reported? ~1-2 sentences (2.5 points) Describe the study sample (e.g., size, gender, age range, marital status, racial/ethnic group, SES). (If not discussed, what would be the most appropriate sample to use for this research question?) ~3-4 sentences (5 points) What is the independent variable(s)? ~1 sentence (2.5 points) What is the dependent variable(s)? ~1 sentence (2.5 points) Are any other relevant variables discussed (e.g., moderators, mediators, covariates)? (If not discussed, what other variables do you think should be included in this study?) ~ 2 sentences (2.5 points) What type of study is being discussed: experimental vs. non-experimental, etc.? (If not discussed, what would be the most appropriate type of study to use for this research question?) ~2 sentences (2.5 points) What are some limitations of the study? (e.g., methods used, conclusions drawn; you must discuss at least 2 limitations) ~4 sentences (5 points; 2.5 points per limitation) What are the implications of the study for research, practice, and/or policy? (If not discussed, what do you think the implications of the study are?) Discuss at least 2 implications (~3-4 sentences) (5 points; 2.5 points per implication) NOTES: Your assignment should be typed, 12-point font, double spaced, 1” margins. Assignments that contain grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors will lose points. If you present in class, you will receive the full 2.5 points. The remainder of your grade is based on the extent to which you sufficiently address the above questions in writing (feedback presented in class does not reflect the grade on your assignment). Late assignments will lose 3 points per day – no exceptions. must have link to article to print out.

64. Psychology

Providing only a summary of an experience or observed phenomenon will NOT meet the requirements for the reflection paper; instead, each student MUST demonstrate that he/she can explain the chosen phenomenon using theoretical perspectives discussed in the course material to receive partial/full points for this portion of the course grade. Examples of theoretical perspectives you may choose include: behaviorism (classical and/or operant conditioning), Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, Piaget’s cognitive d


Each student will be required to submit one reflection paper. For this paper, you will choose any phenomenon and explain its development from the perspective of at least 2 theories that have been presented in class powerpoint notes or in assigned reading from the text. For example, if you have noticed that a small child you know seems to always want to be near his or her mother, you could attempt to explain why this may be based on the behavioral and cognitive developmental perspectives.

65. Compare and Contrast- having two jobs

Essay 2 Directions

Choose one of the topics below and compose a 750 – 1250 word compare or contrast essay:

1. Two jobs you have had 2. Two towns, cities, or vacation spots 3. Two hobbies or activities you enjoy 4. High school and college 5. A big campus and a small college campus 6. Public school and private school 7. Playing video games and doing outdoor activities 8. Reading a book and watching television/movies 9. The Academic Success Center and the Library 10. A fast food restaurant and the Titan’s Café on Warner Robins campus 11. Two social media websites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.) 12. Online classes and on campus classes 13. Two movies, two television shows 14. Two characters, actors, or entertainers 15. Two cellphones 16. Smartphones and smartwatches  17. GIFs and memes/ emoji’s

You will follow the Five Steps of the Writing Process, once you have chosen a topic



You must have access to the MSExcel and R to complete the course assignments. Course Description: Students will apply analytical techniques informed by economic theory and probability theory to solve real-life practical problems taken from a diverse set of applications such as anticipating behavioral outcomes and estimating worst-case scenarios. • How will a change in price affect quantity demanded for a given product? • How many citizens will participate in a government program (e.g. health care reform)? • What is the likely range of financial outcomes for a specific firm or industry? • How many customers will call a support service during a given period? These questions and more will be addressed. Business students interested in any quantitative discipline will find this course useful. Course Objectives: After successfully completing the course, the student will be able to: • Apply the fundamental theories of probability in a business context • Use mathematical and statistical tools to value, summarize, and analyze various outcomes • Forecast the timing and level of various outcomes using advanced regression techniques and time series models (ARIMA). • Use Quantile Regression to look at distributional outcomes • Evaluate, critique, and comment on the assumptions made and the mathematical techniques used to analyze various problems. • Develop significant computer spreadsheet skills by implementing the theory discussed in class. • Conduct advanced data analysis using a script-based analysis tool (R).


Epidemiology Paper (160 pts. total)

 This paper is intended for you to demonstrate your analytical mind. A detailed rubric is shown below. This project

will be due in parts. Paper should be double spaced in no less than 11 pt TimesRoman.

 – Each student will choose a disease or health-related condition as an epidemiology study

 – Review the current descriptive and analytical data information sources for that condition,

 – Write a paper (5-8 pages with references) that presents that information in a logical sequence,

 – Organization of your paper should include:

 I. Your title should succinct and be descriptive enough to the reader

 II. Introduction:

 – Introduce the topic (brief definition or description) and present it’s importance to human health status

 – Explain why this condition should be studied (increasing trend, affects a large number of people, socio-

 economic burden among those affected, etc)

 – You might include some prevalence information here to indicate the impact

 III. Descriptive Epidemiology:

 – Describe and/or define the disease or condition using descriptive epidemiology references

 – who tends to get this condition, where do they usually live, and at what age

 IV. Rates:

 – Present the most current national and local prevalence and incidence rates (when available)

 V. Causes and Risk Factors

 – Discuss the (presumed, known or theoretical) causes of this disease (if there are any)

 – Provide the currently established risk factors associated with the disease

 VI. Conclusion

 – Summarize this condition and indicate any public health methods that may limit its impact

 VII. Bibliography

 – Reference all statements of fact.

 – All citations should be referenced in the text and in a bibliography at the end of the paper

 – Use the American Medical Association (AMA) 10th edition (2007) Manual of Style in your bibliography.

For examples: AMA style.

 – Use of graphs or charts to explain relationships and describe the condition is strongly encouraged

 – Entire paper should be submitted onto SHSU Blackboard turnitin . No exception, please.

68. Computer Science


– Resetting the software package, i.e. only one instance of the tool is allowed to be open. – Creating geometric objects, more specifically boxes (of user input dimensions and locations) and spheres (of user input radii and locations). – Creating an appropriate interface to allow a user to interact with the created objects. This should be shown by demonstrating the application of geometric transformations, more specifically translations by user input (along with the x, y, and z-axes) and rotations by a user input angle (around the x, y, and z-axes). – Exiting the tool. The attached file is an example of what it should look like.

69. Computer Science


I’m looking for specialized in business information systems, business analysis, and Computer science majors. I have 3 classes which are, Data Analysis and Reporting, Data Analysis/Visualization and Predictive Data Analysis. Data Analysis and Reporting Class / Is SQL database / ERDs so you will use Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio inside the Vmware Horizon client. Data Analysis/Visualization Class / Is excel database and you will use excel 2016 inside the Vmware Horizon client. I will put the syllabus here and please read it carefully and tell me if you can handle the classes. please note if you cannot take the responsibility or you’re not the right person I’m looking for please ignore this announcement. I don’t want to waste my time again! I’m looking for someone and never give me good work. That’s all. Before you do anything READ the syllabus.

70. History of Psychology

Discussion Questions

All assignments MUST be typed, double-spaced, in APA style and must be written at graduate level English. You must integrate the material presented in the text to support your discussion, citing in APA format. Outside sources may be used to support the text information, but not replace the text.

Your response to each question should be approx. 1 page per question.

Assignment should be 16 pages total plus a title and reference page
 1.   There are many reasons why the history of psychology is important.  Pick two reasons and explain why they are important.
 2.  Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were important figures in Philosophy leading up to Psychology.  Discuss how these three paved the way for Psychology.

3.  Discuss how Augustine changed the locus of control human behavior, from forces outside the person to forces inside the person.

4.  Discuss the mind-Body interaction as seen by Descartes.  How did Descartes theories contribute to the beginning of Psychology?

5.  Compare the roles of Locke, Berkeley, and Hume, and their importance in early Psychology.

6.   Herbert was an important transitional figure between philosophy and psychology.  How do his theories bring these two disciplines together?

7.  Discus the commonalities and the differences between existentialism and romanticism.

8.  What were Fechner’s contributions to the development of psychology as a science?

9.  Compare and contrast Wundt’s view of Psychology with Titchener’s views.  Which one do you agree with more?
 10.  There were many controversies over intelligence testing.  Discuss the importance of Cattell, Binet, Spearman, Goddard, Terman and Yerkes in testing history.  Briefly discuss the Bell Curve theory (without pictures), as it applies to testing IQ.
 11.  Discuss the difference between Structuralism and Functionalism.  How were the two schools (Chicago and Columbia) similar and different?
 12.  Pavlov and Watson are major behaviorists.   Explain William McDougall’s outlook and theories and why he is not as well known.
 13.  Skinner was known as the leading neobehavorist.  Why were Tolman, Hull and Gutherie not as well known?  Be sure to include Tolman, Hull and Gutherie’s theories.
14.  Discuss the founding of Gestalt theory.  What impact did it have on psychology and therapy?
 15.  Summarize the medical, psychological and supernatural models of mental illness and give examples of each.
 16.  Sigmund Freud is credited with being the Father of Psychoanalysis.  Compare and contrast how Anna Freud, Carl Jung, Alfred Adler and Karen Horney morphed Freud’s original theories into working theories that we still use today.

71.Writing Essay

Prompt. In the documentary Catfish, we saw an individual create an imaginary identity as a way of dealing with her depressing offline reality. Eventually, the relationship turned into something more than a friendship although it was actually based on an elaborate lie. The articles”Love the One You’re Near” and “There Is Now Evidence That “There’s Now Evidence That Online Dating Causes Stronger, More Diverse Marriages” also address the issue of online romance. What do you think? Is the Internet a useful place to find a partner?​ Make an argument for or against online dating. Take a position and support it with reasons and evidence. Include  a counterargument and rebuttal.  You can use logical reasoning, personal examples, examples from the documentary and the articles, expert opinions, facts, and/or statistics. Also include  at least one direct quote and a paraphrase with in-text citations. ​

72. Extra Credit: Researching Library Databases

Answer each question, the following questions for an extra Writer’s Notebook grade (this is extra credit).

  1. Find the source that discusses police wearing body cameras by Kelly Freund. List the title of the article and summarize it (you can summarize the abstract).
  2. Find the source that discusses transgender students’ bathroom rights from the Harvard Journal on Legislation. List the title of the article, the author, and the subject terms used to categorize it.
  3. Find the source that discusses the sale of organs from Boston College Law Review. List the correct Works Cited entry.
  4. Find a source that discusses raising the federal minimum wage. List the article title and author. Then describe how you searched for it and found it.

YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3y_2wzCS0c

Please watch the video below over accessing the online databases. Then complete the database activity in your next Writer’s Notebook below. You will be finding sources for your annotated bibliography and your argument research paper. You will use  Academic Search Complete to find them.  You need to find four sources that support your claim and one that is a counterargument.

You can access the online databases from the Richland College Library homepage (there is a link on the left sidebar). Click on Databases (in the left column) and then click on Academic Search Complete at the top of the page. You will have to login with your student ID email provided by DCCCD. Your email starts with a lowercase E followed by your student ID. Here’s an example:

Login: e1234567@student.dcccd.edu

Password: eConnect password

If you do not know your eCannect password, you can try logging in on the eConnect webpage. There is a box you can check to get your password hint as well.

Whenever you search a database, always look for the “Advanced Search” feature, which allows you to combine key terms. Using key terms selectively is also important. Also, when searching for authors in a database, always place the last name first, since items in a database are alphabetized. You can also use the drop down arrow to search specific things like authors, titles, journal names, or even ISBN numbers.

73. Project Management Discussion 5

1.Using expected value, is it economically better to make or buy the component?

Cost of buying 10,000 components = 10,000 * 72 = $720,000

2.    Strategically thinking, why might management opt for other than the most economical choice?

response for Naresh Erlapalli

  1. Using expected value, is it economically better to make or buy the component?

Estimated cost of purchase = 10000 * 72 = 72000

cost for production = setup cost + defective repair cost + total raw material cost


Cost of raw material per component = $40

Setup cost = $100,000

cost of defective repair per component = $120

Percent defective  0 10 20 30   40 

Probability of 10 20 30 25 15 


No. Of defective units as probability = sum of ((percent defective/100) * (probability of occurrence/100) )* (total units) )

= (((0/100) * (10/100) ) +  ((10/100) * (20/100) ) + ((20/100) * (30/100))  +  ((30/100) * (25/100)  + ((40/100) * (15/100) ) * (10000)  

= 0.215 *10000

= 2150 Units

Total estimated repairing cost =  total defective units * cost per repair = 2150*120 = $258,000

Total cost of raw materials =  total units * cost per unit

=  10000 * 40

=  $400,000

total cost of production for 10,000 units =  $258,000 + $400,000 + 100,000 

 =  $758,000

Estimated cost of purchasing = 10,000 *72 = $720,000

Therefore, comparing the prices for purchasing and manufacturing, it is economically better to manufacture the products.

2. Strategically thinking, why might management opt for other than the most economical choice?

The management may opt for manufacturing the product even though its costlier than purchasing the product because strategically thinking it gives them an opportunity to establish themselves in the market. By manufacturing the products in house they can look for long term solutions for future orders and they can also reduce the defective components by improving themselves and also it removes the dependency on external vendors which will make them more productive.

response for Tharun Varikoti

1.  Using the expected value, is it economically better to make or buy the component?

Cost estimate with new high cost component:


Another approach the management tried to take up was to build the component internally & setup:

Cost estimate if Teloxy builds it:

100,000+400,000= $500,000

Calculation after the defect:

0x10+0.1×20+0.2×30+0.3×25+0.4×15= 21.5 = 0.215

Total number of defective components for 10000 units=2150

Cost for defective component=$120

2150×120= $258,000

Thus, total cost If Teloxy builds it with the predicted defects= = 258,000 + 500,000 = $758,000

Coming to the difference if Teloxy builds it or buys it= 758,000-720,000 = $38,000.

Concluding to this calculation, economically it’s better for Teloxy to purchase it from the third-party vendor than building it.

2.  Strategically thinking, why might the management opt for other than the most economical choice?

Utilizing the normal esteem, we see that it is financially savvy for the organization to make a segment than to get it. Be that as it may, now and again, the organization might opt to purchase the part

Despite the fact that it is increasingly costly as the organization is new to the assembling procedure and that there is an immense danger of disappointment or the harmed market esteem and the notoriety if there emerges a sudden hazard. Utilizing the normal esteem and the determined numbers above, we can see that last expense per unit is $75.8 if there should be an occurrence of make option and $77 in the event of purchasing the segment which is a less expense to the organization than the expense of building the market esteem and the notoriety once it is down a direct result of any looked for of disappointment. On the off chance that the organization thinks toward this path, then the organization might opt for purchasing the part despite the fact that it isn’t practical.


1.  Kerzner, H. (2017). Project management: A Systems Approach to Planning, Scheduling, and Controlling (12 ed.). Hoboken, NJ, USA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

74. Assignment: Journaling

When you have a strong grasp of the basic tenets, strengths, and weaknesses of key theories of psychology, you can make an informed decision as to which theory or theories best apply in understanding a particular set of behaviors. By keeping a journal of sorts, you can document the characteristics of each theory as you learn about it. Your journaling will be a useful reference for you long after you complete this course. The Psychology Theories Template provides a matrix where you can record what you have learned about each theory.

For this Assignment, you will explore key concepts found in psychodynamic theories and begin your journaling of this week’s theories.

To complete

Begin populating the Psychology Theories Template related to this week’s theories—psychodynamic theories. As you begin populating your template, consider the following:

  1. Identify who or what contributed to the development of the theory. Were there key researchers or seminal research that led to the theory?
  2. Record whether the theory emphasizes nature (biology), nurture (environment), or both.
  3. List the primary characteristics or features of the theory (its key tenets and concepts). Be sure to include if a particular period of life is emphasized.
  4. List the noteworthy strengths and weaknesses of the theory.
  5. (Optional) Include any notes that you find helpful in understanding and applying the theory, such as potential contemporary themes or fields of research in which the theory could be applied.

75. Term Paper

Upload your Term Project Paper here. You may write on any topic related to technology security.

You must produce a minimum of a 10 pages paper. You must use a minimum of 5 references.

– Assure you are citing in APA format

-You must use a minimum of one graphics (may use a table)

– Doublespace the paper

– You must use APA formatting (6th Edition)

76. Discussion

Cushing filed an application with the office of the Adjutant General of the State of New Hampshire for the use of the Portsmouth Armory to hold a dance on the evening of April 29. The application, made on behalf of the Portsmouth Area Clamshell Alliance, was received by the Adjutant General’s office on or about March 30. On March 31 the Adjutant General mailed a signed contract after agreeing to rent the armory for the evening requested. The agreement required acceptance by the renter affixing his signature to the agreement and then returning the copy to the Adjutant General within five days after receipt. Cushing received the contract offer, signed it on behalf of the Alliance, and placed it in the outbox for mailing on April 3. At 6:30 on the evening of April 4, Cushing received a telephone call from the Adjutant General revoking the rental offer. Cushing stated during the conversation that he had already signed and mailed the contract. The Adjutant General sent a written confirmation of the withdrawal on April 5. On April 6 the Adjutant General’s office received by mail from Cushing the signed contract dated April 3 and postmarked April 5.

a.  What are the arguments that a binding contract exists?

b.  What are the arguments that the contract does not exist or should not exist?

3 paragraphs with 3 references

77. Week 8- Discussion

Discussion Assignment:

Watch the following video:


Was the news segment compelling enough to convince you that the Earth could be flat? Whether we realize it or not, we are inundated with causal claims and arguments. The Flat Earth Wiki page explains that the evidence for a flat earth is derived from many different facets of science and philosophy. The world looks flat, the bottoms of clouds are flat, the movement of the Sun; these are all examples of your senses telling you that we do not live on a spherical heliocentric world. This is using what’s called an empirical approach, or an approach that relies on information from your senses.

The causes of the following events and phenomena are well known and frequently discussed. But do you understand these causes well enough to spell them out to someone else? See how well (and in how much detail) you can explain one of these events or phenomena. Post your explanation to the discussion thread. Is your explanation relatively clear, or does it seem more open to debate? earthquakes/tsunamis
swelling caused by a bee sting
sharp rises in reported cases of autism or asthma
fake news
climate change
popularity of the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why
increasing post-graduation debt for college students
outcome of the

2016 presidential election
controversies in schools and online over free speech


78. Computer Science

Question 1

Calculate the slope and intercept of the first order equation y=mx+b  ->  deg_c = m * deg_f + b

Here is the spreadsheet  https://github.com/ml1150258/2019_Spring_CIS_CSC_17c/tree/master/Hmwk/CurveFitLab (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. 

Write a program/project in Netbeans using the same concepts as the  spreadsheet.  You can copy the degrees Fahrenheit column and place in a  file.  Then copy the column with error values included for degree  Celsius.  Calculate the slope and intercept for the data using the  formulas in the spreadsheet.

Question 2

Create abstract classes to inherit, show polymorphic behavior and  operator overloading.  I have written the .h and main.cpp files for  you.  Complete by writing the .cpp class files.


79. English Homework

Readings Required:

“Analyzing a Visual: Texting while Driving”, 473 

Answer each question in 150-300 words:

  1. How does the ad’s caption “Get the Message” have a double meaning? Do you find the caption effective? Why or why not?
  2. Briefly argue how a visual argument about texting and driving (like this one) might be more or less effective than an essay on the same subject.

80. Education Homework

Story Plot      

Section 4.2 of the text discusses in detail the importance and the various types of plot we see in the stories we read.  Successful stories are those that have an identifiable plot or sequence of events (Coats, 2013).  Our understanding of the types of plot will help us to better identify the kinds of stories our future students gravitate towards.  For this post, you will complete “The Seven Basic Plots” chart, which is available in your online course.  You will choose at least two children’s books that fit into each plot category.  A title may fit into more than one category, but you must choose at least two books for each plot type.  Then, briefly discuss how knowing this information will help you choose literature for your classroom.

81. Education homework


The introduction for Chapter 3 of the text discusses picturebooks and the important role this type of literature can have in helping children develop in their visual, spatial, and gestural literacies (Coats, 2013).  Our ability as teachers to understand the basics of picturebook design will assist us in our choosing of books.  For this post, you will create a picturebook of your own, implementing and discussing those elements addressed in Chapter 3.  Go to Storybird (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and design a picturebook to share with your classmates. If you need assistance with how to use Storybird, it is recommended you view the Storyboard Tutorial for Students (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..  In your post, include a description of the elements of an effective picturebook design, and explain how your picturebook aligns with these elements.  Include one picture and description for each of the following:

  • Color
  • Shape, line, and texture
  • Characters and icons
  • Composition and point of view

In your post, be sure to include a discussion of these elements, why you feel your students would enjoy this book, and a working link to your picturebook.

Storyboard Tutorial for Students (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..  In your post, include a description of the elements of an effective picturebook design, and explain how your picturebook aligns with these elements.  Include one picture and description for each of the following:

  • Color
  • Shape, line, and texture
  • Characters and icons
  • Composition and point of view

In your post, be sure to include a discussion of these elements, why you feel your students would enjoy this book, and a working link to your picturebook.

 82. Human Resource Management

Internet Search

Access the Internet and locate a health insurance company’s (e.g. UnitedHealth, Aetna, etc.) website. Write a three- to five-page double-spaced paper (excluding title and reference pages), addressing the following:

  • Describe member services and incentives.
  • Discuss new/current/upcoming technology.
  • Examine provider network and outreach.
  • Explain the insurance company’s commitment to excellence and quality.
  • List its accreditation and/or certification.
  • Generate two recommendations for improving the company’s member services and/or website.

The Internet Search assignment

Carefully review the Grading Rubric (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. for the criteria that will be used to evaluate your assignmen

83.Human Resource Management

 Information Systems Functionalities

In preparing for this discussion, read Chapter 23 of the course text. For your initial post, address the following in the discussion forum:

  • Describe information systems functionalities in claims management and member services maintained by Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).
  • Identify the significance of information systems in maintaining provider network operated by MCOs.
  • Discuss the changes in information systems to support consumerism that can be recognized in MCOs.

84. Human Resource Management.

Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance

In preparing for this discussion, read Chapters 16 and 22 of the course text. For your initial post, address the following in the discussion forum:

  • Describe the sales process in the employer-sponsored model.
  • Compare the differences between rating and underwriting.
  • Discuss the influence of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on ONE of the four areas: (a) marketing, (b) sales, (c) rating, and (d) underwriting.

Your initial post should be at least 300 words. Support your response with a minimum of two scholarly sources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. that were published in the last five years.

85. Political Science

Question 1: What are the major approaches to political development? Analyze critically different approaches to political development as well as the relationship between development and post-colonialism. (300 words)

Question 2: What is the relationship between political development and democracy? What is the relationship between political development and civil rights? Are they the same? Which one constitutes a prerequisite for the other?(300 words)

86. Accounting

Describe the organizations and rules that govern accounting.

87. Writing Essay

Need to write a paper with references for implementing new stores and what are cybersecurity plans and Risks. Please go through the screen shots for more details and how to write the paper,


While some similarities between management and leadership exist, there are notable differences.

  • In your own words, explain what you believe the difference is between management and leadership.
  • Conduct research on the differences between management and leadership, and post your findings. References and citations are to be formatted according to APA style and formatting guidelines.

89. Entrepreneurship Case Analysis Essay


Case analysis assignments are designed to demonstrate your analytical abilities and your critical thinking skills. They are NOT summaries of the case.

For each assignment, you need to show:

– The top issues which you think prompted the case to be written

– Your consideration of each issue, including any action that must be taken to address the issue and the pros/cons of that action


– Roll the electronic die.

– Assume the perspective of the company officer indicated by the die.

– Describe your reaction to the case from that officer’s perspective

You receive no points for summarizing the case.

You can receive a maximum of 5 points for issue identification.
You can receive a maximum of 15 points for your analysis of those issues.
You can receive a maximum of 5 points for the company officer perspective.

In exceptional cases, the point allocation may change.

Since we will identify key issues in the case class discussion, late analysis submissions will be discounted by 50%, unless significant new ideas are presented.  

90. Information Systems


Paper D: Reflective paper on class learning.

Consider this assignment as a reflective piece on class learning as it applies to Ethics in Information Technology. It describes your Ah-ha or Eureka moments. It is hoped that this course made you think about the ethical issues that occur in your personal and work lives and how to go about making ethical choices. Please use the ideas you learned from this course; how you will synthesize what you learned from your research about your topic including – over-arching issues, readings, discussion from class, and conclusions from other assignments that apply to your research.

Please address the following elements:

  • From a class learning perspective, what were some of your “take-aways?”
  • How has this impacted your understanding of the ethical issues?
  • What will you do differently?
  • How has what you have learned in this course influenced your career?
  • As we continue to move toward a global community, what new challenges might we see relating to ethics in IT?

You are to prepare a reflective piece of not more than 2-3 pages, double-spaced and submit it to your Assignment Folder as an attached Microsoft Word file. This paper may be subjective in nature!

(This assignment is for the ethics in technology class)

91. English homework Help

Student Newspaper Article Summary Template

Student name: _______________________________________

Author(s): _____________________________________________________

Date Published: _________________________________________________

Title: _________________________________________________________

Newspaper: ____________________________________________________

Website: _______________________________________________________

Date Accessed: __________________________________________________

APA Citation: __________________________________________________________


Paragraph 1: Introduction: Who are the actors in this story? What happened? How did it happen? When did it happen? Is it still happening? Where did it happen?

Paragraph 2: What are the natural elements introduced in this story? What are the key points about these natural elements that the author(s) make?

Paragraph 3: What are the social elements introduced in this story? What are the key points about these social elements that the author(s) makes? Are people of all genders and races represented? Whose voices are not heard that might be important to this story?

Paragraph: 4: What are the major findings of this story? What are the implications of this story?

92. Identify Variable Types And Values

In this assignment, you will be required to use the Heart Rate Dataset to complete the following:

  • Identify the types of data represented by variables
  • The range or types of values for each variable
  • Give a brief written description of the variables, and how they are used in the data set.


1. Open the Heart Rate Dataset in Excel

2. Identify each of the variables contained in the dataset by type

3. Identify the type of data each variable represents (e.g., qualitative or quantitative) and the possible values for each

4. Briefly describe how the variable is used in the dataset, (e.g., to identify a class, or to give a specific numeric value for an individual).

Additional Instructions:

Your assignment should be typed into a Word or other word processing document, formatted in APA style. The assignments must include

Correctly identifies all variable types

Correctly gives the range of values for each variable

Correctly describes each variable

Submitted assignment is well written and well organized demonstrating excellence in scholarly writing. Mechanics (spelling and punctuation) and grammar are excellent.

93. Applied sciences

Submit a Discussion post in which you respond to the following five questions. Be sure to support your responses with information you learned from the week’s Learning Resources.

  1. Start your post with a brief description of a current or historical public health effort from your interactive courseware (e.g., water fluoridation) that is new or surprising.
  2. Considering your daily activities, describe two specific instances where public health efforts such as those identified in your learning resources (e.g., immunization) may have an impact on individuals you know.
  3. Explain how your examples might impact the burden of disease addressed in your Learning Resources this week.
  4. How would (or do) your examples of public health affect people in other less developed countries? Provide an example to illustrate your point.

94. BYOD Is A Growing Trend In Corporate Environments

BYOD is a growing trend in corporate environments, where employees bring their own devices to work. Factors  that have led to the growing popularity of BYOD include the benefits of work flexibility, increased productivity,          and efficiency of employees. Despite these benefits, there are concerns over information security and privacy. Since BYOD allows employees to access organizational data anytime anywhere, it is necessary to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of organizational information resources and assets.

Discussion Questions

 1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of allowing employees to use their personal smart phones for work?

2. What people, organization, and technology factors should be addressed when deciding whether to allow employees to use their personal smart phones for work?

Provide support for your statements and references, APA formatted.

95. Literature Analysis Research

Format: This assignment must be printed out for submission, following the standard MLA format.

Details: 2 Page (600-650 words) comparison/contrast of Masque of the Red death and The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe ! Include the following:

  • Compare/contrast three (3) literary and poetic devices between literary works ,Define the literary and poetic      devices.
  • Answer: how does each work use them differently or the same?
  • Answer: what affect do the literary devices have on the reader in terms of interpretation if some or all of the literary devices are NOT included?  How would their absence change the literary work?
  • Answer: what other devices would YOU choose if you had the power to edit the literary work?  Name at least two (2) and why.

For your title, you will need to list the following choice as how you would like this grade to be counted 

  • A: Replacement grade for one (1) discussion board

96. Emerging-Threats-And-Countermeasures_ Discretion

How basic discretion steps can help in countermeasures?

3 references with minimum of 300 words

97. Discussion Question

From the perspective of a general manager in your field, which of the organizational control methods outlined in Chapter 19 of the Management textbook do you think would be the most universal? What does organizational control look like in your sphere of influence? The book is   

Daft, R. (2014). Management (11th ed.). Vanderbilt University: South-Western Cengage learning. I need at least 2 refs. 1-2 pages can do the job.

98. Monologue

Write an monologue of “mama bear from the fairy tail- goldilocks and three bear”

99. Enterprise Risk Management_ Mars And California Health System

1)Approach Mars, Incorporated used to implement ERM

2)University of California Health System’s ERM development.

Do some research on above two topics and explain In what ways are the two organization’s approaches to ERM(Enterprise Risk Management) similar? How do they differ? Choose one aspect of each ERM implementation from which the other organization would benefit and explain why.  

Minimum of 300 words with three references

100. Three 550-600 Word Research Papers. APA Format.3-4 Peer Reviewed References.No Plagiarism

Three 550-600 word research papers. APA format. APA format in paragraph citations. 3-4 Peer reviewed references. No plagiarism


Question 1) Business Bluffing

Question 2) Stakeholder theory

Question 3)Organizational Integrity

Please follow below instructions, each paper should have,

DEFINITION: a brief definition of the key term followed by the APA reference for the term; 

SUMMARY: Summarize the article in your own words- this should be in the 150-200 word range. Be sure to note the article’s author, note their credentials and why we should put any weight behind his/her opinions, research or findings regarding the key term.

DISCUSSION: Using 300-350 words, write a brief discussion, in your own words of how the article relates to the selected chapter Key Term. A discussion is not rehashing what was already stated in the article, but the opportunity for you to add value by sharing your experiences, thoughts and opinions. This is the most important part of the assignment.

REFERENCES: All references must be listed at the bottom of the submission in APA format.


What are some factors that make some people healthy and others ill? Healthy People 2020 identifies five determinants of health that influence the health of individuals and populations. Healthy People 2020 describes them as “a range of personal, social, economic, and environmental factors that influence health status” (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2018, About Determinants of Health, para. 1). Determinants fall into five categories, including (a) policy making, (b) social factors, (c) health services, (d) individual behavior, and (e) biology and genetics.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. (2018). Healthy People 2020: About Determinants of Health. Retrieved from https://www.healthypeople.gov/2020/about/foundation-health-measures/Determinants-of-Health

102. Company Name Apple Inc:

The aim of this assignment is to provide students the opportunity to perform a thorough case analysis. Select your company and get approval from your course professor before working on it. The case analysis should include the following elements:

Title Page

Executive Summary


  • Introduce      the company and provide the reader with background information about the      company.

Situation Analysis 

  • The Environment – PESTLE Analysis
    1. Political environment
    2. Economic environment
    3. Social environment
    4. Technological environment
    5. Legal/Regulatory environment
    6. Environmental environment
  • The Industry – Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    1. Bargaining power of suppliers
    2. Threat of new entrant
    3. Rivalry among existing competitors
    4. Bargaining power of competitors
    5. Threat of substitutes
  • The Firm 
    1. What is the mission and vision of the firm?
    2. What are the strengths of the firm?
    3. What is the firm’s financial condition?
    4. What are       the constraints and weaknesses of the firm (i.e. financial condition,       organizational conflict)?
    5. What is the       management philosophy? 
    6. What does       the organizational structure tell you about how decisions are made?
  • The Product
    1. What good       and/or service does the organization offer? 
    2. What       consumer need does the product solve?
    3. What       promotional mix, channels of distribution, and pricing strategies are being       used by the organization?
    4. What competitive advantage does the       marketing strategy offer?

SWOT Analysis 

  • Strengths 
    • Identify strengths of the organization and       answer the following questions:
      • How does        this strength affect the operations of the organization?
      • How does this strength assist the company        in meeting the needs of its target market(s)?
  • Weaknesses 
    • Identify weaknesses of the organization and       answer the following questions:
      • How does this weakness affect the        operations of the organization?
      • How does        knowledge of this weakness assist the organization in meeting the needs        of its target market(s)?
  • Opportunities 
    • Identify       opportunities in the industry (and/or external environment) and answer       the following questions:
      • How is        this opportunity related to serving the needs of our target market?
      • What        actions must the organization take to capitalize on this opportunity?
  • Threats 
    • Identify       threats in the industry (and/or external environment) and answer the       following questions:
      • How is this threat related to serving the        needs of our target market?
      • What        actions must the organization take to prevent this threat from limiting        the capabilities of the organization?

Problem Statement 

  • What is the      primary problem in the case? Secondary problems? What are the ramifications of these problems in      the long run? Short run? Include quantitative and qualitative      analysis in your response.

Strategic Plan

  • Based on the problem      identified, develop a 5-year strategic plan for the company. This plan should include:

1. Clear vision, mission statement and core values

2. SMART objectives to solve the problem

3. Corresponding strategies for the objectives identified

4. Implementation plan

5. Key Performance Indicators to monitor progress


  • Conclude the paper      with a summary of the major points.


As groups prepare the project, please attend to the following additional guidelines:

· Length: 30 pages (double-spaced)

· Sources: 15 scholarly sources and 15 sources of business data

· Format: APA 

Proofread the document carefully before submission at the end of the bi-term


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